Chapter 1069 Divine Sun Needle


Damn it! With this, all I can do is wait outside! I cannot accept this! Thinking back to the treasures within the sixth layer of the killing array, Xue Luosha’s eyes turned blood-shot. As someone who cultivated the grand dao of blood, she had a more ferocious nature. If it weren’t for the fact that her strength was lacking, she would have killed Chen Feng long ago.

After spending some time on recuperation, Xue Luosha charged in once more. However, it did not take long before she was forced to exit again. No matter what Xue Luosha said, Chen Feng never responded. That enraged her even more.

And so, time went by. Chen Feng spent a long time cultivating himself inside the sixth layer. For the sake of the Chaos Constitution, Chen Feng planned on slowly cultivating himself while he slowly devoured the powers there.

For the sake of cultivation, everything else could be pushed back.

Several years later, due to the decrease in the Divine Chaos Lightning on the sixth layer, Xue Luosha was able to stay longer. She was even able to see Chen Feng’s figure, but she was still incapable of approaching him. Once, she had attempted to move towards Chen Feng. Before she could even take more than two steps forward, the surrounding lightning powers had left her grievously wounded. 

The whole place had seemingly become Chen Feng’s world and he could control the Divine Chaos Lightning there. Seeing that left Xue Luosha secretly shocked.

Several more years passed and Chen Feng felt his cultivation reaching a certain threshold. And so, he decided to conclude it. Stretching his hand out, he grasped and the surrounding space shook. All of the Divine Chaos Lightning there converged upon Chen Feng’s palm, as though it was connected to a black hole in outer space. Soon enough, all of them were devoured.

Xue Luosha sucked in a sharp breath of air. She herself was unable to estimate just how much Divine Chaos Lightning there was in this space. It was at a level that would astound others. Surprisingly, it could be so easily dealt with.

The killing array there disappeared and a still stretch of space appeared. Next, two clumps of light appeared before Chen Feng.

“Pseudo-Divine artifacts!”

Xue Luosha exclaimed and she instantly charged forward.


Chen Feng fired out a punch and the strength that he had accumulated over the years spent in cultivation burst out. As a result, Xue Luosha’s figure blasted backwards at a speed surpassing her previous charging speed. Blood sprayed out from her mouth before her figure even made contact with the ground.

Chen Feng then stepped forward and carefully assessed the two clumps of light before him.

One was a blade while the other was a suit of armour, flashing with flowing light. One was for offence while the other was for defence. Both were pseudo-Divine artifacts.

“This is my place. There are two magic treasures. I want one of them,” Xue Luosha said.

Chen Feng ignored her. With a beckoning move from him, the two clumps of light then flew into his hand.

“Divine Thousand Malice Blade, Glassy Body Armour.” Information about the two pseudo-Divine artifacts flowed into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

The Divine Thousand Malice Blade is quite good, but the body armour is not that useful for me. Due to the might of his fleshly body, Chen Feng simply had no need for armour.

In the end, Chen Feng kept both the magic treasures. Seeing that, Xue Luosha’s eyes flashed with light as she considered attacking. In the end, however, she chose not to. That punch from Chen Feng had shocked Xue Luosha profusely. Even though she had already recovered, it felt as though Chen Feng had become even stronger.

Chen Feng merely gave Xue Luosha a glance before entering the seventh layer of the killing array.


Entering, Chen Feng’s body instantly paused. He felt as though the Heavens itself had collapsed as a heavy pressure descended upon him. His knees bent as he failed to stop the pressure. This brought Chen Feng an extreme feeling of shock.

He had spent so long cultivating amidst the Divine Chaos Lightning and the might of his fleshly body had advanced by one whole level. And yet, he was still incapable of stopping this pressure bearing down on him.


Longevity-type primary energy circulated and Chen Feng slowly stood back up. At the same time, a strand of pseudo-Divine power emerged to bolster Chen Feng. However, seemingly in response to Chen Feng’s actions of making use of the magic treasure, the pressure began multiplying in strength. Most importantly, waves of pressure at the same level were also moving towards him from every direction. Due to that, cracks began appearing on Chen Feng’s resilient body.

Maybe I should have refined the Glassy Body Armour first. Chen Feng began thinking that he had been slightly too careless.

That said, Chen Feng also knew that utilizing the power of the magic treasure would likely cause the waves of pressure to become even stronger.

With a flash, Chen Feng left the seventh layer.

Earlier, seeing Chen Feng disappear into the seventh layer had caused Xue Luosha’s face to sink. She began pondering whether or not she should enter to investigate as well. Before she could make up her mind, she saw something flash and Chen Feng re-appeared.

“What is it? Is the killing array inside too strong?” Seeing Chen Feng come back out, Xue Luosha felt slightly relieved.

“Looks like your wounds have healed up. If so, let’s get going,” Chen Feng said, ignoring the question.

Xue Luosha became secretly furious. She felt eager to take action, but stayed still in the end.

“What is it? Do you want to attack me?” Chen Feng smiled.

“How is that possible? We can get going right now.” Xue Luosha smiled as well. She chose not to attack in the end.

Although Chen Feng had been staying inside this Death Dimension for quite some time, he only had a very superficial understanding of it. He had yet to personally see the corpse of a Heavenly Immortal. He knew, of course, that there was more than one Heavenly Immortal’s corpse here. Rather, there were many corpses of Heavenly Immortals. Additionally, there was also the question of how this Death Dimension came to be and why the corpses were there. All of those remained a mystery to Chen Feng.

Clearly, Xue Luosha, who had been staying here longer than him, would know more. That was also why Chen Feng had agreed to partner up with her.

The ultimate objective of all the cultivators who entered this Death Dimension was the corpse of a Heavenly Immortal. It was something that no True Immortal would be able to resist. Even a drop of a Heavenly Immortal’s blood essence was an invaluable treasure.

Chen Feng and Xue Luosha leisurely made their way through the chaotic space there. The male was dashingly handsome while the female was charmingly seductive. Before the surrounding forces could approach the two of them, an invisible power would repel them back. At a glance, one would have assumed that there were two immortals wandering through space. But there was no telling what was on each person’s mind.

“Xue Luosha, how long has it been since you first entered this Death Dimension?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“It’s hard to answer,” Xue Luosha replied.

“Where are you from then?”

“It’s hard to answer.”

“Do you know which locations here have the corpses of Heavenly Immortals?”

“It’s hard to answer.”

“Very well, then. See you later.” After saying that, Chen Feng moved forward. Then, flashing forward a few times, he disappeared. 


Seeing Chen Feng disappear all of a sudden, Xue Luosha was taken aback, but she swiftly understood what was happening.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

A total of six cultivators charged forward, breaking through space as they did. Clearly, they had been preparing for this for a long time. Upon appearing, they rapidly encircled Xue Luosha. The energy streams that the six cultivators released intertwined with one another to form a barrier to stop Xue Luosha from running away.

“Xue Luosha, you didn’t think we’d end up meeting again so soon, did you?” one of them said with a smile.

“How did you fellows find me so quickly?” Xue Luosha was truly shocked.

“Enough with the nonsense. Hand over the item and we’ll let you live.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Xue Luosha said, the battle lance in her hand swiftly stabbing towards one of the cultivators.

Boom! Boom!

Two clumps of light appeared, one following the other. The first one blocked Xue Luosha’s attack while the second one struck Xue Luosha. The six cultivators were prepared. With their advantage in numbers, Xue Luosha was completely no match for them.

In just an instant, Xue Luosha had fallen into a perilous position.

“Chen Feng, hurry up and save me!” Xue Luosha shouted loudly, the battle lance in her hand stabbing forward in desperation. She was displaying a more reckless way of fighting.

However, it was useless. Everyone from the other party was a high-level True Immortal. Due to that, the gap in strength between the two sides was simply too great.

“Chen Feng, if you do not take action, you can forget about finding the treasure hoard of the Heavenly Immortal!” Seeing Chen Feng not appear, Xue Luosha grew anxious.

“You look like you’re in trouble.” It was then that Chen Feng walked out from space, a smile on his face.

“Friend, do not be a busybody.” Seeing Chen Feng appear, one of the six cultivators said threateningly.

“I didn’t think that you’d be able to stop the siege of six cultivators. Looks like you were hiding your strength back then,” Chen Feng continued talking to Xue Luosha.

“Are you still not going to take action?” There was a bloody light encasing Xue Luosha’s body.

“I want to see how long you can last.”

Sou! Sou!

Two cultivators suddenly charged towards Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. The two of them had been hiding themselves for a long time. Their objective was none other than Chen Feng. They had taken Chen Feng into account in their plans.

“Die, kid! This is what happens to busybodies!” 

The two cultivators possessed outstanding stealth techniques and if Chen Feng hadn’t secretly utilized his eye technique, he would have failed to notice them. But since his eye technique could find them, it also meant that all their flaws and movements were within Chen Feng’s calculations.


The Longevity Wings released a violent pulse, causing an explosive sound to ring out from Chen Feng’s back. Next, his figure dashed forward, evading the sneak attacks from the two cultivators to arrive before the entrapping barrier that the other six cultivators had created.


It was a swift and simplistic punch. Next, a wave of flame-like energy charged forth, spreading across a distance of a million zhang.

Chen Feng tumbled backwards. This barrier, a magic array that the six cultivators had set up, was very special. That exchange earlier was the equivalent of him clashing against all six of the cultivators combined. In the end, Chen Feng ended up in a slightly unfavourable position. Then, the two cultivators from earlier charged forward to surround him. Even so, his actions did bring about some effects. They had given Xue Luosha some breathing room.

That said, the situation remained grim. The other party had a total of eight cultivators and they surrounded both Chen Feng and Xue Luosha separately. That was especially true of Xue Luosha, who might face defeat at any moment.

“Chen Feng, what are you doing? Hurry up and save me!” Xue Luosha shouted.

“Shut it! Believe it or not, I’ll just leave you here!” Chen Feng barked back.

“Neither of you will be leaving today!”

Bang! Bang!

The attacks from the two cultivators besieging Chen Feng struck his body and Chen Feng was sent flying. One of them then wanted to make use of the opportunity to kill off Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, something flashed before his eyes and he found himself in an illusionary expanse of starry space.

Oh, no!

The thought had only just risen from his mind when he felt his body flinch. A small hole the size of a finger had appeared on his chest. Next, the hole rapidly expanded and the cultivator became like a wax sculpture melting down before fire.


Chen Feng then punched and the cultivator broke apart.

“The Divine Sun Needle!” When Xue Luosha, who was under siege, saw that, her eyes widened. At the same time, she felt terribly distressed. It was such that she felt the urge to puke out blood. That was her item. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would be the one to display its might.

The combined might of the Divine Sun Needle and Bedazzling Star Map is truly extraordinary. Chen Feng was aware that the present situation did not bode well for them. He had to utilize his magic treasures to rescue Xue Luosha and escape quickly.

Even though he had managed to seriously wound one of the cultivators earlier, that person was still a high-level True Immortal. It was possible for him to recover despite his shattered body.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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