Chapter 1018 Inside the Immortal Cyancloud Temple


Before Chen Feng’s attack could reach the Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger, however, it released a roar to break the talisman.

As a result, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom fell into a brief state of turmoil and he had to back away.

As expected from a unique extra-terrestrial creature! Chen Feng felt somewhat shocked. This was the first time his Soul Subduing Mantra had failed to work.

Still, despite its might, the massive tiger was constantly in an unfavourable position in its fight against Bi Qing. By then, Bi Qing already possessed the strength of a half-step True Immortal. Add some of the secret techniques from the Celestial Clearblue Plane into the equation, the mighty Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger became no match for Bi Qing. 

Additionally, Huo Yunlong and Chen Feng had taken action again. Charging forward, the three of them worked together to besiege the Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger. After several exchanges, the Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger’s massive body abruptly shrunk and it transformed into a stream of light to enter the Immortal Cyancloud Temple.

Chen Feng and the others did not give chase. A massive hand had emerged from the Immortal Cyancloud Temple and it swiped towards Chen Feng’s team of three. Space broke and something of a funnel appeared in mid-air. Rope-like strands of light converged and Chen Feng instantly felt his fleshly body contorting. It was so unbearable that he could no longer breathe. As for Huo Yunlong, he let out a wretched cry and flames burst out from his body as he utilized the Seed of the Fire Essence again. His strength rose steadily to reach the half-step True Immortal stage once more. Next, he roared and sent a fire dragon out, tearing space and causing the lands to quake. The fire dragon fought against the great hand, both sides clashing several times before disappearing at the same time.

“It’s an attack from a half-step True Immortal.”

“Humph! I wonder who. Could the other party also be from the Immortal Plane?”

“Who cares? Let’s just charge in.”

“Who dares come in? To think that you would come seek your deaths here. Hurry up and return!” A soul-shaking soundwave spread out from the Immortal Cyancloud Temple, causing Chen Feng’s whole body to shiver while his ears buzzed. But his sea of wisdom only roiled for a moment before he recovered.

“Let’s go!” Chen Feng took the lead this time, charging into the Immortal Cyancloud Temple. After successfully overcoming his tribulation, Chen Feng’s cultivation base had risen greatly. Likewise, his combat power had also grown considerably. Due to that, Chen Feng had the confidence that he could face even a half-step True Immortal.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Seemingly possessed, Chen Feng attacked continuously. The formidable power that he was displaying was already strong enough to destroy a planet. But against the Immortal Cyancloud Temple, all they could do were to create ripples.


Bi Qing quickly took action. With one sword slash, he slashed open a fine opening and all three entered simultaneously.

Everyone in Chen Feng’s team of three was displaying a combat power equivalent to that of a half-step True Immortal. In Eternal World, this was already the pinnacle of power. Without the suppressive effect of Eternal World, they could even put up quite a fight against a True Immortal. If Chen Feng were to utilize the Longevity Tower, they could also kill off a True Immortal.

Their actions of entering the Immortal Cyancloud Temple did not trigger any changes inside. Only, they found that the spiritual energy inside it was even thicker compared to the outside. It was also of a higher quality. Inhaling, Chen Feng felt the purity of the spiritual energy there. To his shock, it was even superior to the one inside the Longevity Tower.

“Three more have come to die.”

“You three, come here.”

Chen Feng then saw several cultivators standing not too far away. Every single one of them was casting predatory and ridiculing looks at Chen Feng’s team of three.

There’s a total of eight people. They are all half-step True Immortals. Strange, where did the True Immortal from the Immortal Plane go to? That guy should be inside, but his aura has disappeared. Even the Longevity Tower had lost track of him. It seems there are certain aspects of this place that surpasses the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng rapidly assessed the situation.

Earlier, one of the eight cultivators there had spoken up with an icy tone. Another even wagged his finger at them provocatively.

“Humph! And here I was, wondering who it might be. So, it’s Immortal Earthenrise,” Huo Yunlong said with a scoff.

“And who are you? Oh, you are also from the Immortal Plane. But I do not know you. Looks like you are just a nameless junior.” The one known as Immortal Earthenrise was the first to have spoken up to ridicule them earlier. Unexpectedly, he was also from the Immortal Plane. More, he was someone that Huo Yunlong knew. 

Hearing that, Huo Yunlong laughed and said nothing. That was indeed the case. Back in the Immortal Plane, Huo Yunlong was only at the high-level Ascendant Immortal stage. Naturally, he would amount to nothing in the eyes of the half-step True Immortals there. At that very moment, however, Huo Yunlong was already as strong as a half-step True Immortal. Thus, his opponents dared not look down on him.

“You are also from the Immortal Plane. Why are you teaming up with those two fellows? We can team up to grab the treasures here. At any rate, we are both from the Immortal Plane. We have a common ground here.” Immortal Earthenrise, who had been provoking them earlier, now attempted to attract Huo Yunlong over. Although Chen Feng could not tell if Immortal Earthenrise was being truthful or deceitful, the speed at which he changed his attitude left Chen Feng secretly shocked.

“Immortal Earthenrise, you’ve made a mistake in judgement this time. Do you know who those two beside him are?” Another cultivator spoke up. He had been observing Bi Qing and Chen Feng for quite some time and his eyes radiated a fierce light. It was unknown just what was on his mind.

“A cultivator from the Longevity Clan!”

“A cultivator from the Celestial Clearblue Plane!”

Finally, some of them recognized Chen Feng and Bi Qing. The name of the two Celestial Planes shocked them and the ridiculing looks on their faces disappeared. Even the hostile auras that they were emanating were retracted. They stopped trying to take action against Chen Feng and Bi Qing. This open show of change caused Chen Feng to grow wary. These characters were the dangerous kind, those that he had to be on guard against.

“Chen Feng, the Island Lord of East Dragon Island! I know you.” 

“I am curious. Why would your exalted Celestial Longevity Plane interfere in the matters of a mundane world?”

“That’s right! It is said that the Celestial Planes are existences superior to the Immortal Plane. Could you actually be interested in a small world like ours?”

“Enough with this pointless banter. I have no time to be chatting here.” Chen Feng shook his head and simply brought out the Longevity Tower. The Longevity Tower abruptly pulsed and the entire Immortal Cyancloud Temple shook. Roars and sobbing sounds rang out, accompanied by the emotions of rage, terror and others that were hard to discern.

“As expected, this Immortal Cyancloud Temple is a pseudo-Divine artifact!” Tower grew somewhat excited.

Given the Longevity Tower’s present state, Immortal artifacts were no longer worth going after. Only Divine artifacts could allow it to grow stronger. And pseudo-Divine artifacts could already be considered as Divine artifacts.

“I think this Immortal Cyancloud Temple is itself an Immortal artifact. It must have levelled up to become a pseudo-Divine artifact after it was created.” Chen Feng speculated.

“I think so too.” Huo Yunlong was of the same opinion as Chen Feng.

“The Longevity Tower!” Seeing the appearance of the Longevity Tower, everyone there cried out in shock, their eyes becoming fiery.

“It really is the Longevity Tower!”

“Hand it over!” Someone actually attacked. Seeing that shocked Chen Feng. Even though they were all half-step True Immortals, they were actually incapable of properly assessing the situation.


The Longevity Tower released a light pulse. Next, like a waterfall descending from Heaven, a stream of light assailed the attacking half-step True Immortal to send him flying. Chen Feng then took advantage of the situation to attack. Moving forward, he unleashed a heavy slash at the other party’s body using the Upright Heaven Sword.

This was Chen Feng’s first time beating back a half-step True Immortal on his own. Additionally, he also managed to wound the other party. Seeing that gave him a sense of accomplishment.

“I don’t think we should start a fight here, otherwise all the good items will be taken away by the True Immortal.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Longevity Tower slowly descended onto his palm.

“True Immortal? What True Immortal?” The eight half-step True Immortals became shocked. It did not appear to be an act. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that they were in the dark about certain issues.

“Looks like there are some things that you do not know,” Chen Feng said.

“Chen Feng, just be frank.”

“Don’t you fellows sense the aura of a True Immortal?” Chen Feng said. The Longevity Tower in his hand rotated and wave after wave of power spread out to enter the void. It did not take long before its actions triggered a strong response.

“Got it!” Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasped. An energy stream – looking faint to the eyes – was thus caught. Next, his hand shook and the energy stream dispersed. The eight half-step True Immortals stepped forward to arrive before Chen Feng, looks of shock on their faces.

“It really is the aura of a True Immortal!”

“What is this fellow’s background?” another cultivator asked Chen Feng in a mild manner. 

“It’s a True Immortal from the Immortal Plane. Fellows, you are also from the Immortal Plane. Did you not notice it?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“I think we will need to plan this properly.”

“Yes, we are all half-step True Immortals here. In the face of a True Immortal, we are the inferior. Regardless of their background, we should partner up. Going at it alone, if we end up encountering the True Immortal, we’ll only end up dying.

“Partnering up is a very good idea. We should do just that. We’ll deal with the True Immortal before anything else.”

“This is a True Immortal we’re talking about. It’s not something that we can defeat. The way I see it, we should discuss this properly. Besides, this Immortal Cyancloud Temple is so big. There must surely be many other treasures. There is no need to get into a fight with a True Immortal.”

“This is just a precaution. If we end up encountering the other party, can we not take action? If we don’t prepare ourselves, the other party can instantly kill us off.”

Hearing the exchange of words between the eight half-step True Immortals, Chen Feng’s team of three turned to look at one another. They felt somewhat confused.

“I couldn’t care less about you fellows. I came in here for the sake of the treasures inside.” As Chen Feng was mobilizing the Longevity Tower, Huo Yunlong, who revealed an eager appearance, rushed forward to disappear into the immortal temple. He began searching for treasures.

Bi Qing was close behind him. Earlier, Bi Qing had not spoken a single word. Taking action now, it was clear that he had the same intentions as Huo Yunlong. 

“Sigh, you fellows!”

“What are you doing?”

“You want to snatch the treasures? Not so fast!” Four of the eight half-step True Immortals instantly disappeared while the other four remained there, looks of uncertainty on their faces as they observed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng remained calm as he mobilized the Longevity Tower, ignoring what was happening around him. As for the Longevity Tower, it kept sending waves of power into the void, in search of something.

Finally, the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng’s hand transformed into a stream of light and entered his body, which shuddered as a result. Then, he smiled and said, “Fellows, are you perhaps thinking of snatching my Longevity Tower?”

“We don’t have a death wish!”

“If so, you should form an alliance with me,” Chen Feng continued.

“Allying with a cultivator from the Longevity Clan is not a shameful matter. Though, your cultivation level is somewhat low.”

“Ha ha ha! Truth be told, we’re the ones making a connection with someone on a higher position by allying with the bearer of a Longevity Tower.”

“Fine. Let’s introduce each other. I am Warchief Oceansoul, from the Immortal Plane’s Cyan Depth Pavilion.”

“Saint Voidsoul, a star wanderer.”

“Yan Kong, from the Immortal Plane.”

“Premier Heavenswheel, from Savage World.”

“Well, then. My name is Chen Feng, from the Longevity Clan. However, I have been cultivating here in Eternal World all this time. At present, I am in command of the strongest force in Eternal World, the East Dragon Island Alliance,” Chen Feng finally said.

“What of the other four fellows?” Chen Feng then asked.

“Immortal Earthenrise is from the Immortal Plane. As for the other three, one of them is a star wanderer. The auras of the other two, though, are very fleeting. We are unable to figure out their origins,” said Warchief Oceansoul. He had been the one to talk the most amongst them all. 

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