Chapter 36

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Batu, a hunter from Poharan City, a two days journey from Count Essen’s Estate. We arrived here yesterday with the intention of hunting Alpins and Algons. I’ve attended this hunt for nearly 20 years. This year’s event is especially big. Probably worth trying. If you have anything you need or something you want to sell, please let me know. Hunting starts in five days, so you’ll need money to lodge and eat until then.”

Batu smiled brightly and pointed to his group’s wares.

Biyeon looked around. Most of the other sellers and buyers carried their conversation in this manner. It seemed that people went from one place to another to sell the things they hunted or to purchase items for their hunting needs.

The hunting of Alpins and Algons seemed to be a regular event. Algons were more terrifying than lions in terms of danger, so their presence created a constant level of fear and danger for the residents. Furthermore, Algons usually moved around in groups of three or four, so they’d be a terrifying existence for anyone living in this area.

Since the season just entered Spring, there was probably a lack of food for many of these breeding beasts, leading them to extend their hunting range to places where people lived.

Therefore, cities and castles adjacent to the mountain ranges took turns gathering hunters from all over the country to hold hunting festivals.

In this way, once a year, the beast population was reduced. This reduction of beasts no longer caused a shortage of food for the surviving beasts living in the mountains, lowering the chance of an attack on human settlements.

With the information they overheardSan and Biyeon understood that it was difficult to catch Algons and Alpins for these people. Due to the dangers involved, the leather and meat were bought and sold at a very expensive price.

In particular, the Alpins blood and poison were said to be very popular with nobles as a kind of aphrodisiac and medicinal drug.

“Is there anything we have worthwhile to sell?” San asked Biyeon.

“I do not know. All of our items are useful when we lived in the mountains, but if we’re going to live in a human world, I guess we have to dispose of the things we don’t need. We do need money…”

“Is that a sword on your back?” asked the young man next to Batu. He was a very big muscular guy. He had his brown hair tied back and a bow behind his back. His large ax was resting against a nearby stall wall.

“It is a sword… but it’s made out of animal bones,” San simply answered. The rifle wrapped in leather and the hilt of a white sword protruded from San’s back.

“Animal bones? Swords made from bones aren't common… No way, is it Alchin's bones?” 

Batu asked with a slightly surprised face.

Alchin's bones were expensive materials mainly used by people who were at least a special warrior or higher. It was very difficult to process but was very popular because of its lightness, strength, and elasticity.

The Alchin was a beast with an average height of 4 meters and an average length of about 8 meters. It was known as a fast, fierce, and clever beast. The Alchin was not hunted by individual hunters. It usually took a team of hunters to take care of a single Alchin.

“It isn’t Alchin. It was made by grinding the shin bones of another beast. In terms of material and strength, it has better properties than Alchin’s. I believe it’s called an Archon…”

Suddenly, San and Biyeon turned their eyes towards each other. Then, they slowly turned their heads around carefully. Their surroundings had suddenly become quiet.

The people roaming around Batu’s stall were staring at them. San looked at Biyeon. A fleeting expression of embarrassment passed by her face.

“Can you show me that sword?” With a hardened face, Batu asked San. Curiosity and distrust were simultaneously expressed in his expression.

The Archon was at the top of the food chain of warm-blooded reptile beasts. In terms of the beasts on Earth, it was the Tyrannosaurus of this world.

The average 15m-long Archon ate Algon and Alchin. In order to catch an Archon, at least 10 people in the Master Warrior level (1st Stage Acceleration) and at least one Awakener (3rd stage acceleration) were needed.

The Archon’s leather and bones were so tough and strong that they’d have to fight for more than three days, and an average of two warriors would die. Due to this, the price of an Archon was beyond imagination.

In fact, one could call virtually any price. It was worth it because the skin and bones were superior to any known material, and the blood, tendons, and meat were also considered the best.

It was such a rare beast that people hadn’t heard any rumors about its existence in the past 20 years.


        San felt that he had possibly gone too far, but he licked his lips and handed the sword over.


Batu unwrapped the leather around the sword and carefully lifted the white bone with both hands, looking carefully at the material.

“It isn’t real, right?”

The young man next to Batu looked at the sword and then at San with suspicious eyes. Others were also looking at Batu’s actions, nervously and anxiously awaiting his assessment.

He started lifting the sword to gauge its weight, scratched the handle, smelled it, and looked carefully at the surface.

“Can I try swinging it?” he carefully asked with a slightly shaking voice.

“Wait… does that mean the outside feels real?” asked a young hunter nearby.


Batu’s piercing gaze seemingly denied the young man’s question and remained on San. The surrounding people started shushing each other to listen in on the conversation. Batu was asking for San’s answer.


San smiled. He knew best about the sword’s qualities. He still recalled how hard it was making the sword. After pulling it out of the Archon’s body, he had to burn, grind, and polish it for a long time.

Batu pulled out a small dagger and lifted it up. Without hesitation, he struck the dagger against the white blade.


The surrounding people’s eyes widened again. The situation was clear. The dagger bounced off the sword as if it hit a spring, and the dagger’s blade was chipped and broken beyond repair.

On the other hand, the bone sword vibrated slightly like an elastic stick with no physical change.

Shortly afterward, groan-like words flowed out of Batu's mouth,

“It’s genuine… I’m sure. Are you thinking of selling it here?”

As a crowd of people gathered, more people had flocked over. Everyone was staring at the two. They were all looking at a luxury product that they would probably see only once in their lifetime.

A sword that would never break. In addition, if the weight of a one-handed sword can simultaneously achieve the destructive power and speed of a two-handed sword, it was like having an additional life as a warrior.

Biyeon suddenly felt the burdensome gazes surrounding them and looked around with her eyes narrowed. Many emotions were mixed in the surrounding people’s looks.

She thought, ‘This world is the same.

The emotions of greed, jealousy, and instinctual predation overflowed. However, the biggest difference between these people and those of her previous world was that the people here didn’t try to hide their feelings.

“No. We do not intend to sell it because it’s very useful for us. Instead, I can sell you the Archon leather. What is the going price for the leather?” Biyeon answered and then asked.

“Archon leather?” Batu asked in confusion.

“The leather that was wrapped around the sword is made from Archon leather. It’s very tough and soft.”

Batu picked up the leather.

“If this is genuine Archon leather, it’s very valuable. You’ll probably be able to receive at least 20 Tongbo for 1 Ma (note: 1 Ma = 1 square meter). For reference, one Tongbo would allow a commoner to live well for a month. I can’t afford that much money. Maybe you can pay a visit to Count Essen. You’re such interesting people! Is there anything else that you have?”

“How about selling that sword to me? Don’t you think your sword is too extravagant for you to use?”

A clear voice rang from behind.

Everyone’s eyes turned in the direction of that voice. About ten nobles had already made their way from the right side of the square with another ten people behind them. They all seemed to be from the same warrior clan.

A nobleman Warrior in his early twenties wrapped in a splendid blue satin cloak, folded his arms and looked at San with a mischievous expression.

Behind him were three noblewomen dressed in light blue hats over pale pink robes, looking at San and Biyeon with interest.

San’s gaze stayed on the nobleman Warrior for a while before turning to Biyeon. His lips were twitching upward. Countless conversations had probably been exchanged between the two.

She looked into his eyes. With a serious expression, his eyes showed a bit of anxiety but also anticipation.

He turned slowly to the nobleman Warrior.

“How old are you?”

San’s low voice rang in the square.

Biyeon closed her eyes tightly.

Episode 2. Book 1: Exploration – Chapter 5

The buzz and hubbub stopped. It seemed like time had stopped. There was complete silence in the square. Whether it be in surprise, embarrassment, or anger, everyone lost their voice for a moment.

Then they started to buzz excitedly. It seemed like a rare event would unfold.

“Have you seen such a rude guy!”

“Such an ignorant hunter doesn’t know the worth of his life!

The nobles who came over from the right side of the square starting hissing and shouting condescending words.

On the other hand, some of the Warriors belonging to another clan were looking at San and Biyeon with interest.

Their eyes were different from the other nobles. They felt something a bit off. It was a kind of Warrior instinct. Possibly a strange feeling that only humans who recognized each other could understand... 

The two publicly stated that they caught an Archon. Then, they must possess something special. Of course, if the two were lying, they’d have to pay the price.

The women, who appeared to be aristocratic women, also watched the situation with interested eyes. They awaited the insulted man’s response.

The greater the reaction, the more interesting it became for the nobles to wash away their boring daily lives. At this moment, all of those situations were naturally being prepared and moving forward.


The young nobleman Warrior who received San’s question, Yekin, started pulling his sword out from its sheath.

The colorful, sharp handle and the black-edged blade reflected the intense sunlight from the heavens and sparkled in all directions.

His face had reddened so much that he looked like he was stained in black lacquer. He thought that he had asked politely for a person of his status.

However, San’s reaction was an obvious insult. It was also a challenge to not only his noble rank but to the nobility. Yekins eyes flared with anger.

This was the greatest shock he had ever had in his life. He was accustomed to giving out orders and being served as the Count’s son.

However, contrary to what was broiling inside, Yekin’s movements proceeded calmly, like a nobleman who learned and understood the power of moderation.

For Yekin, it was not important to punish San immediately. It was more important to establish how to punish him.

On the surface, one shouldn’t lose one’s dignity, and one shouldn’t be biased from running emotions. His tempered actions were thus good enough to induce respect from those who saw his calm actions.

The situation was now becoming a performance for Yekin. It was also a way to compromise with the other side and find a reasonable procedure and price to obtain the sword.

“A poor man only knows how to run his mouth afoul. I will greatly punish you today and establish the dignity of a nobleman. Though you are of lowly status, you choose to succumb to ugly arguments and threats. You’ll be facing a very painful punishment if you continue in this manner.”

Yekin’s calm voice flowed out.

San tilted his head. His gaze turned to Biyeon. His glance was earnest and very serious.

“What the hell is he saying? I asked how old he was, but what is this answer? Since you’re better at speaking, try to communicate with this guy.”

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