Chapter 113: Obstructed


“I won’t die just yet. However, I will need to rest up for a bit in order to recover. If the other party had put just a little more power behind the attack, it would have torn me to pieces. I should thank that fellow.” After saying that, Chen Feng fell on his chest as he gasped for breath.

“It is not because they held back. Rather, it is due to your luck. You are just blessed,” said Ye Ziming with a wry smile.

The three of them were either lying on the sword or seated down. A see-through hole the size of a bowl could be seen on Lu Ta’s shoulder. Ye Ziming’s body was stained with blood and his flesh hung down. As for Chen Feng, he laid on the surface of the sword, incapable of moving at all. All three of them were in an extremely wretched state.

Back when Chen Feng was utilizing the Overwhelming Astral Sword to drill underground, he had been struck by the rain-like attacks from his enemies. Even though the Overwhelming Astral Sword was a Prized artefact, Chen Feng was still heavily damaged. After that, he had to constantly mobilize the Prized artefact. After having exhausted a great deal of vital energy, he suddenly received a serious injury to his back. It was one of the heaviest injuries he had ever received.

“Ha ha ha ha! To be able to escape with my life this time, I am truly lucky!” After some time, Chen Feng began laughing. By then, the wounds on Chen Feng’s back had stopped bleeding. However, the mess of exposed flesh on his back was a terrifying sight to behold. An ordinary human would have died from such a severe level of injuries. Even for most Concealed stage cultivators, this was a problematic injury. Thankfully, Chen Feng possessed the longevity-type primary energy to help his body. The continuous streams of life force kept healing his wounds. Despite the seriousness of Chen Feng’s wounds, they were silently healing up.

“Those guys won’t be able to catch up to us anymore, right?” Lu Ta could not help but ask aloud.

“Unlikely. Unless the Six Great Sky Grottoes have gone mad, they would not decide to continue chasing after us. Besides, they do not possess Prized artefacts. It is simply impossible for them to chase us,” said Chen Feng with a grin.

“Is that right? Just because the Six Great Sky Grottoes cannot catch you doesn’t mean others cannot.” A fleeting voice suddenly descended from high above. It was a hoarse voice and there was no way to tell if it was a male or a female.

“Who?” Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta’s hearts thumped. That was especially true for Chen Feng, who felt a cry of alarm coming from his heart. He felt an inexplicable sensation of crisis enveloping them.

Without hesitating, Chen Feng retrieved two Scarlet Blood Pills and shoved them into his mouth. This was the first time Chen Feng had taken a Human-tier medicinal pill. The instant the pills entered his stomach, a violent blood energy exploded from within his body. Next, the powerful energy charged out, seemingly wanting to blow Chen Feng up.

It hurts! Chen Feng almost cried out. And yet, despite the overbearing nature of the Scarlet Blood Pills, its effects were apparent. Chen Feng could feel the power within his body rising up yet again. His granules of flesh were constantly torn and re-organized, allowing him to obtain even more power. Like erupting volcanoes, blood energy kept bursting out from within his body.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng’s body, skin, muscles, all of them were twitching violently. It was as though they were breathing. Every time they breathed; part of the Scarlet Blood Pills’ medicinal power would be digested. Thanks to that, Chen Feng’s depleted body was able to release a formidable power. It was as though a dried up fish pond had been filled up with water once more.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Due to the might of the medicinal power, the wounds on Chen Feng’s body tore open once more and red blood sprayed out ceaselessly. Seeing that horrified both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta.

“Brother Chen, you?” The two of them revealed expressions of shock as they thought Chen Feng was about to blow himself up.

“It seems this is truly the time to go all out. Earlier, there was only a trace of hope. Right now, I can’t even feel a trace of hope for us to escape,” whispered Chen Feng. Although the other party had yet to reveal themselves, they knew that they were in an unfavourable situation, a very, very unfavourable situation.

“You want to kill us? It won’t be that easy!” Lu Ta shouted.

“Ha ha ha ha! Is that right?” A human figure swiftly flew past them and a short, middle-aged cultivator with thick limbs appeared to obstruct their escape path.

“Slam him to his death!” Chen Feng shouted and the Overwhelming Astral Sword created rumbling sounds as it abruptly burst forward at an even greater speed, charging right at the cultivator.


The middle-aged cultivator raised his hand to push fiercely. Layer after layer of golden light spread out, transforming into shields which stood before the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“Break!” Chen Feng bellowed. Blood kept flowing out from his body to fuse into the Overwhelming Astral Sword, causing it to become even more powerful.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

A series of snapping sounds rang out as the golden shields kept breaking apart. The middle-aged cultivator had to keep backing away.

“Did you think you can block me? Die!” Chen Feng’s eyes were bloodshot as he poured everything he had to mobilize the Overwhelming Astral Sword, sending it barrelling straight ahead to crash into and kill the middle-aged cultivator.

The middle-aged cultivator’s face too, had turned serious. Originally, he had assumed that he could easily capture them after catching up to them. Unexpectedly, despite the severe injuries on his targets, they were still so fierce.

This is all the power of the Prized artefact. Good! The stronger it is, the better. I must get my hands on it! The middle-aged cultivator thought to himself.

“Giggle, giggle, it seems you won’t be able to do it on your own. Should I come help you?” Suddenly an alluring voice reached the ears of all present.

After hearing the voice, Chen Feng’s group felt a tremor going through their hearts. A peculiar feeling suddenly emerged and the strength within their bodies became weaker.

“Not good! This is a bewitching technique!” Ye Ziming’s face sank and he swiftly bit his tongue to wake himself up. Lu Ta gave himself a painful pinch. As for Chen Feng, since taking the Scarlet Blood Pills, blood energy had been ravaging chaotically within his body, wracking him with sensations of pain. If it were not for Chen Feng’s resilient character, he would have fainted long ago. Thus, it was only natural for him to remain unaffected by the voice.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Colourful ribbons suddenly burst out to cover the sky and blot out the sun. Like rainbows, they intersected each other to form colourful shields, which blocked the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s path.

“Break! Break! Break! Break!”

At that moment, Chen Feng was practically going crazy as he kept burning his blood energy to create the massive power needed mobilize the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! 

One by one, the layers of colourful ribbons exploded. As expected of a Prized artefact, the Overwhelming Astral Sword was capable of breaking through all with its sharpness and every obstacle laid before it was shattered apart. The colourful ribbons obstructing their path were transformed into fragments and they became like butterflies drifting about in the sky. Despite that, Chen Feng’s heart sank.

The series of collisions had successfully stopped the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s forward momentum. As for Chen Feng, he no longer possessed the strength to continue mobilizing the Overwhelming Astral Sword to escape. Thus, they had simply stopped there in the middle of the air.

“Giggle, giggle, what great power! I was nearly incapable of stopping it.” An alluring voice spoke up and an enchanting beauty in seductive dress floated down from the sky. Colourful ribbons floated around her while fresh flower petals drifted down from the sky. She was constantly exuding an entrancing fragrance from her body. For ordinary humans, she was like a fairy descending upon the mundane world.

“You juniors, hurry up and get down!” The short, middle-aged cultivator with thick limbs suddenly brought out a fiery-red gourd. Purple-coloured smoke then flowed out from the gourd. The smoke – seemingly alive – kept changing its shape as it flowed towards Chen Feng’s group.

“Not good! That is poisonous smoke!”

The faces on Chen Feng’s group immediately sank. Lu Ta rapidly spun his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff to create a powerful whirlwind to fight off the incoming poison smoke.


Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta fell to the ground. After falling to the ground, Chen Feng grasped out and the Overwhelming Astral Sword flew into his hand. He kept it at the ready, prepared to attack at any moment.

Chen Feng put on a calm exterior, but he was secretly screaming and roaring. The medicinal power of the Scarlet Blood Pills within his body was building up again, growing ever stronger and violent. It kept smashing the various corners of his body. Chen Feng felt as though there were countless saws moving non-stop as they ripped at his every flesh, bones and internal organs.

Bead after bead of sweat kept oozing out from his body before quickly evaporating. Chen Feng gritted his teeth. It was a pain that not even someone made of iron could handle. Finally, Chen Feng began releasing low grunts out, like the growls from an injured wild beast.

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