Chapter 107 : Storing Artefacts in the Body


Chen Feng detested this feeling of being unable to control himself to the extreme. And yet, there was nothing he could do about it. The other fellow’s cultivation base was far higher than his. Chen Feng felt that, even if he were to bring out the Overwhelming Astral Sword and display his full power, he would not be a match for this old man. Additionally, Tower was in a deep slumbering state. Thus, Chen Feng was unable to utilize the Longevity Tower’s power.

Thankfully, it would appear that this old man did not harbour any ill intent towards him. Moreover, while Chen Feng was uncertain what medicinal tier they were at, the old man had also given him a bottle of medicinal pills.

“Elder. Since you want to take me as your disciple, you should at least tell me your name.,” asked Chen Feng after pondering about it for a moment. 

“That is right! Kid, I still do not know your name.” The chubby old man suddenly slapped his own forehead.

“My name is Chen Feng,” replied Chen Feng calmly.

“Oh! So, your name is Chen Feng. In that case, I will call you Feng’er in the future,” said the chubby old man with a smile.

“But what is your name, elder?” asked Chen Feng again as he rolled his eyes.

“What is with the elder crap? Call me master,” the chubby old man continued with the same smile.

“Fine, master. If disciple gets bullied in the future, I should mention master’s name, right?” said Chen Feng again. Chen Feng had decided to find out this chubby old man’s name.

“Who dares bully my disciple? Besides, if you get bullied, you should fight to regain your own standing. Using your master’s name to scare others? What kind of ability is that? For the sake of your future in cultivation, it will be better for you to not know my name for now. Remember, master is doing this for your own good.” The expression on the chubby old man’s face was like that of a master teaching a student.

“But master, can you stop gripping me? Are there any masters who keep gripping their disciples?” said Chen Feng after looking at his arm.

“Fine. But this place is too dangerous. You must stay close to master.” After saying that, the chubby old man released his grip.

Immediately, Chen Feng felt the pressure on his arm loosening and his whole body felt relaxed. Without giving it much thought, he ran.

However, Chen Feng only managed to take two steps out before a feeling of tightness overcame his whole body. It was as though he had been shackled by ropes, rendering him immobile. He was incapable of taking any more steps forward and his body slowly moved back to stay beside the chubby old man.

Only then did Chen Feng notice the stream of light coming off the chubby old man. The stream of light was wrapping Chen Feng up tightly. No matter how hard he struggled, he could not extricate himself.

“Go all out!”

Chen Feng clenched his teeth and the Overwhelming Astral Sword flew out from within his glabella to slash down at the chubby old man. A will, unyieldingly powerful and majestic, merged into one. Chen Feng could feel it. This was the most powerful force he had ever unleashed using the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

This here is a Prized artefact. I don’t believe it cannot make you back off. Chen Feng was determined.

However, what happened next immediately stunned Chen Feng. Rather, it turned his mind upside down.

Facing the attack from a Prized-tier sword, the chubby old man simply snickered. Pointing a finger out, he jabbed forward lightly to cause snapping sounds to ring out. Instantly, the seemingly invincible sword luminescence disappeared and Chen Feng felt a feeling of lightness through his hands. The Overwhelming Astral Sword had fallen into the chubby old man’s hand.

“You!” Chen Feng was incredibly shocked. He wanted to turn around and flee. However, he was unwilling to give up on the sword. More importantly, he was not even capable of running away.

“What is it, my dear disciple? You want to test your master’s ability? You should be satisfied now, aren’t you?” The chubby old man chuckled as he fiddled with the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“He he he he!” Chen Feng forced himself to laugh out before asking, “Satisfied, satisfied! Master, you are really powerful. I wonder, when can you teach me some of your skills?”

 “Naturally, I will teach your some,” said the chubby old man as he smiled at Chen Feng. At that moment, the Overwhelming Astral Sword had shrunk down to only three inches in size and it circled around the chubby old man’s palm while emitting light.

“Then, return me my magic treasure first,” said Chen Feng with a smile as he rubbed his hands.

“At present, you have only opened up your 1st sea of wisdom layer. However, you can keep this weapon in your body? You have not reached the storing artefacts in body level. Tsk tsk! Dear disciple, it seems you have some secrets on you.” The chubby old man stared intently at Chen Feng’s forehead.

Not good! Could this old man see the Longevity Tower within my glabella? Chen Feng panicked somewhat.

Truth be told, Chen Feng could ignore everything he had on him, even the Overwhelming Astral Sword. However, the Longevity Tower was a different matter. While he was in the dark as to what artefact tier this magic treasure of unknown origin was at, it had always been with him. Additionally, it had something to do with his past. Thus, nothing must happen to the Longevity Tower. He must not lose it.

“How strange, how strange.” The chubby old man stared at Chen Feng for the longest time before shaking his head again and again. A confused look appeared on his face.

Everything about this kid’s sea of wisdom is obviously normal. How could he keep this sword inside? The chubby old man was feeling puzzled.

“He he! Master, what are you thinking about?” Seeing the fluctuating expressions on the old man’s face, Chen Feng figured that he had failed to notice the Longevity Tower hiding within his forehead. Thus, he was able to slowly relax.

“It’s nothing. Although you can keep this Prized artefact into your body, you are unable to utilize the methods of ‘storing artefacts in body’. Additionally, your cultivation base is insufficient. Thus, you are simply incapable of fully unleashing this Prized artefact’s full power. Fine. Since I have accepted you as my disciple, I must give you some goodies. At the same time, I can have you know how capable your master is. Now, I will refine this Prized artefact. Try it now.” After saying that, the chubby old man flicked a finger and the three-inch sword circling his palm transformed into a stream of light to enter Chen Feng’s glabella.

The moment the Overwhelming Astral Sword flew into his glabella, Chen Feng felt something strange entering his mind. Although Chen Feng had been able to put the Overwhelming Astral Sword into his glabella in the past, it was just a trick. After the Overwhelming Astral Sword entered his glabella, it would enter the Longevity Tower. At present, the Longevity Tower’s biggest function for Chen Feng was to serve as a large storage space. It was practically a super-tier storage magic treasure in Chen Feng’s eyes.

At present, however, things were different. After the chubby old man refined the Overwhelming Astral Sword, it could establish a link with Chen Feng’s flesh and blood the moment it entered, melding with his mind as one. Chen Feng felt as though the Overwhelming Astral Sword had become a part of himself. Every time he breathed; the Overwhelming Astral Sword would follow suit with a pulse of its own before slowly releasing a rumbling sound.

With a thought, the Overwhelming Astral Sword began flowing through the various corners of his body without respite. His blood, his primary energy, his veins, his meridians, his sea of wisdom. It flitted about constantly, giving Chen Feng a feeling of connection.

After flowing through his body for several hundred times, the Overwhelming Astral Sword finally flowed into his Heavenly Origin acupoint. It became like a fish entering the vast ocean, circling around the Heavenly Origin acupoint ceaselessly.

With a thought from Chen Feng, the Overwhelming Astral Sword immediately stopped moving to hover within the Heavenly Origin acupoint.

“Siii! This is the storing artefacts in body realm.” There were both shock and joy in Chen Feng’s heart.

For Chen Feng, quite some time was needed for him to cultivate up to the storing artefacts in body realm. At the very least, he would need to reach level 3 of the Concealed stage in order to truly reach the weapon and human as one realm. At present, however, Chen Feng had reached that realm. More importantly, the artefact that he was one with was a Prized artefact. No matter how Heaven-defying Chen Feng may be, in order to completely fuse with a Prized artefact, he would have to cultivate up to level 9 of the Concealed stage and attain perfect sea of wisdom.

All this with a wave of the chubby old man’s hand. At that moment, Chen Feng began believing the old man’s words of helping him reach the Sky Human stage in the shortest time possible.


Chen Feng focused and the Overwhelming Astral Sword appeared upon his palm. The three-inch sword kept flowing about as it emitted strands of sword light. It gave off an entrancing feeling.

The images in Chen Feng’s mind changed constantly and the Overwhelming Astral Sword followed suit as its size expanded and shrank. Finally, it transformed back to its original three-chi long shape (1 chi = 0.333 m).

After testing it out for a while, he turned the Overwhelming Astral Sword back into a stream of light, which entered his body to finally flow back into his Heavenly Origin acupoint. When it calmed down, it became like a command sword, suppressing the Heavenly Origin acupoint. The chaotic energy currents within the Heavenly Origin acupoint slowly turned calm.

This is an acupoint-guarding technique recorded in the Longevity Scripture. I can finally practice it. Chen Feng thought to himself.

According to the Longevity Scripture, after attaining the storing artefacts in body realm, he can store magic treasures inside insight acupoints. By doing so, various changes would occur. The magic treasure would become closely connected to the insight acupoint to nourish each other. Thus, the insight acupoint would become more stable and powerful. He would be able to unleash an even higher level of power against his enemies. Additionally, by further increasing his cultivation base, more mysteries would appear from the insight acupoints to greatly improve his cultivation base.

Now, it is truly the first origin of emergence. With the suppressive effect of the Prized artefact, my cultivation base has become more stable. Next, it is time I assail my 2nd sea of wisdom layer. Chen Feng pondered silently.

“How is it, my dear disciple?” asked the chubby old man as he smiled at Chen Feng.

“Thank you, master.” Chen Feng bowed respectfully. This time, he had called him ‘master’ with sincerity.

The chubby old man’s action earlier had saved Chen Feng tens of years of bitter hard work. Moreover, having a Prized artefact suppressing his Heavenly Origin acupoint would make his foundation more solid and unbreakable.

Chen Feng also knew that it was incredibly difficult for loose cultivators, bereft of any cultivation techniques, to cultivate up to the storing artefacts in the body realm.

“Ha ha ha! This is just a small matter for your master.” Seeing Chen Feng bow, the chubby old man could not stop himself from laughing out in a pleased manner.

“Thankfully, you had opened up the Heavenly Origin acupoint. Otherwise, I would not be able to help you. Kid, I can see that your cultivation technique is very weird. Additionally, the quality of your primary energy is very high as well. You should be a disciple of some immortal dao sect, right?” asked the chubby old man.


Hearing the question, Chen Feng rolled his eyes. Despite not knowing his identity, this chubby old man had decided to take him in as a disciple and had even helped improve his strength? This old man’s conduct simply left Chen Feng speechless.

“He he, I am just a loose cultivator. I came here to join in on the liveliness,” answered Chen Feng after calming himself down.

“So, you don’t belong to a sect. That is for the best. However, if you want to continue practicing cultivation, you should still find an immortal dao sect. That way, you will have something to rely on. When you have to kill others in the future, you will have more confidence. How about this? I will recommend an immortal dao sect for you later,” said the chubby old man with a smile. 

Rumble! Rumble!

As the two of them were chatting, the speed at which the mountain was rising suddenly increased. It was now rising at tens of metres per breath. Ripples of powerful energy kept spreading out into their surroundings. Beneath it, the ground and mud that were hundreds of metres deep began churning with intensity. The cultivators standing nearby quickly retreated.

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