Chapter 1097 The Second Iron Card


Seeing Chen Feng’s team set up a magic array, the cultivators from the other team swore loudly. 

However, in the face of treasures, the cultivators had still chosen to charge forward. Even though there were many extra-terrestrial creatures, all the extra-terrestrial creatures could do was delay their advance.

“Seriously. These fellows sure are persistent. Looks like it will be very hard for these extra-terrestrial creatures to block them. I’ll have to spice it up a little,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Next, a clump of bloody light flew out before abruptly exploding amidst a group of the extra-terrestrial creatures there. Instant, the area there turned blood-red in colour.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Instantly, the extra-terrestrial creatures that were already in a state of frenzy grew even more savage. They were no longer just attacking the human cultivators. Rather, they even began attacking one another.

“What was that?” Man Niu grew curious.

“A drop of blood from a Yao Deity,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Savage.” The others gave Chen Feng a thumbs up.

“Brother Chen’s actions reminded me.” Man Niu then carefully brought out a medicinal pill. Wisps of medicinal power wafted out from it and Chen Feng and the others felt the power within them churning and rising. 

“What is this?”

“You’ll see. This is good stuff.”

The medicinal pill flew up and exploded. As a result, medicinal power filled the sky and the extra-terrestrial creatures that were already in a state of frenzy roared even louder. Chen Feng’s team watched as the extra-terrestrial creatures’ strength rose. Some even became several times stronger.

“That’s a Spirit Burn Pill!” Chi Mingzi exclaimed.

“Yes, it is none other than the Spirit Burn Pill. If it weren’t for the sake of holding those fellows back, I would’ve been unwilling to bring it out. Hopefully, we’ll be able to gain something from this, otherwise I will be losing out big time.” After saying that, Man Niu pulled out the sword slung across his back. Next, a beam of sword light slashed towards the altar ahead.

The dome of light appeared again. Clashing against the sword beam, a harsh grating sound rang out from it. But before it could dissipate away the sword beam, Chi Mingzi was already charging forward with the flaming spear.

Likewise, the young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder also attacked. As for Chen Feng, he fired out the stone plate.

And so, the five of them attacked again and again, doing their best to destroy the barrier as fast as they could.

This continued for one joss stick’s worth of time. Finally, the dome of light flickered before abruptly bursting apart. Chen Feng and the others then rushed inside only for four fiery-red wyrms to suddenly appear before them all. The wyrms were not particularly big, but the flames that they were spraying out from their mouths caused Chen Feng and the others to back away again and again.

“It is indeed not that simple. However, these four wyrms are actually living beings.” Chen Feng felt somewhat shocked. He had initially assumed that the wyrms were just puppets.

“Someone utilized a secret technique to seal these four wyrms here. They are at the Heavenly Immortal stage. That makes them Yao Deities.”

“I’ll handle two of them. You fellows go get the iron card. Don’t let others take advantage of us.” Wielding the sword, Man Niu unleashed a heavy slash and a sword light without equal enveloped two of the wyrms there.

The Longevity Wings flapped and Chen Feng’s figure swiftly made its way through the blockade set up by the wyrms, charging straight towards the altar. Meanwhile, Chi Mingzi and the rest stopped the other two wyrms. Given the fact that Chen Feng was the fastest amongst them all, he was most suited for the task of retrieving the iron card.

When Chen Feng made his way to the altar, however, he saw a black-clad cultivator smiling at him. He was holding the iron card.

Chen Feng was astounded. When did this fellow appear? He had actually failed to notice him.


Just as Chen Feng was wondering if he should take action, the iron card transformed into a stream of light and flew into his hand.

“The iron card is yours, but the other items are mine.”

Only then did Chen Feng notice the shabby spatial pouch in the black-clad cultivator’s hand. It looked very ordinary, as though it had been crafted using animal hide. However, Chen Feng did not believe that this person would carry around an ordinary, shabby-looking pouch to entertain himself.

“Sir, how should I address you? Why do you amuse yourself with people like us?” Chen Feng said, walking forward. The stone plate radiated a quaint aura and light to illuminate his surroundings.

Even so, Chen Feng had no confidence in his ability to face this person. He only wanted to buy time for Man Niu and the others to come. Then, they can work together to capture this person and interrogate him.

Watching Chen Feng’s actions, the black-clad cultivator grinned. When Chen Feng saw the grin, Chen Feng immediately felt a foreboding sensation.

As expected, the terribly damaged altar began spinning rapidly and a stream of light rose up to envelop the black-clad cultivator.

Seeing the other party on the verge of leaving, Chen Feng swiftly sent the stone plate forward to attack the black-clad cultivator.

“Hurry up! He is about to run away!” Chen Feng shouted.

The black-clad cultivator merely chuckled and he stretched a hand out to easily catch the stone plate. It had been such a casual move, as though it was not a Divine artifact, but a normal plate.

“What?” Chen Feng was shocked. However, he did not let his emotions show. The Longevity Wings on his back kept flapping as he worked to avoid being locked down by the other party. That one exchange had informed Chen Feng that he was seriously no match for the black-clad cultivator. Additionally, a strange thought emerged in his mind. This fellow would not take action to fight them. It was not because he was fearful of them. Rather, it was because he simply did not view them as a threat.

“Little guy from the Longevity Clan, your cultivation base is quite good. You have a bright future. We might meet again in the future. For now, I’ll return this plate to you.” The stone plate flew back to Chen Feng. Upon catching the stone plate, Chen Feng felt a formidable power bearing down upon his body, forcing him to back away. It wasn’t until Man Niu and Chi Mingzi came forward to help stop his body that he able to stop.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

The young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder attacked at the same time. Their objective was simple. To interfere with the teleportation array to stop the other party from leaving.

“Don’t!” Chen Feng quickly shouted, but it was already too late. Two beams of light flashed forward and the young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder were sent flying, a see-through hole on each of their bodies.

They had failed to stop the teleportation array and the black-clad cultivator disappeared. Seeing that, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. The other party had chosen to not escalate the matter. Even so, it had still given Chen Feng a great deal of pressure.

That said, Chen Feng could tell that the black-clad cultivator had been holding back when dealing with him. It was obvious by the way he dealt with the young swordsman and the beefy hammer wielder.

Additionally, from his words, it would appear that there was a relationship between him and the Longevity Clan.

“Chen Feng, shouldn’t you give us an explanation?” The young swordsman’s face was somewhat pale. Although he had managed to heal the wound on his body, it had also exhausted a great deal of his energy.

“Explanation?” Chen Feng looked at him the way one would look at an idiot.

“Everyone here saw what happened just now clearly. What explanation do I have to give?” Chen Feng said.

“The other fellow is so powerful. Why is it that you are not wounded? Also, what is up with the iron card in your hand?” the young swordsman said coldly.

Chen Feng shook his head. He tossed the iron card in his hand up and down, ignoring the young swordsman.

He could not be bothered to say anything more to him.

“Regardless of what happened earlier, at least we managed to get the iron card,” Man Niu said.

“A pity, the other party managed to take away the rest of the treasures,” the beefy hammer wielder said.

“That fellow is a mid-level Heavenly Immortal. Back then, he was already holding back against us. Don’t go seeking death,” Chen Feng said with a scoff and spiritual light flashed across his eyes, causing the beefy hammer wielder to take a step back. But when he recollected himself, he felt both embarrassed and furious. Due to that, he wanted to step forward and fight Chen Feng.

“If we’re going to start an infighting here, I suggest we disband our small team,” Chi Mingzi said, waving the flaming spear in his hand.

“You two have too little trust in us,” Man Niu said with a ridiculing tone.

In the young swordsman and beefy hammer wielder’s opinion, Chi Mingzi and Man Niu were clearly harder to deal with. Chen Feng, though, appeared somewhat weaker.

Looking at the iron card in his hand, Chen Feng then tossed it over to Man Niu.

“I’m wondering, did we get tricked?” Man Niu said.

“We’ll go find the third iron card. This is not over.” After accepting the iron card, Chi Mingzi frowned.

“Those fellows are breaking through. We have to leave.”

“Humph! The way I see it, there is no need to go find the iron card. We can just use the altar to teleport.”

“That makes sense.”

They quickly came to an agreement. Getting onto the altar, they then activated the teleportation array on the altar.

By the time the other team made their way in, Chen Feng and the others had long since disappeared.

“Damn it! We are too late!”

“There is a teleportation array here! Hurry, let’s give chase.”

“I think that fellow must have done something to the teleportation array before leaving.” When Chen Feng and the others emerged, they noticed that the situation did not bode well for them. 

There was no way to tell where they were and strong blade-like winds blew towards them. And even though they were Heavenly Immortals, their bodies were still incapable of resisting the winds. In the end, they ended up suffering from wounds due to the winds.

“It is somewhat similar to a void storm.”

“Not void storm. These are chaos light streams. They are not something we can handle. Right now, it is most imperative that we leave this place immediately.”

“Chaos light streams! This is a very rare type of power. It is also very valuable.” After saying that, Man Niu brought out a multi-coloured clay bottle to collect the chaos light streams.

“Sigh! Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Chi Mingzi sighed, shaking his head.

As expected, Man Niu’s actions seemingly stirred the surrounding powers and multi-coloured streams of light swiftly converged to form a hurricane, which swept Man Niu up. It seemed as though the hurricane would be ripping Man Niu up the very next moment.

Chi Mingzi swiftly took action. He wanted to pull Man Niu back only for a gap to suddenly appear amidst the streams of light, pulling Chi Mingzi in. 

As for Man Niu, the animal hide he wore began tearing. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew shocked. Despite its crude appearance, the animal hide was a Divine artifact with astonishing defensive capabilities. Unexpectedly, it would be incapable of resisting the hurricane.

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and a rapidly-rotating black hole appeared before him to instantly devour all the surrounding chaos light streams.

As Chen Feng cultivated the Chaos Constitution, he was in a much better position to deal with this power of chaos when compared to the others.

Thanks to Chen Feng’s actions, Man Niu and Chi Mingzi were able to extricate themselves. But Chen Feng’s actions also attracted an even stronger attack. A multi-coloured dragon appeared and a ferocious atmosphere of majesty assailed them.

“A dragon!”

All of them were shell-shocked. A dragon was one level above the wyrm. It represented power, imperiousness and devastation; an existence that was very difficult to handle. Why else would it be called a dragon?

Just the act of facing this dragon nearly caused their souls to fall off.

Man Niu bellowed and pulled his sword. Chi Mingzi furiously empowered the flaming spear. Even the young swordsman, the beefy hammer wielder and Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial were giving it their all. Chen Feng was the only one who did not step forward to deal with the dragon. Instead, he pushed forward with both hands and the black hole before him spun at an increasing velocity.

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