Chapter 1004 Corpse on the Altar


“The one with the hex power is from Hex World. As for the other two, one is from the Immortal Plane and the other is a star wanderer. Be careful, all three possess formidable combat powers.” As Chen Feng was taking action, Bi Qing informed him.

“So many star wanderers.” 

“Well there, a minor Earthen Immortal is here to join the fun. Who do you think you are?” The one that Chen Feng was attacking was a cultivator from the Immortal Plane. He was also the weakest amongst the three.


The straightforward-looking beam of sword light that Chen Feng had fired out abruptly transformed into waves of sword energy. Wave after wave charged forward, their power rising several folds. Seeing that, the cultivator grew wary. 

The two of them fought a highly intense battle, but there was no way to immediately decide who would win.

“Brother Huo, do not interfere. Go check out what’s happening!”

Huo Yunlong had long since grown restless. Before he could attack, however, Chen Feng stopped him.

“That’s right! Let me see what kind of treasures there are here. We’ll split it equally.” Huo Yunlong laughed and his eyes shone as flames surged out. As a result, the smoke that had been blocking their view was dispersed. A black fountain was revealed on the ground. Only, it was not fountain water surging out from the fountain, but concentrated hex power.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Even with his strength, in the face of this hex power, Huo Yunlong had to back away.

“Hex Fountain. Looks like there is really the corpse of a True Immortal here. More, this is not your average True Immortal.” Huo Yunlong’s eyes turned fiery. Pondering for a moment, he then brought out a cosmos pouch. With a wave of his hand, the hex power coming out from the fountain was sucked into the cosmos pouch.

“You’re courting death!”

Huo Yunlong’s actions provoked the Hex World cultivator. He stopped fighting Bi Qing, leaping to arrive before Huo Yunlong instead. Black claws – containing hex power – swiped towards the cosmos pouch that Huo Yunlong sent out earlier.

Due to that, Bi Qing was able to swiftly gain the upper hand. In but the blink of an eye, he sent the star wanderer flying. Sword light flashed again and the Immortal Plane cultivator was struck and forced to retreat as well.

“Everyone, let’s stop for now. We are all here for treasures. There is no need to fight to the death!” Chen Feng shouted.

“You want to compete with us for treasures? You are not worthy!” The star wanderer scoffed.

If I’m at the same level as you, I’d gutted all of you already. Would there be a need for so much nonsense? Chen Feng swore inwardly.

“Fellows, my level is indeed lower. However, with this sword in my hand, I believe I am qualified to obtain a piece of the pie.” Chen Feng brandished the Upright Heaven Sword in his hand. 

“Not fighting one another for now is not a bad thing. Let’s get the items down there first,” the Immortal Plane cultivator said.

“This is the legacy left behind by a senior from our Hex World! Obtaining it will be useless for you foreigners!”

“Looks like we cannot come to an agreement. The way I see it, we should join hands to kill off this Hex World cultivator first, just in case.” 

“Fellows, even if we are to fight, we won’t be able to determine a victor anytime soon. More cultivators will be coming. Rather, they might already be hiding nearby, getting ready to attack at a moment’s notice. If we want to take action, we need to hurry up,” Chen Feng said again.

“Let’s get the items down there first,” Bi Qing said as well.

“I’ll do it,” the star wanderer said.

“You guys should back up a little and let me do it.” The Hex World cultivator moved forward and grasped. Next, the ground split apart and the fountain that was spraying out hex power disappeared. The cultivator chanted and the power coming out from his hand grew increasingly strong.

The ground quaked and great fissures kept extending outwards. It was as though something was emerging from deep underground.

“Later on, you must be careful. If there is really the corpse of a True Immortal, there will surely be a formidable hex power on it.” Bi Qing sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission. At the same time, he also made contact with the other two cultivators.

The Hex World cultivator was seemingly unaware of all that. He instead focused wholeheartedly on establishing a link with the object located underground.

“What a formidable hex power!”

By then, the ground there had completely cracked apart and everyone was hovering in the air. A concentrated hex power seeped out from deep underground and they all utilized their various secret techniques to defend against it.

The longevity-type primary energy within Chen Feng kept circulating, encompassing his whole body. Even so, it was still incapable of stopping the invasive hex power. Chen Feng swung the Upright Heaven Sword and a mote of sword light burst out, forming a layer of sword energy around Chen Feng.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The sounds of collision between the hex power and sword energy rang out. Beside him, flames kept forming all around Huo Yunlong’s body to swiftly become a fiery-red armour. Flames burned across the armour, which tightly encased Huo Yunlong.

As for Bi Qing, he had the support of the Profound Light of Extreme Cyan from the Celestial Clearblue Plane. Thus, he was able to stop the hex power. Likewise, the other two cultivators also had their own methods of dealing with it.

Finally, a huge altar floated out from deep underground. It looked as though it had been carved out from ordinary stone. However, the aura it emanated proved that it had existed for a long time.

In truth, the altar was not the most important item there. It was the item on the altar that had everyone’s attention.

A human corpse was lying on the altar. Three metres tall, it had on it grey-coloured robes and its face appeared alive. Only, a concentrated hex power was constantly emanating out from it.

“It really is the body of a True Immortal. Additionally, it is one who cultivated hex power.” Chen Feng nodded.

The altar slowly floated up to finally stop before them all. The Hex World cultivator had only just exhaled when the Immortal Plane cultivator took action. Huo Yunlong had wanted to take action as well only for Chen Feng to stop him.

“Wait up. Let’s observe the situation first.”

Seeing someone take action, chilling light flashed across the eyes of the Hex World cultivator. However, he did nothing to stop it.

“Come!” Despite the display of recklessness, the Immortal Plane cultivator had a plan. With a wave of his hand, he brought out a small grotto-dimension. He wanted to collect the corpse into the grotto-dimension.


It was then that the motionless corpse suddenly opened its mouth to spray out a stream of black-coloured flames. The flames made contact with the Immortal Plane cultivator’s body. No matter how hard he struggled, he could not stop the flames from entering his body.

In the end, the Immortal Plane cultivator stopped struggling and simply hovered silently in the air.

“What are you doing?” Huo Yunlong moved forward and used his lance to poke him.

“Careful!” Chen Feng was quick to cry out.


The Immortal Plane cultivator turned around to attack Huo Yunlong, his face warped and his eyes shining with black light. He attacked with a mad-like fervour.

“The hex power has corrupted him! Join forces to kill him first!” Chen Feng then unleashed a heavy slash down against the Immortal Plane cultivator.

The Immortal Plane cultivator ignored Chen Feng’s attack and focused completely on dealing with Huo Yunlong. Additionally, after falling prey to the hex power, his attacks became a notch stronger, forcing Huo Yunlong to constantly give ground. He could not take the attacks head on.


A cyan-coloured sword light flashed out as Bi Qing attacked as well. The sword light struck the Immortal Plane cultivator’s body. The moment it bit into his body, however, the black flames on his body stopped the sword light.

Three people had joined forces. Even so, they would not be able to kill the Immortal Plane cultivator anytime soon.

On the other side, the Hex World cultivator snickered. Extending his hand towards the corpse, he grasped and the strange patterns on his body floated up. His aura roared to resonate with the corpse.

Both were cultivators from Hex World. If the corpse had to choose, it would definitely choose someone from the same world as it.

“Let go!” The star wanderer could not hold back anymore. He rushed forward to send an attack at the Hex World cultivator. Only, it was actually a feint. His figure charged forward and he landed on the altar. He did not try to snatch the True Immortal’s corpse. Instead, he was aiming for the other items on the altar.

In addition to the corpse, there were also a sceptre and an unremarkable-looking chain. Those two were his objectives.

“Damn it, I’ll stop him! You two, hurry up and go snatch the treasures!” Huo Yunlong shouted anxiously.

Chen Feng’s team of three should have been the strongest party there. At that moment, however, the Immortal Plane cultivator, having fallen victim to the hex power, was holding them down. Due to that, the others were able to go after the items.

“Not so fast!” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Blood Mustering Bead charged forward. The Blood Mustering Bead promptly grew a hundred times bigger and bloody light spread out to attack indiscriminately.


Bi Qing turned around as well and the sword in his hand flew out to attack the Hex World cultivator.


Suddenly, a formidable force rushed out from the altar. Surprisingly, it was the sceptre. Even though no one was mobilizing it, it had chosen to attack on its own.

As the star wanderer was at the frontmost position, he was the first to be hit. The force sent him flying. Next, the unremarkable-looking chain abruptly elongated, causing light to flash about as it then wrapped around the star wanderer.

“Help!” the star wanderer cried out wretchedly.

“He’s asking for help so quickly?” Chen Feng was surprised. Looking at the star wanderer, he saw that there were countless patterns moving across his body, continuously invading it. The star wanderer fought against them while crying out for help, spiritual light shining from within his eyes. It would appear that he was fighting the erosive effects of the hex power.

“The magic treasures of a True Immortal. They must surely be good items!” shouted Huo Yunlong, who was in the midst of a battle.

The Hex World cultivator, on the other hand, had unravelled Bi Qing’s attack, which managed to wound him slightly. At the same time, the chain lashed out at Bi Qing while the sceptre floated up to knock the Blood Mustering Bead aside. Immediately, Chen Feng shot forward, slashing at the sceptre with the Upright Heaven Sword.

“Both the sceptre and chain are high-grade Immortal artifacts!” Chen Feng then directed the Blood Mustering Bead to attack the Hex World cultivator.

This time, the Blood Mustering Bead did not go for a head-on attack. Instead, it utilized its unique abilities to disrupt the opponent’s blood circulation.


The Upright Heaven Sword struck the sceptre, causing a sky-shaking boom to reverberate outwards. Chen Feng then made use of the opportunity to land on the altar. The Longevity Wings on his back flapped as he attempted to blow the corpse away.


The corpse sprayed out another stream of hex power, which made its way through the Longevity Wings as it charged straight towards Chen Feng’s face.

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