Chapter 1051 Black Spiritual Fountain


“This is bad! I sense the Dark Kirin using the Dark Scripture! Is he in danger?” Chen Feng suddenly exclaimed. As someone who was also cultivating the Dark Scripture, Chen Feng was able to instantly detect the power of darkness.

“Let’s go help him!” Huo Yunlong shouted.

“No, he’s already here.” Chen Feng had only just said that when a black passageway appeared before them. A scripture then appeared in front of them before the Dark Kirin’s figure appeared there as well with a flash.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. I encountered a group of cultivators who claim to be from the Ardent Flame Order. It’s really strange. After I killed off some of them, a mid-level True Immortal actually appeared.”

“The Ardent Flame Order.”

“Another mid-level True Immortal? This world is becoming increasingly dangerous.”

“What of Premier Golden Earth and True Immortal Soulboost?”

“True Immortal Soulboost is very far away from me. Looks like he is trying to break free from my control,” Chen Feng said coolly, a ridiculing look on his face. Even if True Immortal Soulboost’s cultivation level were to advance by one more level, he could forget about breaking free from Chen Feng’s control. At any rate, Chen Feng had the Longevity Tower and Longevity Scripture.

“Premier Golden Earth is also very far away from us. Though, it would appear that he is not in any danger.”

“This is a very ancient space. Various cultivators from a place known as the Heavenswave Star Region came here to train themselves. As it so happens, we ended up bumping into them,” Chen Feng explained with a smile.

“Heavenswave Star Region? What is that place? I have never heard of it before. Still, for there to be so many True Immortals coming here for training, this star region must be very strong,” Huo Yunlong said.

“It cannot be compared with the Immortal Plane, but its overall strength has surpassed that of the Demon Plane and Nether Plane. It can already be considered as a smaller Immortal Plane. The strongest existence in the Heavenswave Star Region is at the Heavenly Immortal stage. The ones who came here this time are members of the Seven Orders and Six Factions. They have many True Immortals amongst them. A portion of them are also Ascendant Immortals, but they went to some other places. By the way, I did manage to obtain a very important piece of information.”

“What important information?”

“The other party has named this space we are in as the Death Dimension. There is a passageway connecting this Wilderness Dimension that we are in with the Death Dimension. The cultivators from the Heavenswave Star Region view the Death Dimension as a most forbidden place and only a small number of cultivators would dare enter and explore the place,” Chen Feng said.

“By the way, it’s been a few years since we entered this place. Did you two manage to obtain anything?”

“I had really bad luck. I failed to gain anything.” Huo Yunlong shook his head.

“I found a Spiritual Fountain of Darkness. However, before I could approach it, I encountered the cultivators from the Ardent Flame Order,” the Dark Kirin said.

“A Spiritual Fountain of Darkness!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. For the Dark Kirin to view it as something of importance, this fountain must surely be a good item.

“Come, let’s go look for the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness.” Chen Feng also needed the fountain waters. They would benefit his cultivation.

“You fellows will not be going anywhere.”

The sudden voice was accompanied by flames, which sprang up around them. In just the blink of an eye, a sea of flames had formed around them. The flames there kept dancing about, filled with the power and ability to incinerate everything.

“The cultivators from the Ardent Flame Order have caught up.”

“This is the Primary Flames of Nine Yang.” Huo Yunlong sucked in a sharp breath of air and fire danced within his eyes. 

“The other party must be a mid-level True Immortal. We are incapable of fighting back.”

“It is indeed the Primary Flames of Nine Yang, but it is not pure. Brother Huo, no need to be afraid,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to send a river surging forward. The river rapidly formed a giant wyrm.

Due to the aegis of the wyrm, their surrounding temperature instantly fell. Chen Feng then brought out the Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin, which slowly unfurled. Wave after wave of flowing water flowed out to swiftly transform into a wall of water, which pushed outwards with a rumbling sound.

While the Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin was also only a pseudo-Divine artifact, it was slightly stronger compared to the Bedazzling Star Map. Additionally, the various powers of water contained within it were the counter to all types of fire. On Chen Feng’s end, now that he had advanced to the Ascendant Immortal stage, utilizing the Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin was no longer as hard as it used to be.

“Although the Primary Flames of Nine Yang is very powerful, it also depends on who is using it. I’ll deal with these flames.” Chen Feng pushed forward with both hands and the wall of water grew in thickness while climbing even higher. Its existence caused a certain space within the sea of flames to be free of the flames. Next up, the power of water kept expanding and the sea of flames began diminishing as the flames there were extinguished.

“A water-type pseudo-Divine artifact!” A shocked voice emerged from the darkness.


The Chaos Chain swiftly flew forward to pierce void space.


Chen Feng’s team of three had long since attained a high level of coordination. Additionally, this was a good opportunity for an attack. Thus, it did not take long before a scream rang out from the dark.

“The other party is alone. This is the best chance to kill him off!”

“Killing off a mid-level True Immortal will surely net us a great deal!” Chen Feng channelled all his strength to mobilize the Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin. As a result, half of the sea of flames had already disappeared.

However, the remaining flames abruptly converged, transforming into a ball of fire which swiftly worked on breaking the space there.

“You want to leave?”

The Immortal Slaughter Sword flashed forward and the fireball was cleaved in half, causing some blood splashed out.

To the chagrin of Chen Feng’s team, the other party managed to escape in the end.

“No matter how you cut it, he is a mid-level True Immortal. To think that he would run so quickly,” Huo Yunlong swore.

“Thankfully, he was alone. Let’s hurry up and leave.”

The three of them swiftly left the place. In the following month, the three of them encountered and fought against several more cultivators. They were from the Ardent Flame Order, Heavensday Faction and Icy Frost Order.

The encounters gave Chen Feng a deeper level of understanding towards the Heavenswave Star Region. And while their cultivation methods did not arouse much of Chen Feng’s attention, their combat powers shocked Chen Feng somewhat.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the True Immortals that they encountered along the way could be considered as elites even in the Immortal Plane.

“The Seven Orders and Six Factions. The number of True Immortals who came in has exceeded a thousand. I wonder what these fellows managed to gain in here?”

“We’d best be careful. If the other party join forces to besiege us, it’d be dangerous for us, my pseudo-Divine artifacts notwithstanding. By the way, how far are we from the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness?”

“If I am not mistaken, it should be within an inconspicuous valley somewhere five million kilometres up ahead. Only, there are formidable extra-terrestrial creatures of the dark-type standing guard there. Obtaining the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness will be somewhat difficult.

The Dark Kirin’s speculations were correct. It did not take long before Chen Feng sensed a pure power of darkness.

“It really is the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness. Moreover, it’s grade is very high.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

“However, there are some other formidable auras mixed within. Some cultivators are fighting there.”

“Did the cultivators from the Heavenswave Star Region discover the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness as well?” Killing intent flashed across the eyes of the Dark Kirin. Compared to Chen Feng, the Dark Kirin’s need for the power of darkness was greater.

“No matter what, we must obtain the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness.” Chen Feng wanted to obtain the pure power of darkness, which would help increase his strength somewhat.

And so, Chen Feng secretly notified True Immortal Soulboost to return as quickly as possible, only to receive no reply. Chen Feng sneered and said nothing about it. Next, starlight flashed out to envelop the three of them and their speed multiplied.

“What kind of extra-terrestrial creature is that?”

When the three of them arrived, they saw a 100,000-zhang-tall, ape-type extra-terrestrial creature fighting against several cultivators.

With a cultivation base at the True Immortal stage, the ape-type extra-terrestrial creature exuded a thick power of darkness and an overbearing atmosphere. Even a casual move from it would cause the world to shake. In a one-on-one fight against it, without the use of his magic treasures, Chen Feng would be no match for this creature. And yet, this overbearing extra-terrestrial creature was in an unfavourable spot. The enemies it had to face were stronger than it. Additionally, they also held the numerical advantage.

“It’s the cultivators from the Icy Frost Order and Sun Moon Faction. One mid-level True Immortal and six starter-level True Immortals. There should be some more cultivators lurking around.”

“There is no need for us to worry too much about that. The fact that they are fighting one another is a good thing for us.” Starlight flashed to pierce through the area of space used by both sides as a battlefield before swiftly entering the valley.

Chen Feng’s objective was very simple. He would swiftly charge in, find the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness, collect it and leave. Unless absolutely necessary, he did not want to get into a conflict with them. At any rate, taking on a mid-level True Immortal was still a very difficult feat for Chen Feng’s team.

Seeing the appearance of a third party, both sides grew infuriated. That was especially true for the ape-type extra-terrestrial creature which roared skywards. The resulting soundwaves caused the surrounding mountains to crack.

“Who? Who dares come seek death?” Unlike the ape-type extra-terrestrial creature that was incapable of extricating itself, some cultivators who had been lurking around swiftly took action. To Chen Feng’s surprise, they did not attack Chen Feng. Instead, they concentrated their attacks upon the ape-type extra-terrestrial creature.

Could there be some dangers inside? The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. However, he did not stop. Instead, he sped up. In his opinion, even if there were dangers, it should be possible for him to deal with the dangers with the charge of a pseudo-Divine artifact.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As predicted, there were countless restrictive arrays, all of which the Bedazzling Star Map pierced through. The restrictive arrays had been set up using a pure power of darkness, with both offensive and defensive capabilities. But while they were formidable, in the face of a pseudo-Divine artifact, they became like withered twigs. As for the Dark Kirin, he happily devoured the power of darkness there.

“We’re getting closer to the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness.” The Dark Scripture that had been imprinted into the depths of Chen Feng’s soul began to operate on its own and strands of the power of darkness began entering Chen Feng’s body. After one circulation, the power of darkness then entered the Dark acupoint. 

By then, they had long since entered the ground. They kept descending and the restrictive arrays and obstructions they encountered grew increasingly strong.

“Who do you think created the restrictive arrays here? No matter how I look at it, it sure doesn’t seem like the extra-terrestrial creature outside,” Huo Yunlong suddenly said.

“For the sake of ensuring its own safety, spiritual objects at this level can emanate powers to set up restrictive arrays around themselves to stop any outsiders. I’m guessing that the Spiritual Fountain of Darkness is the one that set up these restrictive arrays throughout the years,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Something is not right.” Suddenly, the Dark Kirin brought out the Dark Scripture, his tone somewhat grim. It seemed he had discovered something.

“What is it? Everything appears normal, eh? Something’s wrong,” Chen Feng said, looking ahead. A thick, black-coloured shield had appeared before them and moving patterns could be seen on the surface of the shield.


Starlight pierced through the black shield only for a foreboding sensation to rise up from Chen Feng’s heart. Surprisingly, the black shield had managed to halt the pseudo-Divine artifact’s descent for a brief moment. Although it was only a very brief moment, it had managed to stop a small portion of the pseudo-Divine artifact’s power. This meant that the black shield was quite the extraordinary item.

More black shields appeared, each thicker than the other. Due to that, the rate at which Chen Feng’s team was descending slowed down. Chen Feng, on the other hand, collected the black shields. They were valuable items created using the power of darkness.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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