Chapter 1088 Advancing to the True Immortal Stage


After devouring Xuan Jia’s soul, Chen Feng found the information that he was looking for.

The three of them were indeed cultivators from the Limitless Corps. They had been setting up a trap for Chen Feng from the very beginning, all for the sake of leading him to this Grand Array of Chaos Heaven. 

That was all the information Chen Feng needed. Moreover, Chen Feng had already sensed danger before this, but he was the one who chose to enter. He could not blame others for this. If he wanted to break out from this Grand Array of Chaos Heaven, he would have to come up with a plan.

Once again, Chen Feng utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. This time, it was supported by the Longevity Tower’s power. As expected, his gaze was once again capable of piercing through the fog to reach the Heavenly pillar.

However, even though Chen Feng was able to see the Heavenly pillar, he was still incapable of doing anything about it. 

Chen Feng was aware of the power contained within the twelve Heavenly pillars. He could even see the fundamental structure of the pillars, but he was not strong enough. Due to that, all of that became pointless.

After greatly exhausting his eye power, Chen Feng then closed his eyes. He then waited for his strength to recover before letting his aura swell outwards while the Longevity Tower secretly protected him. The insight acupoints within his body began releasing banging sounds as the power hidden within them kept flowing out.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, each one of his insight acupoints was already comparable to a pocket dimension. Although they had yet to form essence power, the power of the magic treasures safeguarding each insight acupoints could not be underestimated.

When the 18th insight acupoint burst with power, Chen Feng sensed the Heavenly dao laws of the universe. The power of Heavenly Tribulation was beginning to gather. Only, a little more was needed for the Heavenly Tribulation to descend upon him.

Chen Feng, who sensed that, grew more confident. When the 28th insight acupoint burst out with power, a lightning attack emerged from the depths of the universe. Making its way through the many layers of space, it then smashed down on Chen Feng’s head.

In his excitement, Chen Feng felt an impulse to shout loudly.

This was the first time Chen Feng had put on such a formidable display of power. If it weren’t for the secret protection of the Longevity Tower, his fleshly body would have been utterly damaged by this power, its physical might notwithstanding.

Before the first attack of the Heavenly Tribulation was over, however, the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven spun and grey-coloured energy streams flowed to instantly sever the connection between Chen Feng and the Heavenly Tribulation.

As predicted, it is not that easy. Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. If it was so easy to undergo tribulation here, those Heavenly pillars would not be called the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven anymore.

Chen Feng, however, was prepared. Several Immortal artifacts stored inside the Longevity Tower self-destructed, entered Chen Feng’s body and the resulting power was unleashed through him. This ferocious power broke through the restrictive arrays to reconnect with the Heavenly Tribulation.

Following that, a mountainous Devastation Lightning descended. Seeing that caused Chen Feng’s scalp to go numb. He dared not be careless about this and both his hands furiously swung to shatter this clump of lightning power before swiftly sucking it into his body. Chen Feng knew that the Heavenly Tribulation would only become stronger.

The Grand Array of Chaos Heaven spun, attempting to sever the connection once more. This time, however, the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven’s power triggered the Heavenly dao laws and a greater power descended to strike the 12 Heavenly pillars. As a result, the 12 Heavenly pillars became completely exposed and they thrummed in the face of the Heavenly Tribulation. Seemingly having sensed the act of resistance from the Heavenly pillars, the power of the Heavenly Tribulation grew even stronger.

Witnessing this show of force from the Heavenly Tribulation, Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched without respite. The power of the attacks striking the Heavenly pillars was over 10 times stronger compared to the one he had to face earlier.

When undergoing their tribulations, cultivators may set up magic arrays to help fight the Heavenly Tribulation. But doing so would result in the counter attack from the Heavenly Tribulation. More, this Grand Array of Chaos Heaven was not even Chen Feng’s handiwork. If it weren’t for Chen Feng’s actions, this Grand Array of Chaos Heaven – given its strength – could even hide from the Heavenly dao laws. At that very moment, however, its existence only ended up attracting an even stronger Heavenly Tribulation.

Chen Feng felt somewhat smug about it and he kept spurring the power within his body, wanting to bring forth an even stronger Heavenly Tribulation. All he needed was to break open a small opening on the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven to charge out.

What happened next, however, disappointed Chen Feng. The Grand Array of Chaos Heaven swiftly fell silent. Due to that, the Heavenly Tribulation turned its attention back to Chen Feng.

This is fine as well. Looks like the other party does not want to fight with the Heavenly Tribulation. If so, I will be able to undergo my tribulation with peace of mind. Chen Feng then reached out with a hand and made a grasping and ripping motion. Next, a river of water was ripped apart.

Chen Feng was very dissatisfied with this Heavenly Tribulation. While it had an impressive display of power in the beginning, it turned out to be less powerful that advertised. The various Heavenly Tribulation powers that descended created a dazzling and impressive sight. And yet, when they fell upon Chen Feng’s body, they failed to harm him in the slightest. It didn’t even itch.

And so, Chen Feng effortlessly advanced to the half-step True Immortal stage. 

Before the Heavenly Tribulation was completely over, however, the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven began attacking Chen Feng again. It would appear that the one behind it had lost their patience.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, sneered. “I’ve been waiting for you!”

Next, an aura that was several times stronger than before charged skywards and the Heavenly Tribulation that had yet to dissipate gathered back up. Only, before the Heavenly Tribulation could descend, the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven’s attack managed to strike Chen Feng.

That one attack sent Chen Feng flying. Following that, the Heavenly Tribulation engulfed Chen Feng while the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven fell silent again.

Chen Feng wanted to advance to the True Immortal stage. This was a great leap in his cultivation base. Thus, the Heavenly Tribulation that he must face would surely be much stronger. However, Chen Feng was not worried that the Heavenly Tribulation would be strong. Rather, he was worried that it might not be strong enough.

This time’s Heavenly Tribulation did not disappoint. A War Immortal at the True Immortal stage charged towards Chen Feng, a great halberd in hand.

Just a starter-level True Immortal. His level is too low. Even if he is a War Immortal capable of challenging and killing those on a higher level, at best, his combat power is only that of a high-level True Immortal.

Once again, this failed to put pressure on Chen Feng. Only, when he thought back to how neither of them could utilize the power of their magic treasures, a desire to have a good fight with this War Immortal rose to the fore.

In the face of the great halberd coming his way, Chen Feng merely fired out a punch to shatter the top-grade Immortal artifact.

“Impossible!” The War Immortal’s eyes widened and he could not stop himself from blurting out loud. He could not believe that an Ascendant Immortal could possess this level of combat power.

After sensing the energy fluctuations of his surroundings, however, a look of understanding appeared on his face.

“A strange world and the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven. My friend, it seems you are in a tough spot. No wonder you would choose to undergo your tribulation. Only, dying now or dying later makes no difference. Rather than die to this magic array, why not die by my hands?” The War Immortal cast a ridiculing look at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng sighed. Was this fellow just too conceited or did he fail to fully grasp what was happening here? Even though his opponent was trapped inside the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven, he had still managed to invoke a Heavenly Tribulation. Was this War Immortal not curious about this at all?

The two of them then discarded all other thoughts aside as they swiftly began fighting each other.

After fighting the War Immortal for real, Chen Feng found that he had underestimated him. The War Immortal’s combat power was even stronger than what he had expected. Surprisingly, it had surpassed the high-level True Immortal stage, inching infinitely close to the half-step Heavenly Immortal stage.

Tsk, tsk. The reputation of the War Immortals is in no way embellished. This fellow is slightly stronger compared to the War Immortal I encountered in the past. However, against me, this is still a little too weak. Chen Feng allowed the War Immortal’s attack to land on his body before countering with a punch of his own, causing the War Immortal to spray out blood.

Before the War Immortal could attack again, the Great Longevity Palm slapped him away.

“Too weak! What other skills do you have? Just bring them all out!” Chen Feng said, lightning radiance rapidly coursing through his palm. One after another, balls of lightning flew out to swirl around Chen Feng. In the end, they formed a stream of balls and all of them charged towards the War Immortal.

The War Immortal responded by creating a layer of lightning radiance over his body and all the balls of lightning that Chen Feng fired out fused into the layer of lightning. The War Immortal seemingly grew stronger as a result of that.

The grand dao of lightning and Heavenly laws. These guys from the Lightning Plane truly have a death wish. Even now, they are still resorting to such underhanded tricks. I wonder how many people have died to these War Immortals when they were undergoing their tribulations. An intense killing intent flashed out from Chen Feng’s eyes.

Thankfully, it’s me. Any other cultivator would certainly die if they have to face this War Immortal when undergoing tribulation. Chen Feng was not thinking too highly of himself. He had yet to encounter a cultivator on the same level as him who could best him in terms of strength.

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng then flapped the Longevity Wings on his back and his speed became several notches faster. After exchanging a few blows, he finally found an opportunity. His hand then made its way through the layer of lightning radiance to stab the War Immortal’s body.

Next, a spine-like lightning whip was pulled out. Following the loss of the lightning whip from his body, the War Immortal immediately fell limply to the ground. Without waiting for him to say anything, Chen Feng then punched him, blowing his body apart.

“With just one Heavenly law, you actually dare come? You’re just begging for death.” After saying that, Chen Feng opened his mouth to suck in all of the tribulation clouds – with Heavenly dao laws amidst them – above. 

Within Chen Feng’s body, a path opened up. As his essence, energy and soul power kept on fusing with it, the path grew longer and wider. Even the True laws that Chen Feng had refined in the past moved forward to fuse with the path. In but one breath’s worth of time, 36 True laws had been fused into the path. Finally, the skyrocketing momentum of the path began to slowly come to a halt.

There were more than enough True laws kept in the Longevity Tower for Chen Feng. Rather, there was also a good number of Heavenly laws there. Chen Feng planned on fusing 108 True laws and 18 Heavenly laws into the path in advance. By doing so, he would have a greater chance of breaking out of this Grand Array of Chaos Heaven.

That said, Chen Feng was also aware that some time was needed to accomplish that. The one behind the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven would not allow him to succeed.

Finally, the Longevity Tower appeared to encase Chen Feng, protecting him from all the incoming attacks.

After the first wave of attacks was over, silence descended upon the place. It would appear that the emergence of the Longevity Tower had caused the other party to change their plans.

Chen Feng was aware of everything that was transpiring outside, but he did not stop with his cultivation session. At this very moment, the most important thing he had to do was to increase his strength.

Finally, Chen Feng finished refining the Heavenly dao laws. Additionally, the path within him – the grand dao of longevity – had successfully gained a fundamental shape.

Chen Feng had reached the True Immortal stage. Every action he took would contain true power. The laws within his body also advanced from the illusionary to become true objects. This was a leap in the attribute of life.

Outside, a great hand suddenly emerged from the magic array to grab the Longevity Tower, desirous of taking it. But the Longevity Tower responded with a formidable display of power to shred the great hand apart.

Immediately after that, an even stronger hand appeared. At the same time, the 12 Heavenly pillars around the Longevity Tower began displaying their might as well. Tens of thousands of chains emerged from the Heavenly pillars and their restraining power swiftly drowned the Longevity Tower.

The other party was not targeting Chen Feng. Rather, they were after the Longevity Tower. Now that the Longevity Tower had appeared, they began exerting a formidable power against the tower.

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