Chapter 1179 Besieging a Gold Immortal


They were truly Gold Immortals. Cultivators who cultivate the grand dao of agelessness. Eternal. Everlasting.

One of the two clumps of golden light was none other than Heng Ri, the variant wyrm, while the other was a middle-aged cultivator. Appearance wise, Heng Ri was in an unfavourable situation, with deep wounds all over his body. However, despite having gained the upper hand, Chen Feng could see that killing Heng Ri and extracting his Ageless laws was still an impossibility for the middle-aged cultivator.

“What is the other party’s background?” Chen Feng stood somewhere far away and utilized his eye technique to continuously analyse the strength of both parties.

“I’m not sure. Still, the Immortal Plane does have a high number of Gold Immortals. He could be a Gold Immortal living nearby who found out about Heng Ri and wants to try and take advantage of him,” the Dark Kirin said icily. 

“Say, if we take action, can we kill him?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“It’ll be somewhat difficult. The opponent is a Gold Immortal, someone who cultivates Ageless power. Running away will not be an issue for him.”

“Then, we’ll have to figure a way to make it so that he cannot escape.” After saying that, Chen Feng employed the Longevity Dimension Technique, fusing it with the surrounding pocket dimension.

“This is a good plan. I will add another layer of array on them.” The Dark Kirin’s eyes flashed and a stream of black light flew into the pocket dimension.

It was the Nocturnal Barrier Technique from the Dark Scripture.

Naturally, even after adding the spatial dimension that Heng Ri had placed beforehand, the Gold Immortal would still be able to break his way out. Only, some time would be needed to accomplish that.

Suddenly, the middle-aged cultivator who was fighting Heng Ri waved his hand to send two blades of golden light towards Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin. 

For a Gold Immortal, killing off other cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage was something that could be done with but a swing of their hand. Thus, the middle-aged cultivator did not think of Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin as a threat.

“We are being looked down upon.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“He’s in for a surprise.” The Dark Kirin grinned.

Bang! Bang!

Both Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin took action to easily destroy the incoming blades of golden light. Next, their bodies charged towards the middle-aged cultivator.

When the middle-aged cultivator saw what Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin was doing, he became shocked. It would appear that he had failed to anticipate this. As expected, what happened next caused his heart to become increasingly terrified.

Both Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin moved with extreme velocity. Relying on the Longevity Wings, Chen Feng was able to transcend space-time to appear there instantly. The Dark Kirin, on the other hand, simply disappeared half-way through. Due to that, an even greater feeling of pressure descended upon the middle-aged cultivator.


Chen Feng and the middle-aged cultivator exchanged blows once and an extremely formidable power made its way through the sword into Chen Feng’s body before spreading towards the Longevity Wings. In response, the rate at which the Longevity Wings vibrated spiked, becoming over a thousand times higher. Every vibration would unravel a portion of the power. Even so, cracks had still appeared on the wings. The formidable power forced Chen Feng to retreat across a certain distance. And yet, Chen Feng only grew more confident. While he might not be a match for a Gold Immortal, he had no issues facing one. It also meant that he was now capable of escaping from a Gold Immortal.


While Chen Feng was feeling satisfied with his own strength, the middle-aged cultivator became utterly astounded. Chen Feng was clearly just a half-step Heavenly Immortal. An ant that required but one breath from a Gold Immortal to kill off. And yet, this person had managed to take him head on. 

Thanks to the participation of Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin, Heng Ri began a furious counter attack. Relying on his mighty fleshly body, he utilized mutually-destructive moves.

The attacks forced the middle-aged cultivator to take several steps back. Then, a black crack suddenly appeared. Sensing danger, the middle-aged cultivator rapidly evaded to the side. But he was still a step too late and a deep cut appeared on his body, causing golden-coloured blood to spray out and give rise to a cloud of blood.

The middle-aged cultivator, though, was very capable. The sword in his hand slashed at void space and the Dark Kirin was revealed, a wound on his body.

“A Kirin beast! And a Dark Kirin to boot!” The middle-aged cultivator was taken aback. Hearing him exclaim, Chen Feng grew surprised. It would appear that this Gold Immortal did not know about him and the Dark Kirin. However, after thinking it through, it made sense. If he were a Gold Immortal, he too, would not care about minor issues like this.

Unfortunately for the middle-aged cultivator, he had clearly miscalculated. Both Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin possessed the power to wound him. The middle-aged cultivator did not even have the time to attack the Dark Kirin as the attacks from Heng Ri and Chen Feng had arrived.

Not long after that, a spine-shaped golden light emerged from Chen Feng’s body and the Undying Heaven Sword in his hand heavily hacked down upon the middle-aged cultivator’s body.

This attack was even more ferocious than before and the middle-aged cultivator’s body was nearly cleaved apart.


Next, Chen Feng was sent flying, blood spraying out from his mouth.

“So, you have a Gold Immortal’s Ageless law inside your body. No wonder you could possess such a combat power.” The middle-aged cultivator decided to go further. Swinging his hand, he sent a sword – formed using a flaming stream of blood – shooting towards Chen Feng. Even for Gold Immortals, forming that stream of blood was something that would take them centuries. At that very moment, he had unleashed it, all for the sake of killing a half-step Heavenly Immortal.

Cultivators who could cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage were no ordinary characters. Thus, even though he was under siege by three cultivators, he did not try to escape. Instead, a desire to kill off all three rose to the fore.


The sword stabbed into Chen Feng’s body with great force. Before the middle-aged cultivator could see the result of his attack, a slap from Heng Ri sent him flying. Should Chen Feng die, Heng Ri would suffer from serious injuries as well.

That slap itself had nearly shattered the middle-aged cultivator’s body. But the Dark Kirin then followed it up with the Void Slash of the Dark Night. A line of black light streaked forward and the middle-aged cultivator was finally cleaved into two.

The fact that this attack could cleave the middle-aged cultivator’s body proved that Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin possessed the power to kill off a Gold Immortal. However, the two cleaved parts swiftly came together and golden light swirled as the body worked to restore itself.

It was at that moment that a beam of sword light slashed forward, once again cleaving the middle-aged cultivator’s body in half. At the same time, two Longevity Chains appeared to tie up the two parts. 

“What?! You are fine?”

The middle-aged cultivator watched in shock as Chen Feng flew over. But when he noticed the combat armour on Chen Feng’s body, he knew that his attack had failed.

Truth be told, it could not be considered a failure. Although Chen Feng’s suit of armour was formed using the fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding, that killer move from a Gold Immortal had still left him badly wounded. Only, Chen Feng was able to fully recover in just half a breath’s worth of time.

“I’m fine, but you’re not leaving here alive,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“Ha ha ha ha! You want to kill me? With just you fellows? Dream on!” After hearing those words, the middle-aged cultivator could not stop himself from laughing out loud. Next, golden-coloured streams of energy surged forward and the chains tying up both his body parts shattered. Following that, the two cleaved body parts wriggled to swiftly form two identical-looking men. The two of them attacked simultaneously, beating back Heng Ri and the Dark Kirin before fusing as one again. After that, the sword in his hand swung and golden light stretched out from it to attack Chen Feng once again.

Chen Feng had faced Gold Immortals many times before. Due to that, he did not panic while facing the ferocious and oppressive atmosphere of this Gold Immortal. Instead, his eyes shone with light as he calmly searched for his weak points.

The two of them clashed once again. This time, Chen Feng chose not to take the attack head on. Instead, he relied on the Longevity Wings to deal with the middle-aged cultivator. Meanwhile, the Dark Kirin hid himself to unleash sneak attacks from the dark while Heng Ri took the role of the main attacker.

For the three of them, fighting a Gold Immortal was the best chance for them to improve their strength. Chen Feng aside, Heng Ri, despite being a Gold Immortal as well, was facing a Gold Immortal as an opponent for the first time. If it weren’t for the assistance of Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin, it would probably end with him running away. As for the Dark Kirin, he was not that far off from the Gold Immortal stage. This was a good chance for him to familiarize himself with the Gold Immortal stage.

Shua! Shua!

Heng Ri’s body, the body of a variant wyrm, quickly bound the middle-aged cultivator’s body. The vortex of energy that Heng Ri utilized for this caused the middle-aged cultivator’s position to become unsteady. And so, Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin took advantage of it and attacked. Once again, they left two wounds on the middle-aged cultivator’s body. The middle-aged cultivator failed to notice a black stream of energy making its way into his body.

Several breaths’ worth of time later, the middle-aged cultivator finally sensed something amiss. There was a power within his body and it kept on eroding his life force. Even his bodily world had become contaminated with the power. 

“Wicked power!” The middle-aged cultivator’s face contorted as he attempted to drive this power out. However, the Dark Kirin suddenly appeared. He brought out the Dark Scripture and the middle-aged cultivator instantly sensed numerous powers snaking about chaotically within his body, bringing devastation to his bodily structure.

“The power of darkness!”

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The Dark Scripture released a wondrous scouring force and the wounds on the middle-aged cultivator’s body, wounds that he had already healed up earlier, burst open once more. Three streams of black energy surged out to flow into the Dark Scripture.

It was not the middle-aged cultivator who had forced them out. Following the streams of black energy were large amounts of the Gold Immortal’s essence power. 


The middle-aged cultivator roared and sword light spread out like a river of stars. As a result, Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin rapidly backed away while Heng Ri moved forward. His mighty fleshly body blocked all the sword light. Although this move added more wounds to his body, those wounds were nothing serious for him.

The middle-aged cultivator had to repeatedly resort to his killer moves. And yet, despite successfully inflicting wounds on his enemies, the wounds were not fatal. In the end, the thought of retreating began budding within his mind. As a result, his state of mind was affected and his combat power weakened. Heng Ri took advantage of that and rushed forward, giving him another slap, which resulted in him coughing out blood yet again. 

“A bunch of juniors!” The middle-aged cultivator gnashed his teeth and finally rushed away.

“Ha ha ha ha! A mighty Gold Immortal had his ass handed to him by a True Immortal so badly that he has to run with his tail between his legs!” Chen Feng laughed loudly.

Hearing that caused the middle-aged cultivator to puke out blood.

The middle-aged cultivator unleashed three sword attacks in a row only to fail to break the dimensional barrier. Due to that, he panicked somewhat. It was then that Chen Feng finally utilized the killer move that he had been preparing for a long time.

Soul Subduing Mantra!

At the same time, a talisman flew out from the Dark Scripture in the Dark Kirin’s hand. 

Dark Talisman!

The Dark Kirin’s attack disrupted the middle-aged cultivator’s senses and bearings while Chen Feng’s attack disrupted his soul. The middle-aged cultivator’s reaction rate and speed were thus affected. Next came Heng Ri’s killer move.

A blazing sun charged out above Heng Ri. Like a rapidly-moving star, it then smashed into the Gold Immortal’s body.

Oh, no! An intense feeling of danger rose up from the middle-aged cultivator’s heart. The shadow of death had enveloped his sea of wisdom.

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