Chapter 1077 Strange Planet


Upon landing on the planet’s surface, a gravitational pressure hundreds of thousands of times stronger than that of normal gravity pressed down on him. Shaking his figure slightly, Chen Feng then recovered his ability to move as normal. His divine sense rapidly spread out to sweep through the planet in the blink of an eye.

This planet is created from exotic metals. In addition to the innate powers from the metals, there are also magic powers. An expert must have utilized magic powers to refine this planet from the inside out. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this planet is itself a treasure. Only, refining it would be very difficult. Chen Feng moved quickly and his figure kept disappearing and re-appearing upon different spots on the surface of the planet.

Before he could find any of the treasures there, however, two mighty-looking cultivators stopped him.

Without saying a word, the two of them immediately attacked Chen Feng.

Surging waves of water and gushing volcanic magma. The polar opposite of one another, the two streams of power caused Chen Feng’s resilient body to contort.

“You two are high-level True Immortals, after all. To be joining forces to besiege a junior, do you really don’t care how others would think of you?” The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back flapped, transforming into one that was black and white instead. Wielding a sword, Chen Feng then slashed out non-stop to send wave after wave of sword beams – like a torrential river of stars – forward to cut down the attacks from the two cultivators.

These two cultivators were not even comparable to Xue Luosha in strength. Due to that, in the face of the peerless movement techniques of the Longevity Wings, they were simply incapable of dealing with Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, I found restrictive arrays here.”

If it weren’t for the secret vocal transmission from Xue Luosha, Chen Feng would have wanted to fight the cultivators for a while longer. But after that, Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward to evade their attacks and the Divine Sun Needle pierced through one of them before burning him to ash.

As for the other cultivator, he fled. But the attack that Chen Feng fired out was able to wound him as well. Next, the Longevity Wings spread out again and Chen Feng became like a butterfly, fluttering forward to appear before Xue Luosha.

Having witnessed the display of ferocity from Chen Feng, two other cultivators who were lurking around decided against attacking him. Instead, they went to besiege Star Monarch Waterway.

“Is this supposed to be an act of bullying the weak and cowering from the strong?” Star Monarch Waterway scoffed. It felt as though they were ridiculing him. More, the two cultivators also managed to kill off Star Monarch Waterway’s last attendant. Seeing that, Star Monarch Waterway grew infuriated and he unleashed one killer move after another.

Meanwhile, Flame Monarch Scarletflow was facing a siege from three cultivators. It would appear that he was attempting to snatch something.

Despite the scale of their actions, not a single tremor came from the metal planet. It felt as though all the power had been dispelled by the restrictive arrays there.

Extraordinary, indeed, Chen Feng thought. Next, he turned to Xue Luosha and asked, “What did you discover?”

“I sensed a formidable power of blood. At the very least, it is the blood essence of a half-step Heavenly Immortal. I have been cultivating the grand dao of blood for nearly a million years now. There is surely no mistake about this,” Xue Luosha said as she warily regarded her surroundings.

“The power of blood.” Chen Feng nodded. The Blood acupoint within him spun into action and strands of blood energy emerged from his body. As expected, he sensed a pulling power up ahead and the strands of blood energy were pulled forward before disappearing from sight.

“It really is the power of blood,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Brilliant starlight shone outwards and a cultivator who was thinking of launching a sneak attack against them was engulfed by the river of stars.

“Let’s deal with them first.” Xue Luosha moved, wanting to attack.

“We cannot waste our time on them.” The sword in Chen Feng’s hand slashed down upon the restrictive arrays before him.

It was a swift and formidable sword light, giving the impression of a Heavenly curtain descending. However, it only managed to leave ripples on the space there. It was as though there was a river right before him. 

“It’s useless. I’ve tried that just now. It’s not very effective.” Xue Luosha shook her head, lifting the battle lance in her hand.

“If so, let’s attack together.” Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he slashed out again. At the same time, Xue Luosha also stabbed forward with her battle lance.

The ripples began falling into a state of chaos and two waves appeared. They were the result of the attacks from Chen Feng and Xue Luosha.

“Not enough power.” After that, Chen Feng roared. Like an erupting volcano, waves of great power charged out from his body.

“What a formidable power!” Xue Luosha was astounded by it. Her eyelids twitched. Next, she clenched her teeth and began burning the droplet of blood from the half-step Heavenly Immortal – obtained earlier – that she had yet to refine. As a result, her skin cracked before closing up and her aura grew stronger.

Sou! Sou!

Just as the two of them were about to attack once again, another cultivator rushed over. It would appear that this cultivator wanted to see them fail.


Chen Feng and Xue Luosha attacked simultaneously and the planet that had remained stable all this time suddenly trembled. Next, the unfortunate cultivator was smashed, reduced into a mist of blood.


Once again, Chen Feng and Xue Luosha joined hands to fire out another attack and the space before them became as fragile as the surface of a mirror. Cracks spread out before the space there broke down.

Due to the destruction of the restrictive arrays there, Chen Feng was immediately greeted by a fiery-red wave of energy. It was a blood-red world.

This is an attack on the mind. Chen Feng’s eyes remained clear and unmoved. Xue Luosha, on the over hand, seemingly fell into a state of madness and charged forward.

Swiftly, Chen Feng’s eyes turned blood-red as well, but his sea of wisdom was able to gradually become tranquil. In the end, he was able to see what was actually before his eyes.

One crystal pillar after another rose up before him and every single one of them contained a burning clump of flames.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt delighted. But he was also slightly disappointed. The items sealed within the crystals were the blood essence of half-step Heavenly Immortals. It was not quite what he was expecting.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, not even 100 drops of blood from half-step Heavenly Immortals could compare to a drop of blood from a genuine Heavenly Immortal. That half step was a difference between Heaven and Earth.

Despite the crazed expression on her face, Xue Luosha did not lose herself. Instead, she rapidly collected the crystal pillars. There was no time to break the crystal pillars. Thus, she had to first collect them.

Chen Feng did not move forward. He turned around and swung his hand to send a great river forward. Gushing forth with a torrential force, the great river blocked three incoming cultivators.

But that was not all. As the restrictive arrays had been broken, blood energy vaulted skywards to attract the attention of almost every cultivator there.

Stopping just three of the cultivators there was already a difficult task for Chen Feng, but several more were coming from afar.

Thankfully, Xue Luosha was fast enough, finishing up just as Chen Feng was about to fail to stop them. All the 18 crystal pillars there had disappeared.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng and Xue Luosha then fled. However, as they did not leave the planet, several cultivators chose to chase them.

“For you.”

Xue Luosha tossed a small spatial pouch over, which Chen Feng caught. Inside were nine crystal pillars.

After accepting it, Chen Feng snickered and the nine crystal pillars blew up at the same time and nine drops of blood essence – with the appearance of fiery-red gems – fell into Chen Feng’s hand. The light radiating from them caused the surrounding sky to turn red.

Two drops entered Chen Feng’s Blood acupoint while the Blood Mustering Bead devoured the others.

Although they were in a somewhat perilous position, Chen Feng had chosen to instantly refine these treasures as soon as he got hold of them.


A formidable power of blood burst out from Chen Feng’s body, becoming like a hurricane. Seeing that shocked Xue Luosha, who was beside him.

Following that, Chen Feng stopped running, turned around and fired out a punch.

In the face of the resulting bloody light, the frontmost high-level True Immortal was blasted away. Immediately after that, the Blood Mustering Bead flew forward and it swiftly expanded in size, becoming like a silhouette of the planet itself. Only, it was blood-red in colour.

Bloody light flashed out to grievously wound two more cultivators who then fled. As for the Blood Mustering Bead, it kept spinning, releasing highly tumultuous waves of energy fluctuations.


Suddenly, a fine, red-coloured line shot out from the Blood Mustering Bead to break through space, continuing onwards to reach the very depths of space.


A clump of Blood Lightning descended to smash itself against the Blood Mustering Bead, creating a blossoming flower of blood before disappearing.

“The Immortal artifact is undergoing tribulation! Hurry up and run!” No one dared to approach Chen Feng and all of them looked at Chen Feng the way one would look at an idiot.

Chen Feng, though, did not care. He felt only delight. The Blood Mustering Bead had been with him for a long time now. It had devoured enough blood essence and the conditions had been met.

Breaking through the layers of space here to make contact with the Heavenly dao outside. This was something that only a magic treasure that had reached the pseudo-Divine tier could accomplish.

“Why did you choose to undergo tribulation now?” Xue Luosha’s face sank sharply.

“Just going with the flow,” Chen Feng replied, the Blood Mustering Bead floating before him. An ocean of blood churned and Blood Lightning kept emerging and bursting. Just the resulting sound was enough to cause Chen Feng’s meridians to swell. As for Xue Luosha, who was the closest to Chen Feng, she was affected and had to retreat far away to avoid the resulting shockwaves from the Heavenly Tribulation.

The Heavenly Tribulation of the Blood Mustering Bead ended as quickly as it came. And while it appeared simple, Chen Feng, who was part of the whole process, was able to deeply feel its power.

The first was Blood Lightning, followed by dazzling power of extreme yang. The high temperature from the power of extreme yang caused even the hard planet to melt.

It would appear that the cultivator who refined this planet had failed to take this possibility into account. And so, the arrival of this Heavenly Tribulation triggered the restrictive arrays on the planet. Only, the many layers of restrictive arrays were swiftly turned to ash by the Heavenly Tribulation.

The mighty power of extreme yang was the counter to the power of blood. It was something that the Blood Mustering Bead had never had to experience in its past tribulations. This time, however, its attempt to assail the pseudo-Divine tier had seemingly alarmed a most pure and primal power within the very depths of the universe.

For a brief moment, Chen Feng thought he sensed the Death Dimension itself shaking somewhat.

Surely, it’s not that powerful, Chen Feng thought.

Observing the first part of the Heavenly Tribulation, Chen Feng then knew that the Blood Mustering Bead would not be able to successfully overcome its tribulation on its own.

And so, a black vortex appeared above Chen Feng’s head and the surging power of extreme yang became like rivers flowing into the sea as they flowed into Chen Feng’s body.

As the Blood Mustering Bead was Chen Feng’s magic treasure, his actions would not result in a counter attack from the Heavenly dao. 

The Blood Mustering Bead shattered a total of 18 times while Chen Feng devoured 30% of the Heavenly Tribulation’s powers. In the end, the Blood Mustering Bead successfully became a pseudo-Divine artifact.

After the tribulation was over, Chen Feng leisurely walked forward. The other cultivators on the planet carefully pondered the situation before deciding not to get into a conflict with Chen Feng unless it was over the treasures here.

“Looks like you managed to shine considerably after entering this Death Dimension,” Xue Luosha said with a smile.

“It has always been that way.” Chen Feng nodded, a serious look on his face.

“Due to the Heavenly Tribulation, many of the hidden restrictive arrays on this planet had been revealed and some treasures emerged in advance. Perhaps, the Longevity Fruits that you are looking for are amongst the treasures.” Xue Luosha then changed the subject. A major reason why the other cultivators chose not to attack him was because they had chosen to go after the other treasures.

Chen Feng nodded and a piece of Longevity Wood appeared in his hand. Even though Chen Feng was not channelling any power into it, the Longevity Wood began growing out some jade-green buds on its own.

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