Chapter 1012 Preparing to Collect


“You fellows!” Seeing Chen Feng’s team of three, the two of them became shocked. They attempted to break free but to no avail.

“We all came here though the same way,” Chen Feng said. Next, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower swelled outwards, pushing away the chaotic void powers. Bi Qing and the others swiftly entered the semi-transparent silhouette. Everything was tranquil inside it.

“How should we address the three of you?” The two cultivators were swiftly communicating with one another as they regarded Chen Feng’s team, not daring to be reckless about this. Chen Feng’s team was simply too strong.

“And who are you fellows?” Huo Yunlong was quick to ask instead.

“I am Heavenly Halberd and this is Desolate Blade. The two of us are from outer space. Fellow friend, thank you for your assistance earlier. How should we address you three?” Heavenly Halberd calmed down and revealed a smile.

“Outer space? The way I see it, you fellows are from Savage World,” Huo Yunlong said coldly.

“Err… aha ha, sir, you are?”

“Huo Yunlong, from Flame World. Currently residing in the Immortal Plane.”

“So, it is Senior Huo, I have long since heard of your great name. We brothers are indeed from Savage World. Only, in recent years, we have been exploring outer space,” Heavenly Halberd said with a smile.

“Senior Huo?” Huo Yunlong chuckled and said nothing about it. If it weren’t for the power boost from the Seed of Fire Essence, Huo Yunlong’s strength would only be at the high-level Ascendant Immortal stage. There was no telling if he could obtain the upper hand when fighting against these two cultivators.

Regarding the two cultivators, Bi Qing merely nodded, remaining silent. As for Chen Feng, he was fully focused on linking up with the Longevity Tower to control the Hex Sceptre and Chaos Chain.

Strands of faint-black energy flowed out from Heavenly Halberd and Desolate Blade’s bodies to enter the Hex Sceptre.

“That is! “

“Hex power!”

“Thankfully for you two, you managed to come to us. Else you would have to unravel the hex power on your own,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Chaos Chain trembled and more cultivators were swept inside. In order for those fellows to endure the ravages of the void powers to reach that spot, they would need to be at the high-level Ascendant Immortal stage. In fact, there were even two peak-level Ascendant Immortals amongst them. Even so, the Void Maelstrom had still managed to suck them in.

Given how many people had been brought in, various trains of thoughts were inevitable there. That was especially so after they saw the magic treasures in Chen Feng’s hands. Some felt envious and some ended up with bloodshot eyes. Rather, some even attempted to snatch the magic treasures.


Chen Feng ignored them. Bi Qing had only needed some simple swings with his swords to send two sword beams – like a cross – forward. Due to this attack, the two cultivators who attacked were killed on the spot. Chen Feng then grasped to devour their essence, energy and soul power.

Those two were high-level Ascendant Immortals. But no matter how many of them there were, they would all be instantly killed off. Seeing that, the others behaved themselves. As for the two peak-level Ascendant Immortals, their eyes flickered and they hesitated for a moment before deciding against taking action.

“Senior, you attacked so fast. You should have left one for me,” Huo Yunlong said, somewhat dissatisfied. 

“You want to kill? That’s simple. There are some more people here,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Next, the hex power within the cultivators there were pulled out.

“What? Hex power? You’re the one behind that!” The face of one of the peak-level Ascendant Immortals sank and he moved forward, wanting to attack Chen Feng.

“Behave yourself if you don’t want to die,” Chen Feng said and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower abruptly shrunk to leave the others outside its protection.

Losing the protection of the Longevity Tower, those cultivators had to struggle against the surrounding void powers again. This was the central area of the Void Maelstrom. Cultivators that were not at the True Immortal stage would be grinded to pieces upon entering this place.

“The power has increased several folds. The other party’s experts have arrived.”

“Half-step True Immortal, and more than one.”

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there. It’s time we head out.” Chen Feng held onto the Chaos Chain and his figure charged into the streams of void power. Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong were right behind him. 

“Hurry, follow him! Charge out!” The Ascendant Immortals began panicking.

“Humph! Everyone, work together. We must not let that kid go!”

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The streams of void power kept roiling and tearing, over a thousand times stronger than the void storms that Chen Feng had seen before in the past. Even so, Chen Feng’s team of three was able to swiftly fly through them, unaffected by the surrounding streams of turbulent void power.

“Is this the right way? I don’t know which way to go at all here.” Despite the protection afforded by the Longevity Tower, looking at the surrounding void powers made them feel worried.

“No mistake about this.” The Chaos Chain in Chen Feng’s hand kept shaking and elongating, elongating all the way to the outside of the Void Maelstrom.

“We’ll be getting out soon.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Suddenly, a series of sword beams struck the Chaos Chain. The formidable impact and highly overbearing sword intent behind them caused Chen Feng to flinch and the Chaos Chain nearly slipped away from his hand.


Next, Chen Feng’s team of three vaulted upwards to finally escape from the Void Maelstrom. The moment they emerged, tens of attacks shot towards them. All of them were the work of Ascendant Immortals. Only, Chen Feng’s team was protected by the Longevity Tower. In fact, half of the attacks were not just devoured by the Longevity Tower, it was even deflected back at their owners.

“We’re out! Attack!” Chen Feng shouted and he rapidly swung the Chaos Chain. The other end of the Chaos Chain was still within the Void Maelstrom. Under Chen Feng’s control, the Chaos Chain became like a dragon, charging forward ferociously to rampage about. At the same time, it also radiated a power of chaos to affect its surroundings.

However, a high number of sword marks marred the spots on the Chaos Chain that were struck by the sword beams earlier. Seeing that, Chen Feng became secretly shocked. He dared not be careless and channelled all his strength for this.

Sou! Sou!

At that very moment, both Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong had the combat power of half-step True Immortals and they attacked in tandem with Chen Feng’s shout. In order to collect this top-grade Immortal artifact, they will first need to finish off these cultivators from Heavenly Firmaments Palace.

“I will stop these two. I leave the rest to you.” Bi Qing singlehandedly fought against two half-step True Immortals in a world-shaking battle. If it weren’t for the special power of laws of the pocket dimension, the battle between three half-step True Immortals would have easily laid waste to an area spanning a distance of millions of li outside. 

“There are 30 Ascendant Immortals. Two of them are high-level Ascendant Immortals. They will not be easy to handle.” Huo Yunlong’s face darkened. He knew that this would be a prolonged battle.

“Chen Feng, you need to hurry it up,” Huo Yunlong said.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

By then, the other cultivators who were sucked into the Void Maelstrom had also – by following Chen Feng’s team – emerged from the Void Maelstrom. Upon breaking out, they all revealed differing behaviours. Looking around, most of them cast inflamed looks at the massive vortex beneath them. That was a top-grade Immortal artifact. Obtaining it would allow them to rise to great heights and their cultivation base would rise rapidly.

Naturally, they would not recklessly take action. The situation there was very peculiar. Being reckless might not be good for them. Thus, they wanted to observe the fight and wait for both sides to be mutually wounded.

These fellows sure have no fear towards death. Chen Feng did not attack. Instead, he gathered his strength in preparation for collecting the Void Maelstrom.

However, some fellows refused to let Chen Feng off. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that some had been constantly hiding in the dark for the sake of dealing with Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou!

Two cultivators ripped open space and emerged. Next, pure sword energy shot towards Chen Feng. There were two beams of sword energy, each like a highly blazing sun. One was a slicing-type sword beam while the other tore through the void.

The two attackers were high-level Ascendant Immortals. They had been secretly gathering their strength for a long time, all for the sake of killing off Chen Feng with one attack.

Facing the attacks, Chen Feng remained still. All he did was snicker inwardly. With the protection of the Longevity Tower, not even two half-step True Immortals would be able to harm Chen Feng, let alone these two high-level Ascendant Immortals.

Only, Chen Feng was feeling curious about these two cultivators. They were neither from the Immortal Plane nor the Demon Plane. They were also not cultivators from Eternal World. This meant that they were not members of Heavenly Firmaments Palace. He could not determine their background. But why then were they targeting him? 

The Longevity Tower devoured the two sword beams and the Chaos Chain swirled to seal the two cultivators within a minor space. Even so, the two cultivators remained calm as they displayed their sword techniques to attack Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou!

The Chaos Chain rapidly tied up the two cultivators. Next, however, a terrifying power erupted from their bodies, shaking the Chaos Chain so much that it kept ringing.

“Oh, no! Hurry, get out of here! Those two fellows are going to blow themselves up!”

“What, a self-destruct move?!”

Chen Feng hadn’t said a word. But the cultivators who were observing the fight had already become terrified. Those two were high-level Ascendant Immortals. The power behind their self-destruct move was comparable to the attack from a peak-level Ascendant Immortal. In the face of their self-destruct move, anything within a radius of 500 kilometres would be affected. Due to that, the cultivators there immediately ran.

“Self-destruct? A very fierce move. Still, let’s not talk about whether or not this move could kill me. The consequences of blowing themselves up is the destruction of both body and soul. They can no longer reincarnate by doing so,” Chen Feng said. Spikes popped out all over the Chaos Chain to pierce the two cultivators’ bodies. Instantly, the two cultivators’ swollen bodies deflated before becoming withered corpses.

Chen Feng grasped and the two cultivators’ heads exploded and two clumps of souls were caught.

“Strange. These two are from Chaos World. They received an order to assassinate me. How odd.” Chen Feng shook his head. Even though he had searched through their souls, he was unable to find any other useful information.

“It’s about time I take action.” Chen Feng waved again and the Chaos Chain swirled outwards in circles, like ripples of water. Every ripple was capable of sealing up space. Chen Feng wanted to collect the Void Maelstrom. Thus, he must not allow anyone to interrupt him. 

As the Chaos Chain was swirling outwards, two of the cultivators fighting Huo Yunlong happened to position themselves too close to the chain and were affected by the shockwaves emanating from the Chaos Chain; their bodies were shredded.

But that was not all. Chen Feng even brought out the Hex Sceptre and stabbed it at the area of space serving as the central position for the Chaos Chain. The surrounding area, covering a radius of 500 kilometres thus became Chen Feng’s domain. Chaos power fused up with the insidious and ghastly hex power and even high-level Ascendant Immortals would suffer horribly upon entering his domain.


1 li = 0.5 km

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