Chapter 114: Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke


“Brother Chen, are you all right?” Noticing Chen Feng’s abnormal state, Ye Ziming quickly asked with a hushed tone.


Chen Feng was finally incapable of holding it back. Opening his mouth, he howled upwards and a faint red-coloured air sprayed out. That was the blood energy that had been accumulating within his body. After venting it out, he felt his body easing up. Immediately after that, however, an even stronger medicinal power churned upwards like a clump of raging fire. It burned Chen Feng’s internal organs, bones, marrows, blood and meridians, turning his body blood-red. He became like a boiled lobster.


Under the impacts from the potent medicinal power, a formidable wave of astral wind spread out from Chen Feng’s body, causing the protective clothing he wore to split. His newly-bought grade 1 magic robe burst apart.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The suppressive power emanating from Chen Feng’s body forced Ye Ziming and Lu Ta to retreat again and again.

What great power! Worthy of the title Human-tier medicinal pill! However, given our present situation, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Ye Ziming silently pondered their situation.

“Scarlet Blood Pill? Kid, I did not expect you to possess such a good item on you. You even have a Prized artefact. It seems you fellows have some backing,” said the short, middle-aged cultivator with thick limbs with a grin. The blazing-red gourd in his hand continued sending poisonous smoke out. However, he did not continue attacking them. He had noticed the severe wounds on Chen Feng’s group and determined that there was no need to go all out.

“And here I was, wondering who it might me. It’s actually Grotto Master Thousand Evil and Grotto Mistress Charmlove from the Seventy-two Grotto-mansions. What? Are you two planning on attacking minor cultivators like us? Bullying the weak? If news of this were to spread, are your Seventy-two Grotto-mansions not afraid of losing face?” said Ye Ziming with a sneer. He put his guard up while secretly recovering his strength. However, recovering his strength under these circumstances was easier said than done. Not to mention, these two opponents would not give them the opportunity to do so.

“Little brothers, don’t be in such a hurry to go. Giggle, giggle. You fellows have a Prized artefact and even the flesh-tempering Scarlet Blood Pills. How can you fellows be minor characters? Although the two of us hold the title of Grotto Masters, we are actually pitifully poor. We don’t even have a decent magic treasure.” Grotto Mistress Charmlove giggled as she floated down before the three of them. The colourful ribbons billowed about without any patterns and a thick fragrance wafted over to Chen Feng’s group.

Grotto Mistress Charmlove’s slender body was incomparably sultry and the clothes she wore revealed parts of her body here and there. Snow-white skin, upright twin peaks, lamia-like waist, billowing hair, alluring cherry lips, enchanting eyes. Every part of her body kept sending arousing signals at Chen Feng’s group as she spoke.

“Careful! Do not breath it in. This is Charmlove Fragrance. After breathing it in, the primary energy within your whole body will be affected.”

“And then there is Grotto Master Thousand Evil. The smoke coming out from the gourd in his hand is the Thousand Evil Purplesmoke. It is incomparably poisonous, capable of reducing humans into pus,” Ye Ziming hastily said.

“Ai, little brother! I did not expect you to know us so well. Which sect did you come from? Tell us. If there is any connection, enemies can become friends.” Grotto Mistress Charmlove winked at Ye Ziming.

“Humph! Seventy-two Grotto-mansions has a total of seventy-two Grotto Masters. Every one of them are murderous, merciless and vicious to the extreme. You dare to assassinate even a disciple from the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects? Is there nothing you dare not do?” Ye Ziming attempted to buy time as he hastily recovered his strength.

“I am an heir disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect! You dare to kill us? Do you have a death wish?” Chen Feng suddenly shouted. Although the energy emanating off his body was powerful, it was also chaotic. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

“What? Extreme Celestial Sect?” Grotto Master Thousand Evil and Grotto Mistress Charmlove exchanged glances, looks of shock were etched upon their faces.

“That is right! How else could we have a Prized artefact to protect ourselves with? Humph! I advise you two to leave. You will have a path of survival in the future. If you don’t, any sage from our sect can crush you all into pieces.” Chen Feng began spouting nonsense.

Unexpectedly, Grotto Master Thousand Evil and Grotto Mistress Charmlove suddenly burst into laughter.

“Kid, you are too young to be putting on airs in front of us. If you are a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect, the Six Great Sky Grottoes would not have attacked you all. We were secretly watching your fight earlier. Besides, even if you fellows truly are Extreme Celestial Sect’s disciples, you cannot scare us away. The temptation of a Prized artefact is very big. We are pros at killing others to plunder their treasures. As for whether or not Extreme Celestial Sect would avenge your deaths, that is in the future,” said Grotto Master Thousand Evil with a loud laugh.

“All right, I don’t want to keep this nonsensical farce anymore. Attack!” After saying that, Grotto Master Thousand Evil attacked. The Thousand Evil Purplesmoke immediately transformed. In the blink of an eye, it had transformed into a giant python. The scales on the python were distinctive and it kept roaring, giving off the appearance of the real thing. Next, it pounced forward, soaring through the clouds, bringing both wind and rain with it as it shot towards Chen Feng and the others.

Grotto Mistress Charmlove shouted as she too, launched her own attack. With a wave of her hand, colourful ribbons flew up into the sky. Each strip of ribbons rapidly expanded to form a birdcage which covered the sky. It descended to envelop Chen Feng’s group.

The ribbons were something that Grotto Mistress Charmlove had been spent years enhancing through secret techniques. They were both resilient and pliable. Should her targets get captured by it, they would find it very difficult to escape. Additionally, the ribbons will also exude Charmlove Fragrance to erode the enemy’s soul.

“Time to put it all on the line!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth and his Soulflame charged out. Motes of flames spread out. The moment the Thousand Evil Purplesmoke and colourful ribbons encountered the flames, they were set ablaze. That was especially true for the sky-encompassing ribbons sent forth by Grotto Mistress Charmlove. All of them burned.

“Argh! Soulflame! You have actually condensed out Soulflame! How is this possible?!” Grotto Mistress Charmlove cried out in shock.

She was not the only one. Even Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s face sank when he saw what happened. He stared at Chen Feng in shock, incapable of believing what he was seeing.

“This kid is only at level 1 of the Concealed stage. How could he have condense out his Soulflame? Even those immortal dao sects may not possess such a talent. Could this kid really be someone from Extreme Celestial Sect?” Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s heart palpitated loudly.

Both Grotto Master Thousand Evil and Grotto Mistress Charmlove were cultivators at level 7 of the Concealed stage. Their fleshly bodies were strong and they possessed great magics. They were also very proficient in the use of soul power. And yet, they had not managed to condense out their Soulflames. To suddenly discover a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator who had successfully condensed out his Soulflame, they suddenly lost their cool. In fact, they began growing furious. They cursed out at Heaven for this injustice.

Soon however, a ferocious light shone within their eyes. Although this kid may be a genius, his strength was still too low. At that moment, the two of them wanted to kill off this genius. It was a perverse desire hiding within their hearts. Truth be told, it was something that resided in every person. Everyone would feel displeased after seeing someone more outstanding than them. Only, some were capable of suppressing this desire far more than others.

Chen Feng did not make use of this opportunity to escape. Instead, he continued standing there, looking somewhat like an idiot. The Overwhelming Astral Sword circled around his head, radiating a sword light, which covered Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. Likewise, his Soulflame circled around them to disperse the surrounding poisonous air.

“Chen Feng, what happened?” Seeing Chen Feng bring out his Soulflame, Ye Ziming originally assumed that he had wanted to break through. Instead, Chen Feng had suddenly gone silent.

“I am assailing level 2 of the Concealed stage,” said Chen Feng calmly.

“What? You are going to break through at a time like this?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta’s faces twisted up and the way they looked at Chen Feng resembled the look on someone who had just seen a ghost.

“Have you gone mad?” Ye Ziming could not stop himself from blurting out.

“I am not crazy. If I don’t break through and reach level 2 of the Concealed stage, I am simply incapable of refining the Scarlet Blood Pills’ power within my body. More importantly, I do not have the time to refine them,” Chen Feng hastily said.

This time, Chen Feng’s process of breaking through was different from the past. He did not assail the barrier on his 2nd sea of wisdom layer. Instead, he was opening up the two insight acupoints at the bottom of each feet, the Magnetic acupoints.

According to the Longevity Scripture, he should open the Heavenly Origin acupoint at his glabella at level 1 of the Concealed stage while opening the feet’s Magnetic acupoints should be done at level 2 of the Concealed stage. By opening up the Magnetic acupoints, a magnetic force would be produced. The generated magnetic force would help him counter the earth’s gravitational force. Thus, he would no longer require flying swords to fly. There was another saying regarding the opening of these two insight acupoints: The feet rides on two devices. By stepping on the earth, his feet could then ceaselessly absorb the power of the earth to make himself even stronger. With the support of the earth, he would possess an innate advantage when facing his enemies.

Originally, Chen Feng had planned on finding a quiet place to break through. However, the situation had changed. The large amount of medicinal power within him had no place to go. He could only take this situation and use it to make a risky bet. Success would naturally be for the best. However, even if it failed, Chen Feng had a method to deal with it. He would absorb all those medicinal powers into his Heavenly Origin acupoint.

“They are attacking again. I am seriously injured. I won’t be able to block them off!” Ye Ziming cried out.

“Since the three of you are unwilling to hand over the items, don’t blame us for being rude. Today, I will let you know that the difference in levels cannot be covered using magic treasures,” said Grotto Master Thousand Evil with a sneer.

Next, he opened his mouth to release a grey-coloured smoke. After coming out from his mouth, it transformed into sharp swords, which shot towards Chen Feng. Everywhere it went, winds blew. The hard ground, the surrounding vegetation, and even the air was eroded in its wake, and dents could be seen on them all.

“That is the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke, Grotto Master Thousand Evil’s ultimate move.” Seeing that, Grotto Mistress Charmlove chose not to attack. Instead, she took several steps back. Clearly, she knew how powerful the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke was.

“Endless Sky of Turbidity!”

Lu Ta shouted once again and the iron staff in his hand spun rapidly to create powerful hurricanes. This time, however, his move failed to blow away the Thousand Evil Boneputrefying Smoke. Instead, his move only made it stronger as it churned forward like an evil dragon. 

“Ha ha ha ha! You think you can use that trick against my move? Useless! This is my lifebound poisonous smoke; I have spent many years cultivating it. It already possesses spiritual attributes. When it encounters wind, it will only grow stronger. It can even absorb the surrounding wind power. This action of yours is comparable to pouring oil on fire, ha ha ha!” Grotto Master Thousand Evil laughed out, feeling very pleased with himself.

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