Chapter 1087 Grand Array of Chaos Heaven


And so, Chen Feng managed to collect up to 10 more Heavenly laws before they finally arrived at the destination that Xuan Jia’s team of three mentioned earlier.

“Is it here?” Chen Feng asked, looking at the mountain range spreading out before him.

“Yes. According to the signs on the map, this is the place. Sir, please allow me to enter first and check it out,” Xuan Jia said.

“Very well, be careful.” Chen Feng nodded.

Xuan Jia entered the mountain range and his figure quickly disappeared from sight. Wei Liang and Ge Ba, on the other hand, maintained an impassive expression on their faces.

One day later, Xuan Jia returned safely, a fiery-red battle spear in his hand.

“Sir, this is a pseudo-Divine artifact.” Xuan Jia then respectfully handed the battle spear over to Chen Feng.

“How is it inside?” Chen Feng nodded. The spear was indeed a pseudo-Divine artifact. Additionally, he had also scanned it several times with his divine sense. There was nothing amiss about it.

“There are some dangers inside. However, by joining forces, the four of us will be able to deal with it.”

“In that case, let’s enter,” Chen Feng said.

“Kid, it’s very dangerous. Are you certain you want to enter?” It was then that Tower, who had been asleep all this time, suddenly and secretly spoke to Chen Feng.

“You’re awake?” Chen Feng was shocked, but delighted.

“I will still need some more time.”

“For you to say that it is dangerous, it must truly be dangerous. What do you suggest? Do I enter or not?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Entering means a very high probability of dying, even after considering my participation,” Tower said.


Chen Feng grew astounded. A very high probability of death. No wonder he could not sense any danger. It would appear that these three fellows had prepared a sumptuous meal for him.

Hesitating for a moment, Chen Feng then resolved himself. He must not step back now. Additionally, while Tower’s words were serious, his tone was relaxed. From Chen Feng’s experience, there was a good chance that Tower was trolling him again.

Xuan Jia’s team of three watched as Chen Feng walked into the mountain range and a triumphant look appeared on their eyes. Still, they had yet to arrive. Thus, the three of them quickly recollected themselves before quickly turning their attention back to Chen Feng. They saw that Chen Feng had failed to notice their expression of triumph earlier.

You fool! They secretly thought to themselves, a smile etched on their faces.

Holding the battle spear, Chen Feng then swung it and a piece of rock beneath his feet was shattered apart.

“As expected, the power of magic treasures cannot be utilized here. In other words, these magic treasures are no different from ordinary weapons, albeit slightly more durable.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“This world is very strange. But this also proves that there are peerless treasures here,” Xuan Jia said, smiling.

Chen Feng swung again and the battle spear fell into Wei Liang’s hands. The three of them cast puzzled looks at Chen Feng.

“Since magic treasures cannot be used here, it would be better to keep them,” Chen Feng said.

Next, the four of them quickly entered the mountain range. The space there was even more peculiar and Chen Feng found that he was still unable to sense any killing intent.

What flawlessness! Not a hint of killing intent. This proves that the danger posed by this place has exceeded my imaginations, Chen Feng thought.

“I found the battle spear there,” Xuan Jia pointed at an altar that was located not too far away, a smile on his face.

“If I stand on the altar, danger will descend, isn’t that right?” Chen Feng chuckled.

An unnatural smile flashed across the faces of Xuan Jia’s team of three.

“Sir, what are you talking about? I do not understand,” Xuan Jia said, the same smile etched on his face.

“I have already entered the trap that you fellows set up, but you fellows still want to continue with this farce?” Chen Feng then launched a punch at Xuan Jia.

In the face of the punch, both of Xuan Jia’s palms pushed forward and a series of booming sounds rang out. In the end, the attack failed to budge Xuan Jia’s figure at all. The power that he was displaying had exceeded that which he displayed in the past.

“Sir, what is the meaning of this?” Xuan Jia smiled as he stepped forward.

Wei Liang and Ge Ba made use of the opportunity to surround Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, attacked again. Once again, his target of attack was Xuan Jia. This time, the power in his fist did not charge out. It wasn’t until Xuan Jia blocked it did the fist power burst forth like a volcanic eruption.


For Xuan Jia, it was as though a massive planet had smashed into him. His arms were shattered and his body was sent flying.

“Not good!”

Wei Liang and Ge Ba shouted and they charged towards Chen Feng as fast as they could. But it was too late. The Longevity Wings unfurled from Chen Feng’s back and he went after Xuan Jia, unleashing a barrage of ferocious blows at him. In the end, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower flashed out and Xuan Jia, whose body had been ripped apart, was sucked into the Longevity Tower.

Only then did Wei Liang and Ge Ba manage to catch up to Chen Feng. However, due to the Longevity Wings, the attacks that the two of them unleashed were incapable of hitting Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, you knew about this right from the start!” Wei Liang shouted furiously. The three of them had already prepared themselves for this. Unexpectedly, they actually ended up underestimating Chen Feng, who surprised them by making short work of Xuan Jia so quickly.

“As expected, you fellows know my name. Looks like you fellows are also after the Longevity Tower. That means your objective for entering this world is me.” Chen Feng sneered.

“Now that it’s come to this, do you still think that you can leave this place? If I am you, I will obediently hand over the Longevity Tower. That way, you might be able to preserve your life.” Wei Liang threw all pretences to the wind and his primary energy surged. Promptly, a suit of armour appeared over his body. The same was happening to Ge Ba. Following the appearance of the suits of armour, their strength doubled. 

“So, you fellows have divined out my whereabouts long ago. I wonder which expert decided to take part in this?” Chen Feng said. At the same time, he felt a chill running down his heart.

“I have already utilized a Heaven-hoaxing technique. In order to divine out my whereabouts, that person must at least be a Gold Immortal,” Tower said.

A Gold Immortal is involved! Chen Feng grew shocked and he found it impossible to calm himself down.

“What? Are you afraid now?” Tower said in a ridiculing manner.

“Afraid? Of course I am. This is a Gold Immortal we’re talking about. Just a thought from a Gold Immortal would be enough to kill me. I am just a minor Ascendant Immortal. The difference in power here is simply too big.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“First, think how to escape from the current predicament.”

Chen Feng then saw that Wei Liang and Ge Ba had disappeared and his surroundings had undergone a great change. Twelve sky-propping pillars rose up around him, their existences occasionally shrouded by the drifting clouds. And while they appeared quite close to him, Chen Feng knew that not even flying forward for 100 years would allow him to reach any of the pillars.

This is a problem. Chen Feng’s face turned serious as a wry smile appeared on his face.

“This is indeed a problem,” Tower said as well.

“Grand Array of Chaos Heaven. Every one of the Heavenly pillars has a Heavenly law. So far, I have only managed to obtain Heavenly laws formed by starter-level Heavenly Immortals, but I think the laws inside the pillars are definitely on a different level. Still, are they planning on keeping me imprisoned here?” Chen Feng had a good understanding of the great array. That was why he had chosen to not make a move. He knew that there was no difference between him standing still here and charging forward. It would simply be a waste of strength.

After pondering for a long time, Chen Feng asked, “Tower, can you break it?” 


“If that’s the case, it’d be better to not move about. That said, the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven is incomparably wondrous. Its daos of entrapment and defence are flawless. There are no openings to be found. The only way to break out is through absolute power. More, its dao of killing is just as astounding. If I cannot figure a way out, won’t I die here?” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“The other party is after me. You are just collateral damage. Even so, your Chaos Constitution has already begun to recover. I think they will capture you and extract your essence power,” Tower replied.

“What are you waiting for, then? Hurry up and think of a solution,” Chen Feng retorted.

“Zilch. Even if I manage to open the sixth floor, I still wouldn’t have the confidence to break out.”

“Can you open the sixth floor now?”


“… … …”

Chen Feng then pushed his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight to its limits and saw mysterious runes engraved onto the surface of the Heavenly pillars. There were also two wyrms roaming about on its surface.

Every one of the Heavenly pillars has two Heavenly laws! Chen Feng’s face turned pale.

In other words, there were 20 Heavenly laws there. By Chen Feng’s estimate, even if he were to immediately advance to the True Immortal stage, he would still be incapable of breaking out.

As Chen Feng was attempting to get a more detailed look, the Heavenly pillars released a grey-coloured wave of energy to block Chen Feng’s vision.

They are only barely able to block my Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. This proves that the other party is not that strong. Chen Feng comforted himself. Next, his divine sense entered the Longevity Tower.

Xuan Jia’s body was already utterly shattered apart. Chen Feng had even collected his blood essence. All that was left was a clump of soul, protected by two wyrm-like Heavenly laws.

“Tsk, tsk. No matter how you cut it, you are still from the Limitless Corps. And yet, you have only formed two Heavenly laws? Aren’t you too poor here?” After Chen Feng said that, a great hand suddenly appeared to swiftly grasp and one of the Heavenly laws was captured and taken away.

Xuan Jia screamed miserably. That was his life.

“What? Are you feeling regretful now? Regretting not taking action against me earlier? Your two companions have already hidden themselves, leaving you all on your own. Tell me, how should I torture you?

“What kind of punishment awaits those who attacks their superior, I believe you should already know,” Chen Feng said and another great hand appeared to grab Xuan Jia’s last Heavenly law.

His soul left completely defenceless, Xuan Jia began begging for mercy. At that very moment, one thought from Chen Feng was all that was needed to obliterate Xuan Jia completely, leaving him with no chance to even reincarnate himself.

“Chen Feng, right now, you are probably already trapped inside the Grand Array of Chaos Heaven, no? So what if you kill me? You will still be incapable of escaping! When the time comes, the Longevity Tower will be taken away from you and your life and essence will be plundered. Your end is in no way better than mine! Let me go right now and I can ask for leniency on your behalf. That way, you might be able to survive!” Xuan Jia shouted.

“What a moron. Do you take me for a fool here?” Chen Feng flicked his fingers and a clump of flames abruptly emerged to burn Xuan Jia’s soul.

“Argh!!! Longevity Flame! Kill me! Just kill me!” Xuan Jia screamed wretchedly. For cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane, having their souls burned by the Longevity Flame was the harshest punishment. 

“Kill you? You think you can get away so easily?” Chen Feng was unmoved and the flames burned with increasing ferocity.


Xuan Jia’s soul abruptly blew up and a beam of golden light stabbed towards Chen Feng only for a great hand, which appeared suddenly, to block it.

“Not bad. You are actually capable of completely fusing a Heavenly law with the grand dao of metal with your soul. Looks like you were careless in the earlier fight. A pity, that one mistake will be the end of you.” After saying that, Chen Feng opened his mouth to suck in all the chaotic streams of soul power there.

“I managed to gain quite the harvest this time.” Looking at the Heavenly laws hovering before him, Chen Feng smiled.

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