Chapter 101: Ten Paths Sword Array



A certain point in space suddenly shook and a crack tore open. Next, the Longevity Tower sped out from the crack.

Chen Feng and the others, who were observing the scene outside the Longevity Tower, felt light flashing before their eyes. Next, they were greeted by mountains, rivers and grassy plains. 

Great, we are finally out of the void. However, I wonder where we are now? Chen Feng thought to himself.

Chen Feng felt a shock run through his whole body. After that, he found himself outside the Longevity Tower. His feet landed upon the soft ground and a variety of colours greeted him. There were also gusts of fresh breeze blowing towards him.

Accompanying him out from the tower were Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. As for the Four-eared Spirit Monkey and the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm, they remained inside the tower to continue practicing cultivation.


The Longevity Tower rotated slowly as it quickly shrank from the size of a building into a stream of light, which flowed into Chen Feng’s glabella. Before Chen Feng could forward his question, however, Tower’s voice rang out within his mind.

“Kid, I have devoured a lot of Magic crystals. So, I will be entering a state of deep sleep for a while. Before I wake up, you cannot use the Longevity Tower to fight your enemies. Naturally, you can still enter and exit it as you desire and store some items inside it,” said Tower with a somewhat subdued tone.

“You must be joking with me, right? You said before that even Immortal artefacts fear you. Now you cannot even digest a little bit of Magic crystals? Were all those things you said just empty talk?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from retorting.

“Humph! Is there a need for me to lie to you? I am just terribly damaged. Once I recover my full power, I can even devour this Eternal World.” Tower suddenly became slightly indignant.

“Devour this Eternal World? Tsk tsk! Keep bragging, won’t you?” Chen Feng sneered in disbelief.

“Kid, piss me off and I will swallow up all the Magic crystals inside the tower and leave nothing for you!” Tower reflexively threatened.

“Fine, fine! You are powerful! I believe you! If so, when can you wake up?” Chen Feng hastily replied. Don’t joke around! Should Tower devour all those Magic crystals, Chen Feng and the others would have gone to the mine for nothing.

“I don’t know.” Tower sounded somewhat dissatisfied. After uttering those three words, he immediately went silent. No matter how hard Chen Feng called out to him, Tower did not respond at all.

“Tsk tsk! What a temper! Humph! Once my cultivation base has improved, I want to see how you brag before me! You are just a magic treasure!” mumbled Chen Feng in a displeased manner.

“Right! Where are we?” Chen Feng’s focus returned to his body and he saw Ye Ziming and Lu Ta descending from the sky. Earlier, when Chen Feng was communicating with Tower, the two of them had flown into the sky to inspect their surroundings.

“The mountains here are beautiful, filled with green vegetation, flowing rivers and fresh air. Additionally, the spiritual energy here is very exuberant. Earlier, I saw countless number of spiritual animals and birds. The river right in front of us has plump fishes and prawns. This place is practically a paradise,” said Ye Ziming as he shook his head.

“Err, so, where are we? Are we still in the Northern Plains?” Chen Feng quickly asked.

“I don’t know where we are either.” Ye Ziming’s answer was direct.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes and forced down the expletive hovering on his tongue. There was a desire to beat Ye Ziming up. If you don’t know, why spout so much nonsense?

“However, there is one thing I can be certain of. We are definitely still in the Northern Plains,” Ye Ziming continued.

“Why do you say that?” Chen Feng became puzzled.

“Is there a need to ask that? The Northern Plains is very large. Given the speed at which the three of us can fly, it will probably take us tens of years or even centuries to fly out from the Northern Plains. Although the magic treasure on you is powerful, capable of jumping through space, there is no way for it to jump out of the Northern Plains after such a short period of time. By my estimate, the distance between us and Purplebolt Mountain is around tens of thousands of li,” answered Ye Ziming (1 li = 0.5 km).

“One more thing is certain. We are likely in trouble,” Lu Ta suddenly said.


Chen Feng and Ye Ziming turned their gazes to see what Lu Ta was looking at. Some distance away, a group of cultivators were riding their flying swords and flying towards them. Moreover, judging by the auras emanating off their bodies, it was clear that they bore ill intent.

“There is a total of 10 cultivators. Eight of them are riding flying swords while the other two are flying on their own. Even if they are malicious, they should be easy to deal with,” said Chen Feng with a smile. They had even exchanged blows with a disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace who was at level 8 of the Concealed stage. Naturally, they would not view these low-level cultivators as a threat.

“Mighty dragons don’t trample local bullies. We should be careful in case they have any backers,” said Ye Ziming.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

As the three of them were discussing the situation, the other party arrived before them. Hastily assuming a fan-shaped formation, they surrounded the three. Sword energy radiated out from each of them, intersecting one another to instantly form a sword array. They exuded a threatening atmosphere and the tip of their swords began moving. It would appear that they were on the verge of attacking.

Seeing that, rage glinted across the eyes of Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. These 10 fellows had surrounded them the moment they appeared. This behaviour was simply too overbearing.

Suppressing his desire to throw a fit, Chen Feng asked, “What are you fellows doing?”

“Take them!”

Unexpectedly, the other party ignored Chen Feng. Instead, they immediately attacked. Like tidal waves, a series of sword beams assailed Chen Feng’s group. The sword beams covered every direction, the sky, the earth, everything was filled with sword beams which seemingly wanted to annihilate everything.

“Ten Paths Sword Array.” With just one glance, Ye Ziming could tell the name of the sword array that the other party was utilizing.

“Since you fellows are taking such vicious actions right from the get go, do not blame us for being rude,” said Chen Feng with a sneer.

“Let me! A bunch of small fries. Behold, my Thousand Sweeping Staff attack!” Lu Ta shouted and he brandished his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff. Astral winds blew and the staff’s silhouettes covered every direction to shatter all the surging sword beams.

With merely one move, he had broken the so-called Ten Paths Sword Array.

“The enemies are strong! Condense out sword force!” One of the leaders shouted loudly and 10 flying swords simultaneously swirled upwards. Next, following a certain pattern, they then gathered rapidly and condensed out a gigantic sword. The moment the gigantic sword was formed, its power soared. Compared to the individual swords from earlier, the power of this gigantic sword was ten times stronger.

“Although these fellows’ cultivation base isn’t up to scratch, this sword array is quite a thing of beauty,” Chen Feng uttered in shock.

“Of course. This is a sword array from Sword Hall. Could these fellows be from Sword Hall? Still, while the cultivators from Sword Hall can sometimes be overbearing and extremely arrogant, they are not the kind of attack without any explanation,” Ye Ziming said curiously.

Both Chen Feng and Ye Ziming did not view this incoming attack seriously. Instead, they began chatting leisurely.

“I don’t care if you fellows are from Sword Hall or not. Since you have provoked us, I will not be holding back!” Lu Ta sneered and his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff stabbed forward. Like a venomous dragon soaring upwards, it smashed apart the other party’s gigantic sword.

Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!

The gigantic sword broke apart and the smaller flying swords exploded as well. When the flying swords exploded, the 10 cultivators instantly turned pale. Some of them even spat out blood.

“Let’s go!”

Two of them hastily flew up into the sky, fleeing as far as they can. As for the remaining eight with insufficient cultivation base to fly on their own, they displayed movement techniques to flee into the distance. Every step they took covered a distance of tens of metres. They were very fast.

“You want to run after failing to beat us?” Chen Feng sneered. His powerful divine sense shot out and the 10 cultivators cried out in misery as they fell to the ground. The two who were flying nearly fainted.

Although a cultivator can drive flying swords after reaching the Concealed stage, falling from a high altitude could still reduce a cultivator into meat paste.

“Tsk tsk! Eight level 1 Concealed stage cultivators. These two have actually cultivated up to the storing artefacts into the body (3rd) level. No wonder they could fly,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

Next, he stretched his hand out to perform a grabbing motion at the two cultivators. Two exquisite flying swords immediately flew out from their bodies. Light flowed across the surface of the swords as they jumped about in Ye Ziming’s palm.

“Grade 4 Magic artefacts. It seems you two are the leaders. Speak up! Why did you fellows attack us?” Ye Ziming snapped at them.

“We are from Sword Hall! You fellows dare attack us? Even if you flee to the ends of the earth, the only fate that awaits you all is death!” one of them shouted.

“You fellows are really from Sword Hall?” Ye Ziming frowned.

“Of course! Release us this moment and apologize. That way, there can be room for negotiation,” shouted that same cultivator after seeing the look on Ye Ziming’s face.

“Oh, is that right? Apologize? He he, I have never done that before though.” After saying that, Ye Ziming tightened his grip and two popping sounds rang out. Cracks appeared on the two flying swords in his grip as the imprints that the two cultivators left in those flying swords dissipated.



The two of them could not hold it back anymore. Opening their mouths, they spat out two arrows of blood.

“Tsk tsk! So, these flying swords are made from Mystic Stoutsteel. No wonder it is so tough,” said Ye Ziming with a chuckle.

“You! Do you fellows have a death wish?” the two of them cried out.


Lu Ta lost his patience and sent a slap forward, causing the teeth from one of the two cultivators to scatter about. Even his face become distorted as a result.

“Who is the one with a death wish? If you dare to display such arrogance again, the next one will kill you!” shouted Lu Ta.

“Kid! You dare beat me? You fellows can just wait to be chased by the hundreds of thousands of our Sword Hall sword cultivators!” The cultivator’s mouth was bent, but he continued to be arrogant.


Without saying anything else, Lu Ta send a swing forward with his staff, sending the cultivator tens of metres up into the sky. By the time he landed on the ground, his body was completely deformed and most certainly dead.

“Who do you think you are? The son of the Sword Hall Lord? Hundreds of thousands of sword cultivators will come after me after I kill you? Pei!” Lu Ta could not stop himself and he spat out.

“All right, I will now ask someone else. If you refuse to be obedient, we’ll just have to kill off all of you. Either that, or I can use a soul-searching technique to search your sea of wisdom,” said Chen Feng calmly. The icy quality within his words sent a chill down their spines.

There was indeed a method for soul-searching within the Longevity Scripture. Given Chen Feng’s present soul power, it was indeed possible for him to utilize it. However, he had yet to practice it.

“I will talk. I will talk.”

“Don’t kill me! I will tell you everything.”

Seeing the ferocity displayed by Chen Feng’s group, the rest of the cultivators grew fearful. All of them, even the one at storing artefacts in the body (3rd) level, cried for mercy.

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