Chapter 1017 Immortal Cyancloud Temple


Before the attacks could reach them, Huo Yunlong took action. Just one swing from his battle lance was enough to destroy the attacks.

“With just this much power, you dare come and make a fool of yourselves? Isn’t this just suicide?” Huo Yunlong said with a derisive grin.

Three warships had appeared before their eyes.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The three warships were gathering power.

“You’re begging for it!” Huo Yunlong transformed into a beam of fiery light and charged forward. Next up, the three warships blew up at almost the same time and the cultivators inside them were all killed before they could reveal themselves.

“This fellow, taking action so quickly.” Chen Feng shook his head. The three warships were all low-grade Immortal artifacts and there were a few Ascendant Immortals and even some Earthen Immortals inside the ships. Chen Feng had wanted to capture and interrogate them. Unexpectedly, Huo Yunlong would attack so quickly, killing all of them.

“Ha ha ha! That’s feels great!” Huo Yunlong’s figure flashed back to Chen Feng and Bi Qing’s side.

“To think that you would even take action against cultivators at that level. Let’s go.” Chen Feng shook his head.

The three of them then moved forward again, covering a distance of half a million kilometres before someone stopped them again. It was also a warship. This time, it was a mid-grade Immortal artifact. The other party did not immediately start attacking. Instead, they first forwarded a question.

“Fellows, did you destroy three warships earlier and kill the cultivators on it?” One of the cultivators on the ship – a middle-aged fellow with a mighty-looking body – asked loudly.

“A mid-level Ascendant Immortal! Are they not afraid of death?” Chen Feng mumbled.

“Damned right we did! Who are you fellows?” Huo Yunlong replied loudly.

“In that case, you fellows should die here! Attack!” The warship shook and roared as an attack – akin to a blazing sun – charged towards Chen Feng’s team of three.

“I’ll deal with this!” Huo Yunlong brandished his battle lance and charged forward once more.

“Don’t forget to leave some alive!” Chen Feng was quick to say.

“Impudence!” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, some of the cultivators on the warship rebuked.

The blazing sun attack exploded to fill the entire space with brilliant radiance and Huo Yunlong backed away before charging forward again.

“The other party has quite some abilities,” Chen Feng said with a smile. Bi Qing, though, merely shook his head, not saying a thing.

After a few rounds of battle, Huo Yunlong broke the warship into two and several cultivators ran out from it. They wanted to flee only for Huo Yunlong to catch up to them. Killing a few of them, he then captured the rest.

“Phew! Getting some exercise sure feels good!” Huo Yunlong laughed loudly.

“Mercy! Have mercy!”

“Now you know how to beg for mercy?”

“Let me,” Chen Feng said, a stream of light flashing out from his eyes. Instantly, the three Ascendant Immortals there fell quiet, their eyes becoming vacant, like sculptures.

“Heh! An Earthen Immortal performing a soul search on Ascendant Immortals. This is my first time seeing something like this,” Huo Yunlong said with a snicker.

The soul search ended quickly and Chen Feng was able to find out what he wanted to know. After that, he performed a secret soul technique to erase their memories before letting them go.

“You’re quite the softie. In your shoes, I would have just killed them off.” Huo Yunlong shook his head.

“These fellows are the native cultivators of this Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. In the past, when I came in, I did not meet them at all. Perhaps, it is because they simply didn’t think much about me back then. At any rate, the cultivation levels of our group were too low.”

“There is an Immortal Cyancloud Temple in here. I think we should go check it out.”

“Immortal Cyancloud Temple?! That name sounds quite familiar.” Huo Yunlong fell into a contemplative state, but he failed to figure it out.

“Familiar? Did you come here before?” Chen Feng laughed.

“I also find it familiar,” Bi Qing suddenly said.

“I remember now! There is also an Immortal Cyancloud Temple in the Immortal Plane. Additionally, it is quite strong.” Huo Yunlong slapped his head.

“There is one in the Immortal Plane? You mean right now?”

“Of course! The Immortal Cyancloud Temple is something of an overlord in the Immortal Plane. It has Heavenly Immortals defending it.

“The Immortal Plane is a big place. It is only normal for one of its forces to be called the Immortal Cyancloud Temple. Maybe it’s a coincidence?”

“Well find out once we reach it.”

“According to the information I obtained earlier, there are over 50 million kilometres between us and the Immortal Cyancloud Temple, maybe more. Those fellows have never been to the Immortal Cyancloud Temple themselves. They don’t even know its exact location. I speculate that the True Immortal from the Immortal Plane must have entered the Immortal Cyancloud Temple. By finding that fellow, we will be able to figure out the specific location of that place.”

Next up, Chen Feng led the way. Advancing through the interior of this Immortal artifact, they were able to move at almost the same speed as they could back in Eternal World.

Along the way, they did encounter some other cultivators. But before Bi Qing and Chen Feng could take action, Huo Yunlong had dealt with them all. They did not encounter any real expert at all. Due to that, Chen Feng and Bi Qing felt uncertain. They wondered if this trip would be in vain.

Thankfully, when they found the Immortal Cyancloud Temple, even Bi Qing could notice the aura of the True Immortal there. And thus, they knew that they were heading in the right direction.

“There’s a divine object!” Tower said excitedly.

Chen Feng was aware that something that could excite Tower would surely be extraordinary. There were distinctions between divine objects and spiritual objects, the good and the bad. Tower’s attitude proved that this divine object was something that could help the Longevity Tower.

“What kind of divine object is it?” Chen Feng asked, becoming somewhat excited himself.

“You’ll know once you get there,” Tower replied with a mysterious smile.

After investigating it for a moment, Bi Qing said, “Inside this place, a True Immortal will likely be able to display his or her full power. In addition, there are also the auras of several half-step True Immortals.”

“We’ll need to be careful.”

“A True Immortal’s full power!” Chen Feng’s face took on a somewhat solemn look.

“Huh! If we can detect their aura, the other party has likely detected us as well. A True Immortal. Even when using my Seed of the Fire Essence, I would still be no match for them.”

“What are you afraid of? There are three of us here, no? With the advantage in numbers, we should have no problems.”

Chen Feng had only just said that when a stretch of clouds flew out from the massive immortal temple. In just an instant, it had blotted the sun and covered the whole place. The terrifying aura it emanated brought a shiver to the hearts of Chen Feng’s team.

“Those are Immortal Cyancloud Cranes! They are native creatures from the Immortal Plane. There are at least 10,000 of them right here, each at the Ascendant Immortal stage. This is indeed an act of bullying through sheer numbers,” Huo Yunlong said, opening his mouth to spray out a stream of surging flames at the white clouds.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The 10,000 plus Immortal Cyancloud Cranes flapped their wings at the same time to send a thick wall of wind forward. As a result, the stream of surging flames that Huo Yunlong sent out was quickly diverted and it shot back at Huo Yunlong at an even greater speed.

Huo Yunlong opened his mouth to collect the stream of flames. Next, his figure abruptly charged forward, a flaming battle lance in his hand as he took the lead in attacking.

Chen Feng brought out the Upright Heaven Sword and began drawing a Soul Subduing Talisman with it. As Chen Feng had advanced to the high-level Earthen Immortal stage, his cultivation base had risen greatly as well. Thus, he was able to draw out a talisman with just few flashes of sword light. The talisman grew in mid-air before finally melding with the world around them. Following that, hundreds of the Immortal Cyancloud Cranes that were leading the charge froze in place. Bi Qing then swung his sword to kill off the Immortal Cyancloud Cranes.

“Don’t kill them so quickly! My Longevity Tower is lacking these guys!” Chen Feng hastily cried out. That one sword attack from Bi Qing had killed off hundreds of Ascendant Immortals. Not even the entire East Dragon Alliance had that many Ascendant Immortals.


Chen Feng then repeated the same move. Drawn out by an Immortal artifact, the Soul Subduing Talisman froze hundreds of the Immortal Cyancloud Cranes again. As for Bi Qing, he swung his sword to unleash a hazy ray of sword light. This time, all the cranes were knocked unconscious and Chen Feng made use of the opportunity to suck them all into the Longevity Tower.

In truth, the Immortal Cyancloud Cranes were not combative creatures. Their specialty was their speed and the immortal-quality of their appearance. In the Immortal Plane, the Immortal Cyancloud Cranes would generally be treated as pets or raised as mounts. This was why Chen Feng was able to so easily deal with them.

The Immortal Cyancloud Cranes cultivated the grand dao of wind. By joining forces, they could kill off a peak-level Ascendant Immortal. Only, due to Chen Feng’s Soul Subduing Mantra, their formation was broken. Additionally, there was also Bi Qing, a half-step True Immortal. It did not take long before all the 10,000 plus Immortal Cyancloud Cranes became new residents in the Longevity Tower.


After they finished dealing with the Immortal Cyancloud Cranes, a tiger roar shook the sky and charged towards the three of them.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The tiger roar swept forward. Caught by the invisible soundwaves, Huo Yunlong, who was in the lead, saw cracks appearing on his armour. His face then contorted as he began bleeding from his seven orifices.

“A Roaring Tiger Shockwave! But what kind of yao beast is this?” Bi Qing rushed forward to fire out a sword beam, which became like a Heavenly curtain, cutting space apart. As a result, the invisible shockwaves disappeared.

Something flashed before the three of them as space itself seemingly shook. Next, a massive, multi-coloured tiger yao appeared before the three of them. With a bang, it sent Huo Yunlong flying.

Chen Feng waved his hand and his primary energy became like cobwebs to catch Huo Yunlong.

“It’s a Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger at the Yao Overlord stage! In terms of combat power, it is comparable to a peak-level Ascendant Immortal. It can even fight against a half-step True Immortal,” Bi Qing said, swinging his sword to stack one wave of sword energy upon another to seal up space. In the end, they became like a worldly cage, encasing the massive tiger yao.


Chen Feng rapidly moved forward to land a heavy punch upon the Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger’s body, causing the mountainous body to tumble backwards. However, with a leap, it pounced back at Chen Feng. Opening its mouth, it then fired out a Roaring Tiger Shockwave at Chen Feng.

Immediately, everything before Chen Feng’s eyes changed, becoming a riot of colours. His sea of wisdom shook and his streams of primary energy that would usually flow smoothly began turning disorderly. The same was true of his blood flow and he found it hard to gather his strength.


Chen Feng was thrown backwards. He felt as though he would faint from that. His soul flame burned and streams of vitality instantly flowed through his whole body. Opening his mouth, Chen Feng then expelled a stream of blood-red turbid breath. By then, Bi Qing was already fighting the tiger yao. If it weren’t for Bi Qing’s timely intervention, Chen Feng would have suffered even more from that attack.

“Are you all right?” By then, Huo Yunlong had already recovered.

“I’m fine. This tiger yao is very strong.” Chen Feng was well aware of just how much destructive power his earlier punch contained. And yet, it appeared nothing to the Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger.

“I want to use a secret soul technique!” Chen Feng said and he quickly swung the Upright Heaven Sword a few times. Next, the talisman he created transformed into a beam of light and shot towards the Hegemon Scarletblaze Tiger.


1 li = 0.5 km

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