Chapter 1142 Ferocious Slaughter


After the second clone left, Chen Feng’s main body began resting. When his essence, energy and soul power had completely recovered, he immediately left his grotto-mansion to enjoy himself. Sometimes, he would leave the Six Daos Sword Faction as well. Only, he would remain within the Primordial Mountain Range’s territory. 

With six Heavenly Immortals serving as his bodyguards, Chen Feng cut quite the striking appearance. Some cultivators had wanted to trouble him only to falter in the end. These were high-level Heavenly Immortals from the Celestial Longevity Plane, after all. Only a half-step Gold Immortal would be able to suppress them.

On the other hand, the higher-ups of the Six Daos Sword Faction never made contact with Chen Feng, who chose not to cultivate himself for a while. All he did was maintain a steady state of mind. And yet, his cultivation level was able to improve slightly. This came as a surprise for Chen Feng.

The sect guardian treasure of the Six Daos Sword Faction is the Six Daos Sword Codex. It is quite the decent immortal technique. However, it is something that an expert created later on. In terms of quality and age, it cannot be put on the same pedestal as the Primordial Scripture of the Six Daos. Only, this number one cultivation technique of the Six Daos Sword Faction has disappeared. Tsk, tsk. It is the reason I joined this sect. Chen Feng had been spending the past few days strolling around the Primordial Mountain Range, all for the sake of finding some clues about it. 

However, the Six Daos Sword Faction, with its tens of millions of cultivators had failed to find anything, let alone a single Chen Feng.

After leaving the Immortal Plane, Chen Feng’s second clone headed straight to Blood Malice World. The essence power there was more suitable for this clone and the Blood Mustering Bead’s improvement. As for the Bedazzling Star Map, it had transformed into a belt, which the clone wore on his waist. It would spend every moment devouring the power of the stars.

Chen Feng had refined the two Divine artifacts many times before. Thus, Chen Feng’s imprint within them was very strong. They had, in particular, gained the dao of devouring. Their rate of improvement had become much faster when compared to that of other magic treasures.

A few years later, another change happened. It was no longer just Eternal World. One by one, some figures began interfering with Domain World, Flame World and some other great worlds. They borrowed the world power to open up mysterious passageways.

Secretly observing it all, Chen Feng noted that 80% of those interfering forces were from the Immortal Plane. The rest were from the Demon Plane, Nether Plane, Ghost Plane and some other formidable worlds.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, however, it did not matter which force was the one who opened those passageways. So long as a cultivator possessed the necessary strength, they would be able to enter.

These actions were of such significance that they shook the entire Immortal Region. In but a short time, the number of cultivators gathered there had exceeded 10 million. Additionally, there were more coming from afar. The weakest amongst them all was at the True Immortal stage. Ascendant Immortals would die with just a casual shockwave.

Rather, even True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals could only enter the passageway with the help of magic treasures. Furthermore, golden light could also be seen flashing about there. Only, the golden light was all from the half-step Gold Immortals. The real Gold Immortals were still waiting, waiting for a bigger passageway to appear.

As more and more cultivators entered the passageways, the passageways themselves became somewhat more stable and some Divine-tier flying magic treasures were able to safely enter without suffering from any casualties.

“Friend Chen Feng, are you interested in entering it together?” It was then that someone came over to invite Chen Feng. Most of them were Heavenly Immortals. Normally, characters like these would not be bothered with a minor True Immortal like Chen Feng. However, what happened earlier had changed their view of Chen Feng. He had singlehandedly killed off several Heavenly Immortals, one of which was at the mid-level Heavenly Immortal stage. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had emerged from the fight unscathed. Witnessing that filled them all with shock.

In their opinion, Chen Feng must be hiding his true strength and level.

Most importantly, Chen Feng’s body was emanating the aura of a Divine artifact. In order to enter, they will need to borrow the power of a Divine artifact.

In addition to the cultivators who were directly inviting him, there were many more who casted predatory looks at him. Chen Feng knew that a conflict was inevitable.

As expected, after Chen Feng rejected them, their faces turned dark.

“Friend, since you are unwilling to enter, would you lend us your Divine artifact?” One of them revealed his killing intent.

“You want me to lend you fellows? Not a problem,” Chen Feng said, the Blood Mustering Bead flying out from his hand.

In the beginning, they were all surprised. But when the Blood Mustering Bead began suppressing them, they realized that the situation did not bode well for them. A clump of blood assailed them and over 10 Heavenly Immortals and 20 True Immortals were killed off. All of them were turned into nourishment for the Blood Mustering Bead.

“You guys have a death wish!” Chen Feng sighed. The Blood Mustering Bead flew back to his hand. Chen Feng could sense the intense desire coming from the Blood Mustering Bead. He knew, if he were to kill off all the cultivators in this stretch of starry space, the Blood Mustering Bead would be able to improve to a much higher level, one beyond his ability to estimate.

However, even more cultivators surrounded him. When the number of cultivators surpassed a thousand, Chen Feng’s face sank. 

For the sake of obtaining a Divine artifact, these fellows had all gone cuckoo. And it was not just on Chen Feng’s end. Looking far ahead, he could see fights breaking out in the distance every now and again.

“You crazy fellows,” Chen Feng said, a pair of blood-red wings unfurling from his back. Naturally, Chen Feng was secretly utilizing the Longevity Wings. The surface of the wings was covered by the grand dao of blood. There were too many cultivators there and there was no telling if there were any cultivators from the Longevity Clan.

As the large blood-red wings unfurled, the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand fired out wave after wave of bloody light without respite. The waves of bloody light left clouds of blood in their wake. Only, the clouds of blood would quickly disappear.


Even so, someone had managed to block Chen Feng in the end. The combined attacks from seven mid-level Heavenly Immortals managed to block Chen Feng’s escape path. At the same time, over 100 starter-level Heavenly Immortals worked to seal up the surrounding space. 

“Interesting! Those of you who are not afraid of dying, bring it!” Chen Feng scoffed. Although his body was only that of a clone, he possessed two Divine artifacts. More, his body was also created from the blood essence of a Gold Immortal. Only a high-level Heavenly Immortal would be able to stop Chen Feng.


The battle began and Chen Feng fought against over a thousand cultivators.

It was a massacre right from the get go. Faint starlight shimmered out from Chen Feng’s waist to block the surrounding attacks while the Blood Mustering Bead fired out a high number of bloody lances to kill off his opponents. At the same time, it also exerted another power, which swept out to devour their blood energy.

As for Chen Feng, he would constantly fly around. Everywhere he went, his broad wings would shred the cultivators obstructing his path to pieces. 


Every now and again, some cultivators would choose to fight Chen Feng head on. One punch from Chen Feng blew them up.

“Young man, this action of yours is a slaughter that harms the harmony of the Heavens.” A middle-aged cultivator appeared in Chen Feng’s path, exuding a majestic atmosphere resembling that of a great river to obstruct Chen Feng.

He was a high-level Heavenly Immortal.

“Fellow senior, are you also here to snatch my Divine artifact?” Chen Feng said, laughing.

“I just cannot stand seeing you kill people.” The middle-aged cultivator maintained an air of righteousness.

“Is that so? Senior is truly a man of great virtue. I admire you,” Chen Feng said, firing out a punch to kill off the two Heavenly Immortals who were charging towards him. 

“Are you still not going to stop? Either that or hand over your Divine artifact and I can spare you this once.”

Chen Feng sneered, shaking his head. The Bedazzling Star Map that had been wrapping around his waist became like a whip, lashing towards the middle-aged cultivator. Without waiting to see the result of his attack, Chen Feng charged forward with the Blood Mustering Bead.

“Myriad Fathomless Tribulation!”

The middle-aged cultivator placed both hands together and a multi-coloured stream of light flared out from his palms. The streams of light stacked up while transforming in an unfathomable manner. Within them was a slicing power created using Heavenly laws. In the end, the Bedazzling Star Map’s attack only managed to shake him slightly. Rather, his aura of might and power only grew.

It was then that Chen Feng – wielding the Blood Mustering Bead – arrived to smash down on him.


This time, the middle-aged cultivator was incapable of blocking anymore. The attack sent him flying, opening up the path for Chen Feng, who rapidly charged forward, killing several more cultivators along the way.

“This fellow has a Divine artifact as well!” The cultivators who were besieging Chen Feng suddenly turned their attention towards the middle-aged cultivator. Thinking about it, this fellow had been wounded in his fight against Chen Feng. Clearly, he was weaker than Chen Feng. That made him a better target.

And so, the middle-aged cultivator roared as the chaotic battle continued.

“What a farce!” Chen Feng flew quickly, leaving Blood Malice World to finally arrive at Hex World. The hex essence of this world was something that Chen Feng needed as well. Unfortunately, he did not bring the Hex Sceptre with him. Thus, he could only collect the hex power, compress it and store it all inside his body.

Meanwhile, Chen Feng’s first clone had arrived at Broad World, where he worked on absorbing the power of broadness there. At the same time, he could also sense the existence of the second clone.

My main body is being biased here. He actually gave the second clone magic treasures. The first clone smiled. A massive vortex appeared on his palm and he furiously sucked in the power of broadness.

The two clones went on with their cultivation efforts. But every now and again, they would utilize a secret technique to contact the main body. Their divine senses would make their way through space-time to transmit over their experiences. Of course, more time was needed before they could transmit power.

As Chen Feng’s clones were exploring around to cultivate themselves, Chen Feng’s main body finally had something to do.

The reason for that was very simple. A war had broken out between the Six Daos Sword Faction and the Starsource Order and some other surrounding forces. It was a large-scale war that loose cultivators like Chen Feng could not avoid.

In the beginning, they had assumed it to be just a minor skirmish. To the Six Daos Sword Faction’s surprise, they had to constantly dispatch cultivators forward and recruit soldiers for the fight.

Every time there was a recruitment drive, Chen Feng would give some excuses to avoid it. Thus far, he had avoided the recruitment drives several times. This time, he was finally incapable of avoiding it.

The Six Dao Swords of Devastation had returned, all badly wounded. This fact alone informed Chen Feng how pressing the situation was. Even some Heavenly Immortals who had been spending a long time in cultivation retreat were summoned out to become reinforcements for the war.

Three high-level Heavenly Immortals came to Chen Feng’s grotto-mansion. They did not simply break in. With Tie Zhen and the others standing guard there, the three high-level Heavenly Immortals maintained a respectful attitude.

Speaking of which, although Chen Feng had been spending most of his time in cultivation retreat, he could already be considered as one of the top characters in the Six Daos Sword Faction. He had high-level Heavenly Immortals serving as his bodyguards. This factor alone made it so others dare not look down on him. Additionally, the number of cultivators following him had risen to over 100. Some of them were not even part of the Six Daos Sword Faction. He had taken in loose cultivators from the outside. That was especially so due to his recent actions of roaming the Primordial Mountain Range. There, he had taken action several times. For certain reasons, he even accepted some Heavenly Immortals. Only, the quality of those cultivators was quite low.

Regardless, given the severity of the situation, this force under Chen Feng was worth recruiting and fighting for. Thus, the sect chose to send forth three high-level Heavenly Immortals to display their respect and recognition towards Chen Feng.

In the face of the three Heavenly Immortals’ invitation cum order, Chen Feng did not reject. However, he did forward some requests. After a round of talks, Chen Feng was able to obtain a considerable amount of cultivation resources.

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