Chapter 108: Scarlet Blood Pill



A powerful shockwave rushed towards Chen Feng’s location and vast amounts of mud covered the sky. Dark and foul, it made Chen Feng feel as though the apocalypse had come. Seeing Chen Feng shiver and attempt to dodge, the chubby old man beside him took action. With a simple wave of his hand, he caused a huge palm silhouette to appear in the sky. The palm silhouette swiftly charged forward, causing the winds to scream. Instantly, a vacuum appeared in front as the shockwave and mud that were hundreds of metres before them disappeared after getting struck.

“Incredible! This is practically the power to topple mountains and overturn the seas.” Chen Feng uttered to himself in awe.

“Let’s leave this place first.” The chubby old man waved his hand again to send out a stream of light, which wrapped Chen Feng up. Next, with a swing of his voluminous sleeve, their two figures swiftly retreated. In but the blink of an eye, they had retreated a distance of over 1,000 metres.

By then, the mountain up front had risen to a height of 3,000 metres and was rising at an even greater rate. Glancing around, Chen Feng was able to see Ye Ziming and Lu Ta amongst the crowd of cultivators. 

Chen Feng kept looking around and he saw that the number of cultivators was gradually climbing. Judging by what he can see, there were at least hundreds of cultivators there. However, most of them were loose cultivators.

“Dear disciple, what are you looking at?” asked the chubby old man.

“I hear that Sword Tower and Jade Talisman Court were the first to discover this immortal mansion. Is that true?” Chen Feng casually asked.

“Those two little sects? That there is the Sword Tower while Jade Talisman Court is over there.” The chubby old man nodded his head and jabbed his finger out twice.

The cultivators from Sword Tower were easy to identify. The uniforms they wore were identical to the ones worn by the three who had attacked Chen Feng’s group back then. Additionally, each of them had a sword hanging down from their waists and their bodies radiated sword intent of varying levels of intensity.

All of them are pure sword cultivators. Only by being single-minded in their pursuit can they constantly improve. Chen Feng thought.

The cultivators from Jade Talisman Court were also wearing identical uniforms. They wore clear silver-white defensive magic clothing. Silver light shone from their uniforms and they appear more dazzling compared to the uniforms from Sword Tower.

At that moment, however, the faces on the cultivators from the two sects were ugly to the extreme. Some were howling out non-stop. They were the ones who had discovered this immortal mansion first. However, not only did they gain nothing, they even lost a high number of their cultivators. And now, with such a large ruckus, countless cultivators would be lured over.

Even if these two sects were 10 times more powerful, it would be impossible for them to kill off everyone here. Not to mention, even more cultivators were coming. There were quite a few powerhouses amongst these latecomers.

“Master, I have two friends there,” said Chen Feng.

“Mm.” The chubby old man was focused on the rising mountain. Hearing Chen Feng’s words, he merely nodded his head and said nothing.

Since the chubby old man had helped him refine the Overwhelming Astral Sword and increase his strength, Chen Feng knew that the old man actually wanted him as a disciple. The concern in his heart slowly faded away.

However, a doubt remained within Chen Feng’s heart. Why did the chubby old man want to accept him as a disciple? Just because his talent was higher than others? A talent? Chen Feng did not believe that.

Could it be, because I had condensed out my Soulflame, this old man thought of me as that kind of talent? In that case, it is possible. Chen Feng pondered silently.

Chen Feng knew. In immortal dao sects, cultivators capable of condensing out Soulflame were most likely heir disciples. Not to mention, he had condensed out his Soulflame when he was just at level 1 of the Concealed stage. This was a magnificent feat. In all of Eternal World, such an instance was likely super rare.

Having reached that train of thought, Chen Feng grew relaxed. At the same time, he felt a self-deprecating sentiment. “To think that I can become a genius in the eyes of others.”

Chen Feng left the chubby old man’s side. This time, he was not shackled. After flashing forward several times, he met up with Ye Ziming and Lu Ta.

“It seems our actions earlier were redundant. If only we knew, we could have spared ourselves the effort,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“However, I believe both Sword Tower and Jade Talisman Court must be incredibly pissed off. You didn’t see how flustered with rage they were just now.” Ye Ziming snickered.

“Ha ha ha!”

Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta instantly broke into laughter, attracting the attention of the surrounding cultivators.

“These sects aren’t that strong. However, due to the fact that they are backed by some immortal dao sects, they usually behave in a very arrogant manner. They are even more overbearing compared to the disciples from immortal dao sects,” said Lu Ta with a sneer.

“Strange, when did the vile astral winds here disappear?” Only then did Chen Feng realize. Although there were currently powerful air currents spreading about, the vile astral winds that were raging about had disappeared. The sky was clear and the sun above was gradually growing ever brighter. For Chen Feng, however, he got the feeling that the reason the sun was growing brighter was due to the suddenly emerging mountain. As the mountain continued to rise, ripples of mighty power spread up into the sky and the clouds within a radius of hundreds of li were all vaporized by the might of the ripples. Thanks to that, the clear sky was revealed (1 li = 0.5 km).

As Chen Feng had spent most of his time earlier pulled along by the chubby old man, he did not notice it.

“When the mountain began rising, the vile astral winds began dissipating. However, the ripples created by this mountain appears even stronger in comparison. Earlier, a few cultivators got too close and were immediately shocked by the ripples and were reduced to smithereens,” said Ye Ziming.

Chen Feng raised his head to look at the rising mountain. Although it looked close, Chen Feng knew that there was a distance of tens of li between him and the mountain. A mountain was rising higher and higher before him while releasing powerful ripples. This spectacle made Chen Feng feel as though he was dreaming.

“Right! Brother Chen, who was that old man earlier?” asked Ye Ziming.

“About that. He is my master,” answered Chen Feng after a moment of loss.

“What? Your master?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta stared with widened eyes. There were looks of disbelief on their faces.

“He he! I have only just met him myself,” Chen Feng continued with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“Just met him?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta’s eyes grew even bigger.

“Right, Brother Ye, Brother Lu, you two are experienced fellows. Do you know this old man’s background?” Chen Feng asked.

“You don’t even know his background before accepting him as your master?” The expression that Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were giving Chen Feng was like those used to look at an idiot.

“He he he he!” Chen Feng grew more embarrassed.

“However, the old man is truly powerful. He did not just help me improve my strength, he even gifted me with a bottle of medicinal pills.” After saying that, Chen Feng produced a bottle in his hand. It was none other than the meeting gift that the chubby old man had given him.

The moment he opened it, a thick blood energy surged out, bringing a wisp of fragrance along as it did. Just by inhaling it once, Chen Feng could feel the blood within his body roiling violently.

“What type of medicinal pill is this? Why does it have such a thick blood-type energy?” Chen Feng grew curious.

“Let me have a look.” Ye Ziming, seemingly having recalled something, forgot about holding back. He directly reached his hand out to grab the medicinal bottle in Chen Feng’s palm.

Ye Ziming gave it a shake and a scarlet-red medicinal pill rolled out. The pill was only the size of a bean and it shone with a scarlet-red lustre. It looked like the condensed form of blood. Wisps of blood-type energy flowed out and rushed into their nostrils.

“What a potent medicinal power! What medicinal pill is this?” Lu Ta could not stop himself from asking.

“This is a Scarlet Blood Pill, a Human-tier medicinal pill.” Ye Ziming’s eyes shone. After some time, he took a deep breath, popped the pill back into the bottle and returned it to Chen Feng.

“Scarlet Blood Pill. It is a medicinal pill for strengthening the fleshly body. After taking it, one can strengthen blood energy, temper the fleshly body, stimulate the insight acupoints, wrought the bones and solidify the marrows. In all honesty, this medicinal pill can be considered an Earthen-tier medicinal pill. However, the effects of this medicinal pill are too overbearing. Additionally, the methods for concocting this medicinal pill is not exactly orthodox. Thus, it is categorized as a Human-tier medicinal pill. However, the medicinal pills in this bottle are only the size of beans. If they were slightly bigger, the size of finger nails, they can be considered as Earthen-tier medicinal pills,” Ye Ziming slowly said.

“It is actually a Human-tier medicinal pill!” Chen Feng was shocked as well. Sending his divine sense into the bottle to check, he found that there was a total of 100 Scarlet Blood Pills inside.

“One Scarlet Blood Pill is enough for the fleshly body of a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator to improve by one level. It seems Brother Chen’s new master is no ordinary character. I wonder which immortal dao sect expert he may be?” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

Chen Feng turned to look at the distant chubby old man. At that moment, the smile on the old man’s face had disappeared as he stared at the rising mountain with a solemn look. At the same time, he was mumbling something. Who knows what he was muttering?

The old man is very generous. First, he had gifted me these medicinal pills. Then, he helped me refine my magic treasure. Could it be as simple as taking me as a disciple? Chen Feng pondered silently.

“Hey, hey! Those are great medicinal pills! Hand it over!” A human figure suddenly charged forward from afar. The figure was moving towards Chen Feng’s group at an unbelievable velocity. Even before his voice reached them, the figure had already arrived before Chen Feng. Five fingers, as strong as steel, grabbed at the medicinal bottle in Chen Feng’s hand.


“Courting death!”

Both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta shouted as they quickly rushed forward while displaying their skills to strike the black silhouette.

As the fingers were about to grab the medicinal bottle, Chen Feng suddenly revealed a smile. A beam of sword light burst out from Chen Feng’s glabella like a bolt of lightning. The beam was even faster than the black silhouette. Despite having appeared after, it was the first to land a blow as it struck the black silhouette’s palm.


A snapping sound rang out. It was like a clap of thunder. Next, flesh and blood scattered about as five cut fingers flew into the sky. Then, the beam of sword light whirled and the cut fingers, its blood and flesh were minced into mush before getting evaporated by the sword energy.

“Argh! My hand!” The black silhouette cried out miserably and shot backwards as he fell. Immediately, he attempted to flee.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Ye Ziming and Lu Ta’s attacks arrived, dragging the black silhouette back.

A wretched face was revealed to Chen Feng.

“It turns out to be you. It seems you haven’t given up. Even though I did not go look for you, you decided to come to me,” said Chen Feng coolly. It would appear that he was completely unfazed by this person’s appearance.

The black silhouette was none other than the level 5 Concealed stage cultivator who had been secretly tailing Chen Feng earlier. Originally, he had wanted to attack Chen Feng then and there. However, Chen Feng was dragged away by the chubby old man instead. Earlier, when Chen Feng brought out the Human-tier medicinal pills, he found it impossible to hold back anymore. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had obliterated his one hand with just one move.

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