Chapter 1013 Collection Successful


“Tower, it’s time for you to take action.” While it appeared as though Chen Feng was the one who wanted to collect the top-grade Immortal artifact, the Longevity Tower was the one that was actually taking action.

Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong were keeping all of the cultivators from Heavenly Firmaments Palace at bay while Tower had already checked every part of the top-grade Immortal artifact back when they were inside it. As for the spectating cultivators, Chen Feng did not believe that they could do anything. The only exception would be for a True Immortal to appear. Of course, even if one did appear, Chen Feng was determined to take away this Void Maelstrom.

“Don’t worry. This is as good as done!”

After Tower said that, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower abruptly grew bigger and it easily encased the massive vortex beneath it.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Loud sounds rang out from the Void Maelstrom. The magic treasure had sensed danger. Even Sacred artifacts could give birth to wisdom, let alone an Immortal artifact. This one, in particular, was a top-grade Immortal artifact. Thus, the Void Maelstrom fought back and the rate at which it was rotating increased, ripping apart the surrounding space. Surprisingly, the magic treasure was attempting to leave this world.

“You want to leave now? It’s too late for that, no?” Tower said with a smug chuckle.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Countless streams of energy emerged from the Longevity Tower to encase the Void Maelstrom. At the same time, the Void Maelstrom sensed that it was in a weakened state. It was due to Chen Feng’s earlier actions of devouring its void powers from the inside.

After the energy streams sealed up the surrounding space, the Void Maelstrom became like a fish trapped in a net. All it could do was to struggle in a failed attempt to escape.

“What, this fellow wants to collect the Immortal artifact?”

“That’s a top-grade Immortal artifact. Collect it? As if!”

“A top-grade Immortal artifact. If I can get my hands on it, even a half-step True Immortal can forget about killing me.”

“What do we do? Are we supposed to just watch as he collects the Immortal artifact? If so, won’t this trip be for naught? That’s a top-grade Immortal artifact!”

“What else can we do about it? Earlier, they had easily killed off high-level Ascendant Immortals. Going forward is just committing suicide.” 

“Join forces! We can join forces! Right, get some more cultivators to come over. Only when the situation has fallen into chaos can we get a bite of the benefits.”

“The way I see it, you fellows must have a death wish. We have not even begun to explore this pocket dimension yet. This place must surely have other treasures. I have no desire to go crazy with you fellows. Do you even know who those fellows are? That’s East Dragon Island’s Chen Feng. And that guy is Bi Qing, from the Celestial Clearblue Plane. If you fellows want to get yourselves killed, don’t drag me along. I’ll just go look for other treasures.”

“That’s right. For there to be a top-grade Immortal artifact right after entering this pocket dimension, this place must surely have other good items. Rather than fight to the death here, we’re better off heading in to test our luck.”

Some cultivators had wanted to join forces to attack Chen Feng but some chose to leave and enter the pocket dimension instead. One such example were Heavenly Halberd and Desolate Blade from Savage World. They had no intentions of going against Chen Feng. Don’t joke around, doing so was just suicide.

“Those guys have gone crazy. Those who attack will most certainly die.” In truth, the two of them were even thinking of helping Chen Feng. Only, after further consideration, they decided instead to go explore the pocket dimension. From what they could see, Chen Feng did not need their help.

Although some had left, the aura there was simply too powerful. Due to that, even more cultivators were lured over and the number of cultivators in this part of the pocket dimension became increasingly high. That was especially so for the newcomers who did not know how powerful Chen Feng was. Seeing Chen Feng attempt to collect the Immortal artifact, some of them immediately attacked.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three cultivators charged forward, entering the domain created by the Chaos Chain. In the face of the hex power’s erosion, their cultivation bases fell and they had to struggle against it. As they struggled, the hex power completely invaded their bodies, turning them into mindless killing puppets. With a thought from Chen Feng, the Chaos Chain swirled to send the three cultivators back out. Upon emerging, the three cultivators then furiously attacked the surrounding cultivators.

“Everyone, join forces and attack!”

“Do not approach the chain! Everyone, use long-ranged attacks!”

Several Ascendant Immortals attacked, causing the Chaos Chain that was swirling around to shake. The Chaos Chain was just a high-grade Immortal artifact, after all. Additionally, Chen Feng was also incapable of unleashing the magic treasure’s full power.

Quickly, however, the cultivators there fell into a state of turmoil. The reason for that was the sudden emergence of several other Ascendant Immortals. These Ascendant Immortals chose to attack the Ascendant Immortals who were attacking Chen Feng.

“Argh! What are you fellows doing? Why are you attacking us?”

“We are cultivators from the East Dragon Island Alliance! You dare attack our Island Lord? You must have a death wish!”

The Ascendant Immortals from the East Dragon Island Alliance had arrived as well. And while there weren’t many of them, it was enough to stir chaos there.

“Chen Feng, I cannot hold on anymore!” The strength of Huo Yunlong’s aura began falling from the half-step True Immortal stage to the high-level Ascendant Immortal stage. Due to that, he fell into a disadvantageous position. He was simply no match for the cultivators from Heavenly Firmaments Palace. As for Bi Qing, he was already at his limits fighting against two half-step True Immortals on his own.

“Just a little bit more!” 

Encased by the Longevity Tower, the Void Maelstrom was slowly floating upwards and shrinking at the same time. It was in the process of entering the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, you really can do it,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Of course.” Tower said with a prideful tone.

“I wonder, will you be able to handle a Divine artifact?” Chen Feng then asked.

Tower pondered for a moment before replying truthfully, “If it’s a broken one, no problem. But an intact Divine artifact will likely be a no.”

“Even now, those True Immortals are not taking action. Back then, in order to snatch some immortal dao laws, they decided to put on a grand display of strength. And yet, even though there is a top-grade Immortal artifact here, they are not coming. This can only mean one thing.”

“There are items superior to top-grade Immortal artifacts out there. That means Divine artifacts. Even now, I find it hard to imagine. To think that there are Divine artifacts in Eternal World.”

“Kid, cut the crap. Am I not a Divine artifact now?”

By then, a portion of the Void Maelstrom had already entered the Longevity Tower. Finally, someone managed to break through the sealed space to attack Chen Feng.

A stream of sword energy struck the Chaos Chain, nearly cutting it apart. Next, it swirled around like a wyrm, charging at the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower. Even the half-step True Immortal who was fighting Bi Qing spared some time to attack, sending a great hand forward to grasp the Longevity Tower.

These fellows sure are ambitious. They are actually thinking of taking my Longevity Tower! Chen Feng sneered and waved his hand. The Deepsea Maelstrom swiftly flew out to enter the Void Maelstrom.

Although the Deepsea Maelstrom was only a low-grade Immortal artifact, this move was something that Chen Feng had been preparing for a long time. As expected, the Void Maelstrom’s rate of rotation gradually fell and it was thus sucked into the Longevity Tower. As for the two incoming attacks, Chen Feng ignored them.

As the Void Maelstrom had entered the Longevity Tower, there was nothing else for Chen Feng to worry about.

The wyrm-like sword energy was an attack from a half-step True Immortal. However, when it struck the surface of the Longevity Tower, it simply caused a soft sound to ring out before disappearing.

As for the great hand, it managed to grab the Longevity Tower. But before it could exert its might, sword energy radiated out from the Longevity Tower to slice it to pieces.

“Humph! How do you like my substitution technique?”

“Aren’t you using the enemy’s attack against another enemy attack there?” Chen Feng smiled.

“It’s successful!” Huo Yunlong arrived before Chen Feng, a look of delight on his face. Bi Qing, too, unleashed a wild storm of sword beams to break free from the encirclement of cultivators from Heavenly Firmaments Palace. With a flash, he appeared before Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had already collected the Void Maelstrom. Thus, attacking now was pointless for the other cultivators. Without even saying a word, they moved to quickly head deeper into the pocket dimension. 

“Greetings, Island Lord! Greetings, senior!” The cultivators from the East Dragon Island Alliance swiftly moved forward. Truth be told, East Dragon Island had quite a high number of cultivators and the number of Ascendant Immortals on its side was growing. Comparatively speaking, though, their quality was still very low. Many of the rookie Ascendant Immortals were from East Dragon Island, after all. The present situation was a good example. Of the Ascendant Immortals there, only four were mid-level Ascendant Immortals while the rest were all starter-level Ascendant Immortals.

“You fellows, go ahead and see if you can find anything. This pocket dimension is extraordinary. There might still be more treasures inside it,” Chen Feng said.


In truth, these Ascendant Immortals had long since wanted to head in. After receiving Chen Feng’s instructions, they immediately took action.

“Chen Feng, you managed to score a big haul this time. To think that you can even collect a top-grade Immortal artifact. How did you do it?” Huo Yunlong asked passionately.

“Can’t you tell?” Chen Feng smiled.

“The Longevity Tower! No, could your Longevity Tower be a Divine artifact? But it doesn’t look that way. Could it be?” Huo Yunlong suddenly froze, a look of utter shock etched on his face. His jaws fell wide open, his eyeballs looking as though they would pop out.

“That’s how it is.” Chen Feng nodded.

“That’s impossible! Just who are you?”  It took Huo Yunlong a long time to recollect himself.

“Who I am doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you understand. That said, I hope you don’t get any other ideas.”

“I don’t have a death wish!” Huo Yunlong finally calmed down. There was no telling what was on his mind.

“Here.” Bi Qing returned the Upright Heaven Sword to Chen Feng.

“Senior, you can just keep it.”

“I’m not used to it.”

Next up, Chen Feng’s team of three also headed deeper into the pocket dimension. After one day, the three of them gained an intuitive understanding of the pocket dimension.

Truth be told, the pocket dimension was not too big. Given how there was a top-grade Immortal artifact, Chen Feng had first assumed that this pocket dimension was at least as big as a minor world. There would surely be other treasures inside it. Unexpectedly, after spending one whole day there, the three of them became disappointed.

There were indeed some treasures. There were Immortal artifacts, spiritual herbs, spirit stones and medicinal pills. Only, due to the grade of the treasures, the three of them simply did not find the treasures attractive. It was the starter-level and mid-level Ascendant Immortals who fought fiercely for the treasures. Occasionally, Chen Feng would take action to help those few Ascendant Immortals from the East Dragon Island Alliance.

“All right. It’s time to leave. If those True Immortals really get their hands on Divine artifacts, we’re going to have to put our lives on the line.” Chen Feng felt somewhat concerned.

“Whether or not one can obtain a Divine artifact depends on one’s fortune. However, having no news about the True Immortals is somewhat problematic.” There was a slight frown on Bi Qing’s face as well. Speaking of which, Bi Qing had gone to many places since Eternal World began stirring, but he had failed to find any clues about the True Immortals.

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