Chapter 1015 Advancing


“Eh?! He is not using his magic treasures!” Huo Yunlong abruptly cried out in shock.

Huo Yunlong had believed that Chen Feng was only able to remain unscathed inside the void storm because of his magic treasures. Only then did he realize that his understanding of Chen Feng was far too lacking. At the very least, the might of Chen Feng’s fleshly body was in no way inferior to his fleshly body. If it were him inside the hurricane, he might not be able to remain as calm as Chen Feng.


Before Huo Yunlong was able to get over his feelings of shock, a blood-coloured river of stars charged out from the tribulation clouds to assail Chen Feng. In the face of this attack, Chen Feng remained motionless, becoming like a 10,000-year-old steady boulder beneath a waterfall. His muscles were the only things that moved. At the same time, his Blood acupoint slowly spun into action to ceaselessly devour the power of the blood-coloured river of stars.

“Profound Origin Blood! No way! That’s a Heavenly Tribulation that would only appear for a True Immortal’s Heavenly Tribulation!” Huo Yunlong blurted aloud. His figure flashed as he flew back to Eternal World, appearing before Bi Qing.

“Senior! Senior! Profound! Origin Blood! It’s Profound Origin Blood!” Huo Yunlong spoke up, his words somewhat incoherent.

“What are you talking about?” Bi Qing felt somewhat displeased at the unneeded interruption.

“Chen Feng’s tribulation! He got the Profound Origin Blood!” Huo Yunlong forced himself to calm down.

“What? Impossible!” After saying that, Bi Qing instantly disappeared.

“So fast!” Dumbfounded by that, Huo Yunlong then quickly followed him to outer space.

“It really is the Profound Origin Blood,” Bi Qing whispered.

“See? I was right. Senior, do you reckon Chen Feng is the reincarnation of a Gold Immortal?”

“Impossible!” Bi Qing was quick to reject that idea. He knew quite a bit regarding Chen Feng’s identity.

After some time, Bi Qing then said, “It is indeed the Profound Origin Blood. Only, this one is diluted. If it is the real Profound Origin Blood that a True Immortal has to face, Chen Feng’s flesh and bones would have melted away by now.”

By then, Huo Yunlong had also recovered from his feelings of shock. After observing it in detail, he understood that the Profound Origin Blood that Chen Feng had to face was – despite its display of power – a far cry compared to the Profound Origin Blood from the legends.

“I also encountered this Heavenly Tribulation before. After facing it, I was left in a half-dead state. Even after taking Immortal-tier medicinal pills, I had still needed a very long time to recover,” Bi Qing said coolly.

“Are you not feeling worried?” Huo Yunlong felt surprised.

“What is there to feel worried about? This fellow should have no issues overcoming his tribulation.” After saying that, Bi Qing made ready to leave. Only, after taking a few steps, he stopped.

“What is it?” Huo Yunlong felt puzzled.

“I just remembered. Aside from Heavenly Tribulation, there would occasionally be Human Tribulation as well.”

“Oh, I get it! If so, let’s stay here and keep watch first.” Huo Yunlong nodded.

It did not take long before Chen Feng utterly devoured the Profound Origin Blood. Red light shone around him before finally retracting into his body.

“A pity. Just a little bit more. If only the Profound Origin Blood is slightly stronger,” Chen Feng whispered, shaking his head. Hearing those words, Huo Yunlong’s jaw nearly dropped.

“He’s a monster.”

Chen Feng was indeed feeling a twinge of regret. The Profound Origin Blood earlier was none other than the combined product of profound origin power and the power of blood. Although the Profound Origin Blood was able to wound Chen Feng’s fleshly body somewhat, he was able to swiftly heal up from the wounds. That was why it would appear that he was unscathed.

Most of the Profound Origin Blood was devoured by the Blood Mustering Bead. By then, the Blood Mustering Bead had already advanced to the high-grade Immortal tier. This magic treasure had been with Chen Feng for a long time. The fact that it could reach such a high level gave Chen Feng a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, the rise in the magic treasure’s level also bolstered Chen Feng’s strength.

“I wonder what’s next?” Chen Feng felt curious. This Heavenly Tribulation was different from the past. It felt to be of the same type as a Sky Human stage cultivator’s tribulation to him, albeit of a stronger and higher quality.

Chen Feng had previously assumed that there would be formidable humanoid cultivators or power of laws. Or perhaps, the Immortal Plane would intervene and send more cultivators to besiege him. Unexpectedly, it was a series of attacks formed using pure energy.

Naturally, it did not signify that the Heavenly Tribulation was not strong enough. Only, compared to the previous types of tribulations, Chen Feng preferred this one.

When he saw a power of devastation pouring down from the tribulation clouds, Chen Feng ended up smiling. The black power of devastation was something of a nightmarish calamity for most cultivators. But for Chen Feng, it was a great supplement that could boost his strength.

In but one breath’s worth of time, several magic treasures within Chen Feng’s body began levelling up and Chen Feng’s strength gradually rose as a result.

Chen Feng’s soulflame had reached the vital flame realm. And yet, before he could stabilize the strength of his soul, the strength of his fleshly body rose up.

This Heavenly Tribulation was the best opportunity for Chen Feng to improve the might of his fleshly body. 

Boom! Boom!

A blade and a sword flew out from Chen Feng’s body before rapidly flying back in.

It was the Bloody Shura Blade and Army Break Sword. During that brief moment, the two magic treasures had advanced to the Immortal tier. They spun inside Chen Feng’s insight acupoints, absorbing the Heavenly Tribulation powers through Chen Feng’s fleshly body.

Boom! Boom!

This time, the ones to advance to the Immortal tier were the bronze bell and drum. The two of them were soul-type, offensive magic treasures. The increase in their levels also improved the strength of Chen Feng’s soul.

Boom! Boom!

A command flag suddenly unfurled before Chen Feng and sinister winds blew as demonic energy streams surged forth. After absorbing some of the power of devastation, it transformed into a clump of black light and entered Chen Feng’s body.

It was the Sinister Demonwind Flag. Since obtaining it, Chen Feng had rarely used it. 

At the same time, a sword – containing the power of fire and the concept of clouds – swirled around Chen Feng before also levelling up to the Immortal tier.

Sigh! For these magic treasures to be following me, what a waste. In the end, all of them would be devoured and absorbed into the Longevity weapons. Chen Feng himself felt somewhat reluctant. As the magic treasures had reached the Immortal tier, they had long since given birth to their own artifact spirits and wisdom. However, since the very beginning, Chen Feng’s goal had been to use them to help strengthen the Longevity weapons.

Maybe I can figure some way to have the artifact spirits reincarnate. Only, in order to do so, I will need even more power. The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind.

Due to this wave of power of devastation, Chen Feng’s fleshly body became even stronger and many of the magic treasures inside him levelled up.

After the power of devastation came Heavenly Fire. Five massive clumps of fire surrounded Chen Feng, each burning with varying colours. From afar, they looked like a blooming flower, a dazzling sight to behold.

“Heavenly Fire of the Five Elements!” Huo Yunlong’s eyes lit up. As someone who cultivated the grand dao of fire, he felt a desire for the fire.

“Heavenly Fire of the Five Elements. It is just right for my Five Elemental acupoints. Why do I get the feeling that this Heavenly Tribulation is tailor-made just for me?” Chen Feng laughed.

The Heavenly Fire of the Five Elements burned for one joss stick’s worth of time. A lance flew out from Chen Feng’s body, seemingly desirous of piercing the Heavens. Slowly, it flew in a circle before releasing an icy aura that could reach one’s very soul. Even Huo Yunlong, who was millions of li away, shivered.

“This is just a low-grade Immortal artifact breaking through. To think that it could release such a notion of sharpness,” said a shocked Huo Yunlong.

Reaching out, Chen Feng grabbed the lance and made a few casual swings with it, stabbing out a great hole in the starry sky as a result.

“The Heaven Piercing Lance has finally levelled up.” Chen Feng felt his emotions stirring.

Although the Heaven Piercing Lance was not the magic treasure that Chen Feng had the longest, it was one that he had used the most since his cultivation base became strong. It had accompanied Chen Feng in battle countless times. Due to the many times they fought together, it had truly fused with Chen Feng’s blood and soul.

Next up, the Netherbone Lance and Aquafire Lance levelled up as well. Both reached the mid-grade Immortal tier. After the Steel Enigma Sword levelled up as well, Chen Feng felt his body reaching its limits. He could not let the magic treasures level up anymore. Doing so would bring adverse effects.

After the tribulation of Heavenly Fire was over, the tribulation clouds fell into a calm state. However, Chen Feng did not let his guard down. The Heavenly dao laws had yet to descend.

“That must have been the fourth Heavenly Tribulation. It is over, right?” Huo Yunlong speculated.

“It’s not over yet,” Bi Qing said. From what he could see, Chen Feng had a very easy time facing this tribulation. Everything had proceeded smoothly. Observing Chen Feng’s rising cultivation base, Bi Qing found himself feeling envious.

“This fellow will be surpassing me soon,” Bi Qing said emotionally.


Another river of stars descended upon Chen Feng’s head, causing him to flinch before staggering somewhat.

“Those are tribulation waters!” Huo Yunlong said.

“No, that’s Heavenly Profound Water! How is this possible? Why did his luck suddenly become so absurdly good?” Bi Qing was taken aback and he blurted out. His actions shocked Huo Yunlong, who was beside him.

“Heavenly Profound Water? What is that?” asked a somewhat confused Huo Yunlong.

“True Immortals form True laws while Heavenly Immortals form Heavenly laws. This Heavenly Profound Water is a tribulation water that only Heavenly Immortals would encounter,” Bi Qing said emotionally, shaking his head.

“Doesn’t that mean Chen Feng is in trouble? How is he lucky?” Huo Yunlong grew even more confused.

“That’s not it. Heavenly Profound Water is no ordinary tribulation water. It is different compared to the other destructive tribulation powers. This one is simply a great supplementary item, a great supplementary item.” After saying that, Bi Qing fell into a state of shock once again.

“Sigh! Back then, I had cultivated up to the Heavenly Immortal stage. Even then, I had never encountered something like this. A defiance of Heaven, this luck is truly a defiance of Heaven!” 

Huo Yunlong was left dumbfounded.

Naturally, Chen Feng also knew that this was a very good thing for him. He became so happy that he didn’t even know what to say. All he could do was to furiously devour the Heavenly Profound Water. When his body reached its limits, he then poured them all into the Longevity Tower.

“There are times when the Heavenly dao is fair. Back then, the Immortal Plane had interfered with your tribulation. Their actions were indeed overboard. This Heavenly Profound Water is the compensation from the Heavenly dao,” Tower slowly said.

“In other words, does this mean I now owe the Heavenly dao? Would the next Heavenly Tribulation be even stronger?” Chen Feng laughed.

“What, are you scared now?”

“Ha ha ha! Why would I be scared? I am personally hoping that the Heavenly Tribulation would become even stronger.” Chen Feng shook his head.

There wasn’t too much of the Heavenly Profound Water and it quickly ended. Next, the tribulation clouds disappeared. Chen Feng had successfully overcome his tribulation to become a high-level Earthen Immortal.


1 li = 0.5 km


Note: Heavenly Fire used to be translated as Sky Fire. 

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