Chapter 1073 Intense Attack


She wants to collect the corpse of a half-step Heavenly Immortal with a cosmos pouch? That’s only possible if it is at the pseudo-Divine tier. Chen Feng chuckled. Speaking of which, Chen Feng was also feeling tempted. But after considering it for a moment, he finally decided against taking action. Since they were partners, he would have to leave some for her. Besides, Xue Luosha had also attacked Star Monarch Waterway earlier, proving her commitment towards their partnership.

Of course, should she fail to collect the corpse, Chen Feng would not hesitate to take action.

There was a grim expression on Xue Luosha’s face as she mobilized the cosmos pouch with all her strength, wanting to collect the corpse of the half-step Heavenly Immortal into it. However, even though the half-step Heavenly Immortal had died long ago, the corpse continued to hold great power and abilities. Upon receiving a threat to its existence, the corpse immediately counter attacked.

It was the power of the body itself.

A series of explosive sounds rang out from the cosmos pouch and Xue Luosha’s face turned somewhat ugly to behold.

“Need any help?” Chen Feng chortled.

“No need.” Xue Luosha gritted her teeth, a drop of blood flying out from her glabella to meld into the cosmos pouch, stabilizing it.

“Don’t force it. If you can’t do it, you can just ask for help. I will be sure to oblige.”

“No need!” Xue Luosha shouted, straightening herself. 

She’s really going to force it, eh? Chen Feng shook his head. With a wave of his hand, the Chaos Chain appeared in his hand. Next, his eyes flashed with light to fire out a breath-taking void storm, which swept ahead in a certain direction.

“It’s here! They’re here!”

The six cultivators from the Eastern Division of the Immortal Plane had arrived. When they saw the corpse, every single one of them howled out and flames burst out from their eyes.

“I’ll stop them. You better hurry it up.”

Chen Feng could already feel the pressure. The void storm continued rampaging, entangling the cultivators while one extra-terrestrial creature after another leapt out from his eyes, roaring and attacking the cultivators. Additionally, there was also the Chaos Chain, which swirled about like a wyrm.

Chen Feng was already unleashing his full power for this. Even so, he knew that he would not be able to stop the six cultivators. All he could do was his best.

“Kid, get over here!”

One of the cultivators broke through the void storm and charged towards the nearby Xue Luosha. Should he succeed in reaching her, Xue Luosha could forget about having a smooth time collecting the corpse.

“Not so fast!” Chen Feng opened his mouth and yin yang energy flowed out to instantly transform into a whip, which lashed out at the cultivator.

“Nocturnal Lightsurge.”

Next, a strand of light flowed out from Chen Feng’s eyes and darkness instantly shrouded the cultivator’s vision, causing him to lose his sense of direction.

It’s the power of darkness! The cultivator did not panic. Instead, he swung to fire out a beam of sword energy. He wanted to cleave apart the surrounding darkness, but hurricanes began sweeping towards him. More, those were no ordinary hurricanes. There were the power of space, fire and others mixed within those hurricanes. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s eyes had become like a pair of black holes and streams of light, all of varying colours, surged out from them. In the midst of all that, there were also extra-terrestrial creatures charging out from his eyes. 

Pushing the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight to its very limits, Chen Feng felt his understanding of the eye technique rising to greater heights.

It was a very enjoyable feeling. In the end, Chen Feng even kept the Chaos Chain to focus wholeheartedly on utilizing this eye technique.

“You think you can stop us with a minor eye technique? You don’t know the heights of the Heavens and the depths of the Earth!”

Instantly, Chen Feng felt a stabbing pain in his eyes. He knew then that his opponent had fired out a certain type of attack against him. It was a very strong attack, one that could give Chen Feng a feeling of danger even before it arrived.

With a thought from Chen Feng, the six cultivators watched as the void storm before them disappeared and a fragrant aroma wafted towards them. Butterflies fluttered about and fresh wind blew upon their face. They could even see a flowing river.

The faces of the six cultivators instantly sank and an apprehensive feeling rose up from their minds.

“He just wants to entrap us. Everyone, attack!”

“Eh, something’s wrong! My power is declining.”

“I’m also feeling slightly dizzy.”

“My heart feels like it’s about to burst. Even my soul is in a state of turmoil. A mysterious power is eroding our bodies!”

“It’s hex power!”

Chen Feng was holding the Hex Sceptre and mysterious runes kept floating out to fuse with his eye power, making it near-impossible to defend against. Even though the Hex Sceptre was not a pseudo-Divine artifact, the effect of the ghost-like hex power was something that could not be ignored.

Chen Feng did not choose to fight the six cultivators head on. All he wanted to do was to stop them.

Xue Luosha should be about done, right? Chen Feng thought and he could not help himself from diverting a strand of his divine sense to check it out.

Looking at her, he saw the corpse of the half-step Heavenly Immortal standing up to unleash a swift punch, sending Xue Luosha flying. Even the cosmos pouch was blown apart.

Seeing that left Chen Feng slightly agitated. Add the chaotic waves of power coming from behind him into the equation, Chen Feng ended up making a mistake and some weak points appeared in his eye technique. That allowed two of the six cultivators to charge out.

After sending Xue Luosha flying, the corpse sensed two more cultivators approaching it. It roared skywards, a torrent of power sweeping out from its mouth even as it launched another punch.

The two unlucky cultivators were thus grievously wounded and they were sent flying.

Tsk, tsk. The punch did not kill them. They’re truly lucky. Seeing that, Chen Feng chortled.

Blood flowed out from Xue Luosha’s mouth, but the light in her eyes only grew brighter. It was as though she had predicted this. Not only did she not retreat, she instead brandished her battle lance to attack the corpse.

“I say, can you hurry it up? If you can’t do it, I’ll have to take action,” Chen Feng said.

“Shut up!” Xue Luosha shouted back.


In the face of Xue Luosha’s attack, the corpse responded with a simple punch and the power of the fist blast sent Xue Luosha flying once more.

This time, however, Xue Luosha charged towards the corpse with an even greater display of violence.

Thankfully, there’s only a corpse left of the other party. If this opponent can also utilize secret techniques, this will be one spectacular battle. The thought had only just gone through Chen Feng’s mind when he saw the hands of the corpse moving to trace a profound pattern.

A terrible feeling of danger rose to the fore.


The Longevity Wings flapped furiously and Chen Feng ran, retracting his eye technique as he did.

Following the disappearance of the eye technique, the cultivators who were entrapped by it were able to clearly see what was happening there. When they finally realized exactly what was happening, their faces turned pale, filled with dread.

Due to the movements of the corpse’s hands, a world-encompassing wave of energy swept towards them all. Even the hard and seemingly-indestructible pathways began crumbling before the power of the energy wave. 

However, Chen Feng failed to see that. He was fully focused on channelling all his power into the Longevity Wings.

He was flying away as fast as he possibly could, flashing forward continuously, leaping across one pathway after another. Even so, he could still sense the terrifying power coming from behind him.

It must be quite the dazzling display behind me, Chen Feng thought.


One shockwave. That was all it took to send Chen Feng tumbling; the Longevity Wings on his back were shattered apart by the impact and the runes and energy forming the wings flowed back into his body.

Incredible! Even though I am already so far away, I was still nearly wounded. I wonder how the others are faring. Only then did Chen Feng turn around. He saw several clumps of light moving far away from the place. There were also some magic treasures floating in the air.

Chen Feng was quick to realize that those clumps of light were the souls of the cultivators. No questions were needed to know that their bodies had been obliterated. As for those magic treasures, the fact that they could remain intact in the face of such power meant that they were most likely pseudo-Divine artifacts.

“Good items.” Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasped. As a result, two clumps of light were caught.

“Mercy! Mercy!”

The clumps of light kept struggling and cries of mercy could be heard from them, but Chen Feng was unmoved. The Longevity Flame burned the clumps of light, erasing the cultivators’ imprints on the souls before devouring them. For Chen Feng, those were the best type of supplements.

Chi! Chi!

Two beams of red light flashed out and another two clumps of light were shattered apart.

“The wasteful woman!” Chen Feng swore. No questions were needed to know that it was Xue Luosha. That said, the fact that she could survive that showed that she had quite some formidable cards up her sleeve.

Left with no time to think more about it, Chen Feng grasped again and the magic treasures and items floating in the air were all brought over. Only, Chen Feng was a little too slow and some of them fell into the darkness beneath the pathways.

Meanwhile, two of the cultivators there survived with mangled bodies. A formidable wave of energy fluctuations then emanated out from their bodies as they dashed away like meteors, disappearing from sight.

“Tsk. Tsk. Two managed to get away. However, they are no longer a threat.” Chen Feng shook his head.

After unleashing the formidable attack, the corpse fell silent and was thus collected by Xue Luosha.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, did not try to snatch it from her. He had managed to score a slight harvest from what happened earlier as well. The four high-level True Immortals turned out to be quite rich.


Suddenly, Xue Luosha’s body exploded, resulting in a clump of bloody mist. Half of her body was blown apart by the explosion, transformed into streams of bloody energy, which swirled about in an attempt to reform itself.

The corpse’s attack had succeeded in wounding her in the end.

Frowning, Chen Feng then waved his hand to send a stream of longevity-type primary energy into Xue Luosha’s body. In the beginning, she had wanted to resist, but when she sensed Chen Feng’s good intentions, she decided to accept his help. Thanks to that, she was able to swiftly reform her body. Only, it would appear that she was still somewhat weak. An attack from a half-step Heavenly Immortal was no laughing matter, after all.

“Thank you,” Xue Luosha said.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, merely chuckled.

“Let’s leave. The power that the half-step Heavenly Immortal released just now must have attracted the others as well.” Looking at the destroyed pathways, Chen Feng found himself at a loss for words. Back then, he had tested the pathways. Thus, he knew just how durable the pathways were. However, in the face of a half-step Heavenly Immortal, they became as weak as soil.

“Dangers are beginning to emerge. Looks like the Longevity Fruits will not be easy to obtain,” said Chen Feng, who brought out a piece of Longevity Wood. Next, he channelled the longevity energy forth and branches began growing out from the piece of wood. At the same time, thick longevity energy spread out. The concentration of longevity energy was so high that even Xue Luosha, who was standing nearby, felt shocked.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The piece of Longevity Wood then split and the hundred plus branches flew forward like arrows to disappear into the distance.

“Are you looking for the Longevity Fruits?” asked a curious Xue Luosha.

“It’s a minor trick.” Chen Feng nodded his head and small ripples of longevity energy spread out from his body. He was hoping he could sense the Longevity Fruits.

“There is no way to continue forward.” Eventually, the two of them came to a halt and they looked at the empty void beneath their feet.

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