Chapter 1010 Begin Fishing


“You sure can dream. As if that could happen! Levelling up an Immortal artifact is not that easy,” Huo Yunlong said with a chuckle.

“Not necessarily. Besides, we have nothing to do right now. We won’t know until we try, no?” said Chen Feng, who began mobilizing the Chaos Chain to absorb the surrounding power of chaos. Due to Chen Feng’s control, the Chaos Chain thrummed and began to rapidly devour the surrounding energy.

“Huo Yunlong is right. It will likely be difficult for the Chaos Chain to level up to the top-grade Immortal tier,” Bi Qing said as well.

“See? Even Senior Bi Qing is saying that.” Huo Yunlong appeared quite proud of himself.

“Difficult does not mean impossible!” Chen Feng shook his head and continued using the Chaos Chain to devour the surrounding power of chaos and void. As Chen Feng continued, the surrounding roaring sounds began falling in intensity and the three of them could feel the pressure on them lessening.

“It’s effective?” Huo Yunlong was surprised.

“Did you think I was joking?” Chen Feng laughed.

“This Void Maelstrom that we are in should be a top-grade Immortal artifact. If you want the Chaos Chain to level up to the top-grade Immortal tier, you will need to devour half of its power away,” Bi Qing said.

“Honestly, what I want the most is to fuse this Void Maelstrom into my Deepsea Maelstrom. Only, their attributes are not compatible. Additionally, the gap between the two is simply too big. Fusing them together will be incredibly difficult.

“That said, I did secretly check this Void Maelstrom earlier. You are right, this magic treasure is at least at the top-grade Immortal tier. Perhaps, even slightly higher. It is already very close to the half-step Divine tier.”

“Yes, but it is still not a Divine artifact. There isn’t a hint of divine aura from it. Still, top-grade Immortal artifacts are very rare. They represent the apex of Immortal artifacts. Even True Immortals would fight over them. If there is a gap between a low-grade Immortal artifact and a mid-grade Immortal artifact, the gap between a high-grade Immortal artifact and a top-grade Immortal artifact is even greater,” Bi Qing slowly said. The Profound Light of Extreme Cyan around him had become slightly dimmer, pasting itself onto his body like a suit of armour.

“A top-grade Immortal artifact is still at the grand dao of immortality. Only a half-step Divine artifact can be considered to be at the grand dao of the divine.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Say, are you two not worried at all? We have fallen into their trap. We might not be able to escape this time.” Seeing both Chen Feng and Bi Qing chatting so casually, seemingly unconcerned with their current predicament, Huo Yunlong ended up becoming anxious.

“What’s the use of worrying? The other party will not let us out,” Chen Feng said.

“You two already have a plan!” Huo Yunlong promptly said.

“No. However, we do have some speculations. Let’s go to the very beginning. If the other party has the confidence in dealing with us, they would not have resorted to this move of just bringing us into the Void Maelstrom. More, it’s been a while since they sucked us in. And yet, they have not taken action. What does this mean?” Chen Feng said, smiling.

“It means they are trying to sap our strength.”

“That’s one factor. Given our present circumstance, if the other party can finish us off, would they wait this long? This is an attack from a top-grade Immortal artifact. Even for us, dealing with this magic treasure is quite difficult, no?”

“That’s true. Although I can push my cultivation base to the half-step True Immortal stage, a top-grade Immortal artifact can indeed wound me. Rather, even a high-grade Immortal artifact can wound me.” Huo Yunlong nodded.

“I speculate that this top-grade Immortal artifact might actually be this pocket dimension’s treasure. Back then, they found it, but are incapable of immediately collecting it. Earlier, we sensed the aura of cultivators from Heavenly Firmaments Palace here. It means that they are the ones controlling the Immortal artifact to attack us. Only, judging by what we can see, they have only managed to gain control over a small portion of this magic treasure’s power.” As Chen Feng spoke, the Chaos Chain elongated once more to go deep into the surrounding void storm.

“Huh!” Chen Feng inhaled deeply and the Longevity Tower’s power secretly flowed through the Chaos Chain to explore their surroundings. Earlier, Chen Feng had mentioned that he wanted to level up the Chaos Chain. Naturally, that was mostly just him boasting. While he had nothing to hide from Bi Qing, Huo Yunlong was not quite someone he could trust. He could not disclose the secrets of the Longevity Tower to others.

Back when he was absorbed into this Void Maelstrom, Chen Feng had only panicked for a brief moment. Instead, he grew delighted. This magic treasure was a top-grade Immortal artifact. No matter what, he must snatch it over. With the Longevity Tower here, Chen Feng was not worried.

Given the Longevity Tower’s present level of strength, it could suppress any magic treasure that was not a Divine artifact. Of course, it would still require a great deal of effort.

Chen Feng also knew a little about this Void Maelstrom. It was something refined from a void storm, something that existed in outer space, something that possessed the power of devastation. A formidable void storm could slice apart even a True Immortal. Thus, a magic treasure that was refined using a void storm would surely be even more powerful. From what Chen Feng could recall, a good number of Divine artifacts were all refined out from void storms. It was one of the purest forms of power within the universe.

Due to the secret help from the Longevity Tower, the rate at which the Chaos Chain was devouring the surrounding power rose. At the same time, the Chaos Chain’s power was also stimulated. It became like the oldest law in the universe as it absorbed all the power around it.

The Chaos Chain was a high-grade Immortal artifact, after all. With the Longevity Tower’s assistance, it could already put up a fight against the Void Maelstrom.

“This Chaos Chain is, quite good,” Huo Yunlong said, a somewhat dazed look on his face.

“What? Are you regretting it now?” Chen Feng chuckled.

“A little.” Huo Yunlong nodded, a serious look on his face.

“Well, then. Senior, Huo Yunlong, help protect me,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“Not a problem!” Both Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong positioned themselves around Chen Feng. At that very moment, the two of them possessed the strength of half-step True Immortals, allowing them to destroy even a planet.

Waving his hand, Chen Feng then brought out the Hex Sceptre and an invisible hex power rapidly spread out to quietly disappear into the turbulent void powers.

“Truth is, the offensive abilities of this Void Maelstrom are more on the direct side. While it can also grind souls to pieces, I don’t think it can do much to hex power,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

“Insidious!” Huo Yunlong exclaimed.

“However, controlling the two magic treasures at the same time… are you strong enough to do that?”

“I know my limits. Just protect me.” In truth, Chen Feng was having a relatively easy time. The Longevity Tower was secretly helping him with it.

After some time, a smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Someone took action?” Huo Yunlong could not stop himself from asking.

“Several fishes have taken the bait. Hopefully, they are big fishes!” Chen Feng said, waving the Hex Sceptre slightly. A wretched, faint-sounding cry rang out. Due to the surrounding void powers, the three of them – despite their formidable cultivation bases – had a hard time noticing it.

Sou! Sou!

The Chaos Chain shook and one of its ends rapidly retracted. It did not take long before an Ascendant Immortal was pulled over.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Seeing that, Huo Yunlong instantly burst into laughter. The three of them had fallen for the enemy’s trap, but now it was the enemy’s turn to have a taste of their own medicine. Seeing one of the enemies captured, Huo Yunlong felt highly elated.

“A mid-level Ascendant Immortal. As expected, a small fish.”

“Even small fishes would possess some knowledge. Hurry up and interrogate him. There are several more small fishes that are about to get hooked.” Chen Feng waved his hand again and the Chaos Chain silently entered the void storm again.

Next, it quickly caught two more Ascendant Immortals, reeling them over.

“The first one is a native cultivator from Heavenly Firmaments Palace. The second one is from the Lightning Plane and the third one is from the Immortal Plane’s Heavenly Firmaments Palace.”

Bi Qing and Huo Yunlong did not take it slow in interrogating the three cultivators. Instead, they simply performed a soul search to find out whatever they wanted to know.

“True enough, it’s Heavenly Firmaments Palace behind this ambush. Though, they did not deliberately set up this ambush for us. They had only just found this pocket dimension not too long ago. Thus, they have not fully explored this place. Even so, they decided to take action to stop others from coming in. Before we came in, several other cultivators had already died to them. Even a high-level Ascendant Immortal had died to this Void Maelstrom.”

“In other words, this pocket dimension has other magic treasures! Let’s speed this up and charge out. Chen Feng, don’t you have the Longevity Tower? Can we charge out?”

“Your way of thinking is so direct. Can’t you see what I am doing? I want to take this Void Maelstrom for myself.”

“What? You want to snatch this top-grade Immortal artifact? Aren’t you being too ambitious here?”

“This is not being ambitious. It is just a normal thing to do. All right! We caught another fish!” Another cultivator – bound by the Chaos Chain – was pulled over. Surprisingly, this one was a high-level Ascendant Immortal. He had fallen prey to the hex power, causing his strength to plummet. Additionally, the Longevity Tower was also secretly devouring part of his power. He struggled to extricate himself, cutting quite the miserable sight as he did.

“A high-level Ascendant Immortal. Tsk, tsk. This can already be considered as a big fish.”

“A pity. I think the other party will not come in anymore after this. Catching more will not be possible anymore.” The Chaos Chain became even thicker and spikes and hooks grew out from it. However, after searching around, it failed to find any more cultivators.


The Void Maelstrom spun faster and surging void powers kept roaring to rampage about and slice at Chen Feng’s team of three from their surroundings.

“The other party cannot hold back anymore. Losing those fellows probably made them feel like vomiting blood. The next attacks will probably be even more ferocious. As long as we can stop the attacks, we will be able to gain the upper hand.”

“I think we have always had the upper hand here. Still, to think that they have a peak-level Ascendant Immortal on their side. Looks like they have already notified their True Immortal. What do we do if the True Immortal arrives?”

“Stop this wave of attacks first. Even for a True Immortal, collecting this top-grade Immortal artifact will take some time.”

A hurricane, formed from the void storm, charged towards them.

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