Chapter 1014 Heading to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain Again


“The strength of the True Immortals is on a higher level compared to us. Additionally, Eternal World is a big place with many unique places. Many pocket dimensions are such that we would not know they exist even if we are standing right before them. By the way, senior, I recall that the Celestial Clearblue Plane has some divination techniques. We can try to make a divination,” Chen Feng suggested.

“That is one way to go about it. Only, we should enter the Longevity Tower. Divining while borrowing the power of a Divine artifact would give better results.” Bi Qing nodded in agreement.

Thus, the three of them entered the Longevity Tower. Bi Qing had a tranquil expression on his face, but Chen Feng could clearly sense a power surging deep within Bi Qing’s soul. His divination technique had made contact with the flow of the Heavenly dao. This could be considered an act of plundering the Heavenly Plot. This was particularly true when making a divination about cultivators that possessed a higher cultivation base than oneself. This was also why Bi Qing had wanted to borrow the Longevity Tower’s power. Given his present level, if he was not lucky enough, this reckless action of performing a divination on True Immortals could potentially lead to a backlash. 

Weng! Weng!

As Huo Yunlong was unable to sense it, he simply stood quietly nearby. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was one with the Longevity Tower. Thus, he could sense invisible energy fluctuations coming out from Bi Qing’s body to flow into a mysterious space.

This divination technique from Bi Qing appeared very simple. With the exception of the invisible energy fluctuations, there were nothing else. Only, as time went by, Bi Qing’s face became increasingly serious. Later, sweat began flowing out. Cultivators at his level would only become like this due to the over exhaustion of their minds.

Finally, Bi Qing stopped. Closing his eyes, he began regulating his breath. Chen Feng waved his hand and a stream of energy flowed into Bi Qing’s body. In but the blink of an eye, Bi Qing had fully recovered.


Bi Qing opened his eyes and promptly got to his feet.

“How is it?” Huo Yunlong hastily asked.

“I’ve managed to divine out their whereabouts. Let’s go!” Bi Qing said and he charged out from the Longevity Tower, with Chen Feng and Huo Yunlong right behind him.

After moving for half a day, they stopped.

“So, it’s this place,” Chen Feng said, a somewhat surprised look on his face as he regarded the mountain rising up before them.

“You know this place?” Huo Yunlong asked curiously.

“Of course, I had entered it before,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

The mountain rising up before them was tens of thousands of zhang tall, with a radius of over 50 kilometres. There were no flowers, trees, vines or animals on its surface. Rather it was as bare as a mirror. It was very different from a normal mountain.

Streams of flowing light enveloped the mountain, like streams of water. It was none other than the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain that Chen Feng had entered before in the past. The streams of flowing light were none other than the Driftcloud Immortal Light that protected the immortal mountain, stopping others from casually entering.

Back when this immortal mountain first appeared, it had lured over cultivators from all over Eternal World. They all wanted to explore it in search of fortune. However, after some time, it disappeared. Later on, though, it popped up several more times in other places. Only, Chen Feng had been too preoccupied with his cultivation and matters, leaving him with no time to go look for this immortal mountain.

Seeing the immortal mountain once more, Chen Feng was able to sense something new about it.

“It’s a top-grade Immortal artifact!” Chen Feng said.

“And a spatial-type to boot. It contains formidable world power. It must have a massive and complete world inside it,” Bi Qing said.

“Indeed. Only, the environment inside is very harsh. Back then, I faced a great deal of dangers inside it. Unfortunately, my cultivation level back then was too low. I should be able to explore the whole place this time.” Regarding the immortal mountain, Chen Feng felt a wave of curiosity rising from within him.


Chen Feng flicked his finger and a beam of sword light streaked through a distance of 50 kilometres across the sky before falling down upon the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.


The Driftcloud Immortal Light there abruptly flared out with a dazzling radiance to charge skywards. As a result, the tens of thousands of cultivators who were staying near the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain were all sent flying. The sword beam that Chen Feng sent forth was shattered and a torrent of power – formed from immortal light – charged towards Chen Feng.


Wielding the Upright Heaven Sword, Chen Feng slashed to hack the torrent of power into two equal halves.

“Its power is over 100 times stronger than before.”

Cleaving the entire torrent of power took Chen Feng one breath’s worth of time.

Chen Feng’s divine sense moved to swiftly enter the sea of wisdom of one of the Human Immortals there. Next up, it continued darting about, entering the bodies of ten cultivators there. After secretly looking around their seas of wisdom, it then returned.

The strongest amongst them was a mid-level Earthen Immortal. However, that person failed to notice Chen Feng’s actions of searching their souls.

“The Driftcloud Immortal Mountain has only appeared for three days. No wonder we did not receive any news about it. By now, over 100 cultivators have entered it. The weakest amongst them is an Earthen Immortal. Human Immortals are simply incapable of getting in.” Chen Feng felt his heart stirring. He was only a minor and nameless cultivator when he entered the immortal mountain in the past. The him from back then had a long way to go to reach the Human Immortal stage.

“Senior, what are the details of your divination?” Chen Feng asked.

“The one who entered should be the True Immortal from the Immortal Plane.”

“If it’s just one person, we should be able to handle it.” Chen Feng nodded and waved his hand to send out another sword beam. This sword beam was even stronger than the previous one. It sped through space in an instant to strike the immortal mountain.

Chen Feng’s earlier attack had already alarmed all the cultivators there, causing all of them to back away, fearful that they would be affected by the aftermath. Even though they felt some feelings of resentment, none of them dared to say anything. Chen Feng’s display of might earlier had quite the deterring force, after all. 

As Chen Feng fired out his second attack, everyone there grew curious. During the past three days, there were indeed cultivators who chose to attack the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain as well. Only, with the exception of a handful of cultivators, the rest were all wounded by the Driftcloud Immortal Light’s counter attack. 

“It’s Chen Feng!”

“The Island Lord of East Dragon Island!”

“It’s him! We’ve got a show going! Although he is just an Earthen Immortal, his strength is comparable to an Ascendant Immortal. Will he be able to break open a hole? If he can, we might be able to slip in as well.”

“That’s right! Let’s get ready!”

“I think this fellow will probably be incapable of breaking through. While he does possess an Immortal artifact, his level is too low. He is not even as strong as me.”

“What do you know, foreigner? Just be quiet and watch.” 


Like a meteor striking the ocean, the attack resulted in a sky-vaulting tsunami. The Driftcloud Immortal Light radiated massive, 1,000-zhang-tall waves of light to shatter Chen Feng’s sword beam. At the same time, it also formed a great hand, which moved forward to catch Chen Feng.

“This is an attack from a top-grade Immortal artifact.” Chen Feng smiled as he swiftly moved forward to swing the Upright Heaven Sword, which abruptly became a thousand times bigger. An astral sword slashed down to hack the great hand – formed from immortal light – to pieces. Immediately after that, Chen Feng unleashed yet another sword beam. This one was fast, flashing forward to rip open a hole upon the Driftcloud Immortal Light.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The small hole rapidly closed up. But that brief moment allowed several cultivators to fly inside. Some were slightly too slow and were thrown back by the immortal light.


“Such power!”

“Is this still an Earthen Immortal?”

“Senior, please attack again!”

“Island Lord, please attack again!”

Some of the cultivators there became aflame with emotions and a few of them cried out.

“We can enter!” Huo Yunlong also wanted to take action, but he held himself back in the end.

“Truth is, I am wondering what is inside this space. The other party is a True Immortal. Why didn’t he simply collect this immortal mountain away?” Bi Qing said after a moment’s consideration.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment as well before replying, “Even if he wants to collect it, it is not something that could be quickly refined. When I attacked earlier, I faintly sensed the aura of a pseudo-Divine artifact.

“Of course, I am not too certain about that”

“If so, this immortal mountain must have quite the background. I did hear that this Driftcloud Immortal Mountain has quite the history here in Eternal World. It has existed even before my previous self was born. Looks like this immortal mountain is truly something else. Perhaps, the True Immortal from the Immortal Plane knows something about this immortal mountain.” Bi Qing nodded.

“We’ll know once we enter.”

“We’ll definitely be entering. Before that, however, there is something I have to do,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“What is it?” Huo Yunlong grew curious.

“Undergo tribulation!” After saying that, Chen Feng simply charged straight up into the sky, making his way past the strong winds to reach outer space.

“This, this, this… isn’t he being way too random here?” Huo Yunlong became dumbfounded.

“We can wait a few days,” Bi Qing said and he casually seated himself. His face was as calm as usual and he stayed as quiet as a rock.

“Shouldn’t we go help protect him? This is a tribulation.” After some time, Huo Yunlong spoke up again.

“No need. But if you feel worried, you can go observe.” Bi Qing then closed his eyes and ignored Huo Yunlong.

“What’s going on here?” Huo Yunlong stamped his feet and walked in a circle a few times. After that, he circled the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain a few times. And after that, he went to stay beside Bi Qing for a while. In the end, though, he was unable to hold back. He leapt up into the sky and flew into outer space as well.

Huo Yunlong was feeling very curious about Chen Feng and he wanted to observe Chen Feng’s tribulation.

Upon reaching outer space, Huo Yunlong saw a hurricane spinning in outer space, ripping and tearing about while Chen Feng was stuck in the centre. Above the hurricane was thick tribulation clouds. 

“This is a void storm! How could such a Heavenly Tribulation happen? How strange!” Huo Yunlong, who was hovering far away, became shocked.

An asteroid flew over from the depths of space. Coincidentally, its trajectory sent it into the hurricane and it became like a clump of water falling into the ocean. All it did was create a slight disturbance before disappearing.


Huo Yunlong gaped. The toughness of an asteroid floating in space was beyond that of the average cultivator. And yet, despite how big it was, that asteroid was instantly grinded to bits by the void storm. Not even a fragment was left of it.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was of flesh and blood. How was he to endure? Next, however, Huo Yunlong became relieved. He recalled how Chen Feng was able to remain unscathed even when trapped inside the top-grade Immortal-tier Void Maelstrom. If so, this hurricane should amount to nothing more than an itch to Chen Feng.

The massive hurricane continued spinning, but it was rapidly shrinking. It did not take long before the hurricane eventually disappeared, leaving only Chen Feng there, who appeared like a Heavenly God hovering in space. There was a nonchalant look on his face, as though that hurricane earlier was but a light breeze.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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