Chapter 1019 Pseudo-Divine Artifact


Chen Feng was someone who possessed the Longevity Tower. Due to that, the half-step True Immortals there regarded Chen Feng as an equal.

“That Bi Qing fellow earlier is from the Celestial Clearblue Plane. Has your Celestial Longevity Plane allied with the Celestial Clearblue Plane?” Premier Heavenswheel suddenly asked. 

“Ha ha ha, seriously! Even though our Celestial Planes are not as big as the Immortal Plane, the number of cultivators there is not something that the average world can hope to match. Bi Qing and I cannot represent the entire Celestial Planes. Thus, your question is really funny to me.

“At best, I can only represent one of the forces there.”

“One of the forces in the Celestial Plane? Ha ha ha! That is already comparable to a top-tier sect in the Immortal Plane.” Several of them treated Chen Feng’s words seriously.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As Chen Feng was chatting with them, sounds of fierce battles erupted from deep within the immortal temple. Additionally, there were also roars and howls mixed in.

“They’ve started fighting. What should we do? Do we go?”

“Let’s go check it out. No need to hurry to take action.”

Exchanging glances, Chen Feng and the other four cultivators rapidly flew deeper into the immortal temple. They broke through countless restrictive arrays and barriers before abruptly coming to a halt.

Like curtains, layers of light had appeared before them. Bi Qing and the others were fighting within the layers of light, each of them facing off against their respective opponents. More, their opponents were holograms. Only, their cultivation bases were not identical.

Quickly looking around, Chen Feng swiftly understood what was happening.

While the holograms that Bi Qing and the others had to face looked identical, they had different levels of strength. Rather, it was dependent on who they were fighting. For example, the hologram facing Bi Qing had exactly the same level of strength as Bi Qing. Likewise, the hologram that Immortal Earthenrise had to face had exactly the same level of strength as him.

“What’s going on here? Is this a test?” Warchief Oceansoul said with a smile.

“Honestly, I am more interested to know where the True Immortal is right now.”

Before they could figure out what was happening, however, a stream of light swept past them. Next, everything flashed before their eyes and they found themselves within an arena. It was similar to what Bi Qing and the others had to face.

Sou! Sou!

A stream of light flowed before each of them to swiftly assume the shape of a human. Then, without so much as a word, the humanoid hologram then attacked them.

The hologram that Chen Feng had to face was also a high-level Earthen Immortal. Like Chen Feng, the power within its body was mighty, like a volcano gathering its strength. However, when it attacked, it displayed a simplistic move that was filled with profundity. Surprisingly, the unassuming move was actually a high-level secret technique.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng was quick to attack and he quickly got into a fight with the other party. After a brief battle, Chen Feng saw that only the opponent’s strength was identical to his. The combat techniques and secret techniques it displayed were completely different from his. Due to that, by utilizing the Longevity Scripture’s secret techniques, Chen Feng was able to gain the upper hand in the battle. If it weren’t for the fact that his opponent had a great deal of combat experience, it would have lost after the first clash.


Chen Feng grasped and the Aquafire Lance appeared in his grip. Wielding the lance in hand, Chen Feng did not hastily attacked. As he expected, the hologram also grasped and a lance appeared in its grip as well. The level of the lance was completely similar to the Aquafire Lance, also a mid-grade Immortal artifact. Only, it was of the wind and lightning attribute.

As they continued fighting, both sides displayed even greater combat powers and destructive forces. Even so, Chen Feng continued to hold the upper hand. In the beginning, Chen Feng had found it interesting. But as time went on, he began feeling bored. He swiftly unleashed a few offensive moves and the lance in his hand pierced his opponent. Due to that, the humanoid hologram instantly disappeared, its weapon along with it.


After Chen Feng defeated his opponent, another stream of light swept him up to send him to an unfamiliar place.

A 100-metre-tall mountain, shining with light, appeared before Chen Feng. Like flowing water, immortal energy flowed across its surface. Chen Feng was first taken aback, but he quickly realized that the mountain was the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, only on a smaller scale.

The Driftcloud Immortal Mountain outside is a top-grade Immortal artifact. Even the Immortal Cyancloud Temple is a top-grade Immortal artifact. But the mini mountain inside this Immortal Cyancloud Temple has reached the pseudo-Divine tier. I wonder, what else is there inside this pseudo-Divine artifact? Chen Feng wondered.


A thunderous voice rang out and Chen Feng had to back away. Even with the protection of the Longevity Tower, two streams of blood flowed out from his ears.

“Worthy of the status True Immortal. Strong!” Chen Feng said smilingly, looking at a cultivator that was standing not too far away.

The cultivator was not tall and he was completely dressed in black. Even though he was just standing there, he gave off a steady, mountain-like atmosphere. He ignored Chen Feng. Instead, he was completely focused on the mountain before them. It almost seemed as though he had failed to notice Chen Feng’s arrival.

“Humph, to think that you can block my attack!” Another soul attack charged towards Chen Feng. This time, Chen Feng was prepared and he had an easier time dealing with it. 

Naturally, Chen Feng had made use of the Longevity Tower for that. Although Chen Feng had advanced to the high-level Earthen Immortal stage and was capable of killing high-level Ascendant Immortals and even fight against peak-level Ascendant Immortals or half-step True Immortals, there was still a gap between him and a real True Immortal. The gap between an Earthen Immortal and a True Immortal was not something that could be easily traversed, not even with high-levelled magic treasures. Without the power to mobilize those magic treasures, it would all be pointless.

After blocking this soul attack, Chen Feng utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra. This time, the Longevity Tower secretly strengthened the Soul Subduing Mantra, causing it to become over tens of times stronger than before. Most importantly, its level had also increased.

As expected, the True Immortal lost his composure. His figure staggered and he turned to look at Chen Feng. Lightning radiance shone from his eyes as a tangible gaze shot out to pierce Chen Feng, desirous of discovering Chen Feng’s cultivation state.

However, upon arriving before Chen Feng, the gaze was completely devoured by the Longevity Tower. For the cultivator, Chen Feng had suddenly become a great ocean, capable of containing everything. It was something so incomparably deep that he was incapable of seeing the whole picture.

“Longevity Tower! You are a cultivator from the Longevity Clan!” The True Immortal became shocked.

“Back when we were outside, we were attacked by you. Are you going to pretend like you don’t know me?” Chen Feng scoffed.

Hearing that, the True Immortal said nothing. Instead, light flashed across his eyes only to quickly become hidden. Only, Chen Feng was able to notice the light in his eyes and he began making some speculations.


Light flashed and Bi Qing also appeared there. He was followed by Immortal Earthenrise and the others. Surprisingly, Huo Yunlong was the last to appear there.

“Hah! There sure are a good number of people who came. With that kind of strength, I would not have come. It’s suicide,” the True Immortal said.

“Senior, you are True Immortal Thundercloud!” Warchief Oceansoul suddenly spoke up.

“Oh, you are a member of Cyan Depth Pavilion. Is your Cyan Depth Pavilion taking part in this as well?” True Immortal Thundercloud looked at all the cultivators there, feeling somewhat shocked himself.

“Several of our Cyan Depth Pavilion’s senior brothers are here as well, but they have gone to other places in search of serendipity,” Warchief Oceansoul said smilingly.

True Immortal Thundercloud nodded and said nothing else. Instead, he turned his attention towards the mountain once more.

As for Chen Feng, he had already secretly informed Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong what was happening here. Then, he secretly discussed the issue with Tower.

“Tower, how is this pseudo-Divine artifact?”

“Not bad!”

“Just not bad?”

“Don’t disturb me. I am trying to come up with a plan.”

Following that, Chen Feng turned his full attention upon the small mountain. Casting his gaze upon the mountain, Chen Feng’s view of the world changed as waves of formidable power entered his sea of wisdom. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his soul power growing stronger. At the same time, various unfathomably profound power of grand dao laws and the cosmos ceaselessly assailed Chen Feng’s mind.

After extricating himself from that state, Chen Feng felt as though he had spent ten million years in that state. And yet, only an instant had passed by.

Looking at the others, he found that they were in the same situation. All of them revealed looks of shock and delight. They had not expected this harvest.

“I will likely be able to undergo my tribulation once I return to the Immortal Plane.”

“I’m also about to advance myself.”

“A treasure, this is truly a treasure.”

As they spoke, two of the cultivators there could not stop themselves from stepping forward. They wanted to grab hold of the small mountain. Chen Feng cast a furtive glance at True Immortal Thundercloud and saw that he was not making a move at all. Due to that, Chen Feng suppressed his own desire to take action.

Weng! Weng!

There wasn’t a particularly strong reaction. Instead, two waves of weak-looking energy fluctuations spread out and the two cultivators who charged forward were thrown back. Falling to the ground, they lay there limply for a long time.

They were Immortal Earthenrise and the star wanderer. Facing the allure of this treasure, they had failed to control themselves earlier only to end up in such a predicament. 

Chen Feng waved his hand to send two streams of primary energy into their bodies. Immortal Earthenrise was quick to wake up. Energy circulated through his body and he quickly recovered. Despite the ferocity of the earlier attack, he had managed to remain unscathed.

“It’s the pseudo-Divine artifact’s divine-type grand dao power. That earlier was just a restraining attack. It was not truly meant to inflict damage,” Bi Qing said.

“Thank you, little brother.” The star wanderer swiftly thanked Chen Feng. Immortal Earthenrise, however, merely scoffed and said nothing.

True Immortal Thundercloud had seemingly not noticed what happened earlier and he continued to focus on the mountain before him.

“No matter how you cut it, this is a pseudo-Divine artifact. How could it be so easy to collect? Besides, do you not see that even the True Immortal is not taking action?” Premier Heavenswheel said with a derisive grin.

“If so, this will be quite troublesome.” Chen Feng and Bi Qing exchanged glances and they began coming up with a plan. A pseudo-Divine artifact was something that even True Immortals would fight over. The fact that the others were not instantly pouncing on this small mountain was already a testament to their astonishing patience.

“This pseudo-Divine artifact must surely be waiting for the destined one. We cannot forcibly try to collect it. We need to slowly communicate with it and comprehend it,” Yan Kong, the cultivator from the Immortal Plane, said.

Even though all of them were feeling frustrated about it, there was nothing they could do but to resort to this method, the most foolish of methods. That said, comprehending a pseudo-Divine artifact was something beneficial. At the very least, that did give them a small measure of comfort.


Suddenly, True Immortal Thundercloud shouted and a stream of light emerged from the mountain to enter his body. Next, his aura began growing stronger and the sound of something breaking rang out from his body.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” True Immortal Thundercloud began laughing loudly as he lost his composure.

He made a breakthrough in his cultivation base, Chen Feng thought.

Seeing that, the others were no longer able to hold back. They promptly found a spot to begin studying the profundity of the pseudo-Divine artifact.

Chen Feng was the only one who chose to calmly circle the small mountain once before spreading out his divine sense to continuously inspect his surroundings.

“Chen Feng, did you notice something?” Bi Qing noticed a peculiar expression on Chen Feng’s face.

“I suspect that there are some other people inside this temple. I think it’s also a True Immortal.” Chen Feng secretly informed Bi Qing of his speculations.

Hearing that, Bi Qing maintained an impassive face as he began discussing the matter with Chen Feng.

“If that is the case, we should make some preparations beforehand.”

“Don’t worry. The moment something is amiss, we’ll enter the Longevity Tower.”

In the end, Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong went to study the grand dao laws on the small mountain as well. Chen Feng was the only one who was moving around, pondering something.

“Tower, what do you think?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

After a long time, no answer came from Tower. Due to that, Chen Feng sent his divine sense into the fifth floor of the Longevity Tower. There, an extremely concentrated stream of vital energy enveloped him.

It was from a piece of Longevity Wood on the fifth floor of the Longevity Tower. Half a million kilometres in length, it was part of the core section of the Longevity Tree. Back then, upon opening the fifth floor, Chen Feng had been shocked to find it there.

As this was part of the core section of the Longevity Tree, it contained its essence power. Back then, sensing the terrifying life force within it, Chen Feng had to spend a long time to calm himself down. He had also asked Tower about how the piece of Longevity Wood came about, but Tower merely chuckled. He did not answer the question.

Chen Feng spent some time walking around on the fifth floor of the Longevity Tower. After devouring some of the essence power of the Longevity Wood, he was able to figure out more of what was happening here. The fifth floor of the Longevity Tower had completely opened up, allowing it to suppress even a True Immortal with his or her powers completely intact.

In addition to the Longevity Wood, the fifth floor also contained some other good items. And while the number of items was low, every single one of them was a top-grade item. Shocked, Chen Feng also felt his heart stir. Unlike what he had imagined in the past, the Longevity Tower was not just an empty shell.


1 li = 0.5 km

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