Chapter 1094 Vines


The three of them displayed various magic techniques and despite the dangers they had to face, their rate of advance rose.

“Just now, we obtained a stone plate. Next up, it will definitely be a fire-type Divine artifact. Only, I wonder how it will look like.”

“Would it be a plate as well?”

“If it is, that means we’ll have two. By obtaining another, we’ll have enough to split it amongst ourselves.”

“Guys, be careful. There are some fellows following us. To not reveal themselves after all this time, looks like they are trying to take advantage of us.”

“Take advantage of us? Not so fast. There aren’t many treasures here to begin with. Since there are some fellows who want to commit suicide, that will be for the best.”

Man Niu and Chi Mingzi were mobilizing the power of their respective Divine artifacts. Add the power of the stone plate, the flames coming at them were no longer a serious threat.

After the number of colours on the multi-coloured flames reached its limits, the number of colours began decreasing. As a result, the power of the flames grew instead. In the end, it turned into a faint colour of chaos. If it weren’t for the Longevity Tower, which devoured large amounts of the flames, Man Niu and Chi Mingzi would have been incapable of holding on.

“We should be arriving soon, right?”

“Just hold on! The flames are getting stronger!”

“I see a flaming giant charging at us. Looks like it is the same as the previous one. By finishing off this flaming giant, we’ll be able to obtain treasures.”

“Sigh! Another tough battle.”

Their speculation was spot on. After they made their way through the flames, a flaming giant – one notch bigger compared to the stone man earlier – charged towards them. One move from it brought forth ten thousand streams of fire. It emanated an unparalleled aura of power, one that the previous stone man simply could not compete with.

“Give it all you’ve got!” Despite shouting those words, Chen Feng’s team of three were secretly discussing the issue. There was more than one cultivator following them.

“How many Heavenly laws are inside this fellow?”

“Ninety-nine Heavenly laws and a Fire Essence Crystalcore. This fellow isn’t just a notch stronger than the stone man; it is way stronger. We have a lot on our plate this time.”

Chen Feng then roared as the power of water surged out from his eyes. Additionally, he also swung both hands to fire out Longevity Chains. Only, they were not too effective. In the face of the flaming giant, all of his attacks were incinerated.

“This flaming giant is strong. It’d be for the best if those fellows lurking around come out to help.”

“Humph! Those fellows are just waiting to take advantage of us.”

“Brother Chen, you’re up.”

“You two will need to put a lot into this.”

It was impossible for the three of them to destroy the flaming giant. Thus, they had to resort to the previous strategy. Two of them would entangle the flaming giant while Chen Feng made use of the opening to extract the Heavenly laws.

Although it was an effective strategy, this flaming giant was stronger than the stone man. Due to that, just the act of extracting one Heavenly law from the flaming giant caused the three of them to suffer from serious wounds.

Unlike the stone man, this flaming giant was capable of altering the shape of the flames it fired out at will. This factor led to the three of them suffering from serious wounds.

Naturally, Chen Feng had not utilized the Longevity Tower during the fight. Only after having extracted the Heavenly law did he use the Longevity Tower to suppress it.

That was because he was accumulating power within the Longevity Tower, to be used for an emergency. This was something that the three of them had discussed beforehand.

Despite the damage they took, they did succeed in extracting one Heavenly law out. Due to that, it became easier to continue onwards with their strategy. The second law, the third law… more and more Heavenly laws were extracted. In the end, the flaming giant exploded, streams of power swirling out chaotically around it.

As a Fire Essence Crystalcore was about to fall into Chen Feng’s hand, the lurking cultivators were finally incapable of holding back. Faster than lightning, two silhouettes charged towards the Fire Essence Crystalcore. 

For cultivators who cultivate fire-type cultivation techniques, this Fire Essence Crystalcore was comparable to several Heavenly laws. Moreover, seeing Chen Feng collect so many Heavenly laws earlier had already caused the eyes of those cultivators to go red. They were practically already on the verge of coughing out blood.

“I’ve been waiting for you fellows!”

Man Niu and Chi Mingzi took action simultaneously to stop the two cultivators. As for Chen Feng, he waved one hand and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower came crashing down. As a result, the two cultivators who had wanted to take advantage of them immediately had their bodies broken apart.



It was too late to be begging for mercy. There was no way Chen Feng would spare them. The essence, energy and soul power of Heavenly Immortals were all good materials for Chen Feng. They were useful for both cultivation or the refining of magic treasures. 

“So, fellow friend also possesses a Divine artifact. Moreover, it is also the number one Divine artifact of the Celestial Longevity Plane. Impressive,” Chi Mingzi said with a smile.

“For a War Immortal from the Immortal Plane to say such words about me, I am humbled,” Chen Feng replied, smiling as well.

Upon hearing those words, killing intent glinted across Chi Mingzi’s eyes, but he quickly recollected himself. The fact that Chen Feng could recognize that he was a War Immortal made him even more wary of Chen Feng.

“This time, I will not be taking advantage of you fellows. We’ll split the spoils evenly.” And so, the Heavenly laws they obtained this time were split into three portions. Naturally, the Fire Essence Crystalcore ended up with Chen Feng.

“Those fellows sure can hold it in. If they had all swarmed us together back then, we would have a hard time dealing with them.

“Now that we have killed those two, the others will likely behave themselves.”

“I doubt it. In the face of treasures, those fellows will surely make a move.”

“Come, let’s check out what’s up ahead.”

A flaming spear stood straight on a flat piece of ground and wisps of flames kept emerging from it. Chen Feng used his divine sense to scan it only for the killing energy from the spear to shred his divine sense apart.

“A Divine artifact. It is even stronger than the stone plate. This is a killing tool. Who knows how many Heavenly Immortals it had killed?” Man Niu praised it.

However, the three of them were in no rush to take action. Some other cultivators have revealed themselves.

One cultivator, two cultivators…

A total of eight Heavenly Immortals strode out from the darkness. Some emanated an overbearing atmosphere of majesty while some possessed fleeting auras that were difficult to pin down.

Chen Feng, however, smiled. He was not feeling too concerned.

“Ha ha ha! These fellows only have to guts to come out after we have finished fighting. Do they want to snatch the treasure from us?” Man Niu laughed loudly.

“The three of us have an unbreakable partnership here while the eight of them are from various backgrounds. I do not believe that they would be able to work together. Even if they manage to snatch away the Divine artifact, how would they split it between themselves?” Chi Mingzi said with a scoff.

“More, they are late.” Saying that, Chen Feng then reached out with his hand to grab the flaming spear.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Six of the eight cultivators attacked while the other two maintained an indecipherable expression as they observed.

“You fellows have a death wish!” Man Niu and Chi Mingzi took action simultaneously, mobilizing the stone plate to stop the six cultivators.


Back then, the three of them had worked together to collect the stone plate. At that very moment, however, Chen Feng had to do it by himself. Due to that, he felt highly pressured. The flames coming from the spear were seemingly desirous of scorching Chen Feng.

Helpless, Chen Feng then mobilized the Longevity Tower’s power. Sensing the Longevity Tower’s power, the spear first fell silent. Next, though, it abruptly released a rumbling sound.

Magic treasures at the Divine tier required the Longevity Tower’s full power to suppress. Just its aura alone would not be able to do much.


Chen Feng swiftly waved and the spear shot forward to send out a ferocious wave of flames. An unfortunate Heavenly Immortal who happened to be in the way was pierced by it and the flames incinerated him to ash.

This move from Chen Feng stunned the others who stopped their actions. As for Man Niu and Chi Mingzi, they made use of the opportunity to rush forward, helping Chen Feng suppress the spear.

“Fellows, why bother attacking us? Fighting us to the death is not worthwhile. If you want treasures, there are more up ahead. Only, you fellows will need to work for it. But if you try to snatch what’s ours again, it will never be over between us,” Chen Feng said with a derisive grin. Due to his actions of killing off a Heavenly Immortal earlier, his killing intent had grown stronger.

Seeing the three of them grabbing the Divine artifact caused the eyes of the other cultivators to turn red. However, thinking of the consequences of attacking, they finally held back.

“That we can come here is a form of destiny. This place is clearly very dangerous. And so, for the sake of obtaining treasures, it would be for the best for all of us to work together,” a cultivator with the appearance of an old man with white hair and beard said smilingly.

“There are so many of us here. Even if we do find treasures, there won’t be enough to go around. Those who are not strong enough should hurry up and leave. It would be better than dying later.” The one who spoke up was an arrogant young cultivator with a stone sword in his hand. He gave off an inscrutable aura.

Chen Feng’s team of three chuckled. They ignored those fellows and simply took the lead to move forward. One more Divine artifact and they would be able to split the Divine artifacts equally amongst themselves.

And so, the three of them were in the lead while the seven cultivators followed them from behind.

But even though Chen Feng’s team of three were already prepared for it, the next wave of attacks had still left them in a flustered state.

First, a vine burst forward before exploding into countless more vines. Following that, all of them were wrapped up by the vines and they lost their sense of direction. The tentacle-like vines were very durable and hard to break. And while the Heavenly Immortals there were still capable of breaking the vines with their power, the number of vines was endless, like water plants within the ocean. There were so many of them, they could practically exhaust the Heavenly Immortals with their numbers alone.

“Those fellows have no choice but to take action now.” Chen Feng’s team of three snickered. This was a large area-of-effect attack and not a single one of the cultivators there could evade it. Rather, there were actually two more cultivators lurking around who were forced to deal with the attacks.

After ripping apart several vines, Chen Feng nearly had his limbs tied up. Knowing that this must not be allowed to continue, he mobilized the stone plate, sending it sweeping forward to sever a high number of vines. Chen Feng also collected the vines that were cut down. Only, even more of the mysterious vines would grow.

Chen Feng singlehandedly controlled the stone plate while Man Niu and Chi Mingzi worked together to mobilize the flaming spear.

This display of power from the three of them was so strong that they were able to swiftly clear their surrounding space. Thanks to that, Chen Feng had the time to observe the others.

The young cultivator wielding the stone sword was truly formidable. Every swing of the stone sword would sever a high number of vines. The young cultivator kept swinging at a leisurely pace, giving off a ferocious air of majesty.

That said, there were also some who failed to endure. The vines lashed out and one of the cultivator’s combat armour was cracked as a result. Next, the cultivator’s limbs were tied up and an unusually thick vine shot forward like a lance to pierce the body of the struggling cultivator.

After that, though, something amusing happened. Three cultivators who were fighting nearby attacked simultaneously to tear the already near-dead cultivator apart. Everything in his possession was then split amongst the three cultivators.

They’re stealing my business! Chen Feng grew displeased. That said, the fact that the three cultivators could attack one of the cultivators on their side during such a dangerous situation caused Chen Feng to secretly mark them.

“This is not the way to go. We need to find the source.”

“Fellows, this is a dangerous situation. Only by joining hands would we be able to charge out.”

Chen Feng’s team of three, though, remained indifferent towards it. Any vine that approached the three of them would be immediately severed. Aside from the slight strain of mobilizing the Divine artifacts, the three of them had the easiest time there.

When the others saw that, they attempted to move closer to Chen Feng’s team of three, hoping to get rid of the entanglement of the surrounding vines.

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