Chapter 1011 Devouring Furiously


The hurricane was not to be underestimated. It was something formed from pure void powers. It also contained the power of a top-grade Immortal artifact. Everything would be destroyed in its wake, even asteroids and planets. 

Due to the riotous void powers around them, the Chaos Chain that was extending far ahead began shaking violently. Chen Feng felt as though it would break free from his control. However, this only made him happier. The more power the opponent poured into this, the more chaotic the powers there would become. That way, the Chaos Chain would be able to grow even stronger. Rather, Chen Feng could clearly feel the Chaos Chain growing stronger. 


A beam of sword light – simple yet overbearing – flashed forward to cleave the hurricane apart. Next, Chen Feng grasped and the two cleaved halves of the hurricane’s void powers were pulled into the Longevity Tower before they could dissipate away. The void powers, condensed to the point of tangibility, were over 100 times stronger compared to the surrounding chaotic void powers.

“Although none of them are willing to come in anymore, I have already released the hex power out. It should be enough to trouble them considerably. To think that hex power could be so wondrous. Invisible and silent, it is hard to defend against. I am now yearning for the True Immortal’s corpse. What a pity!” Chen Feng shook his head as he tossed the Upright Heaven Sword over to Bi Qing.

With an immortal sword in hand, Bi Qing became like a steady mountain amidst the Void Maelstrom. Crossing the two swords in his hands, he then slashed forward with both. The tips of the swords fired out what seemed like crescent moons, hacking apart several attacks as they shot forward.

“Behold!” Huo Yunlong, who had pushed his strength to the half-step True Immortal stage, now possessed a monstrous level of combat power. With a swing of his hand, he fired out a flaming blade with a surface that was as smooth as a mirror. The blade easily hacked apart the void blade coming at them.

“Too weak!” Huo Yunlong laughed loudly. It was unknown if this was because his strength had soared or because he simply did not think too highly of the enemy attack.

It was then that the elongated Chaos Chain underwent a transformation. It was unknown just what materials were used to create the chain links, but they appeared unscathed by the void powers there. Rather, the spikes growing out from the chain were still devouring the surrounding energy streams. By then, Chen Feng himself was uncertain how long the chain had become. In his opinion, it should already be at least half a million kilometres.

The Chaos Chain trembled and a power within it was triggered. First, a rapidly-rotating vortex appeared at the end of the Chaos Chain. It was a black hole, which furiously devoured the surrounding energy streams, ten times faster compared to its previous rate.

Next came a second vortex, and a third, and a fourth, fifth, sixth… the surface of the Chaos Chain became like a garden of blooming flowers. It did not take long before over 10,000 black vortexes appeared on the surface of the Chaos Chain. It almost looked like hollowed spots had appeared all over the chain.

“Heh! We got sucked into a vortex. And now, we are using vortexes to suck the enemy’s power.” Chen Feng abruptly burst into a chuckle. He could sense streams of void powers flowing into the black holes on the Chaos Chain. They looked like dragons. Due to that, the Chaos Chain’s power kept rising. Of course, it also diverted the excess power that it could not keep over to the Longevity Tower.

The Chaos Chain could devour a huge portion of the opponent’s power. However, this ended up provoking the Void Maelstrom itself. In the face of danger, this Immortal artifact responded to automatically attack Chen Feng’s team of three. Due to that, the pressure they faced grew. 

Outside the Void Maelstrom, some cultivators were grouped together. All of them were Ascendant Immortals. But there were only a few experts amongst them. Looking at the black vortex beneath them, they all frowned as they discussed the issue.

“When will the Demon Emperor come? It’s been quite some time now.”

“Humph! The Demon Emperor and True Immortal Grand Heaven must have more important matters to attend to. Maybe they are in the process of searching for Divine artifacts.”

“More or less. Only treasures of that level would be able to attract their attention. Although this Void Maelstrom is a top-grade Immortal artifact, there’s no telling if they would bother to come.” 

“If the two of them won’t come, we should invite over the half-step True Immortals. Earlier, they had already killed four fellows from our group. Even for us, going down is suicide.”

“Hopefully, these six fellows would prove useful.” 

There were six other high-level Ascendant Immortals standing around the black vortex. The six of them had been working on refining this top-grade Immortal artifact for a few days. However, they had not managed to make great progress. At present, they could only barely mobilize the Void Maelstrom’s powers to attack Chen Feng’s team.

“Looks like they’re having a tough time. Chen Feng is someone who possesses the Longevity Tower. He is not someone who could be easily taken care of. These fellows are quite useless, though. They’ve already spent several days on this only to fail to gain control of this Immortal artifact. I might as well be the one to do it.”

“You? Forget it! Did you forget about those fellows who were killed back then?”

“Be on alert! There are people coming!”

“What level?”

“Ha ha ha! Just three starter-level Ascendant Immortals! A bunch of small fries. I’ll head out to deal with them.”

“I’ll go.”

The two of them then left the pocket dimension. As expected, three Ascendant Immortals flew over. Speaking of which, the three Ascendant Immortals were quite unfortunate. Sensing waves of energy fluctuations coming from this place, they figured that a pocket dimension had emerged. Only, they were ambushed before they could even enter the pocket dimension.

“I’ll take two. You take the last one.” The Ascendant Immortal from the Demon Plane was the fastest to take action. In just the blink of an eye, he had killed two of the three Ascendant Immortals. As he was thinking about killing the third, he saw a flash of sword light. The Ascendant Immortal from the Immortal Plane had killed the third Ascendant Immortal.


The two of them snorted at the same time and turned around to head back to the pocket dimension.

The pocket dimension was occupied by both the Demon Plane and Immortal Plane. Of course, they could also be considered at Heavenly Firmaments Palace’s forces. At that very moment, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Immortal Plane and Demon Plane had truly partnered up. And yet, despite the alliance between the two, there was still friction between them. The cultivators from the Immortal Plane looked down on the cultivators from the Demon Plane while those from the Demon Plane – deep down – despised those from the Immortal Plane.

Just as they were about to enter the pocket dimension, however, a cultivator ripped open space to appear there. Wielding a great halberd, his whole body was wreathed in flames. From afar, he looked like a sun burning the lands.


“Not good! That’s a high-level Ascendant Immortal!”

The two of them were only mid-level Ascendant Immortals. Pressured by the opponent’s aura, they swiftly ran back. But the halberd-wielding cultivator rapidly moved forward and the great halberd in his hand swept out to devour the two Ascendant Immortals. Nothing was left of the cultivators from the Immortal Plane and Demon Plane.

“So weak! This is not challenging at all.” The halberd-wielding cultivator shook his head.

“What a shameful display. The two fellows you killed are mid-level Ascendant Immortals. You’re bullying others here.” Space was ripped apart again and another cultivator appeared. This cultivator held a blade in his hand and his long hair fluttered about. On his glabella was a vertical eye.

“I like bullying others. Desolate Blade, I sense great danger.”

“I sense it too, Heavenly Halberd. Do you think we should enter or not?”

“Places that are dangerous will definitely bring us returns. Given how great of a danger I sense, the resulting returns will surely be very big. Say, will it be too risky for us to just head in like this?”

“A little. However, even mid-level Ascendant Immortals dare to enter. If we do not, we will become laughing stocks. How about you go check it out first? I will be right behind you.”

“As if! Why don’t you head on in first?”

The two of them gave off a display of unparalleled imperiousness and astonishing combat powers. After arguing for a bit, they finally decided to head inside together. The moment they did, they fell prey to the same trap that Chen Feng’s team fell for and were promptly sucked into the Void Maelstrom.

“Two death-seeking fellows!” Another cultivator from the Demon Plane swore as he watched the two getting sucked into the black hole. Earlier, he had lost a fellow companion to those two fellows. Thus, he wanted nothing more than to personally kill off the two.

“Those two are absolute goners. They will be grinded to pieces. Only, where did they come from? Fellows from the Immortal Plane, you fellows have more experience. Do you know their background?”

“Star wanderers.”

“Nonsense! There isn’t any wandering aura from those two fellows.”

“You’re the one spouting nonsense!”

“Enough, stop arguing. More people have come. Everyone, be careful when dealing with them. This pocket dimension has appeared for a few days now. Why haven’t the experts from your Immortal Plane come?”

“Doesn’t your Demon Plane also have some experts? Why don’t you invite them over?”


As the two sides were arguing, one of the cultivators in their group – from the Demon Plane – suddenly transformed. He assumed a colossal, mountain-like body and roared with a bloody mouth. Next, he charged towards a cultivator from the Immortal Plane.

“What’s going on? Have you Demon Plane fellows gone crazy?”

“It’s hex power! It’s coming from the Void Maelstrom! Chen Feng is behind this!”

“Damn it! How could he be in possession of treasures from Hex World?”

“Let’s not worry about that for now. Everyone, put some distance and take action together to restrain this fellow.”


Suddenly, the face of another Ascendant Immortal – from the Immortal Plane – contorted as strands of black energy flowed about disorderly beneath the surface of his skin. It was a most ghastly sight to behold.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Quickly, the two sides got into a fight. It was then that even more cultivators entered, causing the place to descend further into chaos.

At that very moment, Chen Feng was still controlling the Chaos Chain to devour the surrounding void powers. In his opinion, the amount of power stored inside the Longevity Tower was already enough to keep the Chaos Chain occupied for quite some time. The Chaos Chain continued to swirl around the void powers and the devouring vortexes on its surface had risen in number to reach 100,000. More, that number was still increasing. It was acting like a passageway to transport power.

“Fellows, can you still hold on?” Chen Feng had an easier time compared to Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong.

“Not a problem! However, this is not the way to go. This state of mine can only last for a short time. Meanwhile, this Void Maelstrom is becoming increasingly strong,” Huo Yunlong said.

“Be patient. Someone else has entered,” Chen Feng said, the Chaos Chain in his hand moving slightly to send two streams of interfering power forward before pulling over two cultivators.

One of them held a great halberd while the other held a blade. Only, one of them appeared pale while the other appeared flushed. There were looks of uncertainty on their faces. The void powers there had done a number on them. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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