Chapter 1078 Constructing a Teleportation Array


“This place truly does have Longevity Fruits.” Chen Feng smiled and the branches growing out from the Longevity Wood burst out, transforming into motes of light. The motes of light then converged to form an arrow before shooting towards a certain spot.

“There.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he dashed forward, moving as fast as he possibly can. His objective for coming here was the Longevity Fruits.

Now that he had sensed the aura of the Longevity Fruits, anyone standing in his way was an enemy.

Three high-level True Immortals were in the process of attacking the restrictive arrays protecting a certain area. Every time they attacked, silver light would flare out violently, but there were no signs of the restrictive arrays breaking.

One glance was all Chen Feng needed to know that the restrictive arrays there were several times stronger compared to the ones he had broken earlier.

Seeing Chen Feng and Xue Luosha charging over, the three cultivators promptly stopped attacking and a guarded look appeared on their faces.

“Everyone, joining forces here is for the best!” Chen Feng shouted.

The three cultivators exchanged glances and they quickly agreed to it. Without breaking open the restrictive arrays, everything else was pointless.

The five of them then joined forces to attack and the restrictive arrays began collapsing. Chen Feng’s heart rate was beating with increasing ferocity and his longevity-type primary energy circulated with greater vigour. This was due to the influence of the Longevity Fruits.

Longevity Fruits! They’re definitely Longevity Fruits!

The moment the restrictive arrays were broken down, the five of them displayed various methods to charge in as fast as they could. As for Chen Feng, he had instantly pushed his circulation of the longevity-type primary energy to its very limits.

As predicted, he was able to sense a formidable pulling power the instant he entered. Next, two clumps of light flew towards him.

Longevity Fruits! With just one glance, Chen Feng could see the Longevity Fruits encased within the light. Additionally, judging by the degree at which the fruits could stimulate his longevity-type primary energy, each of them could give Chen Feng at least 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation effort.

How long the Longevity Fruits had been growing on the Longevity Tree aside, the fruits could also spend all the time in storage accumulating power, just like a normal cultivator. 

The Longevity Fruits were Chen Feng’s objective, his reason for entering this place, items that he must absolutely obtain. No one must be allowed to snatch them from him. And so, when Chen Feng saw two cultivators rushing forward to snatch the two clumps of light, Chen Feng immediately became like an enraged wild beast. The power that he had been preparing for a long time charged out violently.

Bang! Bang!

The two high-level True Immortals were sent flying.

“Scram if you don’t want to die! These are mine!” Chen Feng stretched his hand and grasped to collect the two clumps of light. One of them directly entered his body and every circulation of his longevity-type primary energy would cause the Longevity Fruit to release a thick stream of longevity energy, which fused into every part of his body.

Surely there are more than just these two? Chen Feng’s eyes shone like torches and his figure flashed forward like lightning to begin searching the place.

The two cultivators that Chen Feng sent flying earlier grew somewhat furious and they wanted to attack Chen Feng. However, they were quickly attracted by other treasures. Due to that, they decided to leave the matter of teaching Chen Feng a lesson aside.


The pseudo-Divine artifacts, the Bedazzling Star Map and Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin unfurled at the same time while the Blood Mustering Bead appeared within Chen Feng’s hand. Even the Divine Sun Needle was hovering about within his body, ready to slip out and attack at any moment.

Chen Feng was unleashing all his might. Sensing the surging power within his body caused Chen Feng himself to tremble as his scalp went numb.

It was as though there was a river of stars engulfing Chen Feng, who flew forward with the Longevity Wings, one wing black and one wing white. The river of stars trembled and Chen Feng was able to push his speed to its very limits.

Swinging his hand, Chen Feng then collected several more clumps of light that were flying towards him.

Unfortunately, none of them were the Longevity Fruit.

“Kid, hand them over!” Another cultivator attacked Chen Feng. He had been aiming for those clumps of light only for Chen Feng to snatch them away.


As it so happened, Chen Feng had locked down the position of two more Longevity Fruits and was about to rush forward only for this cultivator to suddenly attack him. Due to that, he grew infuriated and the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand flew out to smash the attacking cultivator into pieces. Next, his figure dashed forward and two Longevity Fruits appeared in his hand next.

It would appear that they had opened up a treasure hoard. By Chen Feng’s estimate, there were roughly over 1,000 treasures inside it. Various types of spiritual and divine objects flew about and even the one with the lowest grade was a top-grade Immortal artifact.

Atmosphere of treasures charged out through the broken restrictive arrays into the sky to alarm the other cultivators who were on the planet.

“What a chaotic wave of energy! Did someone find the treasure hoard?”

“I sense the aura of pseudo-Divine artifacts. There are at least ten of them.”

Sensing that, the cultivators fell into a state of frenzy. As for Chen Feng and the cultivators who were the first to enter, their eyes had turned blood-red in colour and their rate of breathing turned ragged.

Due to his actions of collecting the Longevity Fruits, Chen Feng had been the slowest in collecting the other treasures. Seeing the decreasing number of the treasures inside and sensing powerful auras approaching the place, Chen Feng furiously took action. Twelve grey-coloured flag poles flew out.

This was a top-grade Immortal-tier magic array that Chen Feng had only just obtained. Consisting of twelve flags with varying powers, its name was the Chaos Seizer Array of the Heavenly Kun.

After obtaining it, Chen Feng had only just casually refined it. He had yet to comprehend the profundity within the magic array. However, due to the urgency of the situation, he chose to bring it out.

Although the magic array was only a top-grade Immortal artifact, in Chen Feng’s opinion, its effectiveness in this situation was even greater than that of a pseudo-Divine artifact.

Flying out from Chen Feng’s hand, the twelve flags then grew to encompass an area with a length of ten million zhang. Next, they began sealing up the entrance to the treasure hoard.

Grey-coloured energy streams gushed forth and the twelve flags disappeared. After that, a primordial aura of desolation emerged.

“A pity, the magic array.” Chen Feng shook his head, but he quickly recollected himself. The Bedazzling Star Map and Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin operated at the same time and tens of treasures were collected.

Noticing Chen Feng’s actions, the eyes of two other high-level True Immortals who were in the midst of snatching the treasures there glinted, a slight look of hesitation on their faces before they too, chose to set up two more layers of restrictive arrays.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng and the two cultivators had the highest level of understanding towards their present situation. Should the other cultivators be allowed to enter unimpeded, the difficulty level involved in collecting the treasures here would multiply. 

Those two had only just finished setting up their restrictive arrays when the restrictive array that Chen Feng set up came under assault. One blow was all it took for cracks to appear across the twelve flags. The second blow caused the array to shatter apart.

Seeing the twelve flags disintegrating away, Chen Feng clenched his teeth in distress.

The three restrictive arrays could only stop the cultivators outside for several breaths’ worth of time, but that was already enough for Chen Feng. By the time the cultivators charged in, over 10 of them, there were only tens of treasures left inside.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng acted decisively. He grabbed Xue Luosha and the Longevity Wings flapped, bringing his figure forward to flee.

As he was fleeing, Chen Feng shouted, “Fellows, I only collected some Longevity Fruits. I did not get any other items!”

Unfortunately, the effect of his actions was minimal and two cultivators attacked simultaneously, wanting to force Chen Feng and Xue Luosha back. However, a number of Blood Bombs erupted in quick succession to grievously wound the two cultivators.

“Goodbye, fellows!”

Space fluctuated again and again and both Chen Feng and Xue Luosha disappeared.

“Forget it, don’t chase. He cultivates the Longevity Wings. It is capable of piercing through the emptiness of space. We won’t be able to catch up to him.”

And so, another chaotic battle erupted.

“Let’s leave this place.” Chen Feng and Xue Luosha had reached a safe spot.

Xue Luosha hesitated.

Chen Feng frowned. “We shouldn’t be too greedy. You have already gained a lot here.”

Xue Luosha pondered the matter for a moment – a conflicted look on her face – before she finally said.

“But the legacy of the Heavenly Immortal has yet to appear. I want to try to go for it.”

“Up to you, then.”

After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand to send a torrent of power out to rip space. The aura of the Death Dimension leaked out from the spatial crack.

Xue Luosha was once again shocked. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had become this strong. This meant that having the key to this place or not no longer mattered to Chen Feng.

“Will you continue exploring the Death Dimension?” Xue Luosha hastily asked.


Seeing Chen Feng about to enter the spatial crack, Xue Luosha then waved her hand and several streams of light flew towards Chen Feng.

“These are the Longevity Fruits that I collected.”

“Thanks.” Chen Feng grasped and twelve Longevity Fruits fell into his hand.

“If fate wills it, we’ll meet again.” Chen Feng then stepped forward and the spatial crack disappeared.

Xue Luosha sighed. With a resolute look, she turned around to head back once more. She wanted to fight for the legacy of the Heavenly Immortal.

After finding Huo Yunlong and the others, I’ll head back. Perhaps I should begin constructing a teleportation array right now. The surrounding power of chaos was practically incapable of affecting Chen Feng any longer. However, all this time spent exploring had caused Chen Feng to feel somewhat exhausted. Although his cultivation base did rise by leaps and bounds, there was a need to alleviate the pressure on his heart.

Chen Feng’s Longevity Flame kept pulsing and True Immortal Soulboost, who was billions of li away, was able to instantly sense Chen Feng’s summons. After a moment’s hesitation, he immediately flew out from his hiding spot to instantly disappear into the depths of space.

Even high-level True Immortals could die here at any moment. Hopefully, Huo Yunlong and the others are still alive. Chen Feng’s soul power spread out, akin to ripples of water, before forming runes. Like fishes diving into the ocean, the runes disappeared into the surrounding space.

These Messaging Runes are capable of travelling through a distance of half a billion kilometres. Hopefully, they’ll see it. 

Next, Chen Feng waved and a massive asteroid appeared beneath his feet and sword energy shot out from his fingers towards the asteroid. Pieces of rock and gravel flew about as wondrous-looking runes swiftly appeared on the surface of the asteroid.

With a width of 50 kilometres, this asteroid was extremely sturdy, having existed within the Death Dimension for who knows how long. In Chen Feng’s opinion, it was as hard as a pseudo-Divine artifact. Still, turning this asteroid into a large-scale teleportation array was quite the sizable project for Chen Feng.

Just the act of getting the asteroid into the right shape and polishing it took Chen Feng several months. Following that came the rune-carving and power accumulation process. This was the most important and most difficult process.

At that very moment, the Longevity Tower was not strong enough while Chen Feng’s cultivation level was not high enough. Thus, this was the only method for Chen Feng to quickly return to Eternal World.

True Immortal Soulboost was the first to return. Upon receiving Chen Feng’s instructions, he swiftly joined the construction work. With the addition of True Immortal Soulboost, the speed of construction rose considerably. More, True Immortal Soulboost also brought out some rare spirit stones that he had recently obtained for the sake of this project. All of them were embedded into the runes of the teleportation array.


1 li = 0.5 km. 

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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