Chapter 1156 Geniuses


Chen Feng ignored him. Instead, a sword beam – ten times faster and stronger – slashed down on the person. Sword light flashed and a wound appeared on the Heavenly Immortal’s body.

His actions ignited the rage of the cultivators there. As a result, the half-step Gold Immortal stage variant wyrm rushed forward. Relying on the might of his fleshly body, he rapidly approached Chen Feng and a stream of golden-coloured energy shot towards Chen Feng.

He was extremely fast. Additionally, he had also sealed up the surrounding space as he attacked Chen Feng, believing that all he needed was to have his attack make contact with Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, the lightning attack was even faster. One lightning attack blocked the golden-coloured energy stream while another lightning attack sent the variant wyrm flying. The scent of charred flesh wafted out.

Everyone there grew astounded and Chen Feng himself halted his actions. Even the formidable variant wyrm, a half-step Gold Immortal, had been incapable of stopping the lightning attacks. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew desirous of collecting the lightning powers. However, he was unable to do so. 

“Fine, let’s stop here. I am one of the last to arrive. Tell me what’s going on here.” Chen Feng stopped. His actions earlier were simply to ascertain the situation. Thankfully, these fellows were incapable of retaliating, otherwise Chen Feng would not be in a good spot either. Just that half-step Gold Immortal alone was not someone that he could handle.

Given the fact that he was in an unfamiliar place, it would not do to be too arrogant.

“Actually, we have only just arrived here not too long ago. Like you, we do not know much about what’s going on here. I am from the Immortal Plane. You may address me as Duan Shuiliu,” a young cultivator wearing a black suit of armour said smilingly. His aura was somewhat sinister, but he was the first to express a good-natured attitude towards Chen Feng.

“Duan Shuiliu.” Chen Feng pondered carefully before saying, “The Chaotic Region of the North, Netherfrost Constitution, Duan Shuiliu?”

Hearing that, Duan Shuiliu’s eyes flashed with light. “Unexpectedly, Brother Chen would know so much about our Immortal Plane. Looks like the Celestial Longevity Plane is not as still as it appears to be.”

“What about the rest?” Chen Feng then turned to look at the others. And while they were feeling highly displeased, they responded anyways. 

“I am from the Nether Plane.”

“I am from the Immortal Plane.”

“I am from the Ambiguous Immortal Region,” a cultivator in white clothes and reserved aura said with a smile. Hearing that surprised Chen Feng and the others. 

“Unexpectedly, there are friends from other immortal regions here. Looks like this mysterious space might not be in the Immortal Plane,” Chen Feng said, nodding his head.

“It might not even be in your Limitless Immortal Region. I am from the Desolation Immortal Region. You may address me as Qing Shan. I am a high-level Heavenly Immortal.” A young man with plain and ordinary features said, smiling as well.

“Desolation Immortal Region.” The expression on Chen Feng’s face flickered.

“I wonder, have you ever heard of Grand Emperor Cyancloud?” Chen Feng asked.

Qing Shan was first taken aback. Next, he let out a chuckle. “I believe that you must also have obtained Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s legacy, right?”

“Err…” Chen Feng was taken aback as well. Qing Shan’s guess was spot on [1].

“Ha ha ha! We can talk about it properly later on, friend. I also managed to obtain Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s legacy,” Qing Shan said.

Chen Feng felt curious. At the same time, the issue became clearer to him. Divine Cyancloud Palace, Grand Emperor Cyancloud and Grand Emperor Desolate Sea. All of those were part of a legacy. Only, the legacy he obtained only had 185 ancient texts and four Heavenly laws. Back when he first obtained the legacy, Chen Feng had grown excited and overjoyed. But as time passed and his cultivation base rose, Chen Feng found many questionable issues with the legacy. And yet, the Desolation Immortal Region was too far away. Thus, Chen Feng decided not to dwell upon it. However, now that he had encountered a cultivator from the Desolation Immortal Region, he would have to ask him about the matter in detail. 

Next up, the other cultivators introduced themselves. Some talked little of themselves and some talked more. The strongest amongst them all, the variant wyrm, was from the Extreme Yang Star Region, located in between the Limitless Immortal Region and Heavenscrown Immortal Region. 

The mighty cultivator that Chen Feng knocked unconscious earlier had woken up. He was from Primal World. 

All of them had entered this place for mostly the same reasons and the same method. 

In the end, someone finally forwarded the question that everyone was curious about.

“Why did you not get attacked?” That was the most important issue there. The palace before them extended all the way into the distance, proving that there was something inside it. However, when thinking about a cheat-like existence like Chen Feng, everyone would consider it to be unfair. He was also most unwelcomed. If it weren’t for the restrictions, they would have attacked to kill him off long ago.

“I don’t know either. I was the last to arrive,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

“Is it due to something you’re carrying?” Some of them asked suspiciously, but Chen Feng only shook his head, refusing to answer.

“Fellows, the way I see it, waiting here is not the way to go. Why don’t we enter and explore?” Chen Feng then pointed at the palace before them.

“If we could enter, do you think we would wait here?” the half-step Gold Immortal said with a scornful smile.

Light flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes and he seemingly figured something out, but he said nothing about it. Instead, he approached Qing Shan and began chatting with him. 

“Friend, please tell me about Grand Emperor Cyancloud. I will repay you for it,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“There is no need to repay me. I can bring out the same item to exchange with you,” Qing Shan said, waving his hand to bring out a stream of light. Seeing that, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. The stream of light was formed from ancient texts. It had the same source as the 185 texts that he had obtained in the past.

“I have 231 ancient texts here, also part of Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s legacy. I can give it to you, friend,” Qing Shan said affably.

“I have 185 ancient texts here.” Chen Feng waved his hand to bring out a stream of light as well. After exchanging the streams of light, the two of them carefully went over it and simultaneously revealed a smile.

“In truth, these ancient texts hold no specific meaning. They are actually the fragments of Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s grand dao laws and will. However, as the number of fragments is too high, comprehending something out from just a few hundred ancient texts is incredibly difficult. I’ve had these ancient texts for quite some time now, but I have only managed to gain some sporadic memories from them,” Qing Shan said. 

“Tell me about Grand Emperor Cyancloud.”

“Grand Emperor Cyancloud is a very powerful existence, a legendary character. Even amongst Gold Immortals, he can already be considered as an expert. Later, though, he fell in battle against Grand Emperor Desolate Sea. However, remnants of his power and divine sense broke apart to scatter all over the immortal region. Every strand of his life imprint would transform into part of a legacy. Countless cultivators throughout the Desolation Immortal Region have obtained Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s legacies. As for me, I am just one of the unremarkable ones who managed to obtain one of the legacies. Only, I did not think that Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s legacies could make its way to other immortal regions,” Qing Shan said slowly.

“Really? I don’t believe you are one of the unremarkable ones. Are you perhaps the one with the most legacies?” 

“Brother Chen, you sure know how to jest. I hear that someone had managed to even obtain a drop of Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s blood essence, allowing that person to advance to the half-step Gold Immortal stage in a short time. In comparison, I am no match for that person.”

“Enough. Are you two done talking?” It was then that someone finally spoke up. Displeased, Chen Feng turned to regard the person. It was a mid-level Heavenly Immortal with quite the decent cultivation base. Turning around, Chen Feng then saw that the others also had a somewhat hostile expression on their faces.

“Oh, what is this? Friend, what is wrong?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“You’re Chen Feng, right? Truth is, everyone here knows what is going on. You are the key to us entering this palace,” the cultivator said with a dark look on his face.

“Is that so? And?” There was a wide smile on Chen Feng’s face.

“Are you thinking of having me take the lead while you fellows follow behind me? Do you fellows take me for a fool? If you want to enter, that’s fine. Use your own abilities to go wherever you want, but don’t use that tone on me.” The look on Chen Feng’s face changed swiftly, turning somewhat grim.

“Humph! Others may fear you, but I am not! I cannot attack you, but you can forget about harming me as well. Besides, I do not believe that you will wait here forever.”

While Chen Feng’s earlier actions had left some of the cultivators there in a rather wretched spot, those were only to some True Immortals. In the eyes of the Heavenly Immortals, Chen Feng was not even worth their attention.

“Ha ha ha! We are cultivators. More, we are cultivators with a high cultivation base while this environment is quite good. The amount of spiritual energy here is high enough. Even spending several million years cultivating here will not be an issue,” Chen Feng said before slowly making his way to the side. Next, energy streams surged forth as he actually started a cultivation session there.

At least, that was how it appeared. In truth, Chen Feng was quickly analysing the current situation. He was not worried that these cultivators would attack him. He was simply feeling curious. Why was he not subjected to the lightning attacks? Why was it different for him?

Background, genes, constitution, strength and various other conditions kept flashing across Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and he rapidly analysed them all in detail. He wanted to find some clues from them. As for the so-called luck, Chen Feng did not believe in it.

Seeing Chen Feng cultivate himself, the faces of the other cultivators turned ugly to behold. But attacking him would not bring any results.

And yet, waiting here with him was not the way to go.

“I suggest we take action together. I don’t believe it would be ineffective,” the mid-level Heavenly Immortal from earlier said furiously, staring at Chen Feng.

However, the cultivators there did not appear too enthusiastic about the idea. Some even cast looks of reproach at him.

“You were too reckless. This Chen Feng is clearly someone who would not give in to coercion. He has to be coaxed. Your actions of offending him have brought us all trouble.” The one who spoke up was also a mid-level Heavenly Immortal.

“You’re blaming me here?”

“That’s right, this is your fault! If your actions delay our ability to enter, heh, there will definitely be chances to take action later on.”

“Nonsense! I took action for the sake of everyone. Listen to me, my decision is not the wrong one! Everyone, take action together! I do not believe that the will of this place will punish all of us for the sake of one Chen Feng!” the mid-level Heavenly Immortal shouted loudly.


1 Grand Emperor Cyancloud’s legacy appeared in Chapter 938 alongside the Divine Cyancloud Palace. Back then, the Desolation Immortal Region was translated as Immortal Desolate Region.

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