Chapter 1007 Demonic Monarch of Six Senses


After saying that, Bi Qing sighed, his face turning somewhat dejected. Obviously, he was thinking about Xian Yun’s betrayal. No matter how formidable his state of mind was, it was still a depressing issue.

“It’s all right, senior. We will be sure to settle this account in the future. I hate those who betray their friends the most,” Chen Feng said, his voice somewhat icy.

The two of them continued chatting secretly, not moving to catch up with Huo Yunlong. The two of them had come to a certain conclusion about the Immortal artifact.

Huo Yunlong flew forward at an extremely fast velocity, putting a distance of half a million kilometres between him and Chen Feng and Bi Qing. When he landed within a barren rocky hill, the ground quaked violently and it did not take long before an unremarkable grotto-mansion emerged from the ground.

Without waiting for Chen Feng and Bi Qing, Huo Yunlong broke open the restrictive arrays on the grotto-mansion and charged in. Following that, a series of combat sounds rang out from the grotto-mansion.

By the time Chen Feng and Bi Qing arrived, the grotto-mansion had been torn apart and Huo Yunlong walked out with a great halberd in hand.

“Congratulations, Brother Huo! You’ve obtained a high-grade Immortal artifact,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“There you go!” Huo Yunlong angrily tossed it at Chen Feng.

“Tsk, tsk. So, it is a damaged artifact. No wonder.” Chen Feng shook his head and put it into the Longevity Tower.

Upon entering the Longevity Tower, the damaged high-grade Immortal artifact instantly disintegrated. Some of its parts, which remained useful, and energy were devoured by the Longevity Tower.

High-grade Immortal artifacts were still acceptable for the Longevity Tower. No matter how small a mosquito was, there was still meat on its body.

“You two already knew, right?” Huo Yunlong said with a displeased tone.

“How could we? We had assumed that we’d face a battle. Unexpectedly, you have already dealt with them all.” Chen Feng would never admit to it.


Suddenly, Bi Qing stabbed his sword in Huo Yunlong’s direction, shocking him. Given how close they were standing together and how fast Bi Qing was, not even giving it his all would allow Huo Yunlong to block the attack.


A sound rang out from behind Huo Yunlong as the sword beam ripped space open. Struck by Bi Qing’s attack, a clump of black light rapidly dissipated and a gut-wrenching cry rang out. It was a cry that could shake one’s mind.

“It’s someone from the Voidgod Clan!” Chen Feng’s face turned somewhat grim and he swung to unleash the Chaos Chain, sealing up their surrounding space. With the power of the Chaos Chain, only a True Immortal would be able to escape Chen Feng’s detection.

“There’s no one left. That was the only one,” Bi Qing said.

“That scared me! Voidgod Clan. Could they be from the Celestial Void Plane?” Huo Yunlong exclaimed.

“You know quite a lot.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Naturally. Living in the Immortal Plane, I have come to know quite a bit. Your exalted Celestial Planes are no longer as mysterious as they used to be. Speaking of which, I have met cultivators from the Longevity Clan and Celestial Clearblue Plane before. I even fought against a cultivator from the Celestial Clearblue Plane in the past. However, I have never met someone from the Voidgod Clan.” There was a somewhat smug expression on Huo Yunlong’s face.

“The Voidgod Clan is a really tough one,” Chen Feng said grimly.

“Ranking wise, the Celestial Void Plane is above my Celestial Clearblue Plane,” Bi Qing said.

“The one who was killed earlier was a starter-level Ascendant Immortal. Brother Huo, you got careless.”

“Humph! I already noticed him. I just haven’t had the time to attack.” Huo Yunlong refused to admit it.


The Chaos Chain that was sealing up the surrounding void space shook and two clumps of light were revealed.

“Let me!” Huo Yunlong shouted and he fired out two bursts of flames to utterly incinerate the two clumps of light.

“It’s the Shadow Clan!” Bi Qing said solemnly.

“Shadow Clan? I have never heard of this clan before.” Huo Yunlong shook his head.

“It is a subordinate clan of the Voidgod Clan. Its members also live in the Celestial Void Plane,” Chen Feng explained.

“Why are they trying to launch a sneak attack on us?”

“Maybe they are not launching a sneak attack. Maybe they are just passing by,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“The Voidgod Clan is very small in number, but every single one of its members is formidable. The Shadow Clan, on the other hand, has numbers, a really headache-inducing number.”

“How many?”

Chen Feng considered for a moment before replying, “Even if you tell me that the Shadow Clan had sent over one billion cultivators over to Eternal World for this period of fortune, I would believe you.”

“Isn’t that too outrageous?” Huo Yunlong was in disbelief.

“It is the truth. However, for members of the Voidgod Clan to appear, there must surely be something good here.” Bi Qing’s gaze kept sweeping around as he inspected their surroundings.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! To think that I would encounter something interesting once I arrive.” Suddenly, a fleeting voice rang out from the void. The voice reverberated all around them, making it impossible to track down the source of the voice.

“An expert has come,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

The space suddenly turned dark and all three felt their six senses becoming blocked. Even their soul powers felt afloat, having lost their sense of direction.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!”

“Fire Essence!”


A cyan-coloured sword light flashed out, causing the darkness to disappear and everything returned to normalcy. Only, a cultivator in black clothes was now standing before them.

Although he was clad in black clothes, there was a hazy aura enveloping his figure, causing his facial features to become indistinct.

“Are you trying to be mysterious here? Do you not even have the guts to show your face?” Huo Yunlong said with a displeased tone.

“A minor character like you is not qualified to see my face. These two, on the other hand, might be able to.” Despite the hazy aura around the cultivator in black, Chen Feng could still feel the other party’s gaze moving into his mind. Chen Feng immediately linked up to the Hex Sceptre. Next, a wave of hex power moved forward in a silent and ghastly manner, entering the cultivator in black’s body through his gaze. It attempted to invade his body only to disappear the instant it entered.

Sensing that, Chen Feng knew that this person was far stronger than him.

“A peak-level Ascendant Immortal. Tsk, tsk, an expert,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I am indeed an expert, but you are even more interesting, kid. Even though you are at the Earthen Immortal stage, the power inside you is comparable to that of a high-level Ascendant Immortal. You are clearly a cultivator from the Longevity Clan. And yet, there is hex power within you. I will admit. You are a genius. That said, you are still no match for me,” the cultivator in black said.

“An expert from the Celestial Clearblue Plane at the peak-level Ascendant Immortal stage. Ha ha ha! You are just barely qualified to be talking to me.” He was even looking down on Bi Qing. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this cultivator in black was simply too arrogant.

“Oh? How should we address you, sir?” Bi Qing was not enraged. He maintained an impassive expression. Only, he had grown wary. The Celestial Void Plane was of a higher rank compared to the Celestial Clearblue Plane. It was one of the top few amongst the Myriad Celestial Planes. Thus, it was only natural for its cultivators to be arrogant. Take this cultivator in black for example. Although their levels were the same, Bi Qing had no confidence in his ability to defeat him.

“You can address me as Demonic Monarch of Six Senses!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following that, a change happened to the surrounding space. Clumps of semi-transparent shadows began emerging from void space. In just the blink of an eye, the number of shadows had exceeded one million. Even so, it continued to rise. And despite their numbers, it did not appear crowded. The shadows spread out and the world turned black. But for some reason, there wasn’t a hint of darkness. It was a most bizarre feeling.

“The Shadow Clan!” Huo Yunlong grew somewhat anxious and he reflexively shrunk back, moving closer to Chen Feng and Bi Qing.

“Greetings, Demonic Monarch of Six Senses!” All their voices fused as one, ripping their way through space to charge into the depths of outer space.

This display had first shocked Chen Feng, but he quickly recollected himself. While this was indeed a shocking sight to behold, he had witnessed occasions that were tens of thousands of times greater than this during his childhood days.

Weng! Weng!

Without hesitating, Chen Feng utilized his eye technique and saw that the number of opponents had exceeded 10 million. Although most of them were from the Shadow Clan, there were also some from the Voidgod Clan hidden amongst them.

“Tsk, tsk. The Voidgod Clan is actually doing this on such a large scale. There must be a reason behind this. Senior, what do you think?” Chen Feng said, his voice containing a tone of nonchalance.

“There is definitely a reason for this. A peerless treasure could be about to appear.” Bi Qing smiled. The display of might from the other party was indeed formidable, but they were not hapless cultivators either. Even if they were incapable of defeating the other party, they could simply run.


The Demonic Monarch of Six Senses spoke up and the energy currents around him began retracting to reveal a stern, arrogant and handsome face.

“Demonic Monarch of Six Senses. If I only have the name to go by, I would have assumed that its someone from the Demon Plane. Well, then, Sir Expert from the Celestial Void Plane, what can I do for you?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Extraordinary! Ha ha ha! Kid, to think that you’ve cultivated the Demon Plane’s eye technique. Who’s your master? Also, who are your parents?” The Demonic Monarch of Six Senses grew somewhat interested in Chen Feng.

“Sigh! Why do so many people like to ask that? Still, I cannot answer.” Chen Feng put on a façade of indifference.

“Fine. Even though your strength is not as good as mine, you are indeed qualified to be talking with me, albeit barely. I’ll say this. There is presently a Heavenly fortune right before you all. Meeting me means you fellows are getting a bargain here. What do you fellows think?” The words that came out from the Demonic Monarch of Six Senses’ mouth left Chen Feng’s team puzzled.

Chen Feng and Bi Qing then exchanged glances. Although they were maintaining a look of indifference, they were actually taking this seriously. They knew that the Demonic Monarch of Six Senses was about to get to the main point.

“This question of yours…” Chen Feng deliberately paused, but he continued using his eye technique to scan their surroundings and saw that the number of cultivators on the other side had exceeded 100 million. It was still rising! The number of Ascendant Immortals there was also quite high.

In the beginning, they had all appeared as black shadows. However, they quickly wriggled to assume human forms, like the Demonic Monarch of Six Senses. Every single one of them hovered silently in the sky. Their actions ended up exerting a greater pressure on Chen Feng’s team.

Finally, Chen Feng withdrew his gaze and said with a smile, “Let me answer, then.”


1 li = 0.5 km

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