Chapter 1083 Spatial Nexus Point


What kind of secret technique is this? It is providing me with power! Chen Feng’s body kept swelling up, but a smile appeared on his face.

The Blood Mustering Bead, stored inside Chen Feng’s body, spun and the bloody light of devastation that entered Chen Feng’s body earlier rapidly disappeared. In the end, all the power of blood was devoured by the Blood Mustering Bead.

Following that, Chen Feng’s body began shrinking and the Blood Mustering Bead appeared on his palm, shining with a dazzling bloody light as it kept on spinning.

The Blood Mustering Bead was already a pseudo-Divine artifact. Thus, the more power of blood it devoured, especially one of this level, the better it would be for it. Rather, if the level of this power of blood was just slightly higher, the Blood Mustering Bead would be able to level up again once it had stabilized its strength. 

This secret technique is quite good. Unfortunately for them, it does not contain eye power. If it had, I would have some troubles dealing with it. As Chen Feng was musing to himself, even more streams of bloody light flew towards him, but all of them were devoured by the Blood Mustering Bead.

All those streams of bloody light were the blood essence left behind by the Blood Eyes Clan cultivators after their deaths. Domain World had let those streams of bloody light out on purpose.

The one who started later climbs to the top. Perhaps, this Blood Mustering Bead would be the first amongst all the magic treasures to level up to the Divine tier. Chen Feng grew somewhat pleased with himself. The Blood Mustering Bead was a magic treasure that had gradually grown in strength alongside him, after all.

All the enemy cultivators had been killed and the danger to Domain World had been dealt with. The humanoid hologram – the manifestation of Domain World’s essence power – nodded towards Chen Feng before disappearing with a booming sound. All that was left was a mote of starlight, which entered Chen Feng’s body. Following that, the Eight Trigram Domain acupoints within Chen Feng’s body began expanding rapidly. At the same time, the eight Domain Pillars also transformed into streams of light to enter the Eight Trigram Domain acupoints, becoming like divine, sky-propping pillars to stand guard over everything.

At that very moment, each of the Eight Trigram Domain acupoints within Chen Feng’s body was already comparable to a minor pocket dimension and minute signs of life began emerging from within them. Sensing that, Chen Feng knew that he was one step closer to forming his bodily world.

The Domain Geocompass thrummed before shrinking. Spinning, it then flew into Chen Feng’s hand. Domain World’s calamity was over and while Chen Feng also managed to gain some benefits from this matter, his karmic debt had been repaid.

Feeling at ease, Chen Feng then left Domain World. He knew, he would likely never return to this world ever again.

After returning to Eternal World, Chen Feng did not inquire too much about other matters. Instead, he cultivated himself with peace of mind within East Dragon Island. The number of times he spent heading into the ocean for a stroll was limited.

A hundred years went by quickly. For the present Chen Feng, however, one hundred years was nothing. That was the time it took for a lengthy exploration or a meditation session.

That said, during the past 100 years, Eternal World became increasingly stable. Additionally, its rate of development far exceeded that of the past billions of years.

Due to the war in the Immortal Plane, Chen Feng was able to further steal an ocean-like amount of immortal dao laws with the Heavenstealing Technique and created who knows just how many experts.

During that 100 years, two more cultivators had ascended to the Immortal Plane. This rate of cultivation shocked the whole world. Chen Feng, on the other hand, thought of it as a natural matter. Considering how good of a cultivation environment he was providing for them, having only two ascend to the Immortal Plane in 100 years could not be considered fast.

Only, would they be able to establish themselves after ascending to the Immortal Plane? Chen Feng felt somewhat concerned.

However, he thought back to how things were in the past, where a cultivator be able to ascend upon reaching the Ascendant Immortal stage. In comparison, these cultivators were only ascending after reaching the mid-level and high-level Ascendant Immortal stage. Due to that, they should be able to garner a stronger level of protection there.

That was even more so when considering how some other worlds would allow cultivators to ascend after just reaching the Earthen Immortal stage. In that regards, the cultivators from Eternal World were in a favourable position.

“Everyone has their own fortune.” Chen Feng then shook his head.

In truth, since witnessing what happened to Domain World back then, Chen Feng had begun feeling worried for Eternal World. He feared that some cultivators might come for Eternal World’s essence power as well.

Only, Chen Feng was also aware that his worries were unwarranted. There was no way he could stay here forever.

When Liu Wuxiang came to invite Chen Feng for an adventure, Chen Feng rejected it. By then, the treasure hoard of True Immortals could no longer attract Chen Feng’s attention.

Only the treasure hoard of Heavenly Immortals could.

Chen Feng continued to stay in Eternal World for another 100 years, spending all that time refining two Longevity Fruits. As a result, he was able to gain 200,000 years’ worth of cultivation efforts. In the end, his cultivation base reached a stable phase and it would be unwise to boost it again. Due to that, Chen Feng decided to leave Eternal World for an adventure in outer space.

The Northernmost Frozen Region was located at the northernmost tip of Eternal World. For billions of years, this place had been covered by ice and snow. It was an area with the least number of cultivators and living creatures. It had even fewer living creatures when compared to the desolate lands of the Western Regions.

Chen Feng, True Immortal Soulboost, Huo Yunlong and Patriarch Golden Earth stood atop an icy mountain that rose high up into the clouds. Although the sun was blazing above them, the ice there remain firm, not melting. 

“Is it here? Just a few Ascendant Immortals, how much value could this place have?” Huo Yunlong said with a somewhat unsatisfied tone.

“Mysterious places are always worth exploring. I just want to know where this spatial nexus point is connected to.” Chen Feng was not too concerned about it. At worse, he would simply have nothing to show for this trip.

“Here.” True Immortal Soulboost jabbed out with a finger and the surrounding icy mountains were blown away to reveal a black hole on the flat ground.

“A spatial passageway similar to a black hole in space. Hopefully, it will be able to provide me with some challenge,” Chen Feng said, entering it.

“What is this place?”

The teleportation speed was very fast and the four of them re-appeared in outer space where the stars shone with a dazzling light. However, there were six pitch-black spatial passageways before them.

“What is going on here?”

“This is a spatial nexus point. Only, it is connected to quite a number of places,” Chen Feng said. Not even his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight could inspect the exact details of the spatial passageways. Due to that, Chen Feng believed that the one who constructed this spatial nexus point was at least a Heavenly Immortal.

For a Heavenly Immortal to take action, this place they were headed to was certainly an extraordinary one. Only, Chen Feng did not know which passageway did the three Ascendant Immortals from Extreme Celestial Sect took back then.

“There are six passageways. What do we do?” Huo Yunlong said smilingly.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then fired out a punch. This punch utilized the power of the Force acupoint as its foundation and Heavenly laws as its frame. It was a punch that nearly caused Chen Feng’s body to explode.

In the face of the punch, however, the spatial passageway only shook slightly before returning to a state of normalcy. After that, Huo Yunlong and the others also took turns to attack, but the six spatial passageways were like illusions. Despite going all out, they could not do anything to the spatial passageways.

“Looks like we need to pick one.” Huo Yunlong was feeling somewhat dispirited.

“Stay focused. This means that there are treasures up ahead,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

“That makes sense!” Huo Yunlong then grew delighted.

“Let’s just choose one at random.” After saying that, Chen Feng stepped forward to enter the side most passageway. Huo Yunlong and the others moved to follow suit only to be stopped by an invisible yet formidable power. At the same time, the passageway that Chen Feng used disappeared.

“This, this.” Huo Yunlong and the others grew dumbfounded.

“Does this mean only one person may enter one passageway?”

“That’s possible.”

“Let’s try charging in together.”

The three of them were quick to decide and they charged into the passageway right before them at the same time.

A banging sound rang out and both Huo Yunlong and Premier Golden Earth were thrown back by a powerful force. As for True Immortal Soulboost, he had entered the passageway. Next, the passageway disappeared.

“That’s not working. We’ll have to pick one each.” Huo Yunlong sighed and flew into another passageway.

Premier Golden Earth did the same thing. Now that it had come to this, he would not turn back.

In the end, only two passageways were left. Surprisingly, the two passageways suddenly stacked together. Wriggling like an illusionary object for a moment, they then split up into two passageways again.

Naturally, Chen Feng and the others were unaware of what just happened. Not long after they disappeared, another group of cultivators appeared. Like Chen Feng’s team, these cultivators were first confused. In the end, each of them entered one of the passageways there. 

Next up, cultivators continued to appear there. Interestingly enough, one of the groups of cultivators had over six people. As a result, the number of passageways automatically increased.

If Chen Feng were to witness that, he would surely be able to come up with some speculations.

However, Chen Feng had no time to be thinking about other matters. He was presently in danger. This was true danger, one greater compared to when he was being chased by the True Immortals from the Immortal Plane.

Beneath his feet was soil while a blue sky hung above him. There were rolling mountain ranges and white clouds swirled about. There were also various vegetation, brimming with vitality.

Appearance wise, this was an ordinary world.

And yet, Chen Feng’s heart had been screaming danger the moment he stepped foot upon this world. In the beginning, Chen Feng did not encounter any dangers. Later, however, he noticed that he was incapable of making use of any of his magic treasures. Be it the magic treasures safeguarding his insight acupoints or the recently-obtained pseudo-Divine artifacts, all of them were not responding.

This shocked Chen Feng to the extreme. This was his first time encountering a restrictive array of this level.

Only after he was able to successfully link up with the Longevity Tower did Chen Feng grow somewhat at ease. And so, he began exploring his surroundings.

Following that, Chen Feng found that his divine sense was suppressed. The strength of his soul power had decreased by 90%. Thankfully, his physical might was not diminished.

Even so, Chen Feng did not act carelessly. On the contrary, he grew even more wary. For something like this to happen, there must surely be something abnormal about this world. Chen Feng attempted to unleash a punch and saw that it only managed to break a big tree with the girth of a human waist. Seeing that, he knew that the structure of this world had surpassed that of the Immortal Plane.

An expert must have utilized magic power to create this world, Chen Feng thought.

After that, Chen Feng encountered a pack of wolves. The hundreds of cyan-coloured, calf-sized wolves rushed forward in waves as they attacked Chen Feng.

Normally, given the limited cultivation bases of the huge cyan wolves, one thought from Chen Feng would be enough to kill them off. But after clashing with them once, Chen Feng instantly felt pressured.


With a punch, Chen Feng killed off one of the huge cyan wolves, but three more pounced upon Chen Feng at the same time.

Ferocious, with no fear towards death and difficult to deal with. After killing off several more of the wolves, Chen Feng was finally wounded. His fleshly body, strong enough to block even the attacks from a pseudo-Divine artifact, was ripped open by the claws of the wolves. The attacks cut deep to expose his bloody flesh.

Additionally, his rate of recovery had become 10 times slower as well.

By relying on the Longevity Steps, Chen Feng would be able to easily run away from them. However, his pride stopped him. And so, he continued fighting. When he finally killed off 100 of the cyan wolves, the number of cyan wolves surrounding him had increased to 1,000.

A wry smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. He knew then that he had become careless. This world was different from the worlds he had encountered in the past and he needed to quickly adjust his state of mind.

And so, after killing off 300 cyan wolves, Chen Feng made use of the Longevity Steps and his figure became like a phantom, flitting about non-stop to rush out from the cyan wolves’ encirclement.


Note: The Northernmost Frozen Region is where the three Ascendant Immortals of the Extreme Celestial Sect went MIA. It was mentioned in Chapter 902.

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