Chapter 116: Stepping on Two Devices


“He he! Back then, I told you that I am with Extensive Truth Sky Grotto. At present, however, I am cultivating in Extreme Celestial Sect.” Bai Ziyan cast an ambiguous smile at Chen Feng. She understood the meaning behind Chen Feng’s question.

“Extreme Celestial Sect.” Hearing that, Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Miss Bai. The thing is, I want to join Extreme Celestial Sect. However, I do not know how to do so,” said Chen Feng in a somewhat embarrassed tone.

“All right. I understand what you mean.” Bai Ziyan gave a faint smile and nodded her head.

“In half a year’s time, Extreme Celestial Sect will be recruiting a new batch of disciples. Given your level of strength, joining Extreme Celestial Sect should not be an issue. However, to reduce some of the obstacles you may face, I will write a recommendation letter for you.” Having said that, Bai Ziyan’s finger rose to trace some words in the air. As it moved, characters appeared, shining with light. Next, Bai Ziyan waved her hand and the words floating in the air transformed into a stream of light before landing on Bai Ziyan’s palm.

Bai Ziyan then flicked her finger and a token fell upon Chen Feng’s hand.

“That is a recommendation letter I wrote using magic power. When you reach Extreme Celestial Sect, bring it out and you will face less troubles. All right. Recently, the cultivation world has been somewhat tumultuous. You fellows should take care.” After saying that, Bai Ziyan’s figure flashed 100 metres up into the sky. Then, she transformed into a stream of light and disappeared from sight.

“Tsk tsk! Brother Chen, where did you get to know this beautiful cultivator? I believe she should be a Sky Human stage expert, right?” Ye Ziming looked at Chen Feng while snickering.

“By chance, I got to know her some time ago.” Chen Feng nodded his head before keeping the token in his hand.

“Brother Chen, are you having some other thoughts?” Ye Ziming did not let up and he continued asking.

“What other thoughts can I have? Enough, we should find a place to recuperate. I cannot hold on anymore.” Chen Feng’s face blushed and he hastily changed the topic.

Truth be told, watching Bai Ziyan disappear into the horizon caused Chen Feng’s heart to stir. I wonder, when can I reach the Sky Human stage? However, by the time I cultivate up to the Sky Human stage, she would probably have attained a higher cultivation stage, no?

However, I will never give up. One day, I will attain the peerless great dao and reach immortality. An everlasting life. Chen Feng clenched his fists and his face revealed a look of utter resolve.

Since getting struck by that fateful lightning bolt during the thunderstorm, since activating the Longevity Tower, since he began practicing the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng had shed off the name ‘wastrel’. Additionally, he had also made a solemn vow to himself. He must become stronger so as to not be bullied ever again. At least, that was what he believed in the beginning. Since meeting and talking with Tower, however, Chen Feng’s goal had changed again. He wanted to discover his identity. Naturally, it was also contingent on him growing stronger, practicing cultivation to reach an unequalled level of power. 

Next up, the three of them were luckier. Although they did encounter some other cultivators, they did not encounter any issues and were able to smoothly find a secluded valley. The valley was not too big and the environment there was not particularly good. Additionally, the spiritual energy there was not sufficient. However, it was a very quiet place.

After reaching the place, the first thing they did was to set up layer after layer of restrictive barriers. After determining that there was no one there, all three fell limply to the ground.

“Joining in on the liveliness this time turned into a huge loss. When my injuries have healed up, I must repay the Six Great Sky Grottoes for this,” Ye Ziming cried out in pain.

“That is right! We cannot simply let this slide! I have never been in such a sorry state before,” said Lu Ta as he gnashed his teeth. Although he had taken some medicinal pills, the large hole on his shoulder had yet to fully heal up. Just the act of speaking had caused him intense pain.

“Talking about that now is useless. Wait for our strength to recover before anything else. Come, ten pills each!” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and 10 blood-red medicinal pills appeared in Ye Ziming and Lu Ta’s hands respectively. They were none other than the Human-tier Scarlet Blood Pills.

“When we are strong enough, we will plunder the Six Great Sky Grottoes!” said Chen Feng vehemently. His words shocked even Ye Ziming and Lu Ta.

“This fellow.” The two of them exchanged glances.

“He is even more resolute than us, but I like this idea!”

Unexpectedly, even one Human-tier medicinal pill could possess such a potent medicinal power. Those two earlier should be enough for me to assail level 2 of the Concealed stage. Even though I don’t know his name, that cheap master of mine is quite generous. Chen Feng considered.

Potent medicinal powers were constantly surging within Chen Feng’s body. Using inner vision, Chen Feng could see that the Scarlet Blood Pills’ medicinal powers were blood-red in colour. They were like the magma bursting out from an erupting volcano, filled with violent power.

Scarlet Blood Pill was capable of improving blood energy, tempering the fleshly body, exciting the insight acupoints, forging the bones and solidifying the marrows. It was what Chen Feng needed at the moment. He had already condensed out his Soulflame, but the strength of his fleshly body was incapable of catching up to his rising soul power. Originally, Chen Feng had intended on getting the Soulguard Flowers and use them to absorb the Primordial Demon God’s blood to strengthen his fleshly body. Unexpectedly, he obtained these Scarlet Blood Pills instead. Although these Scarlet Blood Pills cannot compare with the two strands of Demon God’s blood, they were still the medicinal pills that he needed most right now.

Stepping on two devices and absorb earthen energy. By breaking open the magnetic acupoints, I can truly fly on my own. This time, I must succeed. Chen Feng resolved. Gritting his teeth, he gathered up all the medicinal powers within his body and sent them charging towards the Magnetic acupoints on his right foot. At that moment, Chen Feng’s plan was to concentrate all his strength to first break open one of the two insight acupoints.


The mighty impact was too much for the meridians within Chen Feng’s right foot and they began erupting. The pain wracking him caused him to bite down on his teeth and he nearly suffered from cultivation deviation.

However, Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised to find that cracks had appeared upon the Magnetic acupoint there. That was a sign that he was on the verge of success.

Good! Good! It is indeed effective! Chen Feng was excited. Next, he rapidly gathered up the medicinal powers within his body and transformed them into the shape of a blade. It was none other than the Longevity Blade. However, this blade was blood-red in colour.

Longevity! Longevity! Break the shackles and let none stop you! Chen Feng shouted inwardly and the all-conquering Longevity Blade charged towards the Magnetic acupoint.


In but moments, the Magnetic acupoint was blasted open and a vast amount of blood energy mixed with medicinal power flowed into the insight acupoint. Immediately, the Magnetic acupoint began turning upside down and a mysterious power began to develop from within it.

Good! I finally opened up one of the two insight acupoints! Chen Feng was happy and he felt his body becoming lighter. He felt a faint sensation of seemingly having extricated himself from an invisible shackle. He understood that it was due to the gravitational force of the Eternal World. The shackling power exerted an innate suppressive atmosphere upon all living beings within the Eternal World. The moment Chen Feng broke free from it, he felt a sense of freedom in his body. 

There is another Magnetic acupoint to go. Chen Feng focused and all the blood energy within his body surged towards the Magnetic acupoint on his other foot.

As he already possessed the experience of breaking open his right foot’s Magnetic acupoint, he was able to open up his left foot’s Magnetic acupoint in the blink of an eye. Blood energy surged vigorously into the Magnetic acupoints to produce mysterious laws and wondrous powers. This time, Chen Feng’s whole body trembled as all the shackles on his body disappeared. He felt true freedom. No more restraints. His mind soared high in the sky, as free as a fish in the sea.

Carefreeness, clarity, freedom.

After taking the two Scarlet Blood Pills earlier, Chen Feng had been incapable of digesting the thick medicinal powers. Now that he had broken open the two Magnetic acupoints, the medicinal powers became like rivers flowing into the sea. The majority of the medicinal powers flowed into and fused with the Magnetic acupoints.


With a thought, a mysterious feeling flowed into his mind. Next, a power flowed out from the Magnetic acupoints on his feet. They were like the undercurrents deep within the sea, vigorous and powerful.

Next, Chen Feng flew up without the help of any magic treasure. This was true flight, relying solely on his own strength.

There was a saying in the cultivation world. Only when one can fly with one’s own abilities can it be considered true flight. Cultivators who normally utilize magic treasures to fly could get into a fight in the sky where their magic treasures ended up getting destroyed in the process. The cultivators, having lost the assistance of their magic treasures, would fall. Should that happen, the cultivators would die from the fall.

The present Chen Feng was no longer limited by that. Should his magic treasure be destroyed while he was flying in the sky, he would still be able to fly using his own power.

Next, Chen Feng spent one whole day flying around in the sky to familiarize himself with the power of his newly opened up Magnetic acupoints.

After that one day, Chen Feng could feel himself gaining a general grasp of this new power. As time went by, he would only grow more familiar with it. Although his flying speed – using his own body’s power – was not as fast as when he was riding on a flying sword, he was more flexible. Not to mention, his flying speed would only increase alongside the increase in his strength.


Chen Feng landed heavily upon the ground and the shoes he wore split apart instantly. His bare feet stepped upon the wet soil.

“Stepping on two devices, absorb earthen energy,” Chen Feng uttered in a hushed tone. Next, the surrounding ground shook and Chen Feng felt as though he had become a towering tree. His two foot were thick roots piercing deep into the soil, ceaselessly absorbing nutrients from the earth.

Si! Si! Si! Si! Si! Si! Si! Si!

Chen Feng felt countless strands of minute energy coming from all directions to gather upon both his feet. All of them had been lured over by the Magnetic acupoints and they flowed into his body.

Vigorous, thick, sturdy, grand, nourishing and inclusive of all. The thick energy flow moved into Chen Feng’s mind, causing Chen Feng’s level to keep rising as he experienced the various mysteries of the earthen forces.

“This is the power and aura of the earth.” Chen Feng’s whole body began shaking. As he kept absorbing the power of the earth, he felt as though he had become one with the earth. 

“Not good! Too much power!”

Chen Feng suddenly realized that his body was somewhat bloated. Only then did he realize that he had unconsciously absorbed too much earthen energy. With a thundering shout, Chen Feng sent a punch forward.

An earthen-yellow light radiated out from Chen Feng’s fist to strike a mountaintop that was hundreds of metres away.

Rumble! Rumble!

A loud rumbling sound rang out as the distant mountaintop abruptly blew up. Soil and rocks scattered about and dust filled the sky. When the smoke subsided, Chen Feng was shocked to find that the mountaintop, located hundreds of metres away, had been levelled.

“This… so much power! This is several times stronger compared to my previous level of strength.” Chen Feng stared with widened eyes.

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