Chapter 1080 Pacification


After releasing the cultivators out, Chen Feng closed the portal and waved his hand again. Next, a skyful of starlight radiated out and one island after another appeared in the ocean. Even cities began floating down to the ground.

Back when Chen Feng left, he had collected billions of cultivators and hundreds of billions of ordinary humans using the Bedazzling Star Map.

And now, the stars shifted and the ordinary humans and the relatively weaker cultivators left inside were immediately shifted onto Eternal World. Moreover, these people were in the dark about what happened, going on with their lives as usual. Only some of the stronger cultivators amongst them were aware of the changes to their surroundings.

Due to the fact that they had entered the pseudo-Divine artifact, those who were cultivators experienced a meteoric rise in their rate of cultivation, several times higher than before. Even for the average human, their life span was greatly increased and their bodies became stronger. As a result, their number grew rapidly.

After nearly 1,000 years, the number of people inside the Bedazzling Star Map had become several times bigger. And that was despite the wars that would frequently break out amongst them.

And so, a high number of cultivators suddenly appeared in Eternal World. Instantly, various types of Heavenly Tribulation descended and thick tribulation clouds enveloped the skies above, stretching up to a radius of 10 million li. It was as though the end of days had arrived.

“If the number of enemy True Immortals is not high enough, there may be no need for us to take action.” Huo Yunlong laughed. In just moments, the ocean region – spanning a radius of millions of li – was swept up by the forces from the East Dragon Island Alliance. And it was still rapidly increasing in size.

After 1,000 years, the strength of the East Dragon Island Alliance had become much stronger.

Suddenly, Chen Feng frowned and streams of light flew out from his eyes to disappear into the surrounding space.

“What is it? Some could not suppress it anymore?” Huo Yunlong chuckled.

“It is the Heavenly dao of Eternal World, cultivators that have reached the Ascendant Immortal stage must ascend. Some may be able to suppress it using certain secret techniques to evade the Heavenly dao’s supervision, but there are many here who are already very close to the True Immortal stage. These fellows are all natives of Eternal World. If I do not do something, they would be incapable of displaying their full power in the upcoming battles.

Even so, there were still a few who failed to resist the power of the Heavenly dao and were pulled into the Immortal Plane.

“Hopefully, the situation here in Eternal World can quickly stabilize. There are still many things that I want to do,” Chen Feng said. He had released everyone who was residing inside the Bedazzling Star Map. They were the inhabitants of Eternal World. Thus, having them follow him forever was inappropriate.

After considering it further, Chen Feng then released all the yao beasts, demonic beasts and extra-terrestrial creatures that he had subdued in the past. 

“When do we take action?” Huo Yunlong grew somewhat anxious. For him, there was almost nothing about Eternal World that could move him anymore. The present him was only thinking about exploring the Death Dimension. Then, when he had reached the Heavenly Immortal stage, he would head to the Immortal Plane to expand his territory.

“Actually, there is something very interesting right here. I believe it will interest you,” Chen Feng said with an air of mystery.

“Interesting? What is it? Could some immortal palaces be stirring? Or is it some mysterious legacies? If it is not at the Heavenly Immortal stage, then forget it.” After his time in the Death Dimension, Huo Yunlong no longer had any interest in Eternal World.

“It might be of a higher level than the Heavenly Immortal stage.” Chen Feng’s face became even more enigmatic.

“What? Just what is it?” Hearing Chen Feng say that with such a serious attitude, Huo Yunlong became interested.

“I sense it too.” Premier Golden Earth, who had been staying silent all this time, retracted his gaze.

“Really? Let me check.”

However, Huo Yunlong was not given the time to investigate it. The True Immortals from Heavenly Firmaments Palace had come.

“Island Lord of East Dragon Island, I believe there is a need for us to talk.” Soundwaves, transformed into the shape of an awl tip, stabbed towards Chen Feng. However, before it could even approach him, it was shattered apart by an invisible power.

“Two starter-level True Immortals.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Scram!” Huo Yunlong straightened himself and shouted. As a result, the two True Immortals who came – bringing with them an atmosphere of arrogance – instantly halted. As they were feeling shocked, they felt their seas of wisdom blowing up and their divine senses disappeared. They were not even given the time to beg for mercy.

“If all our opponents are only at this level, I believe we’ll be able to deal with this matter very quickly.” Huo Yunlong felt somewhat smug at what just happened.

“Hopefully. A total of 100,000 warships had come from the Heavenscrown Immortal Region. I do not believe that all of them were destroyed. Additionally, should the Immortal Plane intervene again, we’ll be seeing some more unexpected changes.” Chen Feng was not concerned about the strength of Heavenly Firmaments Palace that was presently in Eternal World. He was concerned that the Immortal Plane and those from the Heavenscrown Immortal Region would come again.

Moreover, the results of his previous investigation informed Chen Feng that the Immortal Plane would surely intervene.

Hopefully, it will only be Heavenly Firmaments Palace alone. That way, we’ll be able to handle it, Chen Feng pondered. Should the Immortal Court intervene as well, Chen Feng would have to instantly leave Eternal World, never to return.

“If the other party is smart enough, they will mobilize their full force with their next move.” After Huo Yunlong said that, a suit of armour appeared over his body. Fiery-red light flowed around him, akin to a God of Fire descending upon the world.

“I feel an impulse to start a massacre.”

“Do what you want,” Chen Feng replied. He could already sense some familiar auras.

A massive warship flew over, a total of 30 True Immortals riding on it. A concentrated atmosphere of suppressive power caused the surrounding scenery to change and a limitless aura of imperiousness swept out. Some cultivators who happened to be too close to the warship were all sent tumbling away.

Chen Feng peered ahead and he saw Heavenly Premier Ninelink and the others on the warship. Naturally, more were unfamiliar faces.

“There are three mid-level True Immortals while the rest are all starter-level True Immortals. To think that even Heavenly Premier Ninelink’s group have advanced to the True Immortal stage. This rate of cultivation is terrifying.”

“It must be the handiwork of the Immortal Plane.” Huo Yunlong shook his head. He was feeling somewhat disappointed. Although the number of enemy cultivators was fairly sizable, it was not a threat to them.

“Ha ha ha ha! And here I was wondering who it may be. So, it is the Island Lord of East Dragon Island!” Heavenly Premier Purple Glory laughed aloud, his voice filled with a tone of ridicule.

“Friend Chen Feng, why return? Eternal World is already under Heavenly Firmaments Palace’s control. Returning now is just the equivalent of asking for humiliation.”

“The way I see it, this is not asking for humiliation. This is just suicide. Chen Feng, there is still time for you to run. No matter how you cut it, you are still someone from the Longevity Clan. What’s the point in staying here in a lesser world?”

“So, it is a cultivator from the Longevity Clan. No wonder he is so calm. Our Immortal Plane is growing stronger with every passing day. On the contrary, the Celestial Planes are becoming increasingly soft. As for the Longevity Clan, it is gradually on the decline. It is just a matter of time before our Immortal Plane annexes you. This is the best chance for you to submit.”

“Are you still not going to kneel and admit to your crimes? Did you think that bringing over some small fries would allow you to fight against our Heavenly Firmaments Palace? You must not know how much power and status Heavenly Firmaments Palace possesses in the Immortal Plane.”

Hearing all those words, Chen Feng seemingly fell into a dazed state. Seeing that, they all thought that Chen Feng had grown scared. Due to that, they grew more prideful.

Chen Feng then turned to look at Huo Yunlong, who looked back at him. True Immortal Soulboost maintained an impassive expression, but there was a look of utter contempt in his eyes. Premier Golden Earth, on the other hand, appeared confused. He did not understand. Where on earth did these low-level scrubs find the balls to even put on airs before them?

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you not able to make up your mind?” Seeing Chen Feng’s team of four stay silent, the enemy cultivators said smugly. Only Heavenly Premier Ninelink and the others, who were more familiar with Chen Feng, were able to sense that something was amiss.

Chen Feng peered far ahead and saw that the East Dragon Island Alliance’s territory was continuously expanding. Their forces were like the devastating shockwaves from an exploding star. Anything that stood in their path would be crushed, easily.

Were these cultivators incapable of seeing that?

“Cough! Cough!” Chen Feng pondered what he should say next.

Immediately, silence descended. It was not due to the power behind Chen Feng’s cough. Rather, it was because they wanted to hear what Chen Feng had to say.


That one simple world caused the whole world to fall into a tempestuous state. Following that, True Immortal Soulboost took the lead to attack. A wave of soul energy swept forward and half of the 30 enemy True Immortals had their heads blown up. They had been killed, the divine senses within their seas of wisdom wiped away.

“Leave some for me!”

Huo Yunlong had been slightly slower to attack. By the time he made his move, most of the enemy cultivators had been killed or wounded while Premier Golden Earth pounced upon the rest.

Another wave of soul energy swept out and all of the enemy cultivators died. Seeing that, Huo Yunlong and Premier Golden Earth grew enraged, but there was nothing they could do about it. Even if they were to join forces, they would still be no match for True Immortal Soulboost.

As Heavenly Premier Ninelink and his ilk were about to die, they felt as though everything was a dream. They did not even have the time to regret. Facing True Immortal Soulboost, even the two strongest mid-level True Immortals were instantly killed off.

True Immortal Soulboost felt very satisfied with this result, but he maintained a look of indifference. Seeing that caused Huo Yunlong to become even more furious.

“All the True Immortals from Heavenly Firmaments Palace have been wiped out. There will be no need for me to take action after this.” Chen Feng shook his head and returned to his place on East Dragon Island. As for True Immortal Soulboost, as per Chen Feng’s instructions, he headed out to oversee the battle. Naturally, he would simply lurk around, only taking action when something unexpected happened.

As everything was able to proceed smoothly, Chen Feng had no chance to put on a display of heroism for this matter. After resting in East Dragon Island for some time, he began constructing a teleportation array. At any rate, heading back to the Death Dimension was a necessity.

The high-levelled members of Heavenly Firmaments Palace in Eternal World had died, setting in stone the conclusion for this war. 

The East Dragon Island Alliance used several years to completely get rid of the various forces from Heavenly Firmaments Palace in Eternal World. However, exerting full control over Eternal World would take some more time.

Extreme Celestial Sect returned to the Northern Plains, becoming the biggest power there. The other sects also spread out to rebuild in new places. In the end, the ocean region around East Dragon Island became the most serene place in Eternal World.

After 10 years, Eternal World finally stabilized and the various disputes finally ended. Chen Feng had also finished constructing the teleportation array. Only, there had been no movements from the Immortal Plane. It was as though Heavenly Firmaments Palace was unaware of what just happened to Eternal World. 

Instead of relaxing, Chen Feng became increasingly wary and he secretly prepared some plans. They would be able to deal with anything as long as no Heavenly Immortal descended upon Eternal World.


1 li = 0.5 km. 10 million could also just mean a lot.

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