Chapter 111: Surrounded


The two purple-clothed figures floated silently in the sky as they chatted. Occasionally some cultivators would fly past them. Strangely enough, none of them noticed the two purple-clothed figures. They were practically empty air to the cultivators.

“These cultivators are too weak. I can kill off ten who are on the same level as me.” One of them, a youngster with a slightly devilish and purple-coloured face licked his tongue with a smile. His eyes glowed with a faint purple hue. A detailed look revealed that the two figures did not have any pupils on their eyes. There was only the colour of faint purple on their eyes.

“Don’t be reckless. There are still experts here. Right now, I am concerned whether the immortal dao sects can break open this Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. If they can break a hole, we will be able to enter.” The other purple-clothed man appeared more mature.

“Just wait and see. There should not be an issue. Every time the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain appears, some cultivators will be able to enter. This time should be no exception. What I worry about is being unable to escape after entering. If we have to lose our lives inside, that would not be worth it.”

“Don’t worry about that. Did you forget? We have the array map on us. With the array map, we will be like fish in water inside. We will certainly be capable of retrieving that item out.”

“I hope so.”

A dragon-like roar rang out to shock every corner of the place. Next, a forest of sword beams shot into the sky, causing the air to vibrate. The beams were seemingly desirous of tearing a hole in the sky.

Next, the rising sword beams abruptly turned to slash down upon the top part of the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, seemingly wanting to directly cut the mountain down.

“The cultivators from Sword Hall have begun as well. The one attacking must surely be a cultivator at the Sky Human stage. I wonder. Will Immortal Humans appear?” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“According to the old man, the stronger the attack, the more powerful the rebound. I think the chances of Immortal Humans appearing should be small,” said Chen Feng after analysing the matter.

“The attacks from sword cultivators are the strongest amongst all the cultivators. Now, let’s see what Sword Hall has up their sleeves.” Ye Ziming smiled.

Bwong! Guang! Boom!

The power of the sword attack surpassed the ones unleashed by the Shadowless Skysoar Earthslip Shuttle. Although the sword beam failed to cut the mountain peak, it triggered a tidal wave-like ripple. The Driftcloud Immortal Light had shined out once again. This time, the power behind its attack was even stronger. A tangible stream of light swept out towards the one who had launched the earlier attack.

“True Martial Slash!” All the cultivators from Sword Hall bellowed out as sword beams with unparalleled sharpness shot forth. They wanted to cut the ray of Driftcloud Immortal Light into pieces.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sounds of sword beams shattering rang out as the overbearingly powerful cultivator from Sword Hall failed to stop the attack of the Driftcloud Immortal Light. He was struck by the Driftcloud Immortal Light and tears spread through his whole body. Blood flowed profusely from his body. If it were not for the assistance from his fellow sect members earlier, he would have ended up getting torn into pieces.

“Fellow cultivators from Sword Hall, let’s join forces and attack.” A solemn voice suddenly rang out from the Shadowless Skysoar Earthslip Shuttle.

“Fine! Let’s join forces to break this mountain!” The cultivators from Sword Hall knew that their strength alone was insufficient to break the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Beam after beam of power bombarded the various corners of the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain as they attempted to find a flaw in the Driftcloud Immortal Light. The bombardment lasted for half a month. The cultivators from Sword Hall and Jade Talisman Sect had given their all, but the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain remained standing. They had failed to tear open even a needle-sized opening. Countless cultivators had also tried to jump in to attack in their search of immortal serendipity. Unfortunately, throughout the half month duration, the thousand plus cultivators hovering around Driftcloud Immortal Mountain ended up achieving nothing for their troubles.

Finally, cultivators from the other eight great immortal dao sects arrived. With the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects gathered together, the power they possessed became incredibly high. However, they did not directly attack the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Instead, they gathered together and began discussing how to work together and concentrate their power for the sake of opening up a small hole.

While the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects were calmly discussing the issue, the other loose cultivators and even the cultivators from some smaller sects kept besieging the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. They bombarded it ceaselessly as they searched for a flaw.

Within a cool forest just beyond the Blackwind Marshes, Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were seated before a stone table. There were some wine placed on the table and they would sip a few cups of wine from time to time. It almost appeared as though they were some young masters out on some leisurely trip.

“It’s been half a month now. I can’t wait anymore. Let’s just leave. Staying behind is useless.” After saying that, Lu Ta gulped down the wine within his wine cup.

“No rush. Can’t you see that Nine Firmaments Palace and the other immortal dao sects have arrived? Now is when things will get merry. At any rate, we don’t have much to do right now. Might as well stay here and take part in this,” said Ye Ziming with a smile as he held up his own cup of wine. 

“It’s too chaotic here. I keep getting this uneasy feeling; it feels as though something is about to happen,” said Chen Feng after a moment of silence.

“I am also getting that feeling. It seems some people have set their sights on us. There are indeed quite a number of cultivators around, but I cannot sense anyone harbouring ill intentions towards us,” said Ye Ziming as he looked around.

Although the stretch of forest they were in was not too large, the vegetation there flourished and the air was fresh. Compared to the chaotic Blackwind Marshes, some cultivators preferred settling within the forest.

“Someone is rushing towards us,” Chen Feng suddenly whispered out.

“Ha ha ha ha! I did not expect to meet you three here!” Even before the figure arrived, the mighty soundwaves had descended upon them. 


Due to the power of the soundwaves, the surrounding leaves and vegetation were shattered apart. That was simply due to the power from the figure’s voice.

At the same time, a sinister wind blew towards Chen Feng’s group. It was like the undercurrent beneath the sea, an undetectable existence which kept a formidable power hidden within it.

“Its these two fellows. They are actually attacking us? Do they have a death wish?” Chen Feng sneered. He waved his hand and popping sounds rang out from his five fingers successively. It was like the sound of plucking pipa. Next, five sword beams spiralled outwards to slash at the air. The soundwaves and sinister winds were instantly cut apart by the sword beams.

After having fused completely with the Overwhelming Astral Sword, Chen Feng could feel felt his strength growing tens of times stronger than before. With a thought, he could freely unleash the power of the Prized artefact. It was a very pleasant feeling.


Seeing Chen Feng sweep away their attacks, Shadewind Scholar and Blood Profound Daoist were immediately shocked. When the two of them saw Chen Feng’s group, they had swiftly recalled the Spring of Life incident. In the end, the Spring of Life was snatched away by Chen Feng’s group while the two of them ended up with nothing. Thus, when the two saw Chen Feng’s group again, they were unable to hold themselves back and they launched their attacks.

“You three! Hurry up and hand over the Water of Life!” shouted Blood Profound Daoist. However, he did not attack. Chen Feng’s actions earlier gave him a peculiar feeling.

“I think we should just kill them both,” said Lu Ta harshly. Truth be told, Chen Feng did not have any good impressions of the two fellows. Shadewind Scholar was sinister while Blood Profound Daoist was vicious. Chen Feng could still remember how Blood Profound Daoist had utilized living humans to perform his Blood Sacrifice Magic. It would not be outrageous to say that these two fellows practice demonic cultivation.

“Juniors! As long as you hand over the Water of Life, I can let you all go. If not, heh heh! By killing you all, the result will be the same.” Shadewind Scholar flapped his fan as he spoke with a malevolent voice. As he flapped his fan, gusts of sinister wind rose from the flat grounds to quickly form a hurricane, which swirled about.

“You kids, listen up! If you don’t hand it over, I will perform Blood Sacrifice Magic on the three of you alive! You should know the power of Blood Sacrifice,” threatened Blood Profound Daoist with a malicious tone.

“Aren’t those two Shadewind Scholar and Blood Profound Daoist? How did those three little cultivators end up offending them? Those two are famous for being sinister and vicious characters. Who knows how many cultivators have died under their hands?” whispered someone nearby.

“Did you hear their exchange earlier? It seems the three of them have some Water of Life!”

“I heard it too. It is indeed the Water of Life. No wonder. If I were in their shoes, I would have chosen to come out and snatch it as well.”

“Don’t be rash! Those three aren’t simple characters either. Didn’t you see what happened just now? That youngster had unravelled their attacks with just a casual wave of his hand.”

“Heh heh! It is safer to just watch the show.”

“Oh, look! There are more people rushing over!”

“Those are cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes.”

“This is bad! Trouble is coming.” Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta exchanged glances and they quickly discussed amongst themselves.

“Why is our luck so bad today? If its just these two fellows, we can easily deal with them. However, with the appearance of cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes, things will be different.”

“What should we do? Should we just kill a way out? By launching a surprise attack, we should be able to charge out.”

“Hold up. We should consider the situation first. Besides, with so many people here, it won’t be easy to escape.”

“Is it these three?”

By then, the cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes had arrived. The moment they arrived, they surrounded Chen Feng and the others. Seeing the show of force by the cultivators, the expression on Shadewind Scholar and Blood Profound Daoist’s faces sank. After all, when compared to these orthodox sect cultivators, the two of them were considered as cultivators of the heretical and demonic path. Not to mention, during the Spring of Life snatching incident, the two of them had fought against the cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes as well. 

“That is right! Its these three! Back then, they had utilized a magic treasure to snatch away the entire Spring of Life!”

“Right! These two fiends as well! They had attacked us back then.”

The ones to speak up were all cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes who were present back then. The moment they arrived, they cast predatory looks at Chen Feng, Ye Ziming, Lu Ta, Blood Profound Daoist and Shadewind Scholar.

“Heh! Blood Profound Daoist and Shadewind Scholar are infamous fiends in the cultivation world. Who knows how many innocents these two have killed? They are criminals awaiting punishment! As for these three, they are together with the two fiends. Clearly, they are not good people as well. Everyone, attack! Capture them on the spot! If they resist, just kill them!”

“That is right! Everyone, attack together and don’t let them escape.”

The leaders of the cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes exchanged glances once before waving their hands. Next, they began attacking Chen Feng and the others.

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