Chapter 1139 Clone Heads Out


Whenever Chen Feng headed out, Tie Zhen’s team of six would follow him closely. When Chen Feng entered a cultivation retreat in his grotto-mansion, though, they would stand guard outside. They were very qualified to become bodyguards.

Sensing spatial power coming out non-stop from within the grotto-mansion, Tie Zhen could guess what Chen Feng was doing. And while he felt somewhat hesitant, he did not stop Chen Feng. 

Given Chen Feng’s current level, breaking free from the restraining power of the Immortal Plane would undoubtedly be somewhat taxing. However, to say that he had faith in Chen Feng, it may be more accurate to say that he had faith in the Longevity Tower.

The spatial teleportation array platform was quickly finished. All Chen Feng needed was a simple platform for it. When it came to teleporting out of the Immortal Plane into outer space or some other worlds, the most important factor was his own strength. 

Chen Feng was able to easily activate the spatial teleportation array. Next, a drop of blood fell down from his fingertip. Before even falling to the ground, the drop of blood transformed into a cultivator with the same appearance as Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had utilized the Outer Formbuilding Technique. Formed using his essence, energy and soul power, it was able to grow out its own flesh and blood. It also possessed Chen Feng’s memories. The only difference between this clone and Chen Feng was in their strength.

That said, Chen Feng had poured a great deal of effort into this clone. Not only did it contain the power of True laws and Heavenly laws, it had also fused with a minor bit of the aura of Gold laws. Add the bolstering power from the Longevity Tower, this clone was able to display up to 30% of Chen Feng’s strength. It could even unleash a stronger display of power for a short time.

The Longevity Tower’s power fused with the teleportation array and it was able to easily break the restraining power of the Immortal Plane. Next, a stream of light enveloped Chen Feng’s clone to begin teleporting him through layer after layer of space.

This was Chen Feng’s first time leaving since coming to the Immortal Plane. Although this was just a clone, every part of the Immortal Plane’s structure was far stronger than that of Eternal World, at least 10 million times stronger. Ascending to the Immortal Plane was one thing, leaving it was another. It was something that required an even greater level of strength.

In the past, some cultivators from the Immortal Plane had descended upon Eternal World before. Many of them only sent out their clones. Even so, a great power was needed to open up a passageway for that.

Thanks to the Heavenstealing Technique, however, Chen Feng’s clone did not encounter too many obstructions as he was leaving the Immortal Plane. After breaking through the stable space of the Immortal Plane, he felt his body becoming lighter and the rate at which he was teleporting ahead rose greatly.

Huh! I didn’t think I would return to Eternal World so quickly. Observing Eternal World from afar, Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

Despite not deliberately utilizing his eye technique, Chen Feng was still able to see that there was something different about Eternal World. To Chen Feng, Eternal World was like a burning furnace that was relentlessly emitting raging heat. After utilizing his eye technique, Chen Feng found that the essence power of chaos within Eternal World was radiating outwards at a rapid rate. It was at least a hundred times stronger compared to the time he left. More, it was even increasing. 

It was akin to utilizing certain methods to ripen a raw fruit.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was aware that Eternal World was tapping into its own life force, over exhausting it. Its essence power was being exhausted at such a rapid rate that its rate of replenishment simply could not catch up. Given this rate of exhaustion, its operations would come apart. In the end, Eternal World’s essence power would be completely exhausted, its operations reaching their end, leading to its destruction.

Eternal World was an ancient world that had existed for who knows how many billions of years. Back then, Chen Feng had not seen any signs of decline from Eternal World. However, things were different now. This emission of its essence power of chaos would hasten its destruction.

No wonder so many cultivators would be able to ascend. These cultivators are spending every single day devouring the world’s essence power to cultivate. Their rate of cultivation is unbelievably fast. Cultivating for one year is comparable to cultivating for over a hundred years. Most importantly, that is the most fundamental essence power of the universe, extremely high in quality. Not even immortal energy can compare to it. Even the cultivators’ life attributes have been changed. After they ascend to the Immortal Plane, their future will be immeasurably bright. Looks like I need to think of a way to recruit them. They are all geniuses amongst geniuses.

Observing Eternal World, Chen Feng assessed it for quite some time. In the end, the Longevity Wings unfurled on his back and it seemed as though a great pathway made from golden light had appeared beneath his feet. Flashing a few times, Chen Feng then disappeared from sight.

It did not take long before Chen Feng arrived at Domain World. After Domain World, he went to Profound Origin World, Median World, Primal World and the other great worlds. In the end, Chen Feng found that at least half of them were facing the same situation as Eternal World. They were also over exhausting their world essence power. This allowed the creatures living on those worlds to experience an explosive growth rate and the frequency of ascension became over a hundred times greater than before.

Looks like they are facing the same situation. No wonder so many people would ascend. With time, a high number of cultivators from the lower worlds would enter the Immortal Plane. Naturally, some would also head to other high-level worlds. With that, the Immortal Plane would undergo a change.

When compared to the Immortal Plane, the quality of these worlds appeared too low. Even if all of their cultivators were to enter the Immortal Plane, it would be something negligible, or so it seemed. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was aware that this was not true. It may not be evident in the early stages of this process. But in time, the forces from these worlds would thrive and create a stir in the Immortal Plane. 

Why did something like this happen? That was the biggest question in Chen Feng’s mind.

In the process of rushing around to these great worlds, Chen Feng had also encountered many other cultivators who came to analyse the situation. Some were star wanderers and some were like Chen Feng, cultivators from the Immortal Plane who came here to inspect what was happening. There were even formidable existences who simply sent their will over.

Naturally, there were also some who chose to fish in troubled waters. This was the best time to snatch world power. A high number of cultivators stayed around the great worlds affected to cultivate themselves.

Along the way, Chen Feng had also chatted with some of the cultivators he encountered. However, even those cultivators could not tell what was happening.

Everyone had their own guess as to why this was happening. The one that interested Chen Feng the most was that there was a hidden hand controlling everything. 

Chen Feng was also inclined to believe that speculation. He did not believe that these great worlds would suddenly undergo such a transformation for no reason. As for the claims that this was due to the movements of the universe, Chen Feng thought of them as nonsense.

“Someone must be controlling everything from the dark. What a big move! To be able to accomplish something of such scale, that person must be at least a Gold Immortal. Only, what is the other party’s objective?”

“A matter such as this is not something that minor cultivators like us can interfere with.”

“That’s true. When it comes to matters like these, we should just watch from afar so as to avoid bringing a calamity down on ourselves.”

“Personally, I think this is a good opportunity. The outbreak of world essence power! Tsk, tsk. This is a good time to cultivate.”

After chatting with some other cultivators for a moment, Chen Feng then returned to Eternal World. He had decided to enter Eternal World to get a better look at the situation.

After Chen Feng entered Eternal World, an old sense familiarity surrounded Chen Feng. Alongside that was the rejection and suppression of the Heavenly dao. However, Chen Feng simply made use of the Heavenstealing Technique and everything returned to normalcy.

Entering Eternal World, Chen Feng began roaming around while releasing his divine sense. Soon enough, he had scanned the entire world.

As expected, there is a problem! Chen Feng’s figure began moving. First, he went to the Northern Plains. Then, he went to the Northernmost Frozen Region. And after reaching the northernmost point of Eternal World, Chen Feng moved again. He headed to the Western Regions, Eastern Provinces, Southern Seas, etc. He roamed through every region in Eternal World. In the end, he flew up into the sky, making his way through the sky winds layer to hover above Eternal World.

Floating in the starry space, Chen Feng saw that there was a thick layer of light encasing Eternal World. The layer of light gave Chen Feng a mysterious feeling.

Even so, Chen Feng’s Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight was still able to clearly see through this layer of light and determine what was happening. East, south, west, north and centre. A dot of light could be seen within the five great regions there and some other special places, making 13 in total.

Every one of the 13 dots of light contained a formidable power. They were created by condensing the essence power extracted from Eternal World. Chen Feng could clearly sense traces pointing towards them being artificial existences.

Chen Feng began analysing and speculating what was happening. He had a feeling that this was not the handiwork of the same hidden expert. The power behind it was not big enough and the laws there did not appear right. While the methods were similar, the pattern was wrong.

Could there be those who dare fish in troubled waters right before an expert? That’s too ballsy! It’s no longer fishing in troubled waters. Rather, it is more like an attempt to pull out the tiger’s fang.

It was then that Chen Feng suddenly recalled the previous invasion of Eternal World. 

Could the Heavenly Firmaments Palace be interfering? If that’s true, they truly have no fear towards death, Chen Feng thought.

As Chen Feng had been staying in the Immortal Plane for quite some time, he had gained some knowledge about the forces and situation there. From what he could gather, the Heavenly Firmaments Palace – given its strength – was only capable of being a lord of a certain area. Strength wise, it was likely not even as strong as the Six Daos Sword Faction. If the Heavenly Firmaments Palace was indeed plotting something here, they risk angering a true expert. Just one command or thought from such an existence was enough to obliterate Heavenly Firmaments Palace.

In order to confirm his guess, Chen Feng employed a spiritwalking technique to head to the other great worlds again. He even entered the worlds to investigate them. As expected, there was no such existence in the other worlds. Although what was happening to the worlds also lured over a high number of cultivators who took action to seize the essence power for cultivation, nothing else of note was happening. 

However, even though Chen Feng was utilizing the Longevity Wings for it, rushing here and there was still quite taxing on him. And so, he entered Chaos World and began devouring the essence power that it was emitting.

Amongst all the great worlds, Chaos World could be regarded as the oldest one there. However, that was not the reason why Chen Feng picked it. It was because its essence power was closer to that of chaos essence. For Chen Feng, who possessed the Chaos Constitution, there was nothing more attractive than the essence power here.

And so, as Chen Feng immersed himself deeper into his cultivation session, he sank into the world and furiously devoured the essence power of the world’s core.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had been worried that his actions would bring about a change. However, after his body became filled with the world’s energy and his first cultivation session ended, the essence power there only grew increasingly concentrated. Nothing else happened. Seeing that, Chen Feng was able to continue cultivating there with peace of mind.

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