Chapter 1081 Heading to Domain World


Following the stabilization of Eternal World’s situation, the number of cultivators who ascended increased. During the past hundreds of thousands of years, the number of cultivators who ascended had always been low. Every single large sect would have to prepare and nurture their cultivators for a long time, between ten thousand years to hundreds of thousands of years before one of their cultivators could assail the Ascendant Immortal stage. But even so, there was no telling if they could succeed or not.

However, since the period of calamity began, tens of Ascendant Immortals from Eternal World had ascended to the Immortal Plane. That was particularly so after Chen Feng returned and stabilized the situation there. During the past 10 years, a total of eight Ascendant Immortals had ascended. Chen Feng could tell that in just several more decades, or perhaps centuries, once the strength of the sects had stabilized, some more of the older members of those sects would attempt to undergo Heavenly Tribulation as well. 

They had been staying inside a pseudo-Divine artifact for close to a thousand years. Add the cultivation resources that Chen Feng provided, their rate of success for overcoming tribulations have greatly increased.

As expected, war would decrease the number of cultivators we have. However, the number of powerhouses is continuously rising. Chen Feng was seated cross-legged at a reefy peripheral area of East Dragon Island. During the past few years, Chen Feng had tried to steal more spiritual energy and laws from the Immortal Plane, successfully getting a great haul each time. The high amount of immortal energy and essence laws from the Immortal Plane allowed the strength of the East Dragon Island Alliance to multiply quickly.

Chen Feng had also sent his divine sense into the Immortal Plane to investigate what was happening there, but he failed to find anything. Instead, he was attacked by the essence power of the Immortal Plane. If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Feng’s cultivation of the Heavenstealing Technique was good enough, he would have become grievously wounded from that.

One day, Liu Wuxiang, who took a trip back to the Immortal Plane, returned. He brought with him news of the Immortal Plane which greatly delighted Chen Feng.

A large-scale war had broken out in the Immortal Plane. The Immortal Court gathered many of the Immortal Plane’s forces – Heavenly Firmaments Palace included – for this war. It was said that Heavenly Firmaments Palace was so deeply involved with the war that it could not extricate itself from it. Naturally, that also meant that it would not have the ability to participate in anything else.

“War in the Immortal Plane.” Chen Feng nodded, not feeling too surprised to hear that.

Amongst the many millions of worlds, the Immortal Plane was the most unstable of them all. It was in a constant state of chaos and war, filled with ambitions and expansions. It would be weird if there was a period of tranquillity in the Immortal Plane. And although the Immortal Court was becoming increasingly strong, the corresponding disputes also grew to a greater scale.

“The Demon Plane, Yao Plane, Nether Plane and Ghost Plane chose to join forces and attack the Immortal Plane. Some other forces also tried to take advantage of the situation. In the beginning, the Immortal Plane suffered from serious losses due to the war. At present, however, they are gradually gaining the upper hand,” Liu Wuxiang said.

“The Immortal Plane is very strong. There are some old monsters within the ranks of the Immortal Court. Not even our Celestial Planes would choose to offend them for no reason. This time, those worlds will likely end up suffering from a defeat,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

The Immortal Plane was a near-endless place. Every force would like a bite of this delectable cake. Ever since the various worlds came into existence, wars had never stopped erupting and many forces would partner up to attack the Immortal Plane. However, for the past billions of years, all the Immortal Plane had ever experienced was non-stop expansion.

“This war is somewhat peculiar. The various worlds involved are ferociously participating in this war, fighting the Immortal Plane with everything they have. I wonder what happened?” Liu Wuxiang, who went to the Immortal Plane for some time, had tried to inquire what happened, but failed to find even a single rumour about it.

“Regardless of what happened, Eternal World will be safe for a long time. Only, given the state of chaos engulfing the Immortal Plane, those who ascended will end up becoming embroiled in it.” Light shone off Chen Feng’s eyes.

A war in the Immortal Plane would last anywhere between a thousand years to tens of thousands of years. This time period was enough to act as a cushion for Eternal World. Only, there was a high chance that those who ascended during this time would become embroiled in the war and turned into cannon fodder. Naturally, there was reward to be found amidst danger. With enough luck, cultivation base and determination, it was possible for the cultivators to obtain benefits from the war and firmly establish themselves in the Immortal Plane. 

After pondering the issue for a moment, Chen Feng then decided to put it aside. Eternal World had a high number of cultivators. There was no way he could care for them all. Everyone had their own paths to walk and their own fortunes. Recklessly intervening in the cultivation path of others was never a good thing.

Just a few days ago, Heavenly Premier Cavernous Void and Patriarch Twin Devices had chosen to ascend to the Immortal Plane. The two of them had already reached the high-level Ascendant Immortal stage. It would be very hard for them to advance any further while staying in Eternal World. Thus, all they could do was to head to the Immortal Plane to seek out their own serendipities. Given their cultivation bases, as long as their luck was not too bad, they should be able to settle down quickly.

Patriarch Heavenly Sword, Patriarch Hegemon Sword, Heavenly Premier Absolute and the rest who had the closest relationship with Chen Feng had the highest cultivation bases amongst the Ascendant Immortals there. There was only a small distance left between them and the True Immortal stage. However, they decided to stay in Eternal World for a while longer. Once everything had stabilized, they would ascend together. This way, they would have some people to rely on when they arrived at the Immortal Plane.

Additionally, they also wanted to consult with Chen Feng.

After staying in East Dragon Island for another 20 years, Chen Feng chose to head to Domain World. In the past, he had received some benefits from Domain World. Due to that, Chen Feng had always wanted to return the favour.

The return trip was very simple. Given Chen Feng’s present level of power, he could simply enter it through the Planar Battlefield.

Chen Feng did not bring anyone else for this trip. Instead, he went alone. Due to the increase in his cultivation base, he was able to gain an intuitive feeling about some matters that were about to unfold. Coupling that with the fact that the thought of heading to Domain World was becoming increasingly hard to suppress, Chen Feng knew that something would certainly happen during this trip.

Chen Feng had his own reasons for going alone. He had left True Immortal Soulboost and the others behind for fear that something unexpected might happen to Eternal World.

Upon entering Domain World, Chen Feng felt an intimate aura around him and his Eight Trigram Domain acupoints spun into action on their own. The Domain Geocompass flew out to hover above Chen Feng, its power encasing him while linking up with Domain World.

In but the blink of an eye, eight pillars of energy, formed from the essence power of Domain World, flowed forth to meld into the Domain Geocompass.


After just one breath’s worth of time, the Domain Geocompass abruptly erupted with a sky-charging force and tribulation clouds rapidly gathered. Lightning powers of varying colours enveloped the world before descending.

Looks like Domain World is truly in trouble. Chen Feng distanced himself from the scope of the Heavenly Tribulation. Here in Domain World, the Domain Geocompass would certainly not fail to overcome its tribulation.

Chen Feng was correct. Every time the Domain Geocompass was about to break apart from the Heavenly Tribulation’s attacks, a domain power would gush out from the deepest part of Domain World to aid it. As a result, the Domain Geocompass’ aura grew increasingly strong.

Observing the tribulation from the side, Chen Feng noted that a total of 18 streams of essence power had flowed into the Domain Geocompass to help it break through to the top-grade Immortal tier. In fact, thanks to the essence power of the Domain World, the quality of the Domain Geocompass far surpassed that of other magic treasures. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was already infinitely close to becoming a pseudo-Divine artifact.

After successfully overcoming its tribulation, the Domain Geocompass rapidly shrank down to fly back into Chen Feng’s hand. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was frowning. He had received a wave of energy fluctuations from the essence power of Domain World. It was a distress signal.

At the same time, Chen Feng came to know what happened to Domain World during the past 1,000 years.

So, Domain World was lucky enough to receive reinforcements from the Immortal Plane as well. If it weren’t for that, the invading army from the Heavenscrown Immortal Region would have destroyed it. But after just one thousand years, another calamity descended upon it. This time, the Immortal Plane would not be taking action.

Surface wise, Domain World appeared tranquil. However, several forces had secretly snuck into the depths of Domain World to devour its essence power. At that very moment, both sides were in the midst of entangling and killing each other.

Judging by the information Chen Feng received, should no other forces come to help, Domain World’s essence power would be completely devoured.

Chen Feng pushed his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight to its limits to see through the thick layers of the earth and the chaotic streams of energy to finally see clumps of swirling light flying about deep within Domain World.

He quickly determined that those clumps of light were cultivators. They were besieging one clump of light, the biggest one there. It was none other than the manifested form of Domain World’s essence power. Additionally, there were also some insect-like dots of light attempting to approach all those clumps of light. However, all of them swiftly disappeared, like squashed fireflies.

Those Ascendant Immortals are just committing suicide. They must be the native cultivators of Domain World. However, no matter how many of them go, it will just be suicide, Chen Feng thought.

That said, Chen Feng could also see some bigger dots of light joining the battle. Only, the amount of help they could render was negligible, incapable of turning the situation around.

I wonder, where did these invaders come from? Even the weakest one is a high-level True Immortal. This will not be easy to deal with, Chen Feng pondered. The Longevity Wings slowly unfurled and gave a gentle flap. Following that, Chen Feng disappeared.

As Chen Feng was swiftly heading down, he sensed several more dots of light disappearing. He knew, those were the small handful of True Immortals that were on Domain World’s side. 

A pity, all of them are just committing suicide by coming here. Their enemies are high-level True Immortals. This power is already enough to destroy a major world. Chen Feng then sped up. At the same time, two sharp rays of light shot out from Chen Feng’s eyes. Seemingly capable of ignoring space and all obstructions afforded by the layers of soil and rock, the rays of light reached one of the clumps of light in a flash.

“Who goes there?” The clump of light radiated with a brilliance rivalling that of a sun and the two rays of light that Chen Feng fired out disappeared. At the same time, a thunderous voice arrived before him.

Chen Feng did not evade, the thunderous shockwave seemingly but a soft breeze, incapable of affecting him in the slightest.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Motes of starlight kept flowing out from Chen Feng’s eyes. In but the blink of an eye, there were already over 100 of them. Moving like meteors, they formed a river of stars.

Chen Feng was relying on his eye technique to display the might of the Bedazzling Star Map. His actions were meant to cause trouble for the invading party. At any rate, defeating them was an impossibility for him.

During all that, Chen Feng had been quickly assessing the situation. Facing several high-level True Immortals was a very difficult feat. However, he was not the main character here. The main character in this battle was Domain World itself.

All Chen Feng needed to do was to entangle a few of the invading cultivators. Then, Domain World would be able to kill them off one at a time.

The Longevity Wings flapped faster and faster, but Chen Feng’s movement speed was falling. The other party, despite having the upper hand, was constantly setting up layer after layer of restrictive arrays.

“Friend, please go back. Don’t bring a calamity down upon yourself.” A cultivator with a pair of blood-red eyes, clad in blue clothes, appeared before Chen Feng. The battle lance in his hand was quivering, ready to unleash a ferocious blow at any moment.

“So, it is a friend from the Blood Eyes Clan. I am from the Celestial Longevity Plane. For the sake of a secret technique that I am cultivating, I also need some world essence power. I hope that you can be magnanimous about this,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

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