Chapter 1086 Harbouring Sinister Intentions


“We wouldn’t dare!” Seeing the display of anger from Chen Feng, the three cyan-armoured cultivators immediately revealed a look of respect. But when Chen Feng thought back to True Immortal Grandbright, he scoffed to himself. He had no doubt that these three fellows would attack him. Only, before doing so, the three of them wanted to figure out his background.

The Celestial Longevity Plane was too big and just the number of cultivators from the imperial family was already innumerable, let alone the other forces there.

More, they were presently not in the Celestial Longevity Plane. The fear that these three cyan-armoured cultivators would have towards him was greatly reduced.

“Where are you three from?” Chen Feng asked.

“We are from the Limitless Corps.” When they said that, light shone from their chests to reveal a square-shaped crest. At the same time, a look of pride appeared on their faces.

Chen Feng nodded. He knew that those crests could not be fake. Deep down, however, killing intent flashed. The Limitless Corps was involved with what happened to him back then.

Although these three fellows were only minor characters within the Limitless Corps, it would not stop Chen Feng from killing them off should they displease him.

“So, it’s the Limitless Corps. I wonder, how is Aquafiend doing now?” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Aquafiend!” The faces of the three cultivators flickered and they cast a look of shock at Chen Feng.

“Yes. What level is Aquafiend at right now?” Chen Feng kept a close eye on their faces and expressions while inwardly snickering.

“Sir Aquafiend is the deputy commander of the Limitless Corps.” One of them then said, a look of admiration on his face. Chen Feng could see that it was not a false display, but one of sincerity.

“The Deputy Commander of the Limitless Corps? Tsk, tsk. That means he’s already a half-step Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng sighed.

Let me do the math. Right now, I am just an Ascendant Immortal. Above it is the True Immortal stage. And above that is the Heavenly Immortal stage. The Gold Immortal stage is above the Heavenly Immortal stage. A half-step Gold Immortal. This cousin of mine has already reached such a high level, eh? Doesn’t this mean he would be able to instantly kill me off with just a thought? Thinking about that, Chen Feng then let out a laugh.

That said, the last time he met Aquafiend, he was already at the Heavenly Immortal stage. Reaching the half-step Gold Immortal stage after one million years was actually nothing spectacular. When compared to Chen Feng’s cultivation speed, Aquafiend’s cultivation speed was actually slow.

Despite that, Chen Feng felt somewhat displeased. Aquafiend was his cousin and much older than him. Even so, the fact that he had reached the half-step Gold Immortal stage brought an unstoppable pressure down on him.

Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation throughout the years had been very fast. However, thinking about how his old friends had cultivated up to the Heavenly Immortal stage gave Chen Feng a sense of urgency. 

Not a single one of them is an average fellow. Rather, some of them possess highly monstrous talents for cultivation. Although what they have could not be compared to the Chaos Constitution, its not that far off. As for me, I have already wasted a million years. Even my spiritual root was lost. Catching up to them within a short time is simply impossible.

Chen Feng became completely lost in his thoughts, completely forgetting about the three cultivators before him.

“Sir.” One of them spoke up, interrupting Chen Feng’s reverie. Instantly, Chen Feng recollected himself.

Yes. Even though I have wasted a million years, I also gained opportunities that others would envy. I may still be very weak right now, but with the momentum in my rate of cultivation, catching up to them is just a matter of time. Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng smiled and the feelings of courage and confidence surged to the fore.

“Aquafiend and I are old acquaintances. As for who I am, I will not be telling you fellows that for now. All right. Since you fellows are here for an adventure, let’s split up,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Sir, since we have already met one another, please allow us to follow you. If you have any instructions for us, just go ahead and tell us.” 

“Yes. We’ll be able to hear sir’s teachings along the way.”

Chen Feng secretly sneered. He knew that they were simply bluffing. They simply did not believe him. However, Chen Feng had nothing to worry about. Even if they were half-step Heavenly Immortals, he would still be able to finish them off. They have only their genes to blame for that, the genes of the Longevity Clan.

Moving forward, the three of them displayed respect and a humble attitude towards Chen Feng as they followed him. If Chen Feng had any questions, they would be sure to answer them. For Chen Feng, if it weren’t for what had happened in the past, he might have fallen for their deception.

The three cultivators’ names were Xuan Jia, Wei Liang and Ge Ba. All three high-level True Immortals were from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Moreover, they were also from the Limitless Corps. In Chen Feng’s opinion, if the three of them were to join forces, they would be able to kill off 10 cultivators who were on the same level as them.

Without this level of combat power, they would never have made it into the Limitless Corps, one of the pinnacle corps of the Celestial Longevity Clan.

Chen Feng never told them his name while they were also tactful enough to not inquire about it. No matter how suspicious the three of them were of him, the aura of his genes – the genes of the imperial family within him – was genuine.

On the other hand, Chen Feng also managed to gain some useful information from them. He found out that there was more than one passageway leading into this place. Additionally, he also found out that this world was very big. Despite the fact that the three of them were high-level True Immortals, they were still incapable of figuring out just how big this world was. Furthermore, cultivators from other worlds had also entered this world.

“Some are here for an adventure, some for training and some for treasures. According to the information we received, some cultivators from the other Celestial Planes have also entered this place.”

“Sir, you must be careful. A half-step Heavenly Immortal might appear.”

“There’s nothing to worry about. Counter soldiers with arms and water with a dam. What kind of harvest did you three gain here?” Chen Feng put on a façade of indifference.

“Each of us managed to obtain a Heavenly law,” they replied respectfully.

Chen Feng nodded and he stopped asking them questions. He had noticed some cultivators coming from afar. 

Xuan Jia and the others swiftly positioned themselves before Chen Feng. Following a violent clashing sound, two short cultivators were sent flying.

“Wait, wait!”

Xuan Jia’s team of three ignored their pleas of mercy as they swiftly occupied three different positions to surround the two short cultivators. Next, they unleashed a series of attacks at them. It would appear that they intended to kill off the two short cultivators.

Chen Feng watched on with great interest. The two short cultivators had chosen to attack him the moment they appeared, rousing Chen Feng’s interest. However, after carefully observing the battle, Chen Feng failed to find anything of note. It was just a fight to the death.

Suddenly, the bodies of the two besieged cultivators began swelling up like inflated balloons. Straightening themselves, they became like dragons as they attempted to break out. After that, one thick stream of light after another lashed out and the scope of the encirclement that Xuan Jia’s team of three formed was pushed bigger, several times bigger.

And yet, even though the two short cultivators were already giving it their all, they were still incapable of breaking out.

No wonder these three fellows would fight so hard. It turns out they are after the two Heavenly laws. Chen Feng understood. 

Even though Chen Feng felt somewhat moved as well, he did not step forward to join the fight. This was not yet the time to be starting a fight with them.

However, when Chen Feng sensed the energy fluctuations in the surrounding air, he knew that he had no choice but to step in as well. This hidden person who was taking action against him was very strong. By the time Chen Feng sensed that something was amiss, the surrounding space was already sealed up. A restraining power rapidly pressed down on him and Chen Feng could even see the ripples spreading out across space.

One, two… tsk, tsk, they actually have four people for this ambush. Is it all for the sake of capturing me? Chen Feng snickered to himself. The Longevity Wings promptly unfurled from his back, raging flames burning across its surface. They were none other than the Longevity Flame. Chen Feng’s figure then flashed a few times and the surrounding restraining power utterly disappeared. At the same time, cries of pain rang out.

Chen Feng was quick to take action. After firing out a punch, two more cultivators there ended up puking blood.

In the end, three of them managed to flee while one was captured by Chen Feng, who extracted the Heavenly law within him.

At the same time, Xuan Jia’s team of three also finished off their opponents. The look of shock in their eyes had disappeared. Back then, Chen Feng’s display of the Longevity Wings and Longevity Flame had given them a huge shock.

“Sir, you are truly mighty. Your utilization of the Longevity Wings is flawless,” Xuan Jia said respectfully.

“They’re just some minor thieves.” Chen Feng nodded.

Regarding the look of indifference of Chen Feng’s face, the three of them began discussing amongst themselves whether or not they should change their plans. A cultivator that had cultivated out the Longevity Flame was not someone they could easily handle.

“Sir, what should we do next?”

“We’ll go hunt some other cultivators. I need a high number of Heavenly laws to cultivate a secret technique,” Chen Feng said.

“If I may, what kind of secret technique is it? We may be able to help out.”

“The opening of a bodily world. I need 108 Heavenly laws to serve as a framework. A pity, I have only collected 48 Heavenly laws,” Chen Feng said with a tone of regret.

When they heard that, the eyes of Xuan Jia’s team of three instantly lit up before they recollected themselves. Only, the greed within their hearts was growing unchecked.

Forty-eight Heavenly laws! How did this guy get his hands on so many laws? If I can get it, by entering a short cultivation session, I would be able to advance to the Heavenly Immortal stage! That was the thought going through the minds of all three.

“Truly, formidable. To think that you would use up to 108 Heavenly laws to open up a bodily world. Even for our Longevity Clan, this is a rare level of talent. Please support us in the future, sir,” Xuan Jia said in an ingratiating manner.

“Sure thing,” Chen Feng said as a-matter-of-factly.

“Sir, before entering this world, the three of us managed to obtain a broken map. The map leads to the treasure hoard of a Heavenly Immortal. We brothers will hand over this map to you,” Xuan Jia said, bringing out a piece of palm-sized cloth. On its surface was a high number of symbols. It would appear that there was nothing special about it.

After receiving the map, Chen Feng merely gave it a casual glance before returning it to them.

“If so, you fellows can lead the way. Hopefully, we’ll be able to gain some harvest from this,” Chen Feng said. He was inwardly sneering. The map should be real. However, he did not believe that they would be so kind-hearted as to hand over such an important item to him. In other words, they would be taking action against him soon.

The three of them led the way and Chen Feng followed. They were able to kill off several more cultivators and Chen Feng was able to obtain another five Heavenly laws.

It was a massive harvest that could cause the eyes of any cultivator to turn red, but Xuan Jia and his companions turned a blind eye to it. Instead, they worked to create the openings needed for Chen Feng to take the Heavenly laws.

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