Chapter 1085 Harvest


To Chen Feng’s surprise, this Golden-winged Tiger’s body actually contained a Heavenly law. Back then, Chen Feng had to restrain himself from killing this tiger yao.

He will need to use this Golden-winged Tiger as a mount while he explored ahead. The worldly laws here were peculiar while he was alone. Preserving his strength would be for the best.

After fully recovering his strength, Chen Feng stood atop the Golden-winged Tiger and roared. Next, the Golden-winged Tiger’s wings flapped and it covered a distance of over 50 kilometres in an instant. The tiger yao’s flight speed was not that high. That said, Chen Feng was in the mood to appreciate the panorama of this world.

Mountain ranges zoomed passed them while grasslands and forests spread out. Small animals could also be seen darting about. If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Feng had collected two Heavenly laws here and witnessed for himself the combat powers of the yao beasts here, he would have thought of this as an ordinary world.

When the Golden-winged Tiger’s flight speed started slowing down, Chen Feng channelled a stream of longevity energy into it. On the Golden-winged Tiger’s side, due to the fact that it was under Chen Feng’s suppression, it was constantly thinking of how to kill off Chen Feng. But as more and more longevity energy flowed into it, the Golden-winged Tiger felt its fleshly body becoming increasingly resilient and its flight speed rose. Sensing that, the Golden-winged Tiger suppressed the feelings of humiliation from this as it instead hungered for more.

A human-shaped lightning suddenly descended from above, aimed squarely at Chen Feng. In response, the Golden-winged Tiger turned, evading the attack. Meanwhile, Chen Feng grasped, catching and compressing the lightning attack, which was turned into a small ball of lightning.

This was not Chen Feng’s first time encountering something like this. For Chen Feng, the lightning attacks were not that strong. Only, they contained a very pure power of lightning. Additionally, there was also the aura of cosmic essence within them.

That said, regardless of what this world was, the fact that Chen Feng could obtain two Heavenly laws here meant that this trip was not a waste of time.

After roaming around for a few more days, Chen Feng finally encountered other cultivators.

A cultivator in black, brandishing a sword, was in the midst of killing off a herd of wild oxen. Chen Feng arrived just as he was killing off the last wild ox. 


Seeing Chen Feng elicited a cry of surprise from the black swordsman. Without waiting for Chen Feng to speak up, the black swordsman slashed out at Chen Feng. The sword energy from the attack was well developed, with an overbearing atmosphere that contained two grand daos.

Chen Feng waved and sword light flared out to clash against the incoming sword. The sword light dissipated. However, the Golden-winged Tiger opened its mouth and golden light flashed as a golden blade of light struck the black swordsman’s body, inflicting a wound on his body and forcing him back.

“The dao of carnage and slicing sword intent. Friend, you have quite some skills,” Chen Feng said smilingly, his longevity-type primary energy surging to quickly form a sword in his hand. Next, various types of sword intent flashed out from his body before swirling around. His eyes, in particular, were staring right at the black swordsman, desirous of finding his weak points.

Although Chen Feng was unable to utilize his magic treasures here, his Longevity Weapons Condensation Technique could be utilized. Additionally, the strength of the Longevity Weapons that he condensed out had reached the Immortal tier.

Chen Feng did not care for this opponent’s origins. All he wanted to do was to fight him and capture him. That way, he would be able to figure out everything.

“Hand over the Heavenly laws on your person and I can spare your life.” The black swordsman cast a look of arrogance at Chen Feng.

“So, that’s what this is all about.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Unexpectedly, this person was actually capable of sensing the Heavenly laws inside his body. Next, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to press the back of the Golden-winged Tiger and longevity energy gushed into the tiger yao.

Inside the Golden-winged Tiger’s body was a thick law that kept flickering with light, radiating wave after wave of golden-coloured energy. Its body then became twice as big.

“Heavenly law!” The black swordsman’s eyes turned towards the Golden-winged Tiger.


The Golden-winged Tiger roared and golden light shone to form several blades of light, which engulfed the black swordsman. At the same time, it also pounced forward, its paw swinging towards the black swordsman.

Chen Feng hovered in the sky, not participating in the fight. Instead, he simply observed the battle.

The Golden-winged Tiger was not to be underestimated. Back then, Chen Feng’d had to expend a great deal of effort to subdue it. And while this black swordsman appeared formidable, Chen Feng was confident that he could defeat him, even without utilizing any magic treasures.

Due to the longevity energy that Chen Feng had channelled into its body, the Golden-winged Tiger was able to display a power that exceeded its limits. Thus, the black swordsman found that, even though he had cultivated two types of combat techniques, he was no match for this yao beast.

I wonder where this fellow came from? His aura is very chaotic. He must have been wandering in space for a long time. The slicing and carnage-type sword intent are both pure daos of killing. By cultivating the two daos to the extreme, one would become an invincible existence. As for this fellow, he had killed a good number of people while his talent is quite good. Unfortunately, it would appear that his luck isn’t that good. His fleshly body is not strong enough and his soul has been affected by all the carnage. As it is, he will need to go all out if he wants just a minor chance of surviving this. Short of that, the Golden-winged Tiger will definitely kill him off. Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and he was able to clearly assess the current situation. 

The fact that the Golden-winged Tiger had to submit to Chen Feng had long since lit a fire within the Golden-winged Tiger’s heart. At that very moment, all of its rage was directed at the black swordsman. And so, the ferocious attacks from it caused the black swordsman to suffer from a serious wound.

The feeling of danger he felt informed the black swordsman that he must not stay. Due to that, he quickly found an opening before turning around to flee. Unfortunately for him, a slap from Chen Feng sent him flying back.

“Why the rush to leave? Didn’t you say you want my Heavenly laws? I have plenty of them, all waiting for you to take them, if you can.” After Chen Feng said that, the sword in his hand burst apart, transforming into a hurricane to sweep up the black swordsman. In the end, tens of bloody holes appeared on the black swordsman’s body.


The Golden-winged Tiger smashed into the black swordsman, sending him flying. Just as it was about to kill him, however, Chen Feng stopped it.

The Longevity Chains Chen Feng formed then tied him up firmly before pulling him towards Chen Feng. The look of arrogance on the black swordsman’s face had been put away. That said, he could still maintain a look of calmness.

“Friend, looks like you don’t want to kill me. What is it you have to say? Just say it.” The black swordsman did his best to maintain a look of tranquillity.

“I can spare your life. However, you will have to pay a price for it, something of the same value as your life,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Truth be told, Chen Feng was fully capable of killing off this person before looting him. However, he had also noticed that there was a magic array inside the black swordsman’s body, connected to his soul. The connection between the two was so close that the black swordsman would definitely be able to blow up his Heavenly laws right before his death.

“One pseudo-Divine artifact.” For the sake of living on, the black swordsman gave his offer, gritting his teeth as he did.

“No. Either a genuine Divine artifact or two Heavenly laws. You choose. Naturally, you can also choose to fight to the end and destroy everything, but you will still die to me all the same,” Chen Feng said indifferently.

“A Divine artifact? To think that you would dare ask for something like that? If I possess a Divine artifact, I would have killed you off long ago!” the black swordsman spat furiously.

“Looks like we’re unable to come to an agreement. As it so happens, I also want to see if your Heavenly laws can harm me or not.” Next, four Heavenly laws swirled around Chen Feng’s body. They were like wyrms, emanating an aura of peerless existences, akin to the legendary Gods of War.

“One Heavenly law, that is my limit.” Seeing the Heavenly laws swirling around Chen Feng, the black swordsman sharply sucked in a breath of air. He knew then that he had kicked the iron plate.


Chen Feng felt delighted. The Heavenly law he managed to obtain this time was formed using the grand dao of darkness. It was slightly stronger compared to the Heavenly laws in his possession. It was no wonder the black swordsman’s eyes were spouting flames.

Having managed a hefty haul from this, Chen Feng did not break his promise to the black swordsman. He let him go.

Chen Feng’s actions left the Golden-winged Tiger at a loss. It did not understand why Chen Feng would do that. But Chen Feng knew that letting the black swordsman blow himself up and wound him would only allow the cultivator that was lurking around to take advantage of the situation.

Damn it, the fool! Seeing Chen Feng release the black swordsman, a cultivator who was hiding not too far away from them swore.

“Friend, is this place to your liking?” Chen Feng suddenly appeared there, shocking this black-clad cultivator.

“Longevity Wings! You are a member of the Longevity Clan. I am from the Celestial Carefree Plane. We can be friends.” The black-clad cultivator smiled.


The Golden-winged Tiger was already charging forward. As for Chen Feng, he also promptly unleashed a killer move. Unexpectedly, this black-clad cultivator was able to, by darting a few times, break out from their encirclement to swiftly disappear from sight.

“The Grand Carefree Movement Technique is truly extraordinary.” Chen Feng shook his head and chose not to give chase. Without the help of the Longevity Wings, the Longevity Steps alone was no match for this movement technique of the Celestial Carefree Plane.

The black swordsman just now is probably from the Immortal Plane. And now, a cultivator from the Celestial Carefree Plane. Looks like there is something up with this world, Chen Feng pondered.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then utilized a minor secret technique. His soul power began spreading out in a mysterious manner. This was Extreme Celestial Sect’s secret technique. Utilizing this technique, Chen Feng’s soul power could spread out to span a radius of billions of li and only those who had cultivated out Extreme Celestial Sect’s Everlasting Celestial Formula would be able to sense it.

Whether or not I can find Heavenly Premier Extreme Celestial and the others will depend on luck, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng continued monitoring the world. After a few years, the number of Heavenly laws in his possession rose up to 10. Even then, he had yet to find a way to leave this world. More accurately, with the exception of some Heavenly laws and some special powers, there were nothing else that could move Chen Feng. 

Due to that, after his harvest reached a certain level, Chen Feng began feeling somewhat bored. He even killed off two other cultivators who had entered this place.

Ten years went by. Then, twenty years. Chen Feng’s cultivation base had hit its limit, but undergoing tribulation was not possible in this world. On Chen Feng’s side, his pseudo-Divine artifacts could not be used here while he did not want to utilize the Longevity Tower.

Finally, on this particular day, Chen Feng released all of his aura out. In Chen Feng’s opinion, he could already advance to the True Immortal stage in one fell swoop. Only, his actions failed to trigger his Heavenly Tribulation. It did however, lure over some cultivators. More, he had failed to predict that it would be them.

Regarding the three cyan-armoured cultivators standing around him, an entangled look appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Kid, the longevity-type primary energy inside you is quite good. Looks like you are also a talent. Where are you from?” All three cyan-armoured cultivators were young, and all three were high-level True Immortals. Likewise, all three had longevity-type primary energy coursing through their bodies.

They were from the Longevity Clan. Additionally, judging by the power of their genes, they were – at the very least – from a side branch of the imperial family.

Seeing the three of them deliberately putting the power of their genes on display, Chen Feng laughed. With a thought from Chen Feng, a faint aura emerged from his body.

The faces of the three cultivators sank sharply and despite not having discussed it beforehand, they took several steps back, a look of shock appearing on their faces.

“Sir, how should we address you?” one of them forced himself to ask.

“I haven’t even asked you fellows yet, but you fellows actually dare to question me?” Chen Feng said.


1 li = 0.5 km

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