Chapter 115: Kill



The Overwhelming Astral Sword transformed into shining light as it burst forward. It pierced through the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke before charging towards Grotto Master Thousand Evil. Chen Feng was placing himself in a dangerous position by unleashing an attack aimed at dragging the enemy down with him. At any rate, the power of a Prized artefact was not something that most Concealed stage cultivators can handle. Not to mention, the Overwhelming Astral Sword was the strongest type amongst magic treasures: the flying sword.

Seeing Chen Feng’s flying sword charging towards him, Grotto Master Thousand Evil revealed a peculiar smile. He did not dodge the attack that Chen Feng sent towards him. Instead, he allowed the sword to pierce through his chest.

“So easy? Something is not right!” Chen Feng was taken aback and he quickly realized something was amiss.

As expected, after the Overwhelming Astral Sword pierced through Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s chest, his figure rapidly broke down into smaller fragments. However, not a trace of flesh could be seen. It was as though the thing breaking apart was a wooden puppet. 

“What is going on?” Chen Feng, who had never encountered such a situation before, was shocked. He did not know what to do next.

“Careful! That is a body substitution technique!” Ye Ziming suddenly yelled out.


Grotto Master Thousand Evil suddenly appeared behind Chen Feng. He extended his five fingers forward to capture Chen Feng.

At that moment, the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke was approaching Chen Feng from the front while Grotto Master Thousand Evil was attacking from behind. Ye Ziming and Lu Ta wanted to go help Chen Feng, but were stopped by the ribbons sent out by Grotto Mistress Charmlove. Chen Feng was in jeopardy.

As the Overwhelming Astral Sword had yet to return, Chen Feng had no other choice but to shout, “Longevity Blade!”

Two tangible, cyan-coloured silhouettes of light flew out from his body in quick succession before exploding violently.

Bang! Bang!

The two Longevity Blades exploded at the same time and the shockwaves generated by the explosions pinned Chen Feng, who was in between the two blades. It was a somewhat suffocating feeling.

Even so, the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke did not stop advancing. As for Grotto Master Thousand Evil, he made a grasping motion to create a sharp force, which blocked off the shockwaves from the explosions. Finally, the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke struck Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen!”

Ye Ziming and Lu Ta shouted out in panic. However, they were incapable of extricating themselves from the besieging ribbons. Seeing the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke make contact with Chen Feng, they shut their eyes. They could not bring themselves to look. They thought that Chen Feng’s body would be reduced to bones after getting engulfed by the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke.

“Ha ha ha ha! Thank you for such a big gift!” Suddenly, Chen Feng’s laughter rang out. He sounded quite pleased with himself.

Hearing Chen Feng’s voice, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta quickly snapped open their eyes to see Chen Feng standing there, unscathed. As for the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke, it had disappeared without leaving a trace. 

“What happened?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta exchanged glances. For a moment, they two of them felt puzzled. Next, their eyes lit up.

It’s the pagoda! The two of them almost shouted.


Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Back then, Chen Feng had been so terrified, cold sweat was practically breaking out all over his body. In that critical moment, he had utilized the Longevity Tower’s ability to create a powerful suction force from his glabella to suck in the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke into the tower.

“Thankfully, I can still use some of Longevity Tower’s functions. If not, the poisonous smoke would have reduced me to bones.”

After thinking about that, Chen Feng’s heart burned with fury. The blood within his body churned at an even greater intensity and the medicinal powers of the Scarlet Blood Pills kept assailing the Magnetic acupoints at the soles of his feet. It was like a raging stream of water attempting to break open the two barriers standing before them.

As expected, these two insight acupoints are ten times stronger compared to the Heavenly Origin acupoint. Thankfully, it is not an impossibility to open it with my current level of strength. Chen Feng pondered silently as he resolved himself.

“What happened? Where did my Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke go?” After breaking apart the shockwaves from the Longevity Blades’ explosions, Grotto Master Thousand Evil had intended on attacking Chen Feng only to find that the poisonous smoke he sent out had disappeared. Additionally, he could no longer sense it. The Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke was something that he had been cultivating for years. It was practically the equivalent of a lifebound magic treasure. For it to suddenly disappear, it felt as though a piece of his own flesh had just been carved out.

While Grotto Master Thousand Evil was in a state of stupor, the Overwhelming Astral Sword slashed towards him once again. This was quite the unfortunate moment for Grotto Master Thousand Evil. Given Chen Feng’s present state, even with a Prized artefact in hand, it would not have been easy for him to face off against Grotto Master Thousand Evil. However, Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s consciousness had been impacted, the result of losing his Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke. Thus, he faltered for a moment. Sword light flashed out and an arm was cut. Next, the arm was minced by the sword energy from the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“Argh! My arm!” Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s face turned pale as he howled out miserably. He sounded like a pack of injured wolves.

“Kid! I will go all out against you!”

His lifebound poison smoke had disappeared and his one arm was cut down. Grotto Master Thousand Evil was finally in a state of panic. The blazing-red gourd flew out from his body. After Grotto Master Thousand Evil performed a secret technique, the blazing-red gourd exploded.

No Heaven-shocking, Earth-quaking sounds or chaotic energy currents came from the explosion. Instead, thick poisonous smoke spread out.

That there was every single Thousand Evil Purplesmoke that Grotto Master Thousand Evil had ever cultivated. In one explosion, he released them all. This was a desperate move.

“Not good! Did he go crazy?” Seeing that, Grotto Mistress Charmlove stopped attacking Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. Her enchanting body twisted and the ribbons billowed to quickly bring her body up high. It did not take long for her to reach an altitude of 10,000 metres.

“Quick! Dodge!”

Ye Ziming and Lu Ta scrambled to run as far as they can. The poison fellow was going all out. Who knows if he might decide to blow himself up to release some other forms of poisonous smoke?

Chen Feng stood within the poisonous smoke without a hint of panic. On the contrary, he was secretly sneering. If he could even absorb Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke, would he fear this Thousand Evil Purplesmoke?

Once again, Chen Feng utilized the Longevity Tower. A powerful suction force appeared from between his eyebrows and the surrounding poisonous smoke became like rivers flowing into the sea. In but two breaths’ worth of time, all of them had swirled into Chen Feng’s glabella.

Next, golden light flashed out from Chen Feng’s glabella before shooting forward to slam into Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s body. With a loud banging sound, Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s figure flew tens of metres away.

The golden light was none other than Four Ears, the Four-eared Spirit Monkey. During that critical juncture, Chen Feng had summoned him out from the Longevity Tower to strike a heavy blow upon Grotto Master Thousand Evil.

Only then did Chen Feng notice that there was no longer any trace of life within a 100-metre radius. All of them had been annihilated by the poisonous smoke just now. 

Woah! What a powerful poisonous smoke! If it were not for the Longevity Tower, I would have been in a terrible situation. Chen Feng felt shocked.

“Argh! Just what is going on here? You can absorb my poisonous smoke? Do you have another powerful magic treasure on you? Impossible! Impossible!” After getting blown away by the strike, Grotto Master Thousand Evil kept howling, seemingly in a state of disbelief.


Four Ears transformed into a beam of golden light once again to re-appear on top of Grotto Master Thousand Evil. Next, he sent a heavy blow downwards. After a resounding boom, a huge hole appeared on the ground. There was no way to tell how deep the hole was. There was also no trace of Grotto Master Thousand Evil.

“Good! A good blow!” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta shouted as they ran over. The Four-eared Spirit Monkey was a variant-type yao beast with an incomparably powerful fleshly body. After receiving two attacks from Four Ears, it would not have been an injustice for Grotto Master Thousand Evil to croak on the spot.

“Still alive? Take one more from me!” After carefully sensing for a while, Chen Feng’s Soulflame transformed into a stream of light and slipped into the hole on the ground. Soil and rocks would end up getting scorched in its wake. After some time, Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s wretched wail rang out from someplace deep underground. However, his wail only persisted for half a breath’s worth of time before coming to a halt.

“Phew! We finally finished him off.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply and his Soulflame quickly flew out to enter his sea of wisdom once more.

“There is another!” Ye Ziming shouted.

By then, Grotto Mistress Charmlove had realized that the situation was unfavourable for her. If even Grotto Master Thousand Evil could be killed, she would not be able to gain anything by staying. Thus, she turned to leave.

She had only just flown a distance of less than 10 metres when a three-chi long sword appeared out of nowhere. It had appeared right before Grotto Mistress Charmlove. With a flash, it released a sword beam out. Instantly, Grotto Mistress Charmlove was incinerated to ashes. It was as though she had flown into a raging fire. All that was left of her was a spatial bracelet, which fell to the ground (1 chi = 0.333 m).

Next, a woman in white appeared. With a wave of her hand, the spatial bracelet flew into her palm.

Who is that? Such a powerful technique! The same thought appeared in Ye Ziming and Lu Ta’s mind.

“It’s her!” Chen Feng’s heart thumped and a peculiar feeling rose within his heart.

The woman in white who had appeared all of a sudden, was none other than the one Chen Feng had met before in the past, Bai Ziyan. As always, she wore white clothing with a gauzy texture and her hair fell like a waterfall. A faint mist swirled around her to create an illusory feeling about her.

“What? Are you surprised?” Bai Ziyan’s figure moved to float before Chen Feng.

“I didn’t think we would be able to meet again so soon,” said Chen Feng with a smile. Back then, when they were in the cave, Bai Ziyan had taught Chen Feng many things regarding the cultivation world. She had acted as something of a guide for Chen Feng. Thus, he felt only gratitude for her. Most experts would not have cared about a small fry like him.

“Your rate of cultivation is quite fast. Unexpectedly, you can now fuse with the Prized artefact. Most surprising of all is that you have already condensed out your Soulflame. It seems you have had some fortuitous encounters after we parted ways.” Bai Ziyan regarded Chen Feng as her eyes gleamed non-stop. 

“I was just lucky,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Still, it would appear that the three of you are not in a good state. You fellows should find a place to properly recuperate. I still have some matters to attend to. I will be taking my leave now.” After saying that, Bai Ziyan turned as she made to leave.

“Miss Bai, please wait!” Seeing Bai Ziyan moving away, Chen Feng hastily called out.

“What is it?” Bai Ziyan halted her steps.

“May I ask which sect is Miss Bai cultivating with right now?” asked Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration. In the past, she had informed Chen Feng that she was a cultivator from Extensive Truth Sky Grotto. However, after having become part of the cultivation world for some time, Chen Feng found that not even the Sect Masters of the Six Great Sky Grottoes were at the Sky Human stage. And yet, Bai Ziyan was undoubtedly an expert in the Sky Human stage. Thus, Chen Feng felt doubtful and had been wondering about this.

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