Chapter 1002 Hex Power



The Longevity Wings flapped again and all the lake’s waters swirled up to form a wall of water before charging towards the cultivators coming after Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had planned on cutting them off. Unexpectedly, something else would happen after he pulled out all the lake’s waters. Two water monsters emerged from the dried-up lake. With a pounce, they arrived before Chen Feng.

Yao Overlords! Chen Feng felt his heart tremble. To obtain the title of Yao Overlord, a yao beast would require the strength of a mid-level Ascendant Immortal.

Bang! Bang!

Quickly, Chen Feng responded to take on the incoming attacks, but he was sent flying as a result, smashing into the ground like a meteor. A portion of a building was destroyed in his wake.

A chilling sensation then flowed into Chen Feng’s body. By the time Chen Feng responded, the sensation had disappeared.

“What was that?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Hex power,” Tower replied.

“Hex power!” Hints of paralysis then emerged from within his body to continuously spread to the various corners of his body. Chen Feng began losing the ability to control the affected areas.


The longevity-type primary energy within him surged, circulating with a torrential force. After some time, the paralysis lessened. However, Chen Feng failed to completely get rid of it.

“Even the longevity-type primary energy cannot completely get rid of it!” Chen Feng was truly astonished. Since cultivating the longevity-type primary energy, Chen Feng had become impervious to all poisons, until now.

“It is not that the longevity-type primary energy is not effective. Rather, it is because your cultivation base is not high enough. There is an effect, no? For you, though, there is a need to find a quiet place to slowly unravel it. Also, be careful. The hex power here is pretty much everywhere,” Tower said.

“Find a quiet place? It won’t be easy.” Chen Feng waved to bring the Blood Mustering Bead out, blocking the attacks from two Ascendant Immortals.

His opponents were no ordinary cultivators. There were all formidable Ascendant Immortals, at the mid-level Ascendant Immortal stage. If it had been just two or even four of them, Chen Feng would be able to stop and take them down one at a time. However, Chen Feng did not think he could defeat so many of them, even if he could level up again.

I think even Senior Bi Qing will not have an easy time here. With a thought from Chen Feng, the Blood Mustering Bead became like a blazing sun, flaring out with a bloody, eye-piercing light. Then, Chen Feng locked down the aura of a cultivator while brandishing the Upright Heaven Sword.

After taking tens of sword attacks, the cultivator ended up dying to Chen Feng. At the same time, though, the Blood Mustering Bead was knocked aside and three Ascendant Immortals surrounded Chen Feng to attack him at the same time.


A ripple of energy fluctuations spread outwards and the three cultivators froze for a moment, the stiffness on their faces loosening slightly.

As expected! Chen Feng rushed up into the sky, swerving around non-stop to evade the attacks fired at him from behind.

These people are not actually dead. They are just affected by the hex power. Their divine senses are still there. Only, the hex power has polluted their divine senses. Sigh! The Ascendant Immortals who came in are either dead or turned into these things. Chen Feng shook his head. He had suppressed the paralysis effect on his body. Before he could fully unravel it, though, the paralysis effect would be capable of affecting his combat power.

If only there was someone there to fight alongside him, Chen Feng would be able to utilize the power of his Immortal artifact to draw out a Soul Subduing Talisman. Alone, however, he simply could not find the time to do so.

It’d be great if I can find Huo Yunlong.

Next up, Chen Feng displayed his sword techniques while firing out the Soul Subduing Mantra. Add the Blood Mustering Bead into the equation, he was able to entangle the opposing cultivators for some time. But not only did he fail to shake them off, two more opposing Ascendant Immortals joined the fray.

“How troublesome!” After displaying various techniques, Chen Feng grew frustrated. Several times, he had considered utilizing the Longevity Tower only to stop himself in the end. By utilizing the Longevity Tower all the time, he would end up lessening the pressure on him and his rate of improvement would become increasingly slow.

Should I just leave right now? Chen Feng did not like the idea of doing that.

“Hah! Even if you want to, you are probably incapable of leaving. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and give it a try.” Tower suddenly snickered.

Chen Feng did not believe Tower. Thus, as he was fighting the opposing cultivators, he found a chance and slashed down with all his might to break open a spatial crack. However, the opened spatial crack closed up even before the sword light could dissipate away.


The action caused a backlash and Chen Feng suffered from quite a serious injury as a result. Making use of his speed, Chen Feng then moved evasively. As he was working on healing his wounds, he sensed that the paralysis was spreading. It was due to the hex power that he had failed to suppress.

“What happened?”

“It’s very simple. You are not strong enough. In other words, there are likely only a few amongst the cultivators who had entered this city who could leave.”

“Still not strong enough? Even the power of a high-grade Immortal artifact is not enough?” Chen Feng’s figure circled and he swung the Upright Heaven Sword. After a series of clashing sounds, Chen Feng then disappeared from sight.

“Longevity Dimension!” Chen Feng finally found an opportunity and he sealed up to eight Ascendant Immortals within a dimension.

In just half the blink of an eye, the Ascendant Immortals charged out. But that gave Chen Feng a brief moment to gather himself. A magic treasure within one of his insight acupoints blew up to provide Chen Feng with great power. 

This time, it was the demonic artifact, Bloody Soul. This was something that had been with Chen Feng since the very beginning. It was already at the top-grade Dao tier. Speaking of which, Chen Feng did find it regrettable. However, for the sake of the Longevity weapons, he decided to go with it. Instantly, Chen Feng’s power rose several folds. At the same time, the Demonic Heavengorging Art quivered, seemingly wanting to operate on its own.

Bloody Soul was a bloodthirsty battle lance. After it blew up, part of its power fused into the Longevity Lance. As for Chen Feng, who had obtained the power from Bloody Soul, his combat power soared and wave after wave of sword light flashed forward. In just a brief moment, five Ascendant Immortals fell under his hands.

After killing off five Ascendant Immortals, Chen Feng’s aura began declining in strength. In that brief moment, he had practically used up all the power he obtained from Bloody Soul.

“Huh!” Chen Feng released a lengthy exhalation and a blood-red breath flowed out.

Utilizing that secret technique had wounded his body somewhat. If it weren’t for his mighty fleshly body and the longevity-type primary energy’s ability to heal him, he wouldn’t have dared to utilize this secret technique.

Let’s go find a safe place. Chen Feng unleashed another Longevity Dimension to finally shake off the Ascendant Immortals.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng stopped at a ruined and inconspicuous-looking building. He felt this to be a relatively safe place.

Chen Feng swiftly retracted his aura and set up some simplistic restrictive arrays around the place. Then, he focused wholly on mobilizing the longevity-type primary energy to unravel the hex power within him.

“Kid, do you want to enter the Longevity Tower to heal?” Tower chuckled.

“No need. This place looks safe.” The longevity-type primary energy scoured again and again and the paralysis affecting him gradually weakened. Only, some time was needed to completely deal with it.

“Someone’s here,” Tower said.

“I know!” Chen Feng was aware of that. He could sense the vitality coming from the other person’s body.

He must have only just entered this city. The hex power has not corroded him. Perhaps, it is because he is strong. Or maybe he is also finding a place to recover. Only, he selected the wrong place.

“Fellow friend! This place is occupied!” After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng decided to greet the other fellow.

Unexpectedly, the other party simply ignored Chen Feng. He broke through the restrictive arrays that Chen Feng set up. It did not take long before a tall and mighty cultivator, wielding a great blade, appeared before Chen Feng.

He gave off a highly valiant look while emanating an overbearing aura. Seeing that, however, caused Chen Feng to silently cuss him. What are you putting on airs for? You want to lure those guys over?

A high-level Ascendant Immortal. Moreover, he is already seriously wounded. It is not a big threat. Chen Feng was able to instantly get a rough estimate of this cultivator.

“Kid, leave this instant.” The arrogant cultivator released the great blade in his hand, which fell to the ground, causing it to quake.

Chen Feng chuckled. All of a sudden, he straightened himself, took a step forward and released a punch.

“You have a death wish!” The arrogant cultivator scoffed and fired out a punch as well.

Their two fists collided and Chen Feng’s figure flinched as he was forced to back away. Sensing the surging waves of energy from his opponent, Chen Feng felt shocked.

What a formidable fleshly body! Even for high-level Ascendant Immortals, this is very rare. Does he possess special genes? Or is it due to a special cultivation technique?

“You can defend against my punch. Friend, you are not an Earthen Immortal, are you? Looks like the secret camouflage technique you cultivate is very profound.” As the result was contrary to his expectations, the arrogant cultivator became surprised.

“A fight between us both will definitely lure over the others. This is my place. You should find some other place.”

“I like this place. This is my place now.”

Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. “Fine. I’ll let you have it. I’ll leave.”

Normally, Chen Feng would have wanted to fight the arrogant cultivator. At that very moment, however, he had yet to resolve the hidden danger within his body. Secondly, a battle would surely lure over the others. Chen Feng did not want that.

But things did not go as he wanted. As he made to leave, the arrogant cultivator suddenly stopped him.

“Kid, make things clear before leaving.”

“I say, are you sick?” Chen Feng finally lost his patience. He instantly unleashed the Soul Subduing Mantra, followed by a sword attack.

As Chen Feng predicted, the Soul Subduing Mantra worked on the arrogant cultivator and the Upright Heaven Sword’s attack hit its mark, stabbing into his body. Although it failed to kill him, it was a serious wound on top of his existing wounds. Following that, Chen Feng did not make use of the opportunity to try and kill him. Instead, he flew away.

Chen Feng wanted to find a new place to hide.

Before he could do that, though, the arrogant cultivator came after him. The arrogant cultivator was feeling enraged. Earlier, a moment’s carelessness had resulted in him becoming wounded. Thus, he wanted to exact vengeance.

What’s this? Can he not see what’s going on here? Chen Feng felt his head aching. He sped up, trying his best to find places where there would be no cultivators.

Again, things did not go as he had hoped. Two cultivators appeared out of nowhere to stop him.

Thankfully, they are just mid-level Ascendant Immortals. Chen Feng gritted his teeth and his body released a pulse of power, speeding up as he attempted to bypass them.

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