Chapter 1100 Refining Living Creatures


With the participation of the Longevity Tower, the balance there tilted back to Chen Feng’s favour. And although Chi Mingzi was feeling anxious, there was nothing he could do about it. For Chi Mingzi, seeing the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng’s hand affirmed his previous speculation.

Chi Mingzi was already utilizing his strongest card. Even so, he was unable to compete with Chen Feng. And so, despite feeling frustrated, he could only let things be. This was not the time to be turning on Chen Feng. Moreover, he was also not confident in his ability to deal with Chen Feng.

As the heart’s power continued weakening, a change came over the surrounding space. Man Niu and the others, who had been trapped within a labyrinth, incapable of getting out, suddenly felt enlightened and they sensed the formidable energy fluctuations there.

By the time Man Niu and the rest found Chen Feng and Chi Mingzi, two thirds of the heart had already been devoured away.

“A good item!” The beefy hammer wielder and young swordsman promptly dashed towards the gigantic heart. In the face of benefits, the two of them simply didn’t care if Chen Feng or Chi Mingzi would make things hard for them. Though, it would be more accurate to say that they had determined that both Chen Feng and Chi Mingzi had no energy to do anything else. 

Man Niu and Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial, on the other hand, hesitated. During that one moment’s hesitation, everything changed.

Chen Feng and Chi Mingzi ignored the two cultivators’ attempt to snatch the heart core away. They knew, even if this heart core only had a small bit of power left, it was still not something that could easily be collected.

As predicted, two fiery-red beams of light flashed out and half of the young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder’s bodies disappeared.

Idiots! Chen Feng scoffed.

Man Niu’s eyes flickered and he looked at both Chen Feng and Chi Mingzi. He did not take action.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng suddenly stopped, the Longevity Tower and Blood Mustering Bead flying into his body.

“Brother Man, no need to hold back. We are a team. You should have a share. There is no need to take action alone,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Even though it had only been a short while, the Blood Mustering Bead had already devoured half of the heart away. It was enough to last the Blood Mustering Bead for quite some time. One must not be too greedy.

Chen Feng also brought out some of the power of blood for Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial. As for the young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder, Chen Feng ignored them.

Finally, the gigantic heart was split between them all. Following that, a thunderous sound rang out and blood-red streams of light spread outwards. Everywhere they went, be it the stone forest or the mists or vines there, all were reduced to ash.

Of the heart core left behind by a high-level Heavenly Immortal, Chen Feng obtained half while Chi Mingzi obtained a large portion. And though he was the last to get in on the action, Man Niu was still able to gain some harvest.

A look of envy appeared on the faces of the young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder and they wanted to speak up only to hold it back in the end. As they were not as strong as the other party, there was nothing they could say.

Chi Mingzi had recollected himself, but he was in a somewhat weakened state. That move earlier had exhausted a large portion of his blood essence.

“Brother Man, this time, I managed to gain quite a bit. You can have this stone plate,” Chen Feng said, handing the stone plate over to Man Niu.

Accepting the stone plate, Man Niu snickered before tossing it back to Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen, are you looking down on me? This minor Divine artifact is not yet worthy of my attention,” Man Niu said smilingly. Earlier, Chen Feng had stepped back to allow Man Niu to collect the power of the heart core. That was already worth several Divine artifacts.

Seeing the two of them tossing a Divine artifact around, the eyes of the young swordsman and the beefy hammer wielder nearly burst into flames.

“I think I will be leaving this world,” Chi Mingzi suddenly said.

“I have also been training long enough,” Man Niu said as well. 

The heart core earlier was no ordinary object. It contained not just the concentrated blood essence and power of a high-level Heavenly Immortal but also that person’s cultivation insights. They could already be considered as a legacy. Only, all of those things did not end up with one person. Instead, they were all split apart.

That said, the essence and insights were enough to last the three of them for a long time.

“You two plan on leaving?” Chen Feng asked, chuckling.

“Yes, but we will still need Brother Chen’s help for it,” Chi Mingzi said.

“Not a problem.”

Thus, they joined forces to create a spatial passageway within this world. As both Man Niu and Chi Mingzi were returning to the Immortal Plane, they chose to return together.

The young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder, on the other hand, hesitated for a moment before refusing it.

And so, their impromptu team was disbanded. The young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder bid Chen Feng and Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial farewell and left. Next, Chen Feng and Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial began exploring the other parts of this world.

At any rate, Chen Feng had yet to find his companions.

“I wonder how Huo Yunlong and the others are doing?”

It had been some time since he entered this world. And yet, Chen Feng had been incapable of even sensing True Immortal Soulboost. This meant that they might not be in this world.

Chen Feng and Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial then roamed around the world for several more decades before finally deciding to leave as well.

“This is the teleportation array. There is no mistake about it. I had personally seen some people leave using it,” said Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial, pointing at a teleportation array up ahead. The teleportation array appeared so dilapidated that it might break down at any moment.

“I managed to obtain a considerable harvest in this world. It is time I go explore some other places. However, I should note down this place’s spatial point. I might be able to return in the future,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

This time, the teleportation process was even faster than the previous one. It was as though they were simply walking through a gate. In less than one breath’s worth of time, the two of them were in a different place.

“So fast, are we still on the same world?” Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial grew puzzled.

“It is a success. This is a new world. The aura here is different.” Chen Feng took in a deep breath and light shone from his eyes as he kept observing this new world.

“The aura is indeed different. But why do I feel something amiss?” Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial said.

“Oh, what is it?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. Although Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial’s combat power was weaker than Chen Feng’s combat power, he was a bona fide Heavenly Immortal. In certain aspects, he was even better than Chen Feng.

After some time, Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial said, “This is the bodily world left behind by an expert.”

“This expert is still alive,” Chen Feng continued, spiritual light radiating out from his eyes to cover a distance of tens of millions of li and the whole world became clear to him.

“Still alive?!” Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial was dumbfounded. He had assumed that this was a bodily world that had yet to dissipate away. Upon hearing Chen Feng’s words, he instantly knew that they were in danger.

A cultivator who could create such a grand-looking world was surely a character that he could not fight against.

“Don’t worry. This is a very well-made world and there are plenty of living creatures here. There are also many cultivators like us here. I think the owner will not take action against us.” Chen Feng retracted his gaze.

Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial came to understand it as well. Thus, he was able to gradually calm down. For formidable characters who could create such a bodily world, they would want nothing more than to have more cultivators enter their bodily world. It was a beneficial thing for them.

“The fact that we could enter should already tell us why. I wonder how many passageways the other party set up? Right now, though, I am worried that getting out might be somewhat difficult. Chen Feng had just now inspected the world and found that this bodily world was very stable. The space there was also very firm. It was in a state of development. Using all those factors, he could infer some of the characteristics of the owner.

“Did you find anything?” Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial gradually adapted to the laws of this world.

“Come, I sensed a familiar aura.” After saying that, Chen Feng took a step forward to re-appear somewhere 50 kilometres ahead.

Somewhere half a million kilometres away was a towering mountain connected to the firmament. Clouds drifted about and vegetation thrived all around it. Additionally, there was also a high number of spirit animals darting around. 


A loud roar rang out from deep inside the mountain and invisible soundwaves swept outwards like giant hurricanes. However, the soundwaves were seemingly incapable of affecting the living creatures around the mountain. The thunderous sound was actually bereft of killing power.

Inside the mountain was True Immortal Soulboost, suppressed and incapable of moving his whole body. All he could do was to roar again and again.

When the soundwaves from his roar dissipated away, True Immortal Soulboost seemingly grew tired. There was a mournful look on his face. His time here was practically no different from a nightmare. Worst of all, this nightmare would continue to entangle him to his death.

When the saddening thought came to his mind, True Immortal Soulboost would furiously roar again and again. After he was done venting, he would release a string of expletives. Suddenly, his voice came to an abrupt halt. It was as though someone had suddenly choked him and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

“Hope! There’s hope!” Like a drowning man grabbing hold of a floating straw, the feeling of hope within him magnified uncontrollably.

“True Immortal Soulboost, how did you end up like this?” It did not take long before Chen Feng appeared before him.

“Young Master!” True Immortal Soulboost cried out in delight.

After just a casual inspection, Chen Feng figured out what was happening.

“You really are unlucky.”

“Unlucky indeed. There are so many strong cultivators in this world, but it just had to pick me.” After saying that, the light in True Immortal Soulboost’s eyes dimmed. Although reinforcements had arrived, whether or not he could be saved was still up in the air.

“Refining living creatures and turning them into essence. This is a good method for refining the bodily world,” Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial said.

“A Heavenly Immortal!” Seeing Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial, a glimmer of hope emerged within True Immortal Soulboost’s heart.

“Damn, one third of your essence is already gone. How long were you imprisoned here?” Chen Feng continued inspecting True Immortal Soulboost. In the end, two rays of light shot out from his eyes and the surrounding space transformed. Countless semi-transparent lines were revealed, set up around True Immortal Soulboost and a circular talisman could be seen on his back.

“One hundred years!” True Immortal Soulboost said, clenching his teeth.

“One hundred years, that’s not too long. Do not worry. I will figure out a way to save you,” Chen Feng said, reaching out to grab one of the semi-transparent lines only to grab thin air.

“Eh? Chen Feng tried again. After failing several times in a row, Chen Feng finally stretched his hand out towards the talisman on True Immortal Soulboost’s back.

Light flared out from the talisman and snake-like threads shot out from it swiftly in an attempt to bind Chen Feng.

Chen Feng evaded one thread after another and Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial attacked the threads as well. After tussling with the threads for a moment, the light finally retracted back into the talisman.

“This is quite troublesome.” Chen Feng frowned and he entered a contemplative state. Finally, he flicked his fingers and a wisp of flames flew towards one of the semi-transparent lines to burn it.


1 li = 0.5 km

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