Chapter 1120 Carefree Palace


Seeing that, an amused expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Within the immortal-like pond, multi-coloured fishes would continuously spray out pillars of water. Most of the pillars of water would shoot up into the sky but some would make their way through the grey mist. The pillars of water that Chen Feng had to face earlier were from these multi-coloured fishes.

Chen Feng’s arrival alarmed the multi-coloured fishes, causing water to splash about. As the noise of water splashing rang out, the multi-coloured fishes attacked Chen Feng. Over 10,000 water pillars, as sharp as arrows, shot towards him.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng waved and yin yang energy surged forth. As a result, the arrow-like water pillars were all pulled to the side.

Immediately after that, Chen Feng attacked again. A massive palm silhouette descended from the sky to press down on the pond. Although the multi-coloured fishes were no ordinary creatures, how could they defend against Chen Feng’s attacks? In the face of the power exerted by the palm silhouette, they grew terrified. They rushed deep into the pond, fleeing helter-skelter. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Water pillars burst upwards; the multi-coloured fishes within them crying out in dread. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that the multi-coloured fishes had long since become spirit animals.

Suddenly, power surged out from the pond’s surrounding area and Chen Feng’s palm silhouette was easily unravelled before it could fully display its might.

Oh, there is actually a magic array here! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he wanted to attack again.


A black stream of light silently shot towards Chen Feng, who reached out with one hand to grab the stream of black light. Surprisingly, it was a black-coloured, snake-like whip.

“Who is it?” Chen Feng shouted icily, exerting power into his hand as he attempted the pull the other party out.

Unexpectedly, the black whip released a peculiar power to slip away from Chen Feng’s grip.

A female cultivator clad entirely in red clothes floated over from the grey mists, like a red cloud. She sported fair-white skin and a dainty face, but there were hints of frosty ice in her eyes as she stared at Chen Feng.

“Who are you? How dare you cause a disturbance at our Carefree Palace?” the young, red-clad female shouted, swinging the whip in her hand, seemingly readying herself to attack again.

“Carefree Palace? What kind of place is this?” A curious look appeared on Chen Feng’s face. At the same time, he was also shocked to see that the female cultivator was actually a mid-level Heavenly Immortal. Her level was much higher than his level. 

“You don’t even know about the Carefree Palace? Are you from another part of the universe? Are you from the Heavenscrown Immortal Region or the Limitless Immortal Region, or some other Immortal Region?”

The female cultivator’s words shocked Chen Feng yet again. Unexpectedly, she would know so much.

“I am Chen Feng, from the Limitless Immortal Region. If I may, how should I address you, miss?” Chen Feng performed a respectful salute.

“You may call me Immortal Hongru. Since you are from the Limitless Immortal Region, you can be considered as a guest of our Carefree Palace. Follow me. Recklessly walking around here is not allowed, otherwise you will be trapped here, incapable of getting out forever. I don’t even know how you managed to break in,” Immortal Hongru said, turning to walk into the grey mist.

After hesitating for but a moment, Chen Feng followed her. He was feeling both puzzled and curious about this matter.

The thickness of the grey mist would alternate, sometime thick, sometimes thin. Soon enough, a winding path – made from various types of crystals – appeared beneath their feet. Walking on the path, Chen Feng could sense the power contained within every single one of the crystals.

After walking for one hour, the space before them abruptly lit up, becoming spacious. For Chen Feng, it felt as though he had arrived at a paradise. But when he saw the children playing around, the older inhabitants of the place and the various buildings there, the sense of tranquillity that he felt from the place changed.

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed and his divine sense spread out. Swiftly, he sensed that all the children there were cultivators. Some of the older inhabitants there had, in fact, reached the Immortal Human realm. 

His divine sense kept expanding until it finally encountered a formidable divine sense. As a result, Chen Feng’s divine sense was abruptly dispersed. Rapidly converging, Chen Feng then stopped investigating his surroundings. 

Immortal Hongru said nothing along the way. Everywhere they went, all the people they encountered would display a show of respect towards Immortal Hongru. As for Chen Feng, they displayed a look of curiosity.

Secretly observing them, Chen Feng noticed that these people truly respected Immortal Hongru. There were no looks of fear mixed within.

Looks like this female cultivator is quite well-received here, Chen Feng thought.

They continued along the winding pathway, making their way through several mountains before a rolling mountain range – exuding an atmosphere of majesty and dominance – appeared before them.

Looking at it from afar gave Chen Feng a sombre feeling.

I wonder, what is up ahead?

It did not take long before Immortal Hongru brought Chen Feng into the mountain range. Next, light flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes and everything before him transformed. Lying before his eyes was a seemingly-endless military camp, going all the way to the very ends of the mountain range. Teams of patrolling soldiers walked back and forth. Every single one of the soldiers had identical suits of armour and battle lances. Additionally, there was also an atmosphere of strictness and solemnity. It was so different compared to the paradise earlier that Chen Feng found himself incapable of quickly getting used to it.

“What’s going on here?” Chen Feng was extremely shocked. Even the weakest amongst the soldiers there was an Ascendant Immortal, but most of them were True Immortals. He could even see some Heavenly Immortals flying about.

“Are you surprised?” Immortal Hongru asked, a smile on her face.

“I’m indeed quite surprised.” Chen Feng nodded.

“What happens next will shock you even more,” Immortal Hongru said smilingly. When she turned her face away, however, a peculiar look flashed across her eyes.

Next, Immortal Hongru arranged a grotto-mansion for Chen Feng. It was a very ordinary grotto-mansion with a high amount of spiritual energy. Additionally, it was also connected to an underground vein. More, there were also two attendants.

“Stay here first. When I return, I will come find you.” Leaving those few words, Immortal Hongru then left.

After Immortal Hongru’s departure, Chen Feng slowly calmed down. Having successfully calmed himself down, he immediately sensed something amiss. It felt as though there was a mist before his eyes, clouding his ability to gain a clear view of the situation. 

And so, Chen Feng closed his eyes and the memories within his sea of wisdom began emerging, one after another. It began from the moment he fell prey to his obstructive inner demons. Then, he inadvertently entered the grey mist. What happened after that appeared normal, reasonable. But Chen Feng faintly sensed that there was a great hand controlling everything from the dark. 

Following a careful investigation and analysis by Chen Feng and the secret divination technique of the Longevity Clan, Chen Feng was finally able to determine that there was indeed something else going on here. The appearance of Immortal Hongru was especially problematic.

And yet, Chen Feng was incapable of divining out what this was all about.

And so, Chen Feng stayed in the grotto-mansion for one whole month. But Immortal Hongru never appeared. The two attendants, at the True Immortal stage, behaved themselves, not disturbing Chen Feng at all. They simply stood guard outside his grotto-mansion. Surface wise, they appeared to be attending to Chen Feng’s needs. In Chen Feng’s opinion, however, they were simply there to monitor him.

“Humph! There is indeed a problem here. Only, why did she ignore me after leaving me here?” Chen Feng did not feel anxious. Rather, his curiosity outweighed anything else.

Chen Feng knew. By waiting, something interesting would happen.

That said, he did decide to walk out and have a look.

After Chen Feng left his grotto-mansion, the two attendants followed him, keeping a certain distance – neither too far nor too near – from him. Additionally, Chen Feng could also sense several gazes keeping an eye on him. 

Chen Feng walked around the valley there. Just as he was about to leave the valley to look around elsewhere, two cultivators appeared to stop him. At the same time, two teams of soldiers in suits of armour appeared to surround him.  

“Up ahead is a forbidden area. Friend, please stop,” said the cultivator who stopped Chen Feng.

“Forbidden area.” Chen Feng nodded his head. Not saying anything about it, he then went to the same pathway he used to enter this place. As expected, just as he was about to enter the grey mist, he was stopped again. 

“Fellows, what is the meaning of this?” Chen Feng’s face turned somewhat dark.

“Without orders from above, no one is allowed to leave.”

“What if I insist on leaving?” Chen Feng scoffed.

“If that’s the case, do not blame us for being rude.” With a wave of the cultivator’s hand, over 10,000 soldiers appeared, assuming a formation. Every part of the formation was interconnected and a subtle grand dao of offence was hidden within it. Immediately, Chen Feng felt a mountainous pressure descending upon his body. Should he choose to leave, a wave of lightning-like attacks would assail him. 

That said, although there were many soldiers there, Chen Feng was not feeling concerned. Even if there were tens of thousands of cultivators there, they could forget about holding him there. Chen Feng, however, was concerned that taking action here would lure over even stronger enemies. 

These True Immortals were easy to handle, but Heavenly Immortals would not be easy to handle. More, they might even have stronger cultivators on their side. Thankfully, they had yet to take action against him.

After considering it for a brief moment, Chen Feng decided against doing anything. Smiling, he returned to his grotto-mansion. On the way back, he could clearly sense the ridiculing look on the faces of the two attendants.

I’ll let you guys have this win for now! Next up, Chen Feng chose to cultivate himself inside the grotto-mansion. For Chen Feng, this cultivation environment was very satisfactory. There were no interruptions. Moreover, there were so many soldiers acting as bodyguards. Was there a better cultivation place than this?

After silently cultivating for two months, Chen Feng was shocked to realize that someone had entered this place from the outside world. That person now stayed in a nearby grotto-mansion.

Even though Chen Feng was spending his time cultivating himself, he was also secretly observing his surroundings. This cultivator was a high-level True Immortal. Like Chen Feng, he was led inside by Immortal Hongru. Chen Feng believed that he must have also broken into this place. Unlike Chen Feng, though, this cultivator was not as patient. It did not take long before he grew furious, wanting to leave. In the end, however, he was besieged by the soldiers outside. Not even his corpse was left behind.

Chen Feng secretly sneered at that. He did not step forward. For Chen Feng, it did not matter what this place was. No matter how dangerous it may be, his cultivation was of a higher priority.

Every now and again, more cultivators would enter this place. Observing it all, Chen Feng came up with a conclusion. All of them were from the world outside. Not a single one of them was a native of this place.

There was, however, one incident which grabbed Chen Feng’s attention. It involved a very powerful Heavenly Immortal.

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