Chapter 1035 Chaotic Space


“Why did it stop?”

“To be able to stop even a Heavenly Tribulation, what power!” 

“This is the power of a pseudo-Divine artifact. In truth, even Immortal artifacts can do this.”

After having stabilized his cultivation base, Chen Feng’s figure flashed to re-appear before them all. Without saying a word, he then controlled the Bedazzling Star Map, having it speed up. Following that, everyone felt their surroundings shake violently. Waves of devastation kept sweeping about and stars flickered out ceaselessly.

“Our pursuers are attacking again! This wave of attacks is even stronger than the previous one.”

“This is not the way to go. Sigh! I wonder where we are now? Can we still return to Eternal World?”

“What is it? Fellow seniors, is cultivating here not good? Or are you already missing your homeworld? As I recall, you fellows would often spend most of your time exploring outer space. One trip would usually last 10,000 years. Why so anxious all of a sudden?” Chen Feng laughed.

“Besides, there is no need to worry. I have already locked in the coordinates of Eternal World with my magic treasure. No matter how far away we go, we will be able to return. Rather, with enough power, we can simply set up a massive teleportation array to send us back. Naturally, given my current level of strength, I am still incapable of doing that.”

“If we are not being chased and Eternal World is not suffering from devastation, even exploring space for 100,000 years will not be an issue. But now, our hearts are distracted. We just can’t let go.”

“That’s right. Eternal World needs us right now.”

“Fellows, you’ve underestimated the situation. We cannot go back right now. Given the scale of the Immortal Plane’s intervention, the situation in Eternal World would definitely change. Don’t forget, there is still the Heavenly Firmaments Palace. Who knows? By the time we return, Heavenly Firmaments Palace may have already – with the support of the Immortal Plane – conquered the entire Eternal World,” Chen Feng said.

Hearing that, everyone fell silent. Thinking about it carefully, Chen Feng’s words did made sense.

“They cannot station the immortal soldiers in Eternal World forever. And with us there, Heavenly Firmaments Palace can forget about occupying the entire Eternal World.” Patriarch Heavenly Sword sneered.

“Honestly, I have been wondering about this. What is the real objective behind Heavenly Firmaments Palace’s desire to take over the entire Eternal World?” Chen Feng said, his voice solemn.

“The real objective!” Hearing that, the rest began pondering as well.


The Bedazzling Star Map shook again. Thanks to the Primary Spirit Diagram of First Origin’s assistance, however, they were able to easily endure the enemy attacks.

“Ha ha! Everyone, let’s not think too much about it anymore. A critical moment has come!” Chen Feng’s face suddenly turned grim, looking both troubled and excited.

“What is it? Could it be?” They hurriedly asked.

“I do not know what is up ahead, but it is causing my heart to palpitate. I believe we should be able to shake off our pursuers this time,” Chen Feng said, controlling the Bedazzling Star Map to make an abrupt spatial jump into a mysterious space.

Was it an illusion? Although they were all inside a pseudo-Divine artifact, they felt as though a peculiar power was making its way through from the outside to bear down on them.

“It’s the power of chaos.”

“Is it just the power of chaos? I can also sense the power of death.”

“It’s definitely not that simple. Not even a pseudo-Divine artifact could stop the aura outside.”

“Fellows, do not be anxious. I’m the one who deliberately allowed the outside forces in,” Chen Feng finally said.

“This space seems somewhat peculiar.”

Although they were inside the Bedazzling Star Map, they were able to easily view the panorama outside. They observed as tangible energy streams intertwined and roiled. Occasionally, countless asteroids would zoom by. They saw many wondrous things there. They could even see a broken planet rotating non-stop somewhere far away.

Pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then waved his hand and a piece of high-quality Mystic Iron flew into outer space. Next, they all watched as the piece of ore that was strong enough to withstand the attack of an Earthen Immortal was obliterated in an instant, disappearing without a trace.


Everyone there sucked in a sharp breath of air.

“Items that can remain intact in this environment are surely extraordinary items.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand to open a bigger gap on the Bedazzling Star Map. Following that, a high number of items surged inside. A good number of them were asteroids and fragments.

Everyone rushed forward to grab the items.

“What a tough asteroid. This is just an ordinary spacerock iron, but it contains the power of chaos. The fact that it contains spiritual attributes aside, it is a hundred times more durable than the average spacerock iron. No wonder it could remain intact in this environment,” said a shocked Heavenly Premier Absolute, who was holding onto a piece of asteroid.

“This must be the fragment of a magic treasure. It contains a hint of sword intent. It was probably an immortal sword.”

In addition to the items, there were also streams of chaos power, which swept forward like a hurricane. And yet, the cultivators inside continued to charge forward to snatch the treasures there.

“Not strong enough. We’ll need to head deeper.” Chen Feng barely hesitated before making up his mind.

The Bedazzling Star Map transformed into a beam of light and flashed all of a sudden to enter deep into the chaotic space. And yet, this particular space gave off an indescribable feeling. It was somewhat peculiar, capable of causing one’s heart to palpitate. From afar, it felt as though there was a monster that must not be provoked lying dormant there.

“Everyone, be careful. There is something wrong with the road up ahead.” Chen Feng’s pursuers were from the Immortal Plane, after all. More, they were True Immortals with a vast pool of experience. They had explored outer space many times before. Thus, some of them – upon sensing something amiss – immediately spoke up.

“There are some issues. However, it is just an area containing the power of chaos. There are countless places like this in this universe.” Some of the True Immortals ignored it. After stopping for a moment, they continued to venture ahead.

“Yes. If we stop for just a moment, the other party might be able to escape.”

“This body of mine is just a clone. Even if it is destroyed, I can just cultivate out another.”

Most of the True Immortals continued the chase. Only 10 of them had hesitated. They stopped, their eyes flickering as they pondered the situation.

“Brother Zhen, you are proficient in utilizing the Heavenswide Divination Technique. Try divining how dangerous this is. We’ll listen to you.”

“Yes, Brother Zhen. Try divining it. Unlike them, we don’t want to recklessly throw our lives away.”

“Fine, let me try to divine it.” The cultivator known as Brother Zhen wore light-blue robes. It was different from the suits of armour that the others were wearing. He was like a scholar standing together with a group of soldiers.

For the others, the divination process seemed simple. Brother Zhen’s eyes simply flashed a few times before the results came out.

After Brother Zhen’s eyes recovered, a portion of the essence, energy and soul power within him was seemingly drained away and his face promptly paled.

“Brother Zhen, are you all right?” Everyone there exclaimed.

“This divination used up tens of thousands of years of my life span. Still, I did manage to glean something.” Brother Zhen swallowed a medicinal pill and his face gradually recovered.

“Entering this place, we will most likely die. No! We will definitely die. The space up ahead is too strange. I failed to divine out just what is it. However, even a mid-level True Immortal would die inside.

“Fellows, that is the result of my divination. What is your decision?”

“Heh! Treasures may be important, but it is not as important as our lives. I think we should just head back.”


“I concur.”

“A pity, those companions of ours.”

“Reckless and greedy. Death is too good for them.”

And so, the 10 True Immortals sighed before leaving.

“Our pursuers are catching up again,” Huo Yunlong said.

“Ignore them. Next up, we’ll need to think how to escape from this place,” the Dark Kirin said.

“Senior Dark is right. I believe we have entered a very interesting place. Earlier, in the face of the True Immortals pursuit, there was a high chance that we would have died. Only, there was the possibility of us inflicting damage back to them with our deaths. But now, this danger zone is giving me a feeling of certain death,” Chen Feng said.

“Certain death? Surely not.” Everyone there was shocked.

“Just what is this place?”

“If I am not mistaken, this must be a death zone.” Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.

“A death zone!” Huo Yunlong and the others exclaimed.

Everyone there was an Ascendant Immortal. As for Huo Yunlong, he was from the Immortal Plane. Thus, he had some knowledge of the universe. He was aware that some of the death zones in the universe were even more dangerous than void storms. Sometimes, even True Immortals could forget about emerging after entering a death zone.

“Death zones should have a very thick death energy, but this place only has the power of chaos,” someone pointed out.

“No, there is death power here. Although very small in quantity, it is very pure,” the Dark Kirin said, stretching his hand out to grasp. Next, everyone watched as a massive, black hand appeared outside the map. There at the central part of the black hand’s palm, a vortex spun and streams of power were pulled inside.

After some time, the Dark Kirin stretched out his palm. There on his palm was a clump of rotating black light. It seemed as though there was something lustrous flowing within the black light. But when they saw it, the cultivators there could not stop themselves from retreating.

“What a formidable power of death!”

After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng said, “I think a high-level person must have died here.”

“High-level? How high is it?”

“At the very least, a Heavenly Immortal,” the Dark Kirin said seriously.

“Heavenly Immortal!” Everyone there exchanged glances. With that, they knew that the situation had escalated.

“Let’s go find the Heavenly Immortal’s corpse.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Chen Feng, have you gone mad?”

“I’m not mad. This is the only way to get rid of our pursuers. In fact, we may be able to kill them off this way,” Chen Feng said, bringing out the Chaos Chain and Immortal Slaughter Sword. The Chaos Chain was a high-grade Immortal artifact and it emerged from Chen Feng’s body like an agile snake, elongating all the way into the space outside the Bedazzling Star Map.

As for the Immortal Slaughter Sword, it was a top-grade Immortal artifact containing the will of carnage. Given their present situation, using this sword to devour the surrounding power of death was the best option.

“The more dangerous a place is, the greater the harvest. I have many magic treasures on me that are about to level up. If we can obtain the blood essence of a Heavenly Immortal, we can refine and absorb it. Then, advancing to the True Immortal stage and even comprehending the Heavenly grand dao is not an impossibility,” Chen Feng said, his voice containing a note of enticement.

“It’s not that simple. Even if the Heavenly Immortal is already dead, cultivators at our level are simply incapable of approaching it. Just the power of death that its corpse exudes is enough to easily kill us off.” Huo Yunlong shook his head.

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