Chapter 1070 Portal


When the six cultivators besieging Xue Luosha saw what happened to their companion, they also became shocked. Next, they saw a skyful of starlight assailing them.


As they were all high-level True Immortals in possession of pseudo-Divine artifacts, the cultivators were not necessarily that much weaker compared to Chen Feng. And so, the six cultivators unleashed their magic techniques. In the face of their formidable combined power, the skyful of starlight was swept far away.

Immediately after that, one of them cried out wretchedly. His arm had been wounded. It was the same type of wound as their companion, also caused by the Divine Sun Needle.

But he acted quickly, decisively cutting off his own arm. It was then that Chen Feng appeared before him. With the Longevity Wings, nothing could restrain Chen Feng.


A punch from Chen Feng sent the cultivator with the severed arm flying.

Due to that, Xue Luosha was able to break out from the encirclement. Following that, she fled as fast as she could.

This woman sure is fast. Chen Feng smiled, pushing the Longevity Wings to their limits. After exchanging blows with the other party a few more times, he swiftly fled as well.

“Damn it! Where did the kid come from?”

“The Longevity Wings. He is a cultivator from the Longevity Clan.”

“Enough nonsense. Hurry up and chase them.”

Chen Feng’s flight speed was extremely high and he quickly caught up to Xue Luosha. Without saying a word, he then stretched his hand out to grab hold of Xue Luosha.

“What are you trying to do?!” Xue Luosha shouted.

“Shut up!” Chen Feng shouted, his flight speed rising.

Runes began flashing upon the surface of the Longevity Wings. As the number of runes increased, the power of the Longevity Wings also grew. In the end, Xue Luosha felt spacetime itself shifting. Due to that, she grew astounded. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng could attain this level of speed. Then, she thought back to how Chen Feng was a member of the Longevity Clan. Eventually, her thoughts then drifted over to the other Heaven-defying races and she instantly felt dispirited.

“Tell me which way to go,” Chen Feng said, a slight frown on his face. He did not understand how she could become distracted at a time like this.

Xue Luosha promptly recollected herself and pointed the way forward for Chen Feng, who flew as fast as he could. After a while, they finally managed to shake off their pursuers.

“All right, fly on your own.” Chen Feng then tossed Xue Luosha aside.

Xue Luosha said nothing and simply flew forward. After flying for an indeterminate amount of time, they finally stopped.

“Are we there already?” Chen Feng asked, using his eye technique to investigate their surroundings but to no avail.


Xue Luosha revealed a look of scorn towards Chen Feng’s actions.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, feigned ignorance and his eyes flashed with light as the power of his eye technique began rising. In the end, watery ripples spread out upon a part of space somewhere before them.

When Xue Luosha saw that, a look of fright appeared on her face.

Just how strong is his eye technique? The restrictive arrays here were set up by a Heavenly Immortal. Without the key, a True Immortal would simply be incapable of finding it.

After the watery ripples spread out, a massive portal appeared before the two of them.


Chen Feng exhaled. He had already pushed his eye technique to its limits. Given his present level of strength, opening this portal was simply an impossibility. At the same time, he grew more trustful towards the existence of the treasure hoard that Xue Luosha had mentioned.

Xue Luosha said nothing, but a scarlet-red stream of light flew out from her glabella. The stream of light appeared highly consolidated, but it instantly spread out to fuse with the portal the moment it made contact with it.

After that, the portal became like an ordinary gate, opening silently to reveal a pitch-black pathway.

“Let’s go.” Xue Luosha was the first to enter, Chen Feng close behind her.

Entering, Chen Feng had been secretly on guard only to find that his worries were unfounded. It was just an ordinary pathway. The only thing special about the pathway was that this one was longer. Rather, it was so long that Chen Feng was unable to see the end.

The grand dao of spacetime, Chen Feng thought.

The two of them kept moving forward to finally reach another portal that looked exactly the same as the previous one. It was such that Chen Feng wondered if they had circled back to their starting point. Next, however, a red stream of light flew out from Xue Luosha’s glabella to open the portal again.

Behind this opened portal was a pathway, identical in appearance to the one they had just passed through.

Chen Feng had wanted to say something. But when he saw the calm look on Xue Luosha’s face, he held himself back.

A third portal. They continued ahead. Finally, they found a fourth portal. This time, the portal was somewhat different from the previous three portals. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that something different would happen this time.

As expected, this time, Xue Luosha stopped and did not do anything.

“What is it?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“We’re waiting for someone.” There was an unperturbed look on Xue Luosha’s face.

“Waiting for someone.” Chen Feng then nodded, a thoughtful look on his face.

Neither Chen Feng nor Xue Luosha was in a hurry. They made their way to the side and silently began cultivating.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Some time later, some cultivators came. To Chen Feng’s surprise, they were the six cultivators who were besieging Xue Luosha back then.

“Tsk, tsk. Things have become interesting.” Chen Feng snickered and cast a glance at Xue Luosha.

The six cultivators did not appear surprised. It seemed as though they had known that they would encounter Chen Feng and Xue Luosha here.

Previously, Chen Feng had wounded two of their companions. Thus, he thought that they would make use of this opportunity to attack. Unexpectedly, they would first greet him.

“Fellow cultivator from the Longevity Clan, how should we address you?” The one who spoke up appeared somewhat friendly.

“Chen Feng. You fellows have the key as well,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Yes. I believe Xue Luosha must have deceived you. The six of us are from the Eastern Division of the Immortal Plane, the subordinates of Grand Emperor East Extreme. We came here today for the sake of finding a treasure hoard left behind by a Heavenly Immortal senior. This treasure hoard has a total of four keys. Xue Luosha holds one of them. The person who holds a key would have greater fortune after entering,” the cultivators slowly said.

Hearing that, Chen Feng smiled to himself. Some of what they said may be the truth. For example, them hailing from the Eastern Division of the Immortal Plane. However, what kind of person was Grand Emperor East Extreme? In Chen Feng’s opinion, the six of them had likely never even met Grand Emperor East Extreme. Those were simply boastful words. Though, they were trying to stir the relationship between him and Xue Luosha. At any rate, for the six of them, fighting against one was easier than fighting against two.

“I hope that fellow cultivator can partner up with us. Let’s join forces to kill off Xue Luosha. The key that is on her will go to you.” Seeing Chen Feng remain silent, the cultivator continued.

Chen Feng shook his head, saying nothing. Did they take him for a fool? Killing off Xue Luosha, he would be incapable of fighting back against the six of them.

Chen Feng could see that Xue Luosha was highly formidable. In a one-on-one scenario, she could kill the other party. In a one-on-two scenario, she could still gain the upper hand. Even in a one-on-three scenario, assuming she ended up in the losing position, she would still be able to run away without much troubles. Even though they were at the same level, Xue Luosha was far stronger than each of the six cultivators.

Naturally, their advantage rested upon their numbers. If they had two less person with them, Chen Feng and Xue Luosha would have considered killing them off.

Seeing Chen Feng not responding to them, the six cultivators secretly felt furious. Given the chance, they would have wanted to kill off Chen Feng. However, they could not do so right now. The treasure hoard was right before their very eyes. There was no need to be fighting to the death at this moment. That would only end up benefitting others. Naturally, this was also due to the fact that they were not confident in their ability to take down Chen Feng and Xue Luosha.

Back when the six cultivators were trying to sway Chen Feng over to their side, Xue Luosha had chosen to do nothing. It would appear that she had determined what Chen Feng would do.

Finally, Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking, “I wonder, when will the others come? Are we supposed to just keep on waiting here?”

“The gate has been opened. The owners of the respective keys would have been informed. The only exception would be if they did not enter this dimension,” Xue Luosha said.

“And if they actually didn’t?” Chen Feng continued.

“Then, we’ll just have to keep on waiting.”

“They will surely come. We have already encountered the other two key owners,” one of the six cultivators said.

“That’s good.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Looks like the upcoming competition will be very brutal.”


A clump of flames appeared somewhere far away and it smashed its way forward before abruptly coming to a sudden halt before Chen Feng and the others. World-encompassing heat waves then spread outwards and Chen Feng could feel the surrounding temperature rising non-stop. It felt like a sun had appeared before them all.

Tsk, tsk. This fellow is strong. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This person was giving him a faint feeling of danger. 

After finding his footing, the newly-arrived cultivator retracted the flames wrapping around his body, leaving only the flames dancing within his eyes. A handsome face and long fiery-red hair, it was a somewhat bewitching appearance. But the vigorous power within his body and the killing intent that he was subconsciously emanating informed the others that this person was not to be trifled with.

“Greetings, Flame Monarch Scarletflow.” Xue Luosha, who had been staying silent, took the initiative to greet him. Additionally, there was a solemn quality to her demeanour.

“So, it’s Xue Luosha.” Flame Monarch Scarletflow nodded his head. After giving them a casual glance, he said nothing else. It was as though Chen Feng and the other six cultivators were nothing in his eyes.

“The third one has come. Hopefully, the last owner will come quickly. I do not have the time to wait long here,” Chen Feng said.

However, day after day passed by and the last key owner never appeared.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng then used his eye technique on the portal there. Seemingly affected by the eye technique, the portal released a dazzling light and a rumbling sound rang out from it.

Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, the six cultivators grew wary. Even Flame Monarch Scarletflow grew surprised and he turned to give Chen Feng a glance.

Only, something even more shocking happened.

The light radiating from the portal grew increasingly strong, seemingly on the verge of exploding. At the same time, the portal – wrapped up by the light – gradually turned blurry. On the other hand, due to the light, everyone there reflexively took several steps back.

After that, the light disappeared and the portal returned to its normal state. Chen Feng, however, had disappeared.

“Eh, where’s the kid?”

“What happened?”

Everyone there, Xue Luosha included, were shocked to the extreme.

“He has entered the portal,” Flame Monarch Scarletflow said, shock still etched on his face.

“Xue Luosha, what is going on here? That kid came here with you. You need to give us an explanation!” The six cultivators from the Eastern Division of the Immortal Plane moved forward to surround Xue Luosha.

The six of them knew all too clearly just how attractive the treasure hoard of a Heavenly Immortal could be. They had risked their lives to come all the way here for the sake of this treasure hoard. And yet, before they – the owners of the key – could enter, a brat who appeared all of a sudden had beaten them to it.

“Humph! What is there for me to explain? All I know is that he is from the Longevity Clan. As for the details, I don’t know much either.” Xue Luosha snorted.

“Don’t know? He had been willing to give up his life to save you. Xue Luosha, you fellows are partners. Now that your partner has entered the Heavenly Immortal’s treasure hoard, who should we go after if not you?” Killing intent surged out from the six cultivators. It seemed they were already on the verge of taking action.

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