Chapter 103: Immortal Light


“This place is known as Blackwind Marshes. According to its description within the Eternal World book, this place can be considered a dangerous place. However, that is only for Concealed stage cultivators. In terms of the degree of danger, it is actually less dangerous compared to Black Origin Mountain Range. The reason for that is because Black Origin Mountain Range has Great Yaos within it. In fact, it is said that there are even Yao Kings there,” said Chen Feng.

Generally, those who could successfully reach the Great Yao stage can also transform into human forms. They were the equivalent of Sky Human stage cultivators. Additionally, their fleshly bodies were even stronger. Yaos at that stage can already be considered experts in Eternal World, capable of leisurely travelling the world, going in and out of dangerous places.

As for Yao Kings, they were even more powerful. They were the royalty amongst yaos. Some of the powerful Yao Kings could even go up against Human Immortals. By breaking through again, they can become Yao Immortals.

“Although there are no Yao Kings here, there are still some powerful Great Yaos. Those yaos are strong enough to represent a threat to the average Concealed stage cultivators. Besides, the terrible environment alone is not something that the average cultivator can handle. More importantly, some rare medicinal herbs grow in Blackwind Marshes. Thus, cultivators would come every year and some of them would end up dying. The most famous amongst the medicinal herbs here are the Vileblood Poisongrass and Corrosive Bonebiting Soulflower,” said Ye Ziming.

“Vileblood Poisongrass and Corrosive Bonebiting Soulflower. These two rare medicinal herbs? They are incredibly poisonous and can be used for creating magic treasures and medicinal pills. That is especially true for those who practice heretical and sinister cultivation techniques. They need those two medicinal herbs,” Chen Feng recalled what he knew of the two medicinal herbs.

“Though, I wonder if there are any Soulguard Flowers inside. If there are, there will be no need for me to go to the Demon Soul Valley,” said Chen Feng with a smile. 

“I have never heard of Soulguard Flowers growing here before. However, Soulguard Flowers tend to grow in places with a sinister atmosphere. We can try to look around for it,” said Ye Ziming a smile of his own.

“Cultivators tend to enter Blackwind Marshes often. However, since Sword Tower and Jade Talisman Court have discovered a grotto-mansion left behind by an ancient immortal, they will certainly seal up the whole place.” 

“Blackwind Marshes covers a radius of hundreds of li. They cannot do so unless they mobilize the full power of their two sects. However, by doing so, they will raise the suspicion of the other cultivators, causing a storm to begin. News about an immortal mansion here will be exposed. When that happens, the other immortal dao sects will be drawn over. After that, even some of the powerful cultivators from beyond the Northern Plains will come.”

“So, I believe that Sword Tower and Jade Talisman Court are just competing against one another while keeping guard. The other cultivators who came here must still be in the dark about this matter.”

The three of them did not hastily entered Blackwind Marshes. Instead, they lingered upon the edges of Blackwind Marshes for a moment. Seeing the occasional Concealed stage cultivators enter the place, they gradually relaxed.

“The cultivators earlier all belong to different sects. More than half are loose cultivators. It seems Sword Tower and Jade Talisman Court did not disclose this matter,” said Ye Ziming.

“They are waiting for reinforcements. If the cultivators from Sword Hall and Jade Talisman Sect arrive, it won’t matter how many loose cultivators come. However, if those two immortal dao sects make a move, the other immortal dao sects will surely make a move as well. When that happens, the entire Northern Plains will be in for an eventful time.” Chen Feng analysed the issue.

“I really hope those sects get into a fight.” Lu Ta, who was beside them, snickered.

“Although there are some fights between the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects, those only happen between the disciples when competing against one another. Forget a large-scale battle, even the death of a few heir disciples would be considered a big issue by them,” said Ye Ziming, who shook his head while smiling wryly.

“Let’s hurry inside. If we wait until the reinforcements from the two sects to arrive, they will surely seal up the entire Blackwind Marshes. When that happens, we will not be able to gain anything.”

“I think we should leak this news out. Fishing in troubled water, plundering the burning house. Isn’t that the way we roll?”

“That is right. Our strength is insufficient to face off against those great sects. We need to play to our strengths.”

After they were done discussing what to do, all three immediately revealed sly grins as they began snickering deviously. It looked as though three foxes were plotting something.

Next, the three of them split up, going in three different directions. Riding flying swords, they covered a distance of tens of li in the blink of an eye (1 li = 0.5 km).

Then, all three stopped. They took in a deep breath. Suddenly, they began howling their lungs out, causing powerful soundwaves to spread far into the distance.

“Someone discovered an immortal grotto-mansion in Blackwind Marshes!!!”

“An Immortal artefact is about to emerge from Blackwind Marshes!” 

“A Heaven-defying immortal technique has appeared in Blackwind Marshes!”

Chen Feng and the others kept howling loudly, causing their words to spread tens of li into the distance before slowly dissipating away.

Within but one breath’s worth of time, they had screamed out 10 times before stopping. Next, they swiftly flew to the ground to hide and await a change.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

As expected, their shouts caused the cultivators within a radius of tens of li to take action. After hearing those words, every one of them felt their hearts palpitating uncontrollably. Most of them considered the contents of their shouts as suspect. However, every cultivator from the cultivation world shared one aspect. They would rather believe such a thing to be true. Besides, immortal grotto-mansion? Immortal artefact? Immortal technique? Those words were too alluring for them to pass up on. Even if they knew it to be false, there was a need to go and join the liveliness. And if those things truly do exist, by swarming forward, they might be lucky enough to get something good out of it.

A certain area within Blackwind Marshes…

An earthen mound, over 100 metres in height, rose above the mud. The earthen mound had a radius of around 10 li, was round in shape and sported not a single blade of grass on its surface. It may be more accurate to call it a hard boulder. It had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, rising up from within the mud, and appeared to be standing on stable footing. It was not giving off any life signs. Surrounding the earthen mound were the cultivators from Sword Tower and Jade Talisman Court.

Every now and again, some cultivators from either side would charge at the earthen mound. Invincible-looking flying swords would continuously strike at the earthen mound. However, before their attacks could reach the earthen mound, their charge would be stopped by the energy waves emanating from the earthen mound. The same was true for the flying swords they sent out. No matter how hard the cultivators attempted to control their flying swords, it felt as though their flying swords had become flies, submerged within the vast sea, no longer capable of flying out.

“Let me!”

A tall cultivator suddenly flew out from the Jade Talisman Court faction. As the cultivator was about to reach the earthen mound, he waved his hand and a talisman transformed into a stream of light before shooting towards the earthen mound. The talisman was as big as a palm and there were layers of complicated seals contained within it. Lightning powers kept emanating from the talisman and thundering sounds could be heard by all as it flew forward.

“Five Thunders Arraybreaker Talisman!”

Seeing the talisman, some cultivators from Jade Talisman Court swiftly cried out in shock. At the same time, two more cultivators pulled out the same Five Thunders Arraybreaker Talisman and charged at the earthen mound.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Three Five Thunders Arraybreaker Talismans exploded. It was like a lightning bolt from the Nine Heavens and a powerful explosive force spread outwards.

“Can it succeed?”

The others from Jade Talisman Court clenched their fists as they waited.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, three vortexes appeared upon the surface of the earthen mound. The powerful suction force exerted by the vortexes swiftly and utterly absorbed the force created by the explosion. At the same time, three streams of light shot out to strike the three attacking cultivators.




Simultaneously, the three of them cried out wretchedly. In a flash, their bodies broke down to ashes. 

Seeing that astounded the others. No one else dared to attack as they simply stared with gaping mouths. The scene earlier was too shocking. That was truly the definition of dying without an intact corpse.

“Ah! I know! That must be a type of immortal light. I read up on it before in an ancient book. The grotto-mansion of some Immortal Humans would use this immortal light to create a restrictive barrier. Should it encounter external attacks, it would automatically counter attack. Furthermore, the strength of its counter attacks would be adjusted to correspond with the external attacks it encounters. It is said that, should an Immortal Human attack it, it will counter with the same level of strength,” a white-bearded old man, who was standing amidst the crowd, suddenly shouted.

“What? Immortal light? In other words, this is really an immortal mansion!”

“An immortal mansion. A real immortal mansion. Our guess is correct. We have discovered an immortal mansion!”

All of the cultivators from Jade Talisman Court cried out in excitement, forgetting all about the three dead cultivators.

“When will the elders from Jade Talisman Sect arrive? If we can open up this immortal mansion, there will surely be many treasures inside. When that happens, our Jade Talisman Court can rise along with the waves. Every one here can get amazing benefits. We might even be able to join Jade Talisman Sect!”

“Guard this place properly. No matter what it takes, make sure this matter does not leak out. Also, set up some restrictive barriers around this place. If anyone approaches, kill them immediately!”


The same thing was happening in the Sword Tower faction. Sword beam after sword beam flashed out to bombard the earthen mound.

“Senior Brother Ma’s astral swords have condensed to such a point. It seems he has broken through to level 6. I wonder if he can break the restrictive barrier on this earthen mound?”

“Senior Brother Sun and the others are working together to display out the Seven Star Dipper Swords. This is the equivalent of an attack from a level 7 Concealed stage cultivator.”

Immediately after that, however, every one there became flabbergasted. The powerful attacks the cultivators sent out became like an ox figurine tossed into the vast sea, swallowed completely. As for Senior Brother Ma, he was dragged in by a stream of light as he cried out in misery twice before his body disintegrated. Not even ashes remained of his body.

The group of seven sword cultivators were also struck by the streams of light and were immediately reduced to nothingness.

“That is immortal light. It is a light from the Immortal Plane that only the legendary Immortal Humans can subdue and refine!”

“I think the same thing just happened to the cultivators from Jade Talisman Court!”

“I wonder when the mighty sword cultivators from Sword Hall can arrive? This is definitely an immortal mansion. We have come across an amazing immortal serendipity. As long as we can open up this immortal mansion, all of us will benefit!”

“Hurry up and start a discussion with Jade Talisman Court. Now is the time to be joining hands. If this thing before us is really an immortal mansion, we will not be able to get anything if we don’t work together. Even Sword Hall and Jade Talisman Sect cannot take this on their own.”

“That is right! Work together to set up a restrictive barrier and stop other cultivators from coming here. If anyone dares come, quickly kill them off.”

Just as the cultivators from Sword Tower was planning to join forces with Jade Talisman Court, a faint shout spread out from afar. Although it was already faint, all of them could clearly make out the content of the shout.

“Someone discovered an immortal grotto-mansion in Blackwind Marshes!!!”

“An Immortal artefact is about to emerge from Blackwind Marshes!” 

“A Heaven-defying immortal technique has appeared in Blackwind Marshes!”

The intermittent sound waves reached the ears of the cultivators from Sword Tower and Jade Talisman Court. All of them were cultivators at the Concealed stage. Thus, by focusing, they could clearly make out what was happening within a radius of tens of li.

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