Chapter 1084 Laws of Ice and Fire


In any other world, these cyan wolves would be considered ordinary. But here, they can actually besiege and kill off True Immortals. What a peculiar world this is. If the three Ascendant Immortals from Extreme Celestial Sect encountered them back then, they would surely have died. It is no wonder there are no news from them, Chen Feng thought.

Not long after escaping from the cyan wolves’ encirclement, Chen Feng was spotted by several ferocious birds. After a series of clashes, Chen Feng managed to kill off the birds. Then, he found a secluded cave. Only, upon entering, he encountered a python and was forced to fight again.

For Chen Feng, it felt as though he had become a Concealed stage cultivator again.

What is this place, exactly? Is this a world that a Heavenly Immortal created? Chen Feng did not understand what was happening here. All he could do was to advance, one step at a time. He would have to consider this as training for his dao heart.

After cultivating inside the cave for a moment, Chen Feng then gained a certain level of understanding towards the laws of this world. After that, he walked out from the cave.

Chen Feng’s foot took a step outside the cave only to retract his foot the very next moment. Before him was an expanse of white; a world of ice and snow. A heart-piercing chill made its way into his heart and he took a step back. As a result, the cold feeling instantly disappeared.

A smile suddenly appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

An ordinary cave could block such cold air from entering? Chen Feng did not believe it.

And yet, despite inspecting the cave from the inside out, he was unable to find anything. Then, a thought suddenly rose to the fore.

Looks like the cultivator who created this world is not to be underestimated. This doesn’t seem like something a starter-level Heavenly Immortal can do. Could it be a mid-level Heavenly Immortal or higher? If that’s the case, even with the protection of the Longevity Tower, this place could kill me. When Chen Feng thought of that, he felt all his hairs standing on end. This was an instinctive response towards danger.

More, this feeling of danger came from deep inside the cave.

The cave had been in a state of complete darkness, but it abruptly became bright. Even the surrounding temperature had instantly become a thousand times higher. Chen Feng’s face turned red and he felt his heart becoming irritable.

Could this cave be connected to a volcano? Isn’t that too far-fetched? Looking down, Chen Feng saw that the ground beneath his feet had already melted and churning, fiery-red magma burst out.

Chen Feng could sense that his skin was about to be scorched. Knowing how peculiar the situation was, Chen Feng decided to step out from the cave and the heat assailing him disappeared while strands of iciness assailed him instead, entering his body to make contact with Chen Feng’s soul.

It was even colder than before.

If an Ascendant Immortal comes here, he or she will be instantly frozen into a popsicle. Either that or be burned to ash by the magma’s heat. A starter-level True Immortal would be able to last for a while, but even so, it is limited. Even for a mid-level True Immortal, this place will still be dangerous. Hopefully, Huo Yunlong and the others are not facing such a situation. Chen Feng then turned around to enter the cave once more before seating himself down. On one side was magma so hot, it could easily melt rocks. On the other side was snow so cold, it could freeze the soul. In the face of these two powers, even a mid-level True Immortal would have his or her body ripped apart.

For Chen Feng, however, this was the best chance to cultivate himself.

Here in this world, he could not utilize his magic treasures while his soul power was suppressed. Thus, it was time for his fleshly body to step to the front.


The sounds of explosion erupted from four insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body. They were the Five Elemental acupoints’ Fire acupoint, Eight Trigram Domain acupoints’ Fire Trigram acupoint, Extreme Yin acupoint and Extreme Yang acupoint.

Churning magma covered half of Chen Feng’s body while a thick layer of ice and snow covered the other half of Chen Feng’s body. The two powers were not that strong. That said, these two powers were stronger than any other power of ice and fire that Chen Feng had encountered in the past.

Soon enough, a Yin Yang symbol appeared on Chen Feng’s forehead. The Yin and Yang acupoints spun into action to adjust and harmonize the two powers.

But the two powers within his body fell into a state of turmoil and the power of fire gained the upper hand. As a result, Chen Feng’s body began boiling and the layer of ice on his body began melting. Once all the ice melted away, Chen Feng’s cultivation session would come to an end.

Smoke began coming out from Chen Feng’s body and his whole body became like a volcano. Just as the last bit of ice was about to melt, however, a booming sound rang out as a new insight acupoint burst open.

Assuming Chen Feng’s body was the universe, the insight acupoints that he had opened up were comparable to stars shining in the universe. When necessary, they could even transform into black holes to devour everything.

A new star appeared and it rapidly expanded in size to transform into an icy black hole. Next, limitless power charged out, creating several massive hurricanes within the world of ice and snow outside the cave.

After the opening of this Frost acupoint, Chen Feng’s body re-entered a state of balance and the Yin Yang symbol became even more stable.

The two Abyssal Ice Orbs entered the Frost acupoint at the same time and they rotated again and again to expand the size of the newly-opened insight acupoint. At an unknown point in time, the two Abyssal Ice Orbs fused as one, becoming a top-grade Immortal artifact.

As Chen Feng continued cultivating, the Deepsea Maelstrom, Treasured Ocean Pearl and some other magic treasures also entered the Frost acupoint to help expand the acupoint.

The Divine Sun Needle entered the Extreme Yang acupoint while the Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin entered the Extreme Yin acupoint. In the end, a series of reactions rang out and the other insight acupoints began fluctuating. As a result, some other magic treasures that Chen Feng had obtained – those that he had yet to refine – automatically moved to find an insight acupoint to stay in.

Each of Chen Feng’s insight acupoints was like a pocket dimension. And as Chen Feng grew stronger, his insight acupoints would transform to become a world, give birth to life and gather essence power.

In the past, for the sake of tempering the Longevity weapons, Chen Feng had fused tens of magic treasures into his Longevity weapons. But thanks to this cultivation session, Chen Feng had been able to add over a hundred magic treasures into his insight acupoints. Furthermore, every one of those magic treasures was hand-picked by Chen Feng himself. Even the weakest amongst them was a mid-grade Immortal artifact. A few were pseudo-Divine artifacts that Chen Feng had snatched over.

In the beginning, Chen Feng was simply cultivating the power of ice and fire. But as he immersed himself in cultivation, Chen Feng’s whole body entered a state of chaos.

For the average cultivator, upon reaching a certain level, they would create a bodily world. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was going on a different path. He wanted to create countless worlds within his body. Upon doing so, his body would become a universe of its own.

Without the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng would never have chosen to walk this path. Instead, he would have cultivated steadily to forge his own path of cultivation.

There were many members of the Longevity Clan who cultivated the techniques recorded in the Longevity Scripture and some also had the same idea as Chen Feng. In the end, however, they were met with failure. In the worst-case scenario, their bodies would blow up, resulting in their deaths. None could succeed in creating countless worlds within them.

Of course, in addition to the fact that he possessed the Longevity Tower, there was something else that gave Chen Feng the confidence to do so. The Chaos Constitution. By cultivating this constitution up to the major success phase, its power would be in no way inferior compared to the Longevity Tower, a peerless Divine artifact.

The world that Chen Feng was in was very strange. The longer Chen Feng spent cultivating, the stronger the ice and magma became. In the end, Chen Feng was able to sense the energy fluctuations of grand dao laws.

As expected, there are Heavenly laws here. The grand dao of both ice and fire is fused into the Heavenly laws. This cultivator is very powerful. He or she must be a leading figure amongst those on the same level, Chen Feng pondered. However, he did not halt his cultivation session.

Chen Feng could sense it. Not only was his cultivation base increasing, even the density of his fleshly body was increasing. The cultivation path that he was forging was extending outwards and widening.

The life of a cultivator had always been one of cultivation to pursue greater strength. Sensing his cultivation base rising constantly, Chen Feng did not feel bored at all.

As Chen Feng was deeply immersed in his state of cultivation, the world of ice and snow outside and the magma underground underwent a transformation. The two of them became like an illusory world, with Chen Feng in the middle of this world. Semi-transparent lines pulled and twisted and the world of ice and snow outside converged to become a white-coloured wyrm.

Even the cave had disappeared, the magma gushing out from the ground transforming into a fiery-red wyrm. 

The two wyrms were not particularly big, only 100 zhang long. However, there was a law coursing through each of their bodies.

The stimulations Chen Feng felt from that caused him to snap open his eyes.

Two Heavenly laws. How lucky! Chen Feng abruptly stood up and both his hand swiftly grew in size to grab hold of the two wyrms before they could attack him.

They did not struggle at all. Instead, two attacks made their way into Chen Feng’s body, but that was all. Next, the two wyrms seemingly became utterly drained, turning limp and bereft of combat power. Chen Feng then casually tossed them onto the ground.

“Ruthless.” Chen Feng felt his body on the verge of blowing up. The two Heavenly laws – the attacks that had made their way into his body – were not easy to digest. That said, it was not as though Chen Feng was not prepared for this. With a thought from Chen Feng, four Heavenly laws that Chen Feng had already refined appeared. Like wyrms, the four of them besieged the two invading Heavenly laws.

Chen Feng's body became a battlefield. 

Chen Feng clenched his teeth and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower encased him. By doing so, his body would not break down, something that would kill him. However, this was most certainly not a pleasant experience.


Chen Feng’s fleshly body had already gone through a high number of tempering processes, making it abnormally resilient and capable of blocking the attacks of pseudo-Divine artifacts. Even so, in the face of the attacks from Heavenly laws, it was still somewhat weak.

Just one clash caused one third of Chen Feng’s body to blow up, but all of it healed up in the blink of an eye.

Chen Feng’s body blew up a total of 18 times. The final time nearly blew him up completely. Even his Longevity Flame turned dim as a result of that.

Despite all that, Chen Feng’s persistence paid off. The two Heavenly laws were suppressed and Chen Feng’s body improved by several notches. The 18 explosions earlier were comparable to Chen Feng tempering his fleshly body inside a lightning pond for 100 years.

Still, this was a highly risky move and Chen Feng did not believe he would be so lucky every time.

Even though this place did not appear to be particularly extraordinary, it could actually net me such a kind of harvest. These laws are much stronger than a pseudo-Divine artifact. I came to the right place. Only, it looks like the one who formed these two Heavenly laws was only at the starter-level Heavenly Immortal stage. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have been able to suppress it so easily. Although delighted, Chen Feng did not let it get to his head. He refined the Heavenly laws several times. Only after he was able to control them did he decide to venture ahead. 

Next up, Chen Feng encountered some more living creatures of differing variety. But even the most ordinary-looking yao beast was actually capable of endangering him. Chen Feng killed countless yao beasts and was even forced to flee several times as they pursued him. Twice, he had ended up in a grievously wounded state.

Huh! To think that a Golden-winged Tiger would be able to grievously wound me. Looks like my fleshly body still needs to be tempered. Chen Feng was seated atop a mountain, with a pile of flames before him. Sprawled beside him was a tiger yao. Several zhang in length, it sported a pair of golden-coloured wings and a savage light would continuously flash out from its eyes. This was a mount that Chen Feng had exerted a great deal of effort to subdue.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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