Chapter 1000 Engraving a Talisman with the Sword


“Nonsense! Even if you die, I will not die!” Chen Feng inhaled deeply and the wounds on his body rapidly recovered.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then said, “You block the attacks first. I want to utilize a secret technique.”

“A secret technique? Will it work?”

“How am I supposed to know? This is my first time using it.”


“Trust me. Just defend first.” Chen Feng then used the Upright Heaven Sword to begin drawing. A thick trail of sword energy emerged, not dissipating away. Instead, it formed a strange-looking pattern.

“I hope your secret technique works. Also, I will not be able to hold on for long.”

Chen Feng did not answer. He focused on swinging the Upright Heaven Sword, a serious look on his face. He became like a master engraver carving on a piece of rock.

The pattern that Chen Feng was drawing out using the Upright Heaven Sword was none other than the Soul Subduing rune for the Soul Subduing Talisman. This was the first time Chen Feng was trying this method. He had previously only condensed the rune within his sea of wisdom. Thus, this was something of a brand-new attempt. In Chen Feng’s opinion, a Soul Subduing Talisman created using the Upright Heaven Sword’s power would surely be able to increase its power tenfold.

Only, there was a due process required for that. He could not create it as fast as he did in the past. Additionally, this was Chen Feng’s first time.

Thankfully, everything proceeded smoothly and a Soul Subduing Talisman created solely from sword energy appeared before Chen Feng.

“Phew!” Chen Feng released a lengthy sigh. This process had consumed a great deal of his essence, energy and soul power.

“Is it a success?” Huo Yunlong was almost incapable of holding on.

“Just hold on for a little longer.” Chen Feng was safe inside a flaming barrier.

Chen Feng swung the Upright Heaven Sword again as he continued drawing. This time, he drew out a Soul Lock Talisman. The rate at which he was swinging the sword had increased considerably while his movements became smoother. Even the sword energy was becoming more vigorous.


A black vine made its way through the flaming barrier and it shot towards Chen Feng’s forehead. The opponent had noticed that Chen Feng was preparing something. Thus, his attacks became increasingly ferocious.

“I cannot hold on anymore!” Huo Yunlong shouted and an attack sent him flying up into the air.


Chen Feng waved and the Soul Subduing Talisman, created using the Upright Heaven Sword’s power, floated upwards before expanding in size. It radiated an unparalleled power of violence.


First, Huo Yunlong fell to the floor. Next, the entire secret chamber seemingly froze. It was as though time itself had been halted and the black streams of soul power that were roiling about furiously just a moment ago became frozen.

“I forgot about this.” Chen Feng flicked a finger and Huo Yunlong recovered. After recovering, he saw what happened and cast a look of horror at Chen Feng.

“What kind of secret technique is this?” Huo Yunlong’s heart was filled with dread. If Chen Feng decided to kill him earlier, he would have died just like that.

“Don’t just space out! Go get ‘em!”

“Oh? Oh!” Huo Yunlong finally recollected himself. Instantly, he mobilized his flames to start burning indiscriminately.

“Idiot! Go deal with the skeleton! Demolish it!” Chen Feng felt frustrated and he complained inwardly. How is he so stupid? How did he even cultivate up to this level?


The Soul Lock Talisman that he just finished drawing began expanding and the opponent’s soul power, having just begun to recover, fell still once more. First, subdue. Now, lock. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this should be quite the miserable experience for the opponent. Naturally, Chen Feng did not stop. He continued to swing his sword to draw again.

This time, it was the Soul Anchor Talisman.

Huo Yunlong arrived before the skeleton and unleashed a lance strike, shattering the skeleton’s armour apart. Just as he was about to unleash another strike, however, he noticed that there was something hidden within the skeleton. Grasping, he pulled a round bead into his hand.

“It’s a Soul Accumulation Bead! This good item is really here!” Huo Yunlong grew delighted.


Chen Feng finished drawing the Soul Anchor Talisman. Due to the talisman’s power, the surrounding soul power rapidly converged to quickly form a black bead. After swiftly putting an ordinary-looking talisman on the black bead, Chen Feng then tossed it into the Longevity Tower.

The black bead was the equivalent of one tenth of the opponent’s soul power. For Chen Feng, cultivating that much soul power by himself would take him at least 1,000 years.

Just as Chen Feng was thinking of taking action again, the immobilized streams of soul power began moving furiously again. They charged towards Huo Yunlong.

“Huo Yunlong! Get out of the way!” Chen Feng shouted while mobilizing the Longevity Tower to pull yet another stream of soul power over.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The bone armour that Huo Yunlong shattered apart just now began piecing itself together. In just the blink of an eye, it was fully restored. Next, like two black dragons, all the soul power there swirled towards the two black eye sockets on the skeleton.

“Break!” Huo Yunlong ignored Chen Feng’s warning. Instead, he thrust his lance at the skeleton again.


Black light burst out and Huo Yunlong cried out wretchedly as his figure was flung back. Chen Feng moved to catch him.

“Are you all right?” Chen Feng asked. By then, he had already gotten a good amount of benefits. Thus, he was pondering if he should leave.

“I’m fine!” Huo Yunlong shook his head. Although he cut quite the wretched sight, he was not terribly wounded.

“Let me test it a bit,” Chen Feng said, rushing forward to slash with the Upright Heaven Sword. The bone armour that had just reformed was broken again. Even so, Chen Feng was forced to retreat as well. That said, he was in a better state compared to Huo Yunlong.

However, the shattered bone parts flew back once more. Seeing that, Chen Feng shook his head in frustration. The Upright Heaven Sword was a high-grade Immortal artifact. And yet, one slash from the sword could only break apart the bone armour and not inflict any substantial damage.

Finally, all the soul power there finished entering the skull. After that, a thick and viscous black substance flowed out from the eye sockets to quickly envelop the entire skeleton, transforming it into a cultivator clad in black armour. He stood up, the image of unparalleled might. Black light shone from his eyes and he grasped to summon a spear. Next, he swung the spear at Chen Feng and Huo Yunlong.

Bang! Bang!

Uncertain what had just happened, Chen Feng and Huo Yunlong took action to defend themselves simultaneously only to be sent flying.

“This guy is too powerful! We cannot fight him.”

“Let’s go!”

Exchanging glances, the two of them made up their minds. The opponent’s earlier attack felt even stronger than his soul attack. Thus, the two of them instantly felt the desire to leave.

However, the black-armoured cultivator refused to let them go. With a stab of his spear, spear silhouettes blossomed out to attack Chen Feng and Huo Yunlong.

After a series of clashes, Chen Feng and Huo Yunlong groaned inwardly. This opponent’s attacks were formidable while containing soul attacks. Due to that, the two of them had a very hard time dealing with the attacks.

“We need to leave!”

“I’m afraid we will not be able to. Use that move you did earlier.”

“Do you think I have the time to do it?”

Despite saying that, Chen Feng chose to cast the Soul Subduing Mantra again. The effect of this technique was miniscule. However, it was enough. Half the blink of an eye. That time allowed the two of them to flee from the secret chamber.

The black-armoured cultivator charged out to pursue them, his spear extending without end, breaking through space to attack them.

“Persistent fellow!” Huo Yunlong swung his lance again and again to defend against it.


Chen Feng swung the Upright Heaven Sword, ripping open a spatial crack to allow the two of them to escape from the palace.

“I snatched his soul power while you snatched his treasure. I wonder how far he is willing to go to pursue us?” After coming out from the palace, Chen Feng did not let his guard down. Instead, he kept adjusting the state of his body.

“Eh, he is not coming after us anymore,” Huo Yunlong suddenly cried out in shock.

“He is indeed not coming after us. How strange! Is he not able to leave the palace? Surely not!” 

“Who cares about that? Let’s book it!”

After Chen Feng and Huo Yunlong fled, the black-armoured cultivator quickly returned to the secret chamber and black streams of energy spread out from his body. It did not take long before his soul power filled the entire secret chamber again and he returned to the state of a skeleton, seated cross-legged on the floor.

“Damn it! To think that two juniors would be able to take advantage of my situation. When I recover my strength, I will devour the essence, energy and soul power of every cultivator on this world!”

After that, the massive palace rapidly shrank to descend into the ground. By the time it re-emerged, it was already billions of li away from its original position.

“Brother Huo, let me see the Soul Accumulation Bead,” Chen Feng said.

“There.” Huo Yunlong hesitated for just a moment before tossing the Soul Accumulation Bead over to Chen Feng.

“A high-level Immortal artifact, and a soul artifact to boot. Congratulations, Brother Huo. I am tempted to exchange my Upright Heaven Sword for this.” Chen Feng laughed before returning the Soul Accumulation Bead to Huo Yunlong.

“I’d be up for that,” Huo Yunlong was quick to say.

Chen Feng laughed again, but said nothing more about it. The magic treasure was indeed a good one. By refining it, he would be able to improve his soul power. It was a very rare top-notch soul artifact. For those who needed it, its value would be far greater than the value of the Upright Heaven Sword. However, Chen Feng decided against exchanging the Upright Heaven Sword for it in the end. 

Firstly, Chen Feng felt reluctant. Secondly, Chen Feng also possessed quite a number of Soul Accumulation Pills that could give him the same results. Thirdly, he cultivated the Longevity Scripture. Due to that, the growth rate for his soul power was very fast. Obtaining a Soul Accumulation Bead might not be a necessity for him.

“Brother Huo, at present, there are countless fortunes to be found in Eternal World. I think we will be able to obtain a lot by working together,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng had his own thoughts on the matter. Huo Yunlong was a high-level Ascendant Immortal, after all. He could be considered as a great powerhouse. He would prove to be of great help to Chen Feng. 

“We’ve already agreed beforehand. I am now a cultivator of your East Dragon Island. What is it? Are you afraid that I won’t keep my promise? I’m the one who’s afraid that you won’t give me the Demonic Heavengorging Art.”

“How could I forget that?” Chen Feng laughed and transmitted the formula for the Demonic Heavengorging Art over to Huo Yunlong.

“It is indeed a fragment. Only, will I be able to cultivate it?” Huo Yunlong frowned as he pondered for a moment.

“I will not care if you can cultivate it or not. This is something that can only be cultivated by those with the genes of the Demon Plane’s imperial clan. As for why I can cultivate it, it might be due to my body,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Lead the way, then. I am not familiar with this world.”

“No rush. Someone is coming. They are looking for me.” Chen Feng suddenly halted his steps and raised his head.


1 li = 0.5 km

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