Chapter 1093 Flames


Hearing that, Man Niu said nothing before unleashing an even more ferocious attack. As for the gold crowned-cultivator, he fired out stream after stream of light in an attempt to restrain the stone man.

Swiftly, Chen Feng retracted his gaze and his hand grasped. Next, one of the wyrms inside the stone man froze. It was as though an invisible power had entrapped it. It stopped swimming as it normally did. Instead, it attempted to charge out through the stone man’s head.

It's effective! Chen Feng was highly overjoyed and he continued to channel his magic power into this endeavour. By extracting this wyrm, the stone man’s combat power would fall.


Seemingly having sensed danger, the stone man bellowed loudly and both its hands swung out at the same time to send Man Niu and the others flying. Next, it sent a fist flying towards the top of its head.

Chen Feng had wanted to evade only to find a soft power binding him. Even the wyrm that he had caught was beginning to wrap around his hand.

“Sigh, how troublesome!” Chen Feng sighed and his eyes changed. One white and one black, yin yang energy rapidly flew forward to form the yin yang symbol, which stopped the stone man’s fist for a moment.

That one moment allowed Man Niu and the gold crowned-cultivator to charge forward and devastating attacks engulfed the stone man’s fist.

Chen Feng then roared and grasped one more time. Golden light flashed and a struggling wyrm was pulled out.

“Heavenly law!”

The others exclaimed. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would be able to extract something like this from the stone man’s body. First, they were shocked. Then, looking at the Heavenly law in Chen Feng’s hand, their eyes began turning red.

Following the increase in their cultivation bases, cultivators would become less interested in divine objects. For them, the best treasures were the essence left behind by experts.

Chen Feng kept the Heavenly law with a flick of his palm. As expected, the raging stone man’s combat power grew somewhat weaker.

Delighted, Chen Feng had been about to extract another Heavenly law when the tall-short cultivator duo landed on the stone man’s head beside him. Following Chen Feng, they tried to extract the Heavenly laws within the stone man’s body.

The fools!

Chen Feng swore inwardly and his figure flashed to leave the stone man’s head. Man Niu and the gold crowned-cultivator also revealed looks of contempt.

“I was wondering. If there are only three of us, will we be able to handle this stone man?” Chen Feng appeared before Man Niu and the gold crowned-cultivator and asked.

“If the two of you still have some cards to play, it should not be an issue. I am only worried that we’ll have a hard time advancing after finishing off this stone man,” the gold crowned-cultivator said.

“If so, it will not be an issue. I have already checked it out. This stone man’s body contains 81 Heavenly laws. I want half,” Chen Feng said.

“Not a problem.” Man Niu was the first to agree.

The gold crowned-cultivator nodded, not saying anything about it. It would appear that he agreed as well.

“Then, let’s watch the show. I wonder where those two came from? For them to be able to cultivate up to this level, they should be very quick-witted. How could they end up doing something so foolish?”

“In the face of such a temptation, anyone would become a fool.”

Having seen Chen Feng obtain the Heavenly law earlier, the tall-short duo did not even bother thinking before charging forward. Only after sensing something amiss did they realize that they had fallen into a precarious position.

They failed to extract the Heavenly laws. Instead, they became the targets of an enraged stone man.

Back then, the five of them had to join forces just to stop the stone man. But now, it was just the two of them. This was practically suicide. Seeing the other three fellows watching them from the sides, the two cultivators knew that something had happened. They swore inwardly. At the same time, though, they dared not speak up.

“Fellow cultivators! Hurry up and attack!” the tall cultivator hastily shouted.

Chen Feng and the other two cultivators, however, merely chatted amongst themselves and ignored them. It was as though they simply could not see what was happening to them.

The tall cultivator’s body was smashed apart by a punch, but the essence, energy and soul power from his body instantly converged to stop the stone man’s following attack, allowing the short cultivator to quickly flee.

“Not so fast.”

Chen Feng snickered and a stream of light flew out from his eyes. Joining in, Man Niu sent his copper staff flying out and the gold crowned-cultivator fired out a beam of golden light.

“You three are really despicable!” 

All three of them were stronger than the short cultivator and they easily sent him flying back to the stone man.

The stone man who had only just finished off the tall cultivator took a step forward. With another punch, it blew up the short cultivator, turning him into a mist of blood.

“Our turn now.” After saying that, Chen Feng grasped and the yet-to-dissipate blood essence from the tall-short duo was collected. Following that, the Longevity Wings flapped and he appeared on the stone man’s head once more.

Man Niu’s body became a notch bigger and the copper staff in his hand shone with light again. The combat power that he was displaying had at least doubled.

The gold crowned-cultivator’s sceptre abruptly exploded, transforming into ropes that entangled the stone man. Its speed fell. Extricating itself from the ropes would take quite some time.

Their actions provided Chen Feng with an opening and both his hands swiftly grasped, a black hole appearing on each palm. Next, two wyrms roared as they ended up in Chen Feng’s grasp.

Once again, the stone man’s combat power grew weaker.


Man Niu shouted and he swung his staff to deal a heavy blow against the stone man’s leg. Cracks began spreading out across the body of the stone man whose defence had remained unbreakable all this time.

Sou! Sou!

Two more Heavenly laws were extracted and the ropes were able to utterly bind the stone man. As the number of Heavenly laws kept decreasing, the number of cracks on the stone man kept rising.

In the end, the stone man blew up with a bang and Chen Feng collected all of the Heavenly laws there. However, there was a clump of blood floating in the air.

“The blood essence of a Heavenly Immortal!” The gold crowned-cultivator stretched his hand out to grab the clump of blood.

“Ha ha ha! We make a good team!” Man Niu laughed.

Chen Feng then waved his hand and tens of Heavenly laws flew towards the two of them.

“You two get two more Heavenly laws, but I want the clump of blood essence,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

“Not a problem.”

Man Niu and the gold crowned-cultivator discussed it for a brief moment before agreeing to it.

Naturally, the clump of Heavenly Immortal blood went to the Blood Mustering Bead, which devoured it all. For Chen Feng, the blood essence of a Heavenly Immortal was just as valuable as Heavenly laws.

“Chen Feng, from the Celestial Longevity Plane,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Man Niu, from Savage World.”

“Chi Mingzi, from the Immortal Plane.”

The three of them introduced themselves. In the previous battle, they had displayed formidable power. Due to that, they had grown somewhat wary of one another. At that very moment, however, teaming up was the best option.

“We’ve dealt with the stone man. I wonder, what else is waiting for us?”

“Whether or not there are any treasures no longer matters. At any rate, we have already managed to gain something here.”

Despite saying that, the three of them did not hesitate to continue venturing forward. Moving forward, they no longer encountered any stone lances or stone man. It was as though there was no more danger.

A massive stone plate rested before them. In addition to its size, there was nothing else of note of this stone plate. It was just a smooth plate and not a single pattern could be seen on the plate.

But when Chen Feng and the others saw it, their eyes lit up. They did not move forward.

This was clearly a Divine artifact. The stone lances earlier must have come from this stone plate. Even the stone man must have been standing guard over this stone plate.

“There’s only one Divine artifact. How should we divide it?” Chen Feng smiled.

“This is problematic.”

“Surely, we are not going to break it into three parts?”

The three of them frowned at the problem. However, they were quick to come up with a solution. All three left their imprints within the stone plate, which rapidly shrank before flying up to hover above the three of them.

Given the circumstances, this was the best solution.

Still, the Divine artifact proved to be of great help to them.

“This is likely not the way to go. The Divine artifact up ahead is clearly even stronger than this stone plate.”

The massive stone plate hovered defensively before the three of them and flames kept flowing over towards them. Chen Feng grasped to collect some of the flames. Even with his present cultivation base, he had still needed to spend some time to refine and devour the power of fire in the flames. 

If it weren’t for the stone plate they had just obtained earlier, blocking the flames coming at them from up ahead, the three of them would have been forced to retreat.

“This is a good treasure zone that has yet to be fully explored. Us coming across this place is also a form of serendipity. No matter what, we must explore it and see how much harvest we can obtain from this place.” The animal hide on Man Niu’s body had begun spreading out to wrap up his whole body. Surprisingly, it was also quite a decent magic treasure.

The golden crown on Chi Mingzi’s head released a shower of golden light to stop the flames from approaching him.

Chen Feng was the only one who did not resort to any magic treasures. He instead relied on his fleshly body to endure the flames. Seeing that caused the other two to become shocked. That was especially true for Man Niu. As someone possessing a highly resilient fleshly body, he would rarely meet someone who could match him in that regard. But since meeting Chen Feng, he’d had to rein in his arrogance somewhat. 

Chen Feng, though, shook his head and sighed. The stone plate was a Divine artifact. Thus, it could defend against the flames, but his fleshly body had reached its limits. The attacks of a Divine artifact were not that easy to endure, after all. The flames coming over were no ordinary flames. They contained the aura of chaos and the will of a Heavenly Immortal. Without any magic treasures to help defend against the flames, even a Heavenly Immortal would be incinerated.

Yin yang energy flowed out from his body. After a series of transformation, it then transformed into a Five Elemental Barrier. Strands of the flames entered the Five Elemental Barrier and were refined and absorbed. Thanks to that, Chen Feng felt the pressure on his fleshly body lessening.

In the beginning, all they faced were simple flames. But as they continued venturing forward, colours began appearing within the flames. Chen Feng calculated and found that the more colours there were, the more powerful the flames would become.

In the end, all three grunted as the stone plate they were using to defend themselves became damaged. No matter how hard the stone plate was, it could not stop the burning flames of devastation. Regarding the cracks on the stone plate, the three of them exchanged glances. Despite not saying anything, they knew what was on each other’s mind.

The sceptre in Chi Mingzi’s hand took on a different colour and every swing of the sceptre would cause a large stretch of the flames to disappear. At the same time, cooling water droplets were sprayed out. Although the water droplets were swiftly evaporated, they did manage to bring about a minor cooling effect.

A small multi-coloured bottle appeared in Man Niu’s hand. Seemingly made from clay, it released an energy stream, which swirled around him. Surprisingly, the energy stream was strong enough to block the incoming flames.

So, the both of them also possess Divine artifacts. They’ve been keeping it hidden. Looks like I am the poorest one here. Chen Feng then secretly mobilized the Longevity Tower and a black hole appeared before him. No matter how much flames there were, all would be devoured by the black hole.

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