Chapter 1082 Domain Pillar


“I’m sorry. Please go back. No one else may have the essence power here,” the blue-clothed cultivator said. Seeing Chen Feng not take action, he too held back. The most important reason for that was because he was not confident in his ability to handle Chen Feng.

“If that’s the case, I’ll get it myself,” Chen Feng said, a blood-red river surging out from his eyes.

“Humph! You already know that we are from the Blood Eyes Clan, but you still dare to resort to such tricks in front of us? Do you not know the meaning of shame?” The blue-clothed cultivator scoffed and runes flashed out from his blood-coloured eyes. Strands of light flowed out to shred the river of blood that Chen Feng released before absorbing them all into his eyes.

Suddenly, countless vines shot out furiously from the blue-clothed cultivator’s back, instantly tying him up.

“The Divine Malla Vine! This is the treasure of the Celestial Malla Plane! How could you be in possession on this?” The blue-clothed cultivator was astounded and bloody light charged out as he attempted to break free.

“This is the Divine Malla Vine that I have modified. Looks like the effects of the modification is quite good.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. During the past few years, the Divine Malla Vine had fused with a high number of divine and spiritual objects to level up to the top-grade Immortal tier. Additionally, it had also gained many wondrous abilities.

Even though the blue-clothed cultivator was a high-level True Immortal, this Divine Malla Vine was still giving him a feeling of danger.

Though, this next attack from Chen Feng was even more dangerous. Chen Feng’s incoming fist contained the power of True laws and even Heavenly laws.

Due to that, the high-level True Immortal was smashed to pieces. Due to the power of the Heavenly laws, he could no longer reform his body and his soul was promptly dispersed. Next, however, they converged and were collected by Chen Feng.

After easily killing off one of the invading cultivators, an air of valour began charging out from Chen Feng. As for the group of cultivators besieging Domain World’s essence power, they were shocked. Unexpectedly, this newcomer would be so formidable. Due to that, they grew concerned that something unexpected might happen. They had already started on this plan. All they needed was just a little more time to devour this world’s essence power. Unexpectedly, someone would interfere with their plans.

“Fellow friend from the Longevity Clan, you can take part of the world essence power here.” Seeing one of their companions killed off, no one else was willing to step forward to stop Chen Feng. Instead, one of the invading cultivators, a gaunt-looking old man with a calm expression on his face, spoke up in a friendly manner. That said, his hands kept moving.

Domain World’s essence power had assumed the form of a humanoid hologram. However, due to the siege from the enemy cultivators, its light flickered and dimmed. Should the other party succeed in shattering it apart, it would be split amongst them and devoured.

“I thank you!” Chen Feng said, rushing forward even faster. After advancing to a certain distance, an invisible wave of energy fluctuations made its way forward, unimpeded by space, to enter Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

It was the information regarding the enemy cultivators, sent to Chen Feng by Domain World so that he could make preparations for the battle.

Chen Feng was secretly feeling amused. Those cultivators were from the Blood Eyes Clan. Chen Feng had some knowledge about them. However, there was a total of 18 of them there, all at the high-level True Immortal stage. Although Chen Feng had successfully killed off one of them, the others were still not easy to deal with. Thankfully, Domain World was capable of handling most of them on its own, otherwise those cultivators could have swarmed him. If that were to happen, Chen Feng would either be ripped apart or forced to flee. 

I had already killed off one of their companions. Would they agree to join hands with me? Once they are done devouring the essence power, they will likely attack me. Chen Feng smirked inwardly as he put on a look of indifference to join the group. He wanted to find the right opportunity to take action against them.

Only, Chen Feng was slightly careless and he fell for the other party’s trap. Upon approaching the group of enemy cultivators, Chen Feng saw the space before him transforming, turning fiery-red. Waves of blood surged all around him and the high temperature there caused the power of blood to become even more violent and tempestuous. The power of blood then converged, desirous of drowning Chen Feng.

An illusion. More, it is something that many people had set up together. Even a half-step Heavenly Immortal would be trapped by this. A pity for them, they encountered me. Chen Feng sighed and utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. Everywhere his gaze went, the bloody panorama would disappear and a pathway swiftly opened up.

Chen Feng took a step forward and light flashed out as he walked out from the illusion.

With their illusion broken, the enemy cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan ended up suffering from a backlash. Although it was only a minor one, it gave Domain World’s essence power an opportunity. Its humanoid hologram abruptly expanded in size to sweep forward and two enemy cultivators were sucked into the hologram, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Chen Feng also made use of this opening to attack. The Domain Geocompass affixed the surrounding space while the Divine Malla Vine grew to envelop its surroundings. More, the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight swept out non-stop as well and Chen Feng was able to, with his strength alone, entangle five of the enemy cultivators.

This immediately lessened a small portion of the pressure on Domain World. At the same time, the few True Immortals who were on Domain World’s side mobilized a high number of cultivators. Those cultivators utilized a special type of secret technique to further bolster Domain World’s essence power.

Those cultivators were the living creatures inhabiting Domain World. Thus, their support was comparable to the bolstering power of faith. As expected, Domain World’s essence power grew even stronger and its humanoid hologram was able to gain the upper hand despite having to face 10 enemy cultivators on its own.

I wonder, how much longer do I need to hold them? Chen Feng was very aware of his role in all this. Killing off the enemy cultivators was an impossibility for him. Just entangling them was already his utmost limit.

“Fellow friend, we both hail from Heaven-defying races. As long as you are willing to retreat now, our Blood Eyes Clan will be sure to repay you generously.” 

The situation had changed and the enemy cultivators were now in danger. In order to plunder and devour Domain World’s essence power, the Blood Eyes Clan had paid a great price. Unexpectedly, just as they were about to succeed, someone would appear, disrupting their plans. Should this situation be allowed to continue for just several breaths’ worth of time, the failure to obtain Domain World’s essence power would be the least of their worries. All of them would die here.

“The Blood Eyes Clan is a clan that has long since fallen to ruin. Earlier, you actually dare to plot against me. That in itself is already a great crime. Believe it or not, my Longevity Clan will wipe out your clan!” Chen Feng shouted icily.

Hearing those words, one of the enemy cultivators abruptly erupted with a power that was several times stronger than before. Then, his figure charged towards Chen Feng.


A high-level True Immortal is actually going to blow himself up?! Chen Feng realized what was happening, but there was nothing he could do to stop it except to give it his all to deal with it.

The thick vines of the Divine Malla Vine wrapped up the surrounding space. In truth, Chen Feng was able to endure the explosive power behind this self-destruct move, but the explosive power could greatly endanger Domain World.

Countless vines enveloped what seemed like an exploding star and the resilient vines – forged using divine objects – kept breaking and shattering apart. However, even more vines would grow out. As for the Domain Geocompass that was affixing the surrounding space, cracks had appeared on it.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, laughed. The self-destruct move of a high-level True Immortal was indeed formidable. And yet, the two magic treasures that Chen Feng brought out did not shatter apart on the spot. 

Next, with the emergence of the Essence Spirit Bead, Chen Feng was able to resolve the issue.

The three top-grade Immortal artifacts managed to deal with the self-destruct move from a high-level True Immortal. Chen Feng was highly satisfied with this result.

When the aftermath of the explosion had subsided, two streams of power pierced through space to strike Chen Feng’s body, knocking him back. In response, the Longevity Wings flapped vigorously while swiftly elongating. After reaching a certain length, the wings then exploded.

The attacks from two enemy cultivators had left Chen Feng seriously wounded, but he was able to make a full recovery the very next moment. Chen Feng, who had cultivated out the Longevity Flame, could already be said to have stepped upon the realm of the undying. Only Heavenly Immortals would be able to wipe out Chen Feng’s life imprint in one fell swoop to kill him off. Short of that, the combination of the Longevity Flame and longevity-type primary energy would make Chen Feng unkillable for the average True Immortals. 

The self-destruct move from the previous cultivator had succeeded in stopping Chen Feng for a moment, but just a very short moment. Next, Chen Feng became even harder to deal with.

The Longevity Wings unfurled once again and one magic treasure after another kept flying out. By relying on his speed, Chen Feng once again entangled up to five enemy cultivators.

The battle began to tilt heavily in favour of Domain World and the humanoid hologram suddenly became several times bigger; Domain World itself began quaking. In but the blink of an eye, two enemy cultivators were devoured while another three were grievously wounded.

The situation had undergone a swift change and the enemy cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan knew that they could no longer force it. And while they held an intense grudge against Chen Feng, they also knew that not running away right now would lead to all of them dying here.

And so, all the enemy cultivators transformed into a stream of bloody light, which swiftly flew away.

However, now that Domain World had gained the upper hand, would it allow them to escape? Eight pillars of light encased the enemy cultivators who became as weak as butterflies.

It was a space created by the power of the entire Domain World. It was not something that they could fight against.

Now this is genuine domain power! Chen Feng chuckled. Just the act of observing the eight Domain Pillars had given Chen Feng a great deal of harvest.

Once again, the Domain Geocompass ignored Chen Feng’s control to fly forward, expanding in size before hovering atop the eight Domain Pillars. Its eight octagonal corners were pointing towards each of the eight Domain Pillars, giving off the appearance of a Heavenly dome.

Seeing that Chen Feng smiled.

Domain World sure is generous. Looks like this trip will be worthwhile.

After absorbing the eight Domain Pillars, the Domain Geocompass would have no problems levelling up to the pseudo-Divine tier.

Just as Chen Feng was feeling relieved, however, a beam of bloody light suddenly shot out from within the central area of the eight Domain Pillars. It was so fast that Chen Feng was simply incapable of responding in time. And so, a power of devastation entered Chen Feng’s body and a resentful voice arrived.

“You brat from the Longevity Clan! You ruined our plans! We will all die here, but don’t think you’ll be able to get away scot-free! This is the combined might of the eight of us. I want to see just how you plan on resisting this!”

Chen Feng’s body kept swelling and his blood vessels became like vipers, rising to the surface. Chen Feng’s eyes turned scarlet-red and a bloody pillar of light radiated out from his head. It looked as though he would blow up at any moment. This was a secret technique that eight True Immortals had jointly cast. It was not something that could be easily unravelled.


Finally, some of the enemy cultivators trapped within the Domain Pillars began dying. The essence, energy and soul power released upon death transformed into bloody light, which once again attempted to break free from the world that the Domain Pillars had created.

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