Chapter 117: Absorbing Earthen Energy


There are earthen energy and blood energy within. It seems my body has absorbed the Scarlet Blood Pills’ medicinal power and grown considerably stronger. I wonder, how much stronger can my fleshly body get after absorbing the rest of the Scarlet Blood Pills?

After opening the Magnetic acupoints, I can sense earthen energy and absorb them. The earth contains everything. By absorbing the power of the earth into myself, there is no limit to how much I can strengthen my fleshly body. It is even more effective compared to the best fleshly body cultivation technique. Chen Feng recalled the contents of the Longevity Scripture.

The earth-type possessed the strongest defence amongst the five elements. Additionally, the earth was a vast existence which encompassed the entire Eternal World. By practicing earth-type cultivation techniques to a high level, some cultivators can steadily absorb earthen energy and become undefeatable.

Therefore, Chen Feng, who had opened up his Magnetic acupoints, can draw support from the vast earthen energy. His magic power could rise high; even his fleshly body would continuously grow stronger.

“What is it? What happened?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, who were somewhere else, rushed towards him.

They had assumed that some other cultivators were here to cause trouble. After seeing Chen Feng, however, the two of them grew stunned before easing up.

“Brother Chen, how are the injuries on your body?” asked Ye Ziming.

“They are all fully healed,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“What? Fully healed already? So fast?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta exclaimed.

Amongst the three, Chen Feng’s injuries had been the heaviest. After this period of recuperation, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had only managed to heal up around one third of their injuries. And yet, Chen Feng had fully healed up. Seeing that shocked Ye Ziming and Lu Ta.

“Eh?” After recovering from his shock, Ye Ziming noticed Chen Feng’s state.

“Stepping on two devices, absorb earthen energy. You opened up the Magnetic acupoints?” Ye Ziming grew even more shocked. Although the opening of insight acupoints sounded easy, it was actually not so. Without certain special techniques, knowing about the existence of insight acupoints alone was insufficient to open them. Generally, only the large immortal dao sects, some ancient legacy clans or some powerful demonic sects could possess the special methods required for the opening of insight acupoints. At that moment, however, Chen Feng had opened up his Magnetic acupoints after taking two Scarlet Blood Pills. Seeing that further convinced Ye Ziming that Chen Feng had received some powerful legacies before.

“Tsk tsk! After opening the Magnetic acupoints, you will be able to rely on your own body to fly. Additionally, after having shaken off the earth’s gravitational power, your future rate of cultivation will grow even faster,” said Ye Ziming with a smile. However, he was not too envious. Truth be told, he too, possessed a technique for opening insight acupoints. He had simply not opened them up yet. 

“Brother Chen, it seems you truly intend on opening up your 2nd sea of wisdom layer in one go,” said Ye Ziming cheerfully.

“Yes. I can feel my power filling up. It is at the tipping point. This time, I want to raise my level to level 2 of the Concealed stage.” Chen Feng nodded.

“In that case, we will not be bothering you. At any rate, we will need some time to fully heal up our injuries as well,” replied Ye Ziming with a smile.

“Ha ha ha! Brother Chen, thanks to your Scarlet Blood Pills, my fleshly body will grow stronger again once I recover. Additionally, I can also open up a secret insight acupoint!” Lu Ta laughed out loudly.

Watching Ye Ziming and Lu Ta leave, Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from smiling. These two friends of his were not ordinary characters. Ye Ziming was highly knowledgeable and he knew much about most of the immortal dao sects. Additionally, he came from the Central Plains. He was certainly not an ordinary cultivator.

Lu Ta appeared brutish, but there was a certain savviness within his brutish behaviour. He was a very shrewd fellow. Additionally, there was a certain standard to his cultivation techniques. Although the Endless Sky of Turbidity staff he wielded was not a Prized artefact, it was still a high-grade Magic artefact. He was much stronger compared to the average loose cultivators.

Chen Feng could see that both of them had secrets. However, the same was true about himself. The three of them had experienced life and death together. They had crossed the river on the same boat – metaphorically speaking – and now bore a sense of loyalty towards each other. They would help one another, even in the face of death.

Chen Feng smiled at the thought and immersed himself into cultivation again. He began sensing and grasping the power of the earth.

As the days went by, Chen Feng felt his senses growing stronger and it felt as though roots had truly spread out from his feet into the ground. His ten toes were seemingly elongating, transforming into roots. As for his tiny pores, they kept ejecting spout after spout of energy streams, which fused with the earth, becoming one with the earth.

With every breath Chen Feng took, earthen energy would surge into his Magnetic acupoints. Chen Feng then absorbed and refined the energy to strengthen his fleshly body.

As the earthen energy absorbed gradually grew, a yellow-coloured stream of light gradually appeared, enveloping him. Finally, the light transformed into a faint-yellow ball of light and it was no longer possible to make out Chen Feng’s silhouette.

On the tenth day of his cultivation practice, Chen Feng’s thoughts suddenly converged and his entire being, which was in a state of cultivation, woke up. The yellow-coloured ball of light around him slowly dissipated as it sank into Chen Feng’s body.

Earlier, Chen Feng had become one with his surroundings and his spiritual senses kept expanding. Within a radius of over 1,000 metres, neither the winds nor the fluttering grasses could escape his notice.

Someone is coming! Additionally, it would appear that they are here for us. Could they be from the Six Great Sky Grottoes? Chen Feng pondered. Next, the Magnetic acupoints on his feet began firing out once more as wave after wave of mysterious power fused with the earth. Once again, Chen Feng’s spiritual senses expanded. It was a novel sensation, as though he had expanded his divine sense. Invisible ripples spread underground. Every movement within its radius was returned to Chen Feng’s mind. 

There was a total of 10 cultivators. They were slowly breaking the restrictive barriers that the three of them had set up. Chen Feng expanded his spiritual sense again to slowly encompass the entire valley. Finally, Chen Feng noticed 16 more cultivators surrounding the entire valley. The cultivators were following a certain formation as they surrounded the valley, fearful that Chen Feng and the others would escape.

They really are from the Six Great Sky Grottoes. These fellows sure are persistent. Damn them! Chen Feng thought to himself.

At that moment, two of the cultivators outside the valley were arguing.

“Back then, when we were trying to kill those three cultivators, you fellows from Extensive Truth Sky Grotto did nothing. This time, we wanted you fellows to take the lead, but you are unwilling. Do not forget that our Six Great Sky Grottoes are to advance and retreat as one! For your Extensive Truth Sky Grotto to be doing this, what are you planning?”

“Although we are called the Six Great Sky Grottoes, the words advance and retreat together is a little misleading. Your Purplecloud Sky Grotto, Yin Yang Sky Grotto and Goldenlight Sky Grotto are backed by Nine Firmaments Palace while my Extensive Truth Sky Grotto is backed by Extreme Celestial Sect. As for Watermoon Sky Grotto and Jade Ding Sky Grotto, they are backed by Pill Ding Sect. As for why we did not take action last time, taking action or not is something for us to decide. It is not a decision you can make for us.” The cultivator from Extensive Truth Sky Grotto was a short middle-aged man. However, his eyes were as cold as knives and he completely disregarded the Purplecloud Sky Grotto cultivator’s words.

“Humph! What do you mean by that? Do you want to make an enemy of the other five Sky Grottoes?” The cultivator from Purplecloud Sky Grotto appeared to be in his thirties. He had a hooked nose and his eyes glinted with a violent gleam. It looked as though he was revealing a sinister smile.

“He he, you sure know how to joke around. As I have said earlier, whether or not we take action is not something your Purplecloud Sky Grotto can decide. As for making an enemy of the other five Sky Grottoes, humph! Your Purplecloud Sky Grotto cannot represent the will of the other five Sky Grottoes!” replied the short cultivator from Extensive Truth Sky Grotto with a sneer.

“Bai Mulin, you are deliberately messing up our plans. So what if someone from your Extensive Truth Sky Grotto can cultivate up to the Sky Human stage and get accepted into Extreme Celestial Sect? Do you think your sect is some lofty existence now?” A cultivator from Yin Yang Sky Grotto suddenly came over to support the Purplecloud Sky Grotto cultivator.

After realizing there were enemies around them, Chen Feng had originally intended on immediately informing Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. After hearing their argument, however, Chen Feng stopped and continued listening.

Although the Six Great Sky Grottoes possessed some cultivators with higher cultivation bases compared to Chen Feng, none of them could have expected Chen Feng to have opened up his Magnetic acupoints, becoming one with the earth to monitor every move they make.

“Someone from my Extensive Truth Sky Grotto can break through to the Sky Human stage because our teachings are effective. What? Is your Yin Yang Sky Grotto jealous now? Hey, hey! As I recall, there are some cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto who were accepted into Nine Firmaments Palace while your Yin Yang Sky Grotto did not manage to get any in. It seems your sect is not doing too well, huh?” said Bai Mulin with a snicker.

“Bai Mulin, don’t you go overboard! Do you want to fight us?” The cultivator from Yin Yang Sky Grotto grew furious.

“A battle of magics? Ha ha! Do you think I would be afraid of you? Let me experience the Yin Yang Energy Razor of your Yin Yang Sky Grotto!”

“Enough! Everyone, stop throwing a ruckus. Do not alarm them. Once this matter is settled, you fellows can duke it out however you want. For now, do not mess up the plan.” The other cultivators spoke up to persuade them down. 

“Humph! To gather up the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ forces and dispatch out so many men for the sake of killing off three little cultivators at the Concealed stage. If news of this gets leaked, are you not afraid of losing face? Unless absolutely necessary, my Extensive Truth Sky Grotto will not be taking action,” said Bai Mulin.

Although some cultivators disagreed with Bai Mulin’s words, they did not say much. Recently, someone from Extensive Truth Sky Grotto had cultivated up to the Sky Human stage. It was quite the deterrent for the other Sky Grottoes. Should they end up provoking a Sky Human stage cultivator, that person could singlehandedly wipe out a Sky Grotto.

It seems the person from Extensive Truth Sky Grotto that they are talking about should be Bai Ziyan. How unexpected, the Six Great Sky Grottoes are not harmonious. If that is the case, the situation will be easier to handle. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Next, he flicked his fingers to send two gusts of wind hundreds of metres into the distance. The gusts of wind then exploded when they were at the spots where Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had chosen to cultivate themselves.

Sou! Sou!

In but half a breath’s worth of time, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had arrived before Chen Feng.

“What happened?” Ye Ziming knew that something must have happened for Chen Feng to be calling the two of them over.

“We are surrounded.” Chen Feng then informed them of everything he sensed earlier.

“The Six Great Sky Grottoes again! They are truly like persistent ghosts. I haven’t even started going after them. To think that they would come looking for us instead. This time, we must make sure that they cannot return!” said Ye Ziming as killing intent billowed out from him.

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