Chapter 1008 Half-step True Immortal


“Demonic Monarch of Six Senses, we have no time to waste here talking with you. If you have anything to say, then just say it. We still have other matters to attend to.” The expression on Chen Feng’s face suddenly changed as he became confrontational.

“Humph!” The Demonic Monarch of Six Senses harrumphed and the hundreds of millions of cultivators on his side released waves of invisible energy fluctuations, which rapidly fused as one. Like a river, it became tangible as it charged towards Chen Feng’s team of three.

Not good! Chen Feng cried out inwardly. This was an attack from hundreds of millions of cultivators. More, there was a good number of Ascendant Immortals amongst them as well. As Chen Feng had made use of this method of offence before, he knew that even a True Immortal would be badly wounded by this move. Unexpectedly, he would end up facing this move.

Huo Yunlong panicked. In the face of this attack, even if he were to unleash all his cards, it would still be useless. As for Bi Qing, he had already started linking up to the Celestial Clearblue Plane.

“Sigh!” Chen Feng sighed as he finally made use of the Longevity Tower. The panorama before them all changed as all three were brought into the Longevity Tower. Next, the Longevity Tower jumped through space for a moment before emerging somewhere hundreds of millions of li away.

“The Longevity Tower!” The Demonic Monarch of Six Senses was shocked. Due to the emergence of the Longevity Tower, the attack had missed. Speaking of which, the Demonic Monarch of Six Senses was quite ruthless. He had decided to unleash a killing blow right from the start. The earlier attack had been strong enough to kill off even a True Immortal.

“The real Longevity Tower had long since gone missing. That should be a replica. Still, to be in possession of a replica, he must have quite the status in the Longevity Clan. Looks like I have underestimated the kid. As the owner of a Longevity Tower, he must surely have a bodyguard by his side. At the very least, that bodyguard must be at the True Immortal stage.”

“Forget it. Given how many people we have dispatched this time, even sweeping through Eternal World will not be an issue. We should move quickly. Get the item and return so as to avoid any unexpected circumstances.” After saying that, the Demonic Monarch of Six Senses waved his hand to display a Cosmic Sleeve move, sucking in the one billion cultivators there into his sleeve.

In numbers alone, the number of men that the Celestial Void Plane sent forth had already surpassed the number of men in the East Dragon Island Alliance.

“The Longevity Tower! I was disrespectful earlier. Looks like Brother Chen is quite the extraordinary figure in the Celestial Longevity Plane.” Huo Yunlong’s attitude towards Chen Feng changed.

“It’s nothing big. Unexpectedly, the Celestial Void Plane would take action as well. No way a Divine artifact would not emerge from Eternal World this time,” Chen Feng said.

“A Divine artifact!” Bi Qing sighed, his heart stirring.

“One billion cultivators! Ninety-nine percent of them are from the Shadow Clan. Still, even for the Voidgod Clan, this is quite a high number of cultivators to be mobilizing. If we are to get into a fight, our East Dragon Island Alliance will likely be incapable of stopping them.”

“The Voidgod Clan is putting a lot into this. What should we do?”

“It’d be great if they could end up fighting Heavenly Firmaments Palace.”

“Let’s go! Ignore what they might be up to. We should follow our previous plan of looking for treasures. Improving our own strength is the most important issue here. If we really end up facing the cultivators from the Voidgod Clan, then we’ll just have to deal with it. Push comes to shove, I can link up to the Celestial Clearblue Plane to get some reinforcements.”

“That’s right! Even though the Celestial Void Plane is very powerful, if it has to fight against your two Celestial Planes at the same time, it will surely end up in a disadvantageous position. Besides, I’ve heard that the Celestial Longevity Plane is not inferior compared to the Celestial Void Plane,” Huo Yunlong said with a smile.

Chen Feng and Bi Qing exchanged glances, a wry smile on their faces.

“Truth be told, getting reinforcements from the Celestial Longevity Plane is not out of the question. Given my current level of strength, I should be able to handle the situation.” Tower’s words gave Chen Feng an additional bit of confidence.

Next up, the three of them had a rather smooth time. They entered a total of three hidden spots and obtained some good items. During it all, however, they also encountered two groups of cultivators from other worlds.

One was from the Dark Plane while the other was from the Yao Plane. The number of cultivators from each world was not high, but their individual combat power was very strong. Due to that, Chen Feng felt a faint sense of unease.

“Truth be told, it is not that bad. The Dark Kirin can handle those from the Dark Plane. As it is, the Dark Kirin is already a half-step True Immortal. Add the Dark Scripture on him, he should have no issues suppressing the cultivators from the Dark Plane.”

“It is precisely due to the existence of the Dark Scripture that more issues might pop up. Every cultivator who cultivates the power of darkness would want to snatch the Dark Scripture.” Chen Feng shook his head. He thought back to how the Dark Kirin was hunted down and sealed. Who knows just how many people wanted to capture the Dark Kirin?

“Since the Dark Scripture has chosen the Dark Kirin, taking it away from him will not be easy. Taking control of the Dark Scripture and comprehending it will definitely involve a great deal of difficulties,” Bi Qing said.

“Bi Qing is correct.” Space suddenly rippled as the Dark Kirin appeared before the three of them. Chen Feng and Bi Qing were not surprised, but Huo Yunlong jumped to his feet.

“A creature of the Dark Plane! And a half-step True Immortal to boot!” Huo Yunlong was scared stiff.

“Eh?” It was then that both Chen Feng and Bi Qing noticed something amiss. When they had met up last time, the Dark Kirin was only able to reach the half-step True Immortal stage by linking up to the Dark Plane and receiving the essence power of the world, albeit barely. Furthermore, it could not last long. After only a short time since then, the Dark Kirin had already become a bona fide half-step True Immortal.

This was too fast.

Seeing the puzzled looks on their faces, the Dark Kirin said, “I recently managed to uncover a portion of the Dark Scripture’s power and received the proper recognition from the Dark Plane. By fully comprehending the Dark Scripture, I would become the true ruler of the Dark Plane.”

“The ruler of the Dark Plane. So, it’s that?” Chen Feng and Bi Qing were stunned. Although the Dark Plane was inferior to the Immortal Plane and the Myriad Celestial Planes, becoming its ruler was no ordinary feat. At the very least, a True Immortal would be unable to do that. Even for a Heavenly Immortal, it would still be hard. Meaning, upon reaching that point, the Dark Kirin would rise up to a new and grand stage.

If I can obtain the complete support from Eternal World, rising up to the True Immortal stage for a brief moment would not be an issue. The Dark Plane. Tsk, tsk. It is one level higher compared to Eternal World. Chen Feng’s heart stirred.

However, I also have both the Longevity Scripture and the Longevity Tower. In the future, doesn’t it mean that I can become the Celestial Longevity Plane’s ruler? The thought suddenly flashed across Chen Feng’s mind.

“You sure can dream!” Tower ridiculed him.

“Ha ha ha! That would indeed be quite difficult.”

“You possess the Dark Scripture?” Huo Yunlong slowly recollected himself.

“Can you let me see it?”

“Sure!” The Dark Kirin was quite generous. The Dark Scripture slowly floated out, smashing Huo Yunlong down the ground on the spot.

“Sorry, I forgot about that.” The Dark Kirin tapped it with a finger and the Dark Scripture became as light as a feather. Huo Yunlong then got up awkwardly. Holding the Dark Scripture with both hands, he carefully regarded it.

“The scripture carries with it the weight of the entire Dark Plane. Without its recognition, even a True Immortal would be suppressed by it. How about it, Brother Huo? Are you able to get any harvest from it?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“How am I to get any harvest when I can’t even open it up?” Huo Yunlong reluctantly returned the Dark Scripture to the Dark Kirin.

“Only the bearer of the Dark Scripture can open it,” the Dark Kirin said with a smile.

“Very well. I’ve already heard what you were talking about earlier. You can leave the force from the Dark Plane to me.” After saying that, the Dark Kirin slowly disappeared, his figure melding with space.

“Be careful!” Chen Feng hastily sent him a secret vocal transmission.

“Don’t worry. I have already uncovered the true power of the Dark Scripture. Sooner or later, I will be taking over the Dark Plane. This is just the beginning.” Even though he was already far away, the Dark Kirin’s voice rang clear.

“Looks like there will be no issues. There are already 10 million cultivators from the Dark Plane here. If the Dark Kirin can control them, they will be of great help to us.” Chen Feng felt delighted. 

“There are more surprises,” Bi Qing suddenly said.

“I can sense the aura of the Demon Plane. Truth be told, the Demon Plane and Yao Plane are somewhat similar. Only, one cultivates yao power while the other cultivates demonic power. Both believes that might makes right. The saying that yaos and demons are a family is very true.”

“Before this, the cultivators from the Demon Plane had constantly been hiding themselves. To think that they would wait this long before revealing themselves. For me, though, this is a good opportunity. Hopefully, there are members of the imperial clan here.” Chen Feng was still hoping that he could obtain the Demonic Heavengorging Art from them. 

“There will definitely be members of the imperial clan there. However, obtaining the complete Demonic Heavengorging Art is impossible,” Bi Qing slowly said.

“The Demon Plane Codex,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“Yes. It is none other than the Demon Plane Codex. In order to obtain the complete Demonic Heavengorging Art, you will need to find the Demon Plane Codex. However, I hear that the codex had disappeared along with the Arch-premier of the Demon Plane. Who knows if that is true or not?”

“In the future, I will head to the Demon Plane and check it out. The Arch-premier of the Demon Plane. That’s at the Heavenly Immortal stage. How does that character compare to you?” Chen Feng did have some knowledge about that.

“There are differing levels of strength even for Heavenly Immortals. The Arch-premier of the Demon Plane is something of a legendary existence and not even ten of me combined could defeat him,” Bi Qing said smilingly.

“I’m wondering. If he knows that I have cultivated the Demonic Heavengorging Art, would he send someone over to kill me? Or will he just let it slide?” After Chen Feng said that, his aura abruptly changed, becoming ferociously overbearing. There were also the qualities of wickedness and possessiveness amidst the aura. These strands of black aura spread out from Chen Feng’s body. It was an extremely pure aura of the Demon Plane, something that only the imperial clan members would possess.

“The Demonic Heavengorging Art!” Seeing that, Huo Yunlong sighed, lamenting his inability to cultivate it.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

After but a few breaths’ worth of time, black light flashed out from space and tens of Demon Plane cultivators appeared before Chen Feng. Although undecided about Chen Feng’s identity, seeing Chen Feng not speak up, they stood there respectfully.


1 li = 0.5 km

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